Lifestyle Resort Breeding; PART 2

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Lifestyle Resort Breeding; PART 2PART 2Eagerly Waiting After I came down from the sexual high, we decided to get clean and to follow the resort’s dress code. White hubbies were to be nude. White wives were also to be nude but with a little cover of a minimal ballerina’s chemise wraparound that barely covered our derrieres. So skimpily attired we withdrew to the patio relaxing comfortably around a table that had drinks labeled “his and hers”. “What a pleasant surprise. “La Dame de Pique people really know how to pamper its guests” I said. I let the drink and the sea breeze blowing up my legs unwind me. Two closest tables to us had two white couples with a black male sat with them. There were a few more tables with white women sat with black males all exhibiting their lustful urges and sex play without shame or inhibitions. Janine looked as erotically aroused as any woman can be. With one hand she held the drink and with the other she was holding Don’s c**k. “Are you canlı bahis şirketleri having a good time?” I asked Janine, she looked at me with her eyes open as wide as saucers and nodded a “Yes”. Just as I finished speaking a white woman and a black male appeared from another bungalow walking hand in hand. Behind them was a white man with a smile on his face. The black man led her to an outdoor raised padded bench. Her hubby lovingly held her hands presenting her ass, c**t and mouth in doggie position. The black stud spread wide her legs and started sliding that black massive c**k into her. Her moans turned to screams as he started pumping her rhythmically like only Blacks can do. She bawled like a ghoul when he shoved it hard and deep into her. He pumped her harder and harder. I could not believe how long this fine Black specimen of a man could f**k her. Don, Janine and I were just as turned on as she was. Then the black stud rammed his whole c**k into canlı poker oyna her as both of them screamed in ecstasy. Stud’s face tensed as he pressed his groin deep into her and you could see his ass muscles twitch as he was planting his seed into her. As the stud was pulling his massive c**k, her hubby sealed the moment with a k**s on her lips.I looked at Janine and she looked excited. “This resort is a haven for C**kolds” I said, “Many women come here for a break without their husbands and some husbands like to accompany their wives and allow them to sample fine specimens of black c**k”. “You know” I continued, “few years back, my hubby and I, brought our daughter here as her college graduation present. As you can imagine, she had a most wonderful time”. At the same moment both of us burst into a little and girly giggle. “How did you got into this lifestyle?” I asked. Janine looked at Don and started “I attended a Catholic school for girls and between the güvenilir bahis nuns and my mom I was taught that sex was dirty and you should just suffer through it. Later when we got married we had few issues. Don then suggested that we bring in other men to satisfy me. I liked to go bareback, that’s when we realized that Don is not able to give me babies and my biological clock was ticking.” She continued, “While casting through the internet we discovered this place and Gloria told us that she can fix all our issues. So my Dr. had taken me off the birth control pills and put me on d**gs to enhance my fertility”. She caught a bit of breath and continued “In short, at the end of this visit, we will enter the lifestyle and I will be bred”. Don took his gaze away from Janine to me and said “You probably won’t believe this but we were virgins on our wedding night”. He continued “I suspected that my three inches were inadequate. When her first black man pierced her with his c**k and smothered her with his large body, she just let go with a primal release that was years in the making. When I saw her being filled and cumming all over his c**k; my feelings for her changed into total devotion to her and to this lifestyle.