Looking a Little Knocked-Up

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Looking a Little Knocked-UpMy one disappointment in life was/is not being able to get pregnant, especially with a few of my black lovers.As I said in another story and, shared with a few in chat, is that my mother told me (later in life) that she was glad I wasn’t born a girl, ‘You would have been pregnant by the time you were 11 or 12.’ She was right…We both remembered, when I was eleven years old, me asking her if I could get pregnant. I didn’t ask specifically about ‘me’ but if a guy could get pregnant. I asked her because, I’d recently lost my virginity and Ron was fucking me every chance we had. I was just a k**, didn’t know much and heard about girls (in their teens) who had gotten pregnant then, been forced to leave school. As much as Ron was fucking me, I would have been one of them but earlier. Hell…on the camping trip, when I got my cherry popped, he’d spent the weekend screwing the hell out of me! I’d been loaded with his cum and leaking it, most of the time. I don’t know how many times he did me (on that first weekend) but it seemed constant. I say ‘weekend’ but it was three days over a weekend; a guess would be around twelve to fifteen times. I know there were a few nights that he did me at least three times before we drifted off to sleep. I mean…when you’re camping [for sex] in the same spot for a few days, what else do you? Ron was horny as hell, we were both discovering sex and, I found out that I loved having his cock in me! I couldn’t get enough of it!This is also when I realized that outdoor sex was not only fun but safer in some ways. I was becoming very vocal as things went on and, I could be very loud during sex…screaming when I was overcome with emotion and really, really enjoying having a cock in my tight little cunt! That was almost impossible at home – in my bed but, in the great outdoors, I could let my feelings and emotions out. I also found out, over time, that my partners enjoyed this – they loved it!I do remember having one sore little ‘boycunt’ and was walking funny on the way home. It was a wonderful experience and I loved it; all of it.After that, when he slept over at my house, we (like most k**s back then) slept in the same bed. We learned how to have quiet sex; he was gentler about it. After we were in bed for a while, the playing would begin. I did suck his cock a lot but, there was also some fucking done. Many nights I’d get it before we went to sleep then, wake up to his rock hard morning wood. I kept a small jar of Crisco in my bedroom, along balıkesir escort with some old towels, just for that. My mother was no dummy; she knew, almost from the beginning, that we were having sex. The evidence was spotted in my underpants and on the bed sheets, she’d found the old towels spotted with caked on cum and washed them. Then, replaced them, just where they were, in my room. I wasn’t being hurt so she said nothing about it to anyone. She told me (later) that she found it funny that I would ask her if I could get pregnant. By then, it would have been too late anyway; Ron had been fucking me for a few months. Once I discovered how good sex was and, how great it felt to have a cock in my boycunt, when I realized that most guys would gladly fuck me just to get relief; I was hooked on it. I was also kind of cute, add that to being very ‘easy’ and, at least when I was on my knees or back, very willing, made me kind of popular. In the beginning it had to be bareback, that’s what I got use to, raw fucking and leaking after. As a typical slut I couldn’t get enough cock. The feeling of a guy’s cock twitching and pumping inside of me, as he blew his load, always felt great. Once I discovered black cock and, learned to serve them in all ways, which was a different kind of feeling. Living with a few dominant black lovers, serving them to the best of my ability, the only thing missing was me being a pregnant little whitey bitch for my man.There were a few times that I ‘compensated’ for this; the first time was a pleasant surprise for my lover. The guy I was living with at the time was black dom and very well hung…VERY well hung. We were going to a Halloween party, along with a few more to attend. I was thinking about going as ‘the pregnant white girlfriend’, with a ‘baby bump’ that looked like I was five or six months along. I would need a nice maternity dress and had to find someone to make the ‘bump’ look pretty real. A friend of mine was happy enough to help with that. Once finished and dressed, I truly looked like I was knocked-up; she had done a great job! As it turned out, I looked like I was more like seven or eight months along.I loved the way it made me look (it would have been a dream cum true) at the same time it made me a little sad because it would never happen.A few days before the party, I gave my lover a sneak preview. He came home to find me dressed, made up a little and looking like he’d done his fatherly duties.To explain ‘him coming home’ was balıkesir escort bayan my ideal situation in life. He had a pretty good job; I didn’t have to work so…I was the ‘housewife’. We lived in a pretty nice apartment; I did the duties that any girlfriend/wife would do. And, I was very satisfied with that.It did something else to me – as I looked at myself in a mirror, I started to glow all over. He found it interesting but he was also confused a little.