Look at Me

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When yet another set of batteries died she decided that she’d had enough. It wasn’t just her sex life that was dull and deficient, her entire married life was drab, dreary and monotonous, and she wanted out. She’d married when still young and inexperienced, wasted eleven years, and that was as far as she was prepared to go.

Sex with Larry was limited to a basic shag about once a week, and basic did mean basic. For him it was a case of fondle one breast, thirty seconds, fondle the other, thirty seconds, grope between her legs to find the entrance, twenty seconds, roll aboard, insert cock, thrust in and out accompanied by frenzied grunting, sixty seconds, ram cock in hard and shoot cum, fifteen seconds, lie panting, twenty seconds, quick kiss and roll over, five seconds. It almost took Jenny longer to wipe her pussy with tissue and rearrange her nightie than it did for Larry to fuck her. And as for an orgasm, well she had to rely on either her fingers or on Bugs, her wampant wabbit vibrator, to do that job.

There was a simple choice. She could either leave him or buy shares in Duracell, and leaving him looked to be the best option. She sighed, made her decision and set about the mechanics of starting over. Telling Larry of her decision had been strangely easy, but he had not reacted well, giving her until the end of the week to leave if she didn’t want all her belongings burned. He meant it too.

She had a little money, but not enough to set up on properly on her own, and yet she urgently needed a base, somewhere to live until a divorce settlement could be arranged, with or without Larry’s cooperation. She rang her sister, seeking advice and, if possible, ideas as to what to do next. Susan rang back within the hour.

“Right.” Susan told Jenny imperiously. “It’s all arranged. You will go and stay with Kat and Adam. They’re two very good friends of mine and they’ve plenty of room, and Larry won’t find you there unless you want him to.”

“But they don’t know me, how can I expect to impose on strangers?”

“They won’t be strangers if you live with them, now will they?” Susan had logic all of her own.

Kat and Adam, Katherine and Adam Machin to give them their full names, both turned out to be attractive, vivacious, happy go lucky thirty-somethings with infectious laughter. Kat was dark haired, tall and rangy, slim almost to the point of thin, and very attractive. Adam was big and outdoorsy, a wild mop of straw coloured hair over a tanned face and bulging biceps, but still equipped with the same sympathetic ears as his wife.

Within thirty minutes of meeting them Jenny was sitting at their kitchen table drinking coffee and telling then all her woes as if she’d known them for years, while they nodded their understanding and interposed perceptive but non-judgemental comments. They called a spade a spade and left digging implements to the glossy magazines. Jenny liked them instantly.

“Right, I’ve got things to do.” Adam stood up and turned to Kat. “Can you sort Jenny out with her room? It’ll have to be the one next to us, I hope she won’t mind.” “Why would I mind?” Jenny asked, as the door closed behind Adam.

Kat giggled a little. “Because the walls are a bit thin and I’m not known for my silence at certain moments.”

“What moments?” Then the light dawned. “Oh, I see! No, I might be jealous but I won’t mind.”

They climbed the stairs carrying Jenny’s suitcases between them, Kat showing Jenny to her bedroom where they dropped the suitcases on the floor with a certain amount of relief.

Jenny looked around, opening and closing her fingers to ease the effects of her luggage. The room was bright and welcoming, not too cluttered, but not Spartan either. It was just the sort of room she felt she could soon put her own stamp on and make her own. She was still contemplating what she wanted to do to it, when Kat spoke again.

“Look.” She began, and then stopped gain. “Look, you know I said I can be noisy at times?”

Jenny nodded, not sure where this was going.

“Well, if you hear noises when Adam’s out, it doesn’t mean I’ve got a lover.”

“I wouldn’t think it did, and even if it did, it wouldn’t be any of my business.”

She still wasn’t quite sure where Kat was leading.

Kat cleared her throat. “I might as well tell you, ‘cos you’ll only hear me. I like to do it on my own, you know, play with myself. And when I do I often fantasize and then I yell out when I cum.”

“That’s all right, I’m not always silent either.” Jenny tried to ease her new landlady’s embarrassment. “And I like to masturbate sometimes too.” She smiled wryly. “In fact, that has been my main source of fun for a while.”

“Yes, but I can be very explicit.” Kat was colouring slightly. “I sometimes say out loud what I’m fantasising about doing, and sometimes I yell out the name of who I’m pretending to be with. I’ve always been like that and I can’t stop it, no matter who might hear me.”

