Location, Location, Location

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Location, Location, LocationMy wife and I have started house hunting, and because we both work we have been dividing up, looking at houses alone a lot. The other day, it was my turn while she was at work. I arrived early and checked out the neighborhood and the outside of the house while waiting. The realtor pulled up in a typical realtor car, a silver Lexus. As she got out, I noticed that she was probably in her early 40s and a little on the heavy side, but carrying it well. She was kind of short, about 5’2, had short blonde hair and was wearing a nice dark pinstripe suit, with a skirt a bit shorter than I would have expected and showing more cleavage than most. Middle aged and denying it, I figured. Still, she wasn’t too bad to look at, and I like mature curvy women anyway. It could certainly be worse!We introduced ourselves and got down to showing the house. She seemed quite friendly, almost flirty. I’m not used to being flirted with, so I assumed it was just my horny imagination mixed with a little bit of ego. At least, that’s what I thought at first…She was showing bahis şirketleri me something in the kitchen. To be honest, I wasn’t paying a lot of attention. the house wasn’t doing anything for me, so I was just being polite letting her finish showing it. I was absent mindedly looking at her nice round ass when suddenly, she bent over in front of me and said something about the kitchen cabinets. That would have been enough by itself, but what really got my attention was the very clear view I suddenly had of a thin lacy white pair of panties which did little to hide a very thick pair of pussy lips. I must have stared for quite a while before I realized she was looking at me over her shoulder, very obviously aware of what I was looking at.”So, what do you think?” She asked. I hesitated, unsure whether she was asking about the house or her pussy. “Oh, come on, you know what I mean,” she said, as if reading my mind. “I’ll make it simple. You’re married. I’m married. I don’t really care whether you want to buy this house or not, but I am dying for a fuck right now. So, what youwin do you say, baby?”Who could turn down an offer like that? “You want it here, or in the bedroom?” I asked. In answer, she pulled her panties aside and spread her lips, showing of a sopping wet pink slit. I unzipped my jeans, pulled my cock out, and slipped a condom on. I helped her up onto the counter and pulled her panties down over her pumps. I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit a couple times, then let it slide naturally into her sopping wet cunt. She threw her head back, grabbed my hips, and began fucking herself hard against me. fuck, I was goign to take it easy, but quick and dirty works for me!I’m not the longest lasting man in the bedroom, but I felt like a stud when she came twice before me. She wasn’t k**ding, she really was desperate for a good fuck! After I came, I pulled out slowly and, with the cum-filled condom dangling from my half hard cock, bent down and went down on her until she came again. I would have been happy with that, but as I pulled away, she jumped down youwin giriş off the counter and grabbed my condom-covered cock. She squeezed the tip of the condom, pushing the cum back onto my cock as she pulled the condom off. Like a pro, she moved in without spilling a drop and licked every bit of cum off my shaft. She looked up at me with her big green eyes as she took my cock to the hilt, and I thrilled to feel myself swelling again, straight down her throat.when I was hard again, she pushed me down to the floor and straddled me bareback, setting herself down on my rock hard cock. She held her skirt up as she bobbed up and down, her thick juicy lips surrounding my shaft perfectly. Just before I came again, she jumped up and sat on my face, swallowing my cock and taking my entire load without missing a beat. As her own orgasm subsided, she got up and picked up her panties, slipping them back on as casually as if we were discussing loan terms.”Thank you, Mr. __, I knew today would be profitable. I look forward to doing business with you again. Say hello to your wife for me, won’t you?” As she spoke, we walked out and locked the front door. I held her car door for her, and watched her drive off before getting into my own car. That was definitely unexpected, but I certainly don’t have any complaints!