Mandy’s Wishes

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She was one of those short, curvy girls, dark complexioned, chest-length brown feathery hair, big blue eyes and adorable features. She was also dressed in pretty standard bar clothes, a loose-fitting tank top, expensive, low-riding ass-hugging jeans and open-toed shoes, showing off her smooth, cute toes painted hot pink. I’d always wanted to fuck a girl like her.

I’ve always wanted to fuck lots of kinds of girls. Truth be told, I never got laid much in college. Every once in a while I’d have an awkward tryst with a server from the restaurant I worked at, and things would either get weird or we’d date for a couple months and lose interest in each other. But that night in August, a week before my senior year, Mandy changed everything. She walked into the bar I’d been nursing a couple beers at and turned my perspective around a bit.

She was nice, actually. She was with a friend of hers and her friend’s boyfriend. This pairing made her an instant target of most of the drunken, horny douchebags stalking around in the pre-class hormonal fervor that existed downtown in the humid, pheromone drenched atmosphere of Gainesville, Florida.

She was fun, to put it simply. The three of them sat one chair away from me and the two other guys I was with, although my friends seemed too involved in a political conversation to take too much notice of Mandy. I was still facing the bar, chatting politely with the bartender about this and that, and when I polished off my second beer, the barkeep asked me if I wanted another, and I said that I’d actually love a Bloody Mary, spicy. That got her attention.

“My favorite drink,” she interjected. “Make it two.”

She smiled and flashed those big blue eyes at me, looking me over the way no other random chick at a bar had done before. I had just gotten back to campus a week earlier, and I had been doing tree removal for a landscaping company all summer. I was tanned, lean, and a little more swollen than ever before, I must have looked better than the usually nerdy and pale guy I saw in the mirror most of the time.

She struck up a genuine conversation about Bloody Mary’s, and how each bar had their own slightly different version of the drink, which made it a little adventure every time she ordered one. I completely agreed, and this was before I was intent on getting laid that night. She laughed at my lines, she asked me questions about my childhood, and I asked her about her pink toenails. It was perfect.

The music came on, and after a couple more Bloodies, I was open to grinding with her a little bit when she grabbed my arm and pulled me out on the dance floor. It was hot, and soon our sweat was mingling as she made a point of pressing her round ass into my crotch with enthusiasm. I had never been this smooth before, this confident, this carefree about what a girl thought about me, which made for all the right sequences leading up to what I was really looking for.

Her short stature was maybe part of it, she was hot as shit but less intimidating as most girls I was normally attracted to, and the majority of the snobby, leggy sorority chicks that peppered the University of Florida campus. That and her genuinely likable attitude illegal bahis made her all the more attractive to me. Funny thing was, I think she felt the same way about me. I loved watching her big tits jiggle around, almost falling out of her halter top more than once in the course of the dry-humping that took place on the dance floor. She took notice of my noticing, but it seemed she had already made up her mind about me and her that night. Her friend and her boyfriend were nowhere to be seen in the crowded and dark club my favorite bar had become, and she asked me if I was getting a little too hot to hang around.

“I think if I sweat anymore here I’m gonna pass out,” she said breathily. “You want to get out of here?”

“Absolutely. The music’s getting shitty anyway.”

“I was hoping you’d say that. I’ve got some vodka and Bloody makings back at my place, want to come check it out?” she asked in her cutest little innocent girl voice.

“Couldn’t think of anything better,” I asked, and I was being honest. I wanted to see where she lived, if she was messy or neat, if she was super-girly with unicorns or if she maybe smoked a little pot sometimes and had a Bruce Lee poster on her wall.

I wouldn’t really notice by the time we got there. She was wasted, and she was horny. She had put her arm in mine about halfway home, and worked her short little body closer to mine with each step since. She asked me if I was into asses. She told me she was way into getting her asshole played with. She said she never had been fucked in it before, she tried once and it hurt too much, but that she loved getting licked there and fingered a little while she got fucked. She attacked me in the hallway of her apartment building the moment we reached her door.

She had to get up on her toes to reach me, and I helped her out by sliding down the wall a little to meet her mouth halfway. I could smell her body, curvy, sweaty, sticky, and jiggling just right in all the correct places. She kicked off her shoes and jumped onto my hips. This chick was serious. She wrapped her legs around me, and didn’t object in the least when I grabbed her plump ass to support her, my hands dangerously close to her crotch, my fingers brushed between her hot, moist pussy and ass and she giggled at the tickle.

“Fucking God, I’m horny,” she breathed into my mouth, “I need you right now.” She hopped off and fumbled for her keys in her purse, practically kicking the door open, yanking me inside and slamming the door behind her. She leaned back against the door, unbuttoning her pants. I leaned back against the opposite wall in the hallway, and tried to assess the situation. She stopped short of pulling her pants off, instead turning to her top, wasting no time teasing me, and yanked it off over her head, spilling her big tits out into the open.

A twenty-year old girl has perky, soft tits no matter how big. She was a big C cup, and her belly button was pierced, accentuating the soft curve of her cute little belly. She threw her shirt into my face, and I caught it as it slipped down my chest.

“Take yours off,” she demanded, watching me with equal fervor and hunger for sex. I obliged, and she liked illegal bahis siteleri what she saw, taking me by the hand and pulling me into her bedroom, leaving the door open. She said she loved fucking with her bedroom door open.

