Make Up Sex

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This story is completely fictional. It is nothing more than a fantasy of mine. Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave comments at the bottom!!!

In the bedroom she shared with Niko, the lifeless husk that was Roxi Taylor curled into a ball. They had gotten into another fight. Screaming pointless obscenities at each other. Slamming doors, making empty threats. Somehow, the subject of them breaking up usually got brought up at least once. Both of them knew, though, that they couldn’t manage to be apart. They were perfect for each other. Sometimes, they even joked and said they had to have been made for each other. Then again, sometimes, it seemed true.

Until those times that hurt feelings lead to high running emotions. Which always caused a fight, ending up as them hating each other in separate rooms. It was always when Roxi tried to explain how Niko refused to listen to her. Those times, he would tunnel vision on everything OTHER THAN her actual point. Then he blamed her as the bad guy. A lot of times, she began to doubt herself, especially when it made the voices louder. When they mocked her efforts. Most of the time, she made herself feel bad enough and she just wanted him to stop being mad. Those times, she just wanted his love again.


The door slammed open and Niko stormed in and stripped. He ignored the looks he was getting from his girlfriend and climbed onto the bed next to her. Without words, he climbed onto the bed in his boxers and started undressing her, adjusting her as needed. Roxi got mad.

“Take. Your. Hands. güvenilir bahis Off. Me.” she said through gritted teeth, fists clenched. She jumped off the bed and stood next to it, glaring at him. He ignored her anger and pulled her to him, wrapping her in his arms. His hands wandered, putting pressure on sensitive spots all the way down her spine. Soon, she began to tingle all over, becoming jelly in his hands.

“I’m still mad at you…” she grumbled, trying to hold onto her anger in spite of the pleasure. It wasn’t working. He bit and kissed her neck, squeezed her ass, and grabbed her hair. His grip gave him the control to yank her head back and go for her throat.

His teeth on her neck drove her wild. She was still angry, but more turned on. He stripped her naked with her reluctant assistance and turned her around. She faced the wall, hands bracing herself in front of her, while his restless fingers explored her. The first finger inside her ass made her gasp, thinking he was going for her dripping pussy. The second finger in her ass made her moan slowly. When he started finger fucking her, she arched her back and turned her head as far as it would go so she could kiss him. Shock wave after wave of forbidden pleasure rolled over her. While their tongues battled inside his mouth, his fingers relentlessly fucked her tiny asshole.

“I’m about to come,” she panted, hoping he would understand her meaning. He did. He stopped and pulled his fingers out of her ass, moving to the bed. While she went and grabbed their favorite toy, he stroked his cock, knowing türkçe bahis what comes next.

Roxi walked back to him with her strap-on secured in place. Stepping behind him, she wrapped her arms around him and ran her nails down his stomach. She grinned wickedly and took his shaft out of his hands, massaging it slowly for him. She kissed his neck and bit, hard enough for him to moan. He was in the perfect position. She put her other hand on his back and pushed, bending him over just a bit more. That was better.

Without hesitation, she lined up her fake dick with his hole and pushed. It didn’t take much before it popped right in and she started. She didn’t even wait for him to ask for it. She pulled almost all the way out and pushed back in until her thighs were resting on his ass. Niko moaned and shivered. He reached back for her and spread his cheeks like always.

“Good boy,” she cooed, running a fingernail down his spine. She pulled out and fucked him gently so she could watch her cock slide in and out of his ass. She pulled out completely and bent down to lick it, sticking her tongue in it. Despite all the toys that she had used to fuck his ass, it remained as tight as always. She loved his feminine little ass. She loved more the way he whimpered when she said slid her fingers inside him. The way he begged for her to dominate him in every way. He did these things now while she tongue fucked him. He begged for her fake cock in his ass again. She gave him a finger instead, sliding it to the knuckle and wiggling it.

“Please mistress…” he güvenilir bahis siteleri whimpered, “please just fuck me…”

“As you wish,” Roxi’s replied, standing and thrusting the strap-on into his ass as far as it could go. He pushed himself back onto it and held her there, shaking. When he was ready, he let go, and braced himself on the bed.

Roxi pulled out and slammed into him, over and over. She reached down and grabbed his rock hard cock, stroking it gently while ramming him in the ass. He started to throb and she pounded him harder. Every time her legs slapped his ass cheeks, he whimpered. He pushed back into her, fucking her fake dick as hard as she was fucking him. Her hand sped up to match her hips. He felt himself getting close. His dick started to twitch in her hand. His legs turned to jello.

“May…I…cum…Mistress?” Niko panted the question in between thrusts. Instead of responding, Roxi pulled out and made him lay on his back. She removed the harness and shoved the now freed dildo back in his ass.

Niko jumped and moaned with pleasure. His cock jumped to attention at the stimulation. Roxi smiled and straddled him, lining him up where she wanted him. Once she was ready, she sat down.

Niko’s cock slid into her ass while she fucked his with the dildo. He twitched underneath her, bucking his hips. His involuntary twitching started her bouncing on his lap, her tight ass muscles milking his dick. He couldn’t hold it anymore, when he felt her muscles contract, he let loose.

They fucked like rabbits. He impaled her asshole while the dildo in his own ass sent him into uncontrollable spasms of ecstasy. They came together, her leaving a puddle of liquid on his stomach.

Definitely not angry anymore, they curled up on their bed and passed out together.