London trip

27 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


London tripYou are on a weekend away shopping in LondonTake a wrong turn down a side streetYou notice a large sign’Sex Shop’ in bright illuminated lettersYou turn to head back and then stopYou are curious and no one knows you so why not take a look insideYou feel nervous but excited as a shiver runs through your stomachYou slip in through beaded curtains into a dimly lit emporium of filthRacks of dirty books and magazinesEvery genre of video to suit the most diverse tasteDildos and other toys of different types, lengths, and colour all designed to get you offSkimpy clothes, leathers, slut heeled shoes, sex dollsThings to sniff and snort to arouse the sensesAnd video booths too in which you can entertain yourself or a strangerApart from an old guy who limps like a car park attendant there is no one other than the shop owner in.You browse the magazines and videosThe front covers showing women in such erotic and depraved action with hunky guys with huge cocks make you wet your pantiesYou keep glancing around as your shyness takes hold You look in a glass cabinet full of different sex samsun escort toys for both sexes and see a large black battery driven multispeed cock shaped vibrator.If you had the guts to buy it then you would but the prospect of actually asking the shop owner to show it to you might be embarrassing The old guy with the limp asks if you see anything you like to which you do not know what to reply and almost scamper out of the shopPlucking up the courage you say that you want to buy a vibrator and like the black one.The shop owner walks over to unlock the cabinet and puts it in your handsYou suddenly relax a little and cannot resist running a finger up and down the length wrapping the fingers of your other hand around the girth.You decide to buy it and pop it in your bag.By now you are excited and impatient to try out your new toyAnd what better place than a video booth watching some pornYou check your purse and find some coinsYou enter a booth and drop the latchYou slot your change and press some buttons to scroll the 100 films availableYou pick an outdoor sex film which is escort samsun something you like to do The booth has a tissue dispenser for guys to wipe up their cum and you begin to imagine all the men who must sit wanking off with trousers down sitting on the very same seatYou pull down your skinny jeans in just the same way and watch a film whilst fingering your wet slit.Time to really enjoy yourself…you switch on your new vibratorYou have now lost your shyness which is just as well as you are sure the buzz will be audible in the shopAs it touches your clit sensation engulfs your body and you push against the seat in ecstacyYou start to hear some movement and shuffling in the booth next doorHow hot you are now feelingOne minute you were shopping Now you are wanking your wet cunt and feel up for some real sexYou now realise it is not the film or particularly your new toy that is exciting you but you are aroused by simply being alone in a sleezy placeThere is more movement next door followed by a tap on the wallThe tip of a what could only become a huge cock appears through samsun escort bayan a hole in the connecting screenYou have heard of these things but have never seen oneMy God you think this is both hot and scary rolled into oneThe cock gets longer as it becomes harder and is almost beckoning to you to grab itSurely It cannot be the guy with the limp … Can it?You pluck up courage and reach out to touch the tip with one finger and hear a moan of delight and a gruff voice asks you to hold itWhy not you thinkNo one knows i am here do they so i can do what everYou grab it and start to wank it continue to fingering yourself in the processYou are so in to it by now that you drop to your knees and suck it swalowing the length down the back of your throatThe cock is pumping your mouth so hardYou stand and bend over with your arse and cunt pushed up against the holeYou feed the cock inside your now dripping pussyYou are pushing against the cock and quite quickly feel warm cum shoot inside A hand comes through the hole to frig you off and feel his own juice in your pussyYou soon reach an orgasm and become anxious to do a runnerMy God… What have i done?You quickly dress and run out of the shop feeling really shocked at your behaviour but also a real sense of sexual satisfaction.To this day you have no idea whose cock it was.