“Ah.” Jenny understood. “That’s why I might think you’ve got a lover.” Don’t worry, canlı bahis I’ll realize what’s happening now.”

She thought about it briefly. “Doesn’t it bother you that people know what you’re doing?”

Kat shrugged. “Not really, It used to, but then everybody does it, don’t they?”

“It wouldn’t bother me, either.” Jenny acknowledged, adding without thinking. “I’d love to go further than that anyway.”

Kat looked at her sharply. “Further?”

Jenny realised what she’d said and went red, staring at the carpet in confused embarrassment. She nodded mutely, vainly hoping Kat would let it go.

“How do you mean.”

Jenny blushed deeper, trapped into admitting her number one fantasy.

“I’d love to have people watch me masturbate.” She whispered the answer, still looking at the floor and still blushing.

Kat looked hard at her, not sure she’d heard what she thought she’d heard.

“I’m sorry, Jen, I didn’t hear what you said.”

“To have people watch me play with myself until I cum.” This time Jenny looked directly at Kat and spoke defiantly loud.

“Really?” Kat beamed at Jenny’s words. “Me too. I love doing that.”

“Honestly? You’ve done it?” Jenny reacted with surprise and relief, immediately feeling her pussy responding.

“Yes, twice, and it gave me a kick both times.”

“Tell me about it.” The words came out impulsively, to be immediately regretted. “Oh, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

“No, I don’t mind. What would you like me to tell you?”

“Tell me about the first time. If you’re sure.”

“Ok. Well the first time was about five years ago, we were out in the Lake District, halfway up a hill on a brilliantly hot summer’s day. The hill was steep and I was in need of a rest, so I sat down on the grass and let Adam do the last half mile on his own. I mean, you’ve seen him, half a mile up a forty-five degree slope is nothing to him, but it would knacker me. In any case I wasn’t really dressed for it, all I’d got on was a summer skirt and blouse and ordinary shoes. So off he went and I lay back to sunbathe.

Now, I must admit I was feeling rather horny, what with the heat of the sun and so on, and somehow my hand worked its way under my waistband and into my knickers. Don’t look at me like that, you know how it is.”

Jenny was regarding Kat with a certain amount of skepticism.

“So you were halfway up a hill, out in the open, on your own with your hand in your knickers. Didn’t you feel a bit… I don’t know… vulnerable?”

“I suppose I should have done, but there was nobody around and it was so peaceful, so all it did was give me a bit of an extra thrill. But wait a minute, ‘cos I haven’t told you the rest. It gets better.’

‘I started to get really randy, so I took a quick look around and there was nobody anywhere, so I took my skirt off, then whipped off my panties and lay with my legs wide open. I knew there was nobody watching, but just exposing myself like that gave me one hell of a buzz.’

‘It wasn’t long before I was well gone, eyes closed and my fingers working my clit like mad. Then I started fingering myself, pushing two fingers in and out and at the same time squeezing one of my tits. Of course my blouse and bra got in the way then, so off they came too and I was stark bloody naked on a barren hillside in the middle of one of England’s best known National Parks, with no trees or bushes or anything for miles around to hide behind in case anybody turned up. Not that I expected them to, Adam had gone out of sight and there was not another soul to be seen.’

‘Of course what happened then was that my imagination took over and I with my eyes closed I pretended that there was another woman at the side of me doing exactly the same thing, and that I was watching her while she was watching me. God, did that make me hot. So in my head I’m watching this woman’s fingers going in and out of one very wet pussy, while in real life mine were doing exactly the same thing. You can imagine, it wasn’t long before I felt myself getting ready to cum.”

Jenny felt a bit put out because Kat was describing a make-believe incident, while she had confessed to wanting the real thing. It was a bit embarrassing.

“Oh, I thought you meant that you really had done it with somebody watching.”

“Wait a bit, I haven’t told you all of it yet.” Kat admonished her.

“Now, back to the story. I didn’t want to stop picturing that woman, so I made myself last as long as I possibly could, taking my fingers away every time I got too close to cumming and changing from clit to cunt regularly. The result was that both me and my fantasy playmate got so fucking wound up that by the time I did cum I was ready to explode, I could feel my juices spread all over the inside of my legs and trickling over my bum-hole.”

