Living The Dream. Ch.09.

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Living The Dream. Ch.09.She gathered together Sofi’s two plaits and pulled. Not suddenly but with an insistent force. Sofi’s head had no choice but to follow. Gradually she was pulled upright. Remnants of my cum still remained, slowly descending in rivulets across her back, catching the light as she moved. Like raindrops on a windowpane, they made their hopeful way to her reddened arse. Lotti stood up and towered over her. “Turn around, slut, and face our hosts. Where are your manners?”“Sorry, Miss,” Sofi muttered, and she struggle to move. She looked a mess. Below the black strip of the blindfold her lipstick was smudged, and her face shone with Fay’s drying juices. I felt Fay’s grip on my legs tighten as her face came into view. I had experienced Fay’s messy orgasms so many times before, but it was clear now that she had been particularly generous towards Sofi. Lotti wandered across to the chair and rummaged again in her case. We were to be treated to more of her delights. She discarded the flogger and picked the crop back up. When she turned back to us a fine silver chain hung over a finger. At its two ends a pair of butterfly clamps were attached.Fay and I had seen similar ones during our internet explorations, and even discussed buying some but were nervous about doing so. We weren’t sure exactly how they worked or how painful and vicious they were. We decided to stick with our clothes pegs and ask Lotti’s advice this weekend. Obviously, she considered them safe to use. I don’t think Sofi had any choice in the matter.“I think it’s time we let some light into her world, don’t you?” she asked us, stepping up to Sofi.She tugged at the blindfold and Sofi’s eyes appeared, blinking in the harsh light. Her black eye-liner had run and was smudged around her eyes giving her a haunted look. She struggled to focus but finally found us sitting on the sofa. Her eyes pleaded with us to make it all stop but I hardened my expression pitilessly. I glanced to one side at Lotti who was waiting for a signal and I nodded to her. Her crop came down immediately on Sofi’s right nipple in a well-aimed strike. Sofi yelped in pain and surprise and turned to look at the perpetrator, the owner of the mysterious voice. A second stroke of the crop hit her left nipple. With her hands bound behind her back Sofi was helpless to protect herself but she flinched and tried to turn away.Lotti moved to stand behind her and forcibly tilted Sofi’s head back until their eyes locked. “Keep still, bitch, or else,” she threatened. Holding one of the clamps she allowed the one on the other end of the chain to sway back and forth like a hypnotist’s pocket watch before Sofi’s terrified gaze. Then, gathering it all up she reached forward and squeezed and rolled her right nipple. It was already stiff and hard but seemed to grow even more. Lotti’s head came up and she looked at us. She held out the chains with the two clamps dangling in the ends.“Would either of you care to help me?” she asked.Suddenly Fay stirred and perked up with interest. A chance to play with those clips was too much of an opportunity to pass on.“Really?” she asked, “oh fuck, I’d love to.”She uncurled from her seat on the floor and crawled over to kneel in front of Sofi. Nervously she took the proffered clamps. She examined them carefully, working out how they opened and closed. She tried one out on her finger as an experiment and admired the way it gripped. She tugged on the chain and it stayed in place.“The harder you pull the tighter they grip,” Lotti explained. “Wow, they’re amazing … and strangely beautiful.”She glanced back at me and she had an excited twinkle in her eyes and a broad smile. She held one up in front of Sofi’s face and opened and closed it a few times. Sofi seemed to shrink back but found her way blocked by Lotti standing behind her.“Aren’t they sweet?” asked Fay, taunting her.Sofi’s eyes widened with fear. She really did not like clamps. She’d hated the pegs last weekend, but this was another level. She’d had them used on her before on a previous adventure, and the memory still lingered. Lotti used one hand to grip the base of Sofi’s small breast and squeezed making the nipple stand out. Fay leaned forward to give it a kiss and a lick before lining up the clamp. At their widest the jaws slid easily into place and then, with infinite slowness she let them close. They gripped and there was a hiss of breath from Sofi as she felt their first bite.They transferred illegal bahis their attention to Sofi’s other breast and repeated the process. The same squeeze, the same oral gentleness, the same slow bite of the cruel jaws. Sofi frowned and screwed her eyes shut. Slowly she relaxed as she got used to the clamps and the initial pain subsided. Fay sat back on her heels and admired her handiwork. Sofi was almost in tears.“Their beauty is that they are difficult if not impossible to pull off.”Lotti took hold of the middle of the chain and pulled it up. Sofi’s nipples followed and her tiny boobs stretched amazingly. She tried to kneel up to lessen the pain but Lotti countered her by pulling her in the opposite direction. Then she held out the chain to Fay who took it nervously.“Try it,” Lotti suggested, “its great fun. Watch her face while you do it.”Fay repeated Lotti’s actions, pulling Sofi’s tits up and down, increasing the limit each time. Then she pulled the chain towards her and was rewarded with a whimper from Sofi as her tits stretched into twin peaks. Lotti held her shoulders firmly preventing her from leaning forward. Fay giggled. She was having fun with this new game. I was having my own fun watching the three of them from the sofa, idly stroking my dick which had grown hard again. The changing expressions of Sofi’s face were a delight to watch. Tears were messing up her makeup even more and black streaks were appearing down her cheeks. Suddenly Lotti interrupted Fay’s new game.