Linking Road

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Linking Roaddeleteddeleteddeletedmy wife is 26 years, we have a satisfactory sex life and we have sex regularly when I am in the town and my job requires some travelling. I like fantasizing and during our sex and I often ask my wife to fantasize having sex with other males initially.She was refusing and very reluctantly accepted the idea as time passed by she started accepting the idea as she used to experience my rod becoming very hard during the fantasy. We often fantasize of the neighbour boys grocery shop keeper milkman dhobi accidently having sex with her. The entire sexual bout gets very hot as we enter the bedroom and start caressing each other.I slowly remove her blouse and sari and I don’t like her wearing a bra or a panty and I start sucking her boobs and she has fairly large boobs and are pointing and stiff even at the age of 40. She moans with pleasure as I take her nipples in my mouth, slowly I start fingering her vagina and as she is ready for penetration she asks I to enter and I enter her cunt my cock is approximately 6 inches in length and 3 inches in diameter.She enjoys each stroke and I push myself inside and our fantasy starts somewhere after 2 to 3 minutes of my entry. I did not have the courage to share this incident with your readers but after reading through many of the experiences of many of the readers and writer and I gained courage to share our experience which has happened a year ago in Mumbai.I stay in Borivili and I am working in a multinational company as a sales manager on the said day my wife has asked me to take her to linking road in Bandra as she has to buy some nighties in the cloth market which known for its reasonable and affordable rates that day being a Saturday and I left office at 3 pm and reached home by 4 pm, relaxed with a cup of coffee and my son has gone to his tuitionWe both started at around 7 pm to linking road in bandra in my car during the ride izmir escort and I noticed her wearing a very sexy blouse which is showing her cleavage and the transparent sari which is tucked below her naval and exposing her belly button. She has made up her face with all the sexy creams which are giving a glow to her face, I always admired her lips and had a deep desire to get my cock sucked by those rosy lips and the sexy mouth.I could not fulfil this wish till that day and we reached the said place and I left her at the regular shop where we used to make purchases and moved away to park my car and I reached back after 30 minutes and could not find my wife at the same shop and I moved around and came back to the shop expecting her to reach back after about 40 minutes she came back and said she has gone around the place and could not find the required nighties.We again entered our regular shop for having a relook at the material. It was around 9.30 in the night and the shop is about to close down and two of the sales boys were speaking to my wife in Marathi and telling her that she should come in the morning on Monday so that fresh stocks would arrive. I could see a naughty giggle on their faces as they were speaking to my wife they were in an age group of about 18 to 19 years.My wife was standing beside me and asking them to remove the lot kept in the upper rack while one of the boy was removing the lot and the other guy was standing towards the corner and removing the dress of the Mannequin the lady statue kept in ladies clothes showrooms and this has caused a lot of embarrassment to me and my wife as the Mannequin was exposed without any clothes on the body.The body of the mannequin was so sexy and exciting with large boobs and waist and the thighs were so shapely giving a natural feel and a female, and the pubic area is so well carved as if it is a clean shaven cunt of a matured lady. I switched izmir escort bayanlar my gaze away wanting to save myself from the embarrassment suddenly my wife pressed my had as if something unusual has happened to her and when I turned around.I saw the sales boy caressing the pubic area of the Mannequin with a naughty smile on his face looking at my wife. My wife could not come out of the deep sensation for about 15 to 20 seconds later when I asked her as to what has happened she confessed she felt that the boy is caressing her pubis instead of the pubis of Mannequin.She like 3 pieces of nighties and 2 bras which were to be packed and taken by us but I said it is better they are tried so as to avoid a repeat visit for exchange, the boys said they have a trail room where she can go and try them and they took the key from their grandfather who was doing nothing but sitting at the cash counter to collect cash. My wife went to the trail room and after about five minutes.She looked out and asked the boy to help her with some scissors as she has to cut the hook which has folded from inside and she is not able to remove the bra and they boy handed over the scissors and she again called him and asked him to cut the hook and I also went inside and to my shock I found, my wife wearing only a petty coat and a bra the front portion of the petty coat is open by around 3 to 4 inches clearly giving a view of the black pubic hair and the petticoat is clearly outlining her butt.Her legs her abdomen and the back are bare and she has a whitish complexion and is oozing sex from all parts of her body her bra is a typical modern bra with two laces moving up and insufficient to cover her large mammaries, which are firmly resting inside the bra and exposing themselves to challenge anyone who has the courage and taste to handle them.I had an instant erection and my prick started drilling down in my underwear ready izmir bayan escort to explode and the sales boy was speechless and not able to comprehend the entire scenario inside a flash of the daily fantasy crossed my mind instilling a thunder of thought and lust and I caught hold of my wife from behind and started pressing her boobs and she did not speak a single word and the boy in front of us was looking at us with scissors in his hands.I smiled at him and asked him to come nearer and he kept the scissors on the stool and came in front of my wife and with fear in his eye stood silent, I took my wife hand and kept it on his shoulder and instantly my wife pulled him towards her boobs, the undressing of the boy my wife and myself has taken 3 to 4 minutes.I became a spectator to all that what has happened inside that trail room with an erect cock in my hand pumping myself and watching the show of ecstasy in front of me as they shed their clothes and my wife caught hold of the boys erect penis which is bigger than mine and little thin and he has a lot of curly pubic hair but the cock is protruding out and the tip is pink in colour.She caressed the cock and the boy started sucking her boobs slowly he started fingering her cunt and my wife started making lot of moans and I was afraid the other boy would come in and therefore peeped out in the mean time the boy inside said don’t worry uncle he has gone home. My wife sat on the stool which is fairly tall and opened her to the boy who instantly penetrated her.I started giving strokes which she never experienced in her life perhaps secret sex has enormous strength all three of us climaxed together and I thanked the boy and he kissed my wife and thanked her and said he would never forget this experience in his life. We came home from Bandra not a single word spoken in the car.We reached home it was midnight entered the bedroom and had another bout of rigorous sex. We recall this incident every day during sex till date my wife has never asked me to take her to linking road again nor I have volunteered to take her there and we love each other and keep it to ourselves as a wonderful feeling.