“Let The Fires Burn” with Natalie Dormer

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“Let The Fires Burn” with Natalie DormerLet The Fires BurnWith Natalie DormerWritten by: DarkTemplarCodes: MF, Oraldisclaimer: The following story is completely fictional and would obviously never happen in real life. This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.”Another beautiful day on set…” Tom thought to himself, pleased with what they managed to accomplish that day, wondering what misfortune had befallen him in a previous life for him to be blessed with such an opportunity. The final day of filming for Game of Thrones’ latest season had begun to wind down, and the atmosphere on set was both one of exhaustion and somber good-byes as the actors, actresses and staff drