Lockdown ll

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Lockdown llMegan stepped out of the shower and dried herself quickly. Pulling up her panties and hooking her bra, she expected to see Savannaha. Knowing they get ruined she chose not to wear her garter and stockings. As she zipped her dress closed, Savannaha came running in. What’s the hurry Megan complained. There’s so much I have to show you, Savannaha replyed. Dragging her outside Megan barely caught her footing. After living in the city for a few years, dulled her sense of adventure. Megan was relieved when the dinner bell was rang. Tired she walked back to the house slowly. Washing up Savannaha said, I set you a place next to me. As they ate she felt sorry for Savannaha as she rambled on about what she brought with her to wear. After helping clear the dinner table, Megan went back to her room. She thought about her mother and started to cry again. A tap at the door brought her back. Aunt Ann came in and sat beside her and asked what happened. As Megan explained what she could they both began to sob. Holding Megan’s hands Ann told her if she needed anything she was just down the hall.Taking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri her dress off, Savannaha came in with just a tee shirt on. Hugging Megan from behind she said how much she missed her. Megan thought back. She had gotten used to just her and her mother. She forgot when she was younger her and Savannaha were inseparable. Everyone called them Siamese twins. Savannaha laid her head on Megan’s shoulder as she wrapped her arms around Megan tightly.After a couple of minutes Megan said, I did have fun today. Kissing her neck, Savannaha said me too. And we can do lots more tomorrow. Stepping back Savannaha said, let me help you. She fumbled around with the hooks on Megan’s bra for a few seconds before figuring it out. As she slip the straps off her shoulders, Megan held the bra in place as she went to the dresser for her night gown. Can I see them again, Savannaha pleaded. Their boobs, no big deal Megan told her. Her eyes widened as she looked at the reflection in the mirror. Turning she watched as Savannaha took off her tee shirt. Her memories güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri went back to that summer her and Savannaha went skinny dipping. She remembered how she jealous of savannahs brown skin. Why an I so pale and she’s so dark. She smiled to herself as she thought about how big Savannahs chest was compared to hers and the darkness of her areolas. As she looked on Savannahs body Megan felt a tingling between her legs. Here I am wishing I had her g****fruit size boobs back then, and now she wishes she had these melons. Moving her eyes down she focused on Savannahs flat belly. Then it dawned on her. Placing her hands on Savannahs arns, do you cut your hair you know… Down there. Rubbing her hand over her vaginal area Savannah asked, you like it. It’s amazing, Megan said. You have this cute black bunny tail, and I have a red forest. With an excited facial expression Savannah knelt down. Pulling at her panties Savannah said, I want to see. Megan hooked her thumbs under the elastic of the waistband, and slide them down a little. Wow, Savannah exclaimed. güvenilir bahis şirketleri How did you get so lucky. Bringing her hand up Savannah asked, can I touch it. Giggling Megan moved her hands to her side’s. Her heart beat faster as she watched her hand move closer. Her stomach muscles above her pelvis area began to quiver as she felt Savannahs soft touch. Looking up at Megan Savannah said, it’s so soft. Her body shaking, Megan asked if she could feel hers. As it was nothing, Savannah took Megan’s hand and brought it to her. Almost afraid, she let Savannah press her fingers against her pubic hair. Megan closed her wyes, not wanting to see herself do this. Though her hair was curly, it was stiff, then a different feeling. Opening her eyes, Megan pulled her hand away as her fingers brushed over Savannahs soft inner vagainal lips. What’s wrong, Savannah asked. You know, Megan said softly ducking down as to hide what she was saying. It’s not right touching someone there. Savannah looked at her strangely for a second them pushed her fingers between Megan’s legs and pressed them against Megan’s vigina. Moving her hand back and forth Savannah said, doesn’t it feel good. Flabbergasted Megan pulled her panties up quickly and pulled her night gown on. Putting her tee shirt on Savannah said there’s nothing wrong with doing it as she walked out the room.Turning off the lights Megan climbed into bed