“I think we should let her rest for a while. Besides, I’m starving,” she announced with rare compassion.Fay reluctantly let the chain fall and scooted back next to me. The mention of food had reminded me how hungry I was. It was my cue to be useful. I let go of my dick and stood up, unashamed to display my virility once again.“I’ve already prepared some nibbles and dips. I can knock up a quick salad. I don’t want anything too heavy, but I agree … food is needed.”I walked past the miserable looking Sofi as I made my way into the kitchen. When I said I’d prepared some nibbles what I meant was that I’d gone to the local supermarket and bought a couple of their selection boxes and some extra dips. It wouldn’t take me long to make a salad, so I set to work.Back in the living room Lotti had moved her case and sat back in the armchair. Fay was still sat on the carpet with her head on the seat of the sofa, in danger of drifting off to sleep. Sofi knelt obedient and unmoving. The pain from her nipples had eased now that they had sopped pulling her this way and that. She tried quietly to wriggle out of the bind on her wrists but Lotti’s knotting skills were too good, so she gave up trying. Her eyes flew open when Lotti’s voice startled her.“Fay!” It was almost a shout and it roused Fay from the beginnings of a snooze. She looked across at Lotti wondering what the matter was.“You are the hostess today, but you are neglecting your duties,” said Lotti with a severity that took Fay by surprise. “What …?” she began to ask but was cut short.“Get over here and see to my needs. At once!”In confusion at this turn of events Fay started to crawl across the short space between them. As she did so Lotti lifted her bottom of the chair and tugged her thong down. She left it around her knees and sat back. Somehow Fay knew what she had to do. She pulled the thong the rest of the way down Lotti’s legs and, lifting one leather booted foot after another, took them all the way off. Lotti then spread her legs wide, displaying her wet and glistening pussy. She pointed at it and glared at Fay.“Don’t keep me waiting, bitch.”Fay was struggling to understand what was going on, but she hurriedly moved closer and leant forward, burying her face between Lotti’s thighs. Much as she loved Ross, she’d always had a liking for the heady scent of a woman’s aroused sex. Lotti smelled delicious and her tongue got to work at once. The change in Lotti’s attitude was quickly forgotten as she immersed herself in the tastes and textures of her cunt. It was at times like this when ‘cunt’ seemed to be the only word to use. When I came into the living room it was to announce that food was ready but what I saw stopped me in my tracks. Lotti’s eyes were closed and she lay back in the chair with a beatific smile on her face. But it was the sight of my naked wife on her knees with her head buried between her thighs. Whatever she was doing, and it wasn’t hard to guess, it was having illegal bahis siteleri the desired effect. This was something we had talked about in the past and I know Fay had indulged a little before we met, as well as a couple of times since. I knew it was something we would look into more in the future as Fay was so obviously loving her time servicing Lotti. And so was Lotti judging by the look on her face.What I was not aware of was the dominating tone that Lotti had used to get Fay there, nor the willingness with which Fay had complied. This would slowly emerge over the next few hours. As I walked in Lotti’s eyes flickered open and she frowned in a silent instruction not to interrupt her moment of pleasure. I put the tray of food down on the coffee table as quietly as possible and sat down. My dick had gone soft while I was preparing the salad but began to stiffen once more as I watched them together. Lotti was obviously very close to her climax and her fingers were tangled tightly in Fay’s hair. I thought they must be hurting but it seemed to drive Fay on to new efforts. It’s a good job we have no close neighbours as when Lotti came she was loud.She was almost screaming obscenities mainly directed at Fay and calling her all sorts of names that before she had only used towards Sofi. Her body seemed to take on a mind of its own, thrashing and flexing like a person being given electric shocks. I was astonished at her reactions and I felt my cock twitch in response. I had hardly noticed Sofi when I came back in even though she was kneeling in the centre of the room. I glanced at her now and she too was staring at the two women, her eyes wide open. She was as shocked as I was, but I felt I could also detect a hint of jealousy in her staring eyes. I looked back when I heard the huge gasp for air. Fay’s head had been released and she was able to breathe again while Lotti had now calmed down and was slumped in the chair, eyes closed and taking deep breaths.Fay was also slumped forward, clinging on the Lotti’s knees to stop herself falling over, struggling to breathe. I was as hard as I had ever been during that weekend and I was tempted to play with myself but I kept my hands away and simply sat on the sofa, displaying my manhood for all to see. Lotti moved her legs and half-pushed and half-kicked Fay off her. Fay slumped sideways into a heap on the floor still taking in lungfuls of air. Despite her distress she had the biggest smile. I watched her trying to feel compassion but in truth I wanted to jump on her and fuck her. Fortunately, these thoughts were interrupted by Lotti’s sharp voice.“Food! About time too. Is ‘Sir’ going to be a good host and serve his guest?”The hint of sarcasm in her voice did not go unnoticed but nevertheless I got up and offered her the tray. Before making her selection, she gazed at my hard cock that I had tried to hide under the tray I was carrying.“I see our little game has had an affect on you,” she commented, “you must be proud to have such a good slut as a wife.”I was shocked at her comment but held my tongue as she concentrated on making her selection from the tray. Sitting back in the large armchair was almost a signal of dismissal. I turned and put the tray back on the low table.