Lisa’s New Role

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Lisa’s New RoleLisa woke up startled and looked at her clock radio. 4 AM.She heard loud noises coming from her roommate’s bedroom. They must be at it again, she thought. Her roommate, Troya, a full figured black woman, liked to bring women home after her shift at the lesbian bar where she worked. Tonight was no different. The other woman sounded like Sonya, a regular visitor. Don’t you dare stop fucking me, exclaimed Sonya!The moaning and groaning continued for several more minutes before Sonya came loudly.Lisa thought that was it for the night and tried to get back to sleep but they started up again and 20 minutes later Troya screamed out her orgasm. Don’t they ever stop, Lisa wondered and reached into her panties and lightly rubbed her clit while listening to the rough fucking in the next room. She was too tired to cum so the pale young woman fell asleep unsatisfied.The next morning Lisa was up early making coffee when Sonya entered the kitchen naked, walked up behind Lisa, grabbed her breasts through her nightgown and squeezed gently. Hey baby!Before Lisa had a chance to tell her she was not interested Sonya spun her around, placed her warm mouth over her lips and slid a wet tongue inside exploring every inch didim escort of her mouth. Caught off guard all Lisa could do was moan. She hadn’t cum last night and she remembering all the sounds of lesbian sex her pussy moistened.Sonya pawed at Lisa’s breasts through the nightgown and then the gown drifted onto the kitchen floor. Two naked women kissing deeply as their warm bodies moved together, breasts mashed together, nipples hard, pussies moist.Just then Troya walked in, also naked.Finally melted the Ice Queen I see, she said to Sonya.Lisa tried to turn her head to respond but Sonya held her head in her hands and kissed her harder, wetter, deeper and Lisa could only moan even more. Troya, sensing an opening, pressed herself against Lisa’s back and rained kisses all over her shoulders and the back of her neck. Lisa groaned from the double assault.Sonya cupped Lisa’s sex and squeezed. She pulled her hand up and showed Troya her dripping fingers. Troya smiled, nodded and then trailed tiny wet kisses down Lisa’s spine, spread her tiny butt cheeks and assaulted her tiny anus with her thick tongue as Sonya finger fucked the young blonde. Lisa nearly collapsed in ecstasy but the two black women stopped, leaving escort didim her hanging as they pulled away from her leaving Lisa standing naked in the kitchen, shivering with need, her eyes wild. Her hands grabbing at her sopping pussy.Please!? Lisa cried. Please what, asked Troya?I need to cum so badly, Lisa cried.If we help you cum what will you do for us?Anything you want. Please help me cum. I’m begging you Sonya, Troya.Call us Mistress then.What?!?!If you want to cum, beg your Mistresses.Lisa stood there shaking, not fully understanding but her pussy was in charge now so she said, please Mistresses, help me cum. Troya smiled evilly at Sonya and they carried, practically dragging poor little Lisa to their bedroom.Lisa found herself on her back with her arms trapped underneath Sonya’s knees with a fat black pussy pressed over her mouth cutting off her oxygen.Lick me sweetie and I’ll let you breathe, Sonya said.Lisa immediately began to lick between Sonya’s inner lips up to her clit as fast as she could. Sonya lifted up enough for Lisa to catch a breath or two before closing the gap again.Troya grabbed Lisa’s legs and tucked them under Sonya’s arms. Hold them for me sweetie, she told SonyaShe then began didim escort bayan to lick Lisa from anus to clit over and over and over again and again until she was dripping on the bed sheets. She ran her tongue around Lisa’s little anus gathering up all the pussy and ass juices into her greedy mouth. Then she pressed the flat of her tongue tight against the little hole and ground and ground and ground.Lisa screamed inside Sonya’s pussy, wiggled and shuddered at this new onslaught, licking furiously and without hesitation between Sonya’s thighs. Troya stepped back and put on a strap-on harness and slipped in a thin dildo. She quickly got between Lisa’s legs and slowly slid the smaller dildo up Lisa’s tight ass. Meanwhile Sonya moved up so her ass hole was right over Lisa’s mouth and she sat down. LICK ME!!!Within two or three thrusts of the dildo in her ass, Lisa exploded in orgasm. Her screams muffled by Sonya’s ass. Troya did not stop but kept fucking the poor white girl until she was truly sexually exhausted and dominated by the two mistresses.The two women switched positions so Troya was now rubbing her fat wet pussy lips all over Lisa’s face and Sonya licked and sucked on her wet pussy until Lisa lost count of the number of orgasms she gave and received.Then the two black mistresses dragged poor Lisa into the shower where she had to wash, lick and suck every inch of her two new owners until they were satisfied with their new conquest.