She continued what she started in the hallway with her jeans, exposing a soft cotton pink thong creeping into her hot crotch and sneaking in between her full, round ass cheeks. She hopped onto the bed, first on her knees with her ass facing me, then, looking back with lust in her face and pouring out of her every hole, she slumped forward onto her shoulders, her lovely round ass pointing right at me.

“Will you eat my fucking ass and pussy right now?” Before she finished her sentence I was on the bed, leaning in to take full stock of this moment. She had a waxing recently, her asshole showed no signs of any hair poking out from the moist strip of material that made up her underwear. I could smell her sweat, and as I grabbed the pink strip of cloth I could feel it too, a night of dry-humping me on the dance floor and walking home in the sweltering furnace of Florida, she might as well have spent the evening in a sauna. Her scent was intoxicating, despite her musk I could still smell the fabric softener she used on her laundry, it mixed lewdly with her sweaty ass and pussy holes.

“Don’t make me fucking beg for it,” she said, snapping me out of a trance, and I gave into her wishes. I engorged myself on her asshole, taking note to inhale her scent deeply while I ate her ass out, and her body odor filled my sinuses and made me more drunk and high than any substance could possibly make me. I swirled my tongue and lips as thoroughly as I could between her dripping ass cheeks, making sure to brush her clit every few seconds, sending pulses of pleasure through her entire body.

It wasn’t enough for her. She reached back, ass still in the air, and grabbed her butt, spreading it out and clenching her nails into her soft, plump flesh. “Oh, fuck,” she moaned, starting to hump back at my face, covering my face from my nose to my chin with her sweet, musky ass juices. “That feels so fucking good, oh my God. I am going to cum. Oh fuck, please don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” she moaned, shuddering and bucking her ass at my mouth, wiggling and convulsing as my probing tongue brought out a filthy and explosive orgasm. She screamed and squealed, butt-humping my face, fingering herself, rubbing her clit and taking exactly what she needed from me. Sometimes a girl just needs to get her ass eaten out- and well. I was only so happy that I could be the one to do it for her on this hot and steamy evening.

Her thong still pulled to the side, she sat up and turned around, and yanked at my pants. “I need to get fucked, right now”, she said, not so much to me but to my dick, pulling it from my underwear.

I hopped off the bed and removed everything else in record time, as she did the same, tossing her thong to the side and settling back onto her back and pulling her knees up to her chest, spreading everything out in front of me. I straddled her crotch, giving her one last look in the eyes as I pushed my statue-hard cock into her unbelievably tight pussy canlı bahis siteleri hole. She gasped, and pulled me down to her sticky tits, and wrapped her legs around my back and humped. As I pushed all the way into her, she lost her breath, catching it again as she screamed out in pleasure. The neighbors were sure to hear this, but they weren’t my neighbors.

My mouth found hers, giving her a deep and absolute taste of her own ass juices, and she lapped them up with fervor, even taking time to grab the sides of my head and lick my chin and mouth, taking in all she could of her own taste and scent. We fucked on her back for about three minutes before she pushed me out of her and flipped over on to her front. Pushing a pillow under her stomach, she reached around and again spread her pussy and ass into my view, and I couldn’t resist taking one last long lick from hole to hole before plunging myself back into her pussy. She instantly started coming again, as I positioned myself to pound away on her g-spot.

“Oh, fuck, yes, just like that, don’t stop, don’t fucking stop, of fuck oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck…” and buried her face in a pillow, screaming with ecstasy as a second orgasm ran through her body and left her almost in shock, sweaty and quivering.

She regained enough senses to spread her ass and beg me for more attention to her butthole.

“Mmm, play with my ass. Touch it, rub it while you fuck me. Oh, fuck, like that.” She joined in, rubbing her little pink asshole and pushing the tip of her finger into it, and to my surprise, reached underneath her with her other hand and started tickling my balls. Reaching farther and farther back under my balls, her fingertips brushed against my ass, and that was enough. She knew it, and as I pulled out of her pussy, she grabbed her ass again, begging me to come all over her asshole.

“Oh yes, come all over my ass, baby. Shoot that fucking jizz all over my butthole. Oh, I love that, come, baby, come. Fucking shoot it all over my asshole.”

For the final time that night, I gave happily into her wishes. I pumped my hot cream all over her ass, more than enough to fill the little gape left by her fingertip, unloading spurt after spurt of cum all over her buttcrack, cheeks, and tight little butthole. I grunted and moaned my pleasure, and she did the same.

“Ooohh, fuck yeah, that feels so good, give me all of it. Fucking come all over my asshole.” She reveled in the moment, rubbing her little butthole and scooping some of my cum into her already ass-soaked finger tips, and sucked it off of them.

“Mmm, yes, that feels and tastes so good, I love cum all over my sweaty ass,” she gasped, as I milked the last of my come from my cock. I collapsed on the bed, and she made no attempt and cleaning up. She could barely keep her eyes open, drunk and satiated, and within seconds she was fast asleep. I quietly got out of the bed, still smelling her scent all over me and the room, and put my clothes on. I reached over onto the bed and took her still-moist thong and put it in my pocket. I wrote her a note.

“This was incredible. If it was all you wanted, that is fine. But here is my number if you want more.”

I slipped it onto her nightstand and left without a sound, leaving her snoring gently on the bed, sticky with sweat and cum. I took one last look at her round ass and cute pink toenails before I shut the door, and walked home, back into the sweaty, humid night.