“Better help your slut wife,” she said before I had a chance to sit down, “I think I tired her out but she may have enough energy left to suck off that big cock.”Still coming to terms with this new side to Lotti as well as my reaction to it I helped Fay to her knees. It was as far as she could manage so I helped her crawl across to the sofa and almost lifted her up onto the seat. She fell sideways and slumped in a corner and I sat down next to her. My hard-on had not diminished and once more displayed itself to the room.“Make her do it! Go on, make her suck your dick. You know you want to. Tell her not to be such a lazy bitch.”Her words struck like lashes from a whip and I felt shame that she had found the truth. My dick twitched in response. As I looked across at Fay, she stirred and her eyes opened. They were unfocussed but she knew that Lotti’s taunts were aimed as much at her as they were at me. It was almost painful to watch as she pushed herself up and then slumped sideways, landing with her head in my lap. Then her tongue began to work.I felt its wet warmth slide up and down along my shaft a few times before her familiar lips closed around the head. I know I should have objected canlı bahis siteleri to her treatment and let her rest, allowed her a short sleep to recover, but my dick had taken control of my brain. I watched as her head bobbed up and down, taking it slightly further in each time. Fay is an excellent cocksucker but not one of those deep throat experts that seemed to be the norm in porn films. Her skills lay elsewhere. So, it came as a surprise when she tried to go far deeper than she usually did. I felt her reach what was normally her limit and then push harder. She was making gagging noises and slobber was leaking from her mouth and trickling across my balls. She pulled out and let her spit run down my dick before trying a second time. I glanced across at Lotti and she had a triumphant smirk on her face. For some reason I blushed with guilt and looked away.Fay had come back up and taken a breath. She looked up at me, her eyes asking the silent question. “is this ok? Am I doing this ok?” I simply smiled down at her with reassurance and gently eased her mouth back onto my dick. She took the hint and tried to go even deeper. I could feel the tightness at the back of her throat. I was shocked at myself that it was her distress that was turning me on. The next time she went deep I applied a little extra pressure with a hand on the back of her head. When she started to struggle, I kept her in place. When I finally let her up, she didn’t look at me but took a couple of breaths and went back to work. I could feel myself close and started to tense. I knew that Fay would notice and know what this meant. She knew what to expect. When I came, she made me proud. Almost nothing escaped and she swallowed it all. I made strange a****l noises as I poured my cum into her mouth and down her throat. She coughed and spluttered a little but kept me inside her.We both stayed in position and rested for a while then she slowly pulled her head back. She spent some time licking and cleaning the sensitive head. By the time she released me I had started to soften, and I sat back breathing heavily. “Well done slut,” came Lotti’s sarcastic voice, “see what you can do when you really try?”I wanted to scowl at her and tell her off for being so rude, but something made me hold my tongue and I simply sat there while she slagged off my wife. Fay had managed to sit up, but her head slumped forward submissively. “These are yummy,” Lotti informed us, “try some, bitch, you must be starving, and you deserve it.” She paused then looked at me. “You’re not being a particularly good host again. I think our other slut might be hungry as well, and … oh dear … someone has tied her hands together. She’ll need feeding. Get to it!”With aching limbs, I forced myself to my feet. My limp dick was not proud now, a sorry shadow of its former self. I picked up a few scraps from the table and walked across to Sofi. Her brows furrowed with concern, not knowing what to expect next. She had been grateful for the respite while the rest of us had been playing but now she sensed herself, once more the centre of attention. I decided we had seen enough meanness for a while and I her a piece of fruit, dangling it in front of her face. I tried to be as unthreatening as possible. She leaned forward and opened her mouth and took it. She bit into it fiercely. The poor girl was obviously ravenous. I fed her more titbits and she took them all eagerly. I even managed to feed her some salad on a slice of artisan bread. Inevitably some spilled off and splattered across her thighs, but she didn’t stop eating. When she looked up and smiled and shook her head at my latest offering I retreated to the sofa.Lotti surveyed all three of us and we all seemed to shrink slightly under her gaze. Both Sofi and Fay dropped their eyes to the floor. I tried to be brave and looked at her but the smile I gave her just came across as weak and sycophantic. Lotti had picked up her crop again and was tapping it lightly against her leather boot. It seemed that our short moment of rest was over. She reached into her case beside her and came out with a dog leash.“I think we all need to freshen up. Its shower time!” she announced as she stood up. She walked over to Sofi and clipped the leash to the chain connecting the two clamps. She bounced it up and down and Sofi yelped as the clamps bit once again. As Lotti lifted the leash she was forced to follow. She almost stumble as she got used to standing up once more.“You two as well, come on!” she barked at us.With a none too gentle tug on the leash she led Sofi to the stairs. Fay and I followed behind like sheep. I held Fay’s hand as we wearily climbed the stairs, but I could sense a tension between us.