Jenny pictured this in her mind’s eye and her own pussy began to lubricate freely. ‘Oh well’, she thought, ‘a change of knickers is next on the agenda.’

Kat was still telling her story.

“I came bahis siteleri like an express train, trying my damnedest to stop from yelling out but failing miserably. I think only my shoulders and my heels were actually touching the ground and I was jerking about like a puppet with its strings in a blender. You have to remember that I still had my eyes closed because just as I was sagging back down and starting to breath again I heard Adam’s voice saying how sexy it had been to watch me. I’ve no idea how long he’d been stood there, even now he won’t tell, but his voice startled me and frightened my pretend partner away. I just collapsed back in a heap with shock and looked up at him more red-faced than I’ve ever been in my life.”

The idea of being caught like that somehow appealed to Jenny and she said so.

“That must have been such a kick. You know, to find out that he’d been watching.”

“Actually, at first I felt ashamed of myself, but when I saw the lump in his trousers and realized that it really had turned him on, then it was a thrill, and I became glad I’d done it.’

‘But it didn’t end there, because the next thing he told me not to stop and started taking off his own clothes. Christ, did he have a hard on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen his cock look so hot and hard. I’m lucky, because I can cum more than once in one session.”

“So can I!” Jenny exclaimed unthinkingly.

“Good, then you’ll know what I mean if I tell you that because my hand was still resting between my legs it was dead easy for me to start playing with my clit again. Not hard, just a gentle massage, round and round, you know. Then Adam came and stood between my legs and started to wank himself off, pointing his cock at me.’

‘He looked really hot standing there like that; he has a certain way of wanking that really gets me going. He doesn’t rub himself at ninety miles an hour like most guys, but he does these long strokes along his shaft, squeezing as he goes, as if he’s milking a cow, then he wraps his fingers around the root of his cock and starts again. I know it sounds a bit unusual, but it looks good and more important, it works for him. He soon had his eyes shut and his legs trembling as he worked himself to a climax.’

‘While he was doing that I was still gently playing with my clit, but because I wanted to watch Adam I’d kept my eyes open this time, and I saw a couple of walkers climbing up the path towards us. Really I should have warned Adam whilst we had time to get dressed quick, but the idea that they would get to see us gave me a sort of adrenalin jolt, and I didn’t say anything at all.’

‘I played really hard with my clit up until I felt the beginnings of another orgasm and then I slowed right down, trying to time it so that I would cum just as they got near us. I know I shouldn’t have, and I know it’s not nice and all that, but I just wanted them to see me cum, and I couldn’t for the life of me tell you why.”

Jenny could envisage the scene perfectly in her imagination and she could feel herself getting more and more turned on as the tale unfolded.

“This time, because I hadn’t been caught out masturbating, the thrill of being watched was less dramatic and far more erotic, just like when I fantasized about it before Adam came back. I could see these two people getting closer and closer and I recognized when they got too close for us to conceal what we were doing. At that point I was trying to hold my orgasm back, still watching Adam getting nearer and nearer to cumming and trying to work out when he would actually get there.’

‘The couple was approaching from behind Adam on a path that ran past about fifteen feet to one side, and in the end he started to shoot just before they got level. But they were close enough to hear him groaning and to know what he was doing, because they stopped dead and looked across at us as if they’d seen us for the first time, although that couldn’t have been true in open countryside. I think that they’d been so engrossed in each other that they’d registered that we were there, but not that we were nude or what we were doing, because it genuinely seemed to surprise them.’

‘Fortunately it was a case of surprised rather then shocked, because once they saw what was going on they just stood there and openly stared. That did it for me. What with great blobs and strings of Adam’s cream landing all over me and these two people watching my hand strumming my clit, I came like there was no tomorrow. If my first orgasm had been strong then this one was huge, so powerful that my mind reeled and I actually felt dizzy from the effects. There was no way I could keep quiet this time and I didn’t even try, I just yelled and yelled, swearing like a trooper on heat and staring right back at them.’

‘I think my staring to one side alerted Adam to their presence, because he turned around just then and saw that we weren’t on our own, but instead of being annoyed as I expected he called out to them asking them if they wanted to do it as well. I’m not sure who was the most bahis şirketleri surprised, me or our audience.”