“I know it’s for the party but…would you really like that?”“Honey, if you could get me pregnant, I’d be so proud to have your baby.”That triggered some other feelings and I started to tear-up. He took me in his arms and held me tight for a little while. By the time he released me I was crying.“Damn, tell you what, you clean yourself up and we’ll go out for dinner just like that.”I was passable so that wasn’t a problem. I repaired my makeup, fixed my hair then, with a small case of nerves, we went out to eat. I’d been around enough pregnant girls to know how to act like I was actually that far gone. I had the walk and all of the moves down pretty well. He doted on me until we were seated. There were a lot of looks and the waitresses made the normal comments about being pregnant until…they realized I wasn’t a GG. Then, it became funny – in a good way. I kept the act going; most of the other diners had no idea. To them I was a white bitch with a black daddy, a pretty pregnant little white bitch. I’m five feet six inches tall, he was six-one, you get the picture.The first party was with friends; my ‘costume’ was not only very original but caused a lot of comments. I was corned by some white and black girls who wanted to know, ‘If it was possible…would you do it?’ my answer was simple, ‘In a fucking heartbeat!’It made a horny change in someone else that night. At home, I ended up on my hands and knees on the bed, dress up, panties down, to be given a very long slow fucking. It was very loving and sweet – he loved the thought of fucking his pregnant girlfriend! The next party was his office party. We talked about it and debated it a little. In the end it was decided that it was a Halloween party, this was a costume, I was going dressed anyway…I may as well look pregnant! A lot of black guys are into a white bitch, many of them would love to get them pregnant – a lot of them do, there’s love involved in it. For me it was pride…and a wish.I spent a lot of time getting ready for it; even so far as to have my hair done escort balıkesir and getting a new pair of heels to match the dress; only three inch ones though. I also spent time posing, walking and sitting; just like that bump was the real thing. I had a friend come over to make sure the makeup was perfect; she put the finishing touches on my hair too. She even took a few pictures, they were only Polaroid’s but, I really did look like a pregnant little GG in the end. For this party I’d even bought ‘support’ stay-ups to complete the picture. Not sexy but they just made my ‘condition’ look more convincing.We got to the party a little late; not only were we ‘noticed’ but watched as we moved around. There were some congratulations and good wishes until…someone figured me out. That took some of the fun out of it (for me) but the feeling was still there and we enjoyed it. I was, again, quizzed by some of the wives, a little about how I felt about dressing that way, some about ‘if’ I could, would I? Same answer. It was obvious that my man was indeed hung. There were comments and some questions about that, mostly about his size and, ‘How the hell do you…uh…handle that…back…uh…you know…there?’The answer was always the same, “I scream a lot, yell a lot then, walk funny for a while.” It was the truth. This was the guy who had almost f******n inches of very thick black cock. I also told them that I loved it, sex with him was beautiful and I loved serving him. After we’d lived together for something like three weeks, this little bitch was taking all of it and loving it! Yes, there was always some pain in the beginning but, once I was totally relaxed, it was pure lust. I was serving him as any whitey bitch should, I was proud to do that. Having his baby would have been the perfect icing on the cake.During the party he doted on me, I gave him all of the attention that I could; clinging to him like he was my lord and master, my best lover which, he was. He always treated me very well, showed me a lot of love and, when I was disobedient or just plain naughty, there were two warnings…then I went over his knee. Most of the time, I behaved myself very well. I made sure the housework was done, always tried to look my best and made sure that dinner was on the table when he came home. It was the ‘wife’s’ job to take care of her man – especially a black man.I spent most of the ride home sucking his beautiful massive cock. Once home, we made it no further than the couch in the living room. Dress up around my waist, panties jerked down to my knees while he straddled me and gave me a reason to be sore. I was bent over one arm and plowed to the point of screaming my head off! The neighbors were use to it by now. We certainly worked hard enough at getting me pregnant!