Kat grinned at the memory.

“I guess the answer to that was no, because they just looked away and walked off rather rapidly. That was a bit of a shame, I would have liked them to watch me mop Adams cum up with my fingers and suck it from them.”

“It sounded really something, I wish I could have been there.”

“As who, watcher or watched?”

“I don’t think I care, just thinking about it is making me wet.”

Jenny wriggled her bottom on the bed, smiling a little bashfully at Kat, and then asked.

“Tell me about the other time.”

“The other one was just plain kinky and there wasn’t any men involved, so I’m not sure if you want to hear, but I’ll tell you if you like.

“Go on then.” Jenny was leaning forward eagerly.

“There were five of us, all women, and all a bit drunk, and we’d all stayed behind after an Ann Summers party. I don’t know who suggested it, but somehow we ended up sat around in a circle with our legs open, watching each other playing with ourselves through our panties.’

‘At first it was just a bit of fun, but then we all started to get really turned on and we started masturbating properly. One by one we all stripped off and started doing naughty things, you know, showing off things like fingering ourselves from underneath so that we didn’t hide our own clits, you get the idea, It didn’t take long before Paula, the girl whose house it was, climaxed really strongly, and that set off a couple more, until there was only me and Beth who hadn’t cum.’

‘I wasn’t really bothered, I knew I’d cum in the end, but Beth was a bit anxious, as if we’d think she was letting the side down if she didn’t cum, you know what I mean? Anyway, to cut a long story short, having three woman doing nothing but stare at my pussy and with another one sitting next to me frigging herself frantically finally made me cum like mad, which just left Beth.’

‘I think Beth was getting embarrassed, unable to cum but too close to stop, and she excused herself by saying that she normally used a vibe instead of her fingers. ‘No problem’ says Paula and grabbed one of the vibes she’d been demonstrating. She just took it across and pushed it straight into Beth’s vagina, turning it full up at the same time. Beth looked at her in stunned silence and then exploded into the hardest orgasm we’d seen anybody have for ages. Jesus, I thought she’d never stop cumming.’

‘You’ve got to remember that we were all a bit squiffy, because after that somebody suggested we play ‘pass the parcel’ with the vibrator, on the grounds that we all needed to cum like that. How it worked was that we played music in short bursts and while it played we had to pass the vibrator around from one to the next, but as soon as it stopped we had to use it on ourselves with everybody else watching, until the music started again. Oh, and when you climaxed you dropped out. Beth was made music supervisor because she’d just cum, and off we went.’

‘That was really something because you half wanted the vibe to stop at you, and half wanted it to go past because of having to fuck yourself with a vibrator with everybody watching.’

‘There was a lot of giggling and messing about, and one girl burst into tears when the music started up just as she was going to cum, but it was a lot of fun and very sexy. I think I was third to cum using the vibrator, and let me tell you that by the time it got to me it was almost too wet and slippery to hold.”

Kat quivered momentarily as the memories got to her. “My God.” She told Jenny. “Thinking about that has got me going.”

“Me too.”

The pair fell silent, Kat looked at Jenny meaningfully with questioning eyebrows raised just a fraction.

Jenny looked back, trying to control her breathing, trying not to show just how aroused she was, all the time knowing that Kat had something on her mind and wondering just where things were likely to go next.

“Would you like to watch me?”

Jenny had half foreseen the possibility, but once more the directness of Kat’s question caught her unawares.


She knew Kat meant now, but the partly instinctive question was asked to give herself time to think. In all her fantasies anybody involved had male, if they’d had a discernable sex at all, and they had watched her, not the other way about. Even so, she felt so horny hearing about Kat’s experiences. Maybe they could both…?

“Yes, right now. While I feel so fucking randy from talking about it.”

Kat’s eyes shone and she was breathing harder in hopeful anticipation, while Jenny was teetering on the edge of yes.

“Come on Jenny, let me do it for you. I want to, if you’re up for watching.”

Decision made. “We’ll both do it!”

Jenny’s words came out in a rush, spoken before she could change her mind, and Kat sucked in a quick breath of astonished pleasure.

“Even better.” She said, beaming happily.

There was a gap of about ten seconds while both women thought about their commitment, and then Jenny started to undo her blouse. Her heart was pounding and she was full of adrenalin, but she knew that if she waited she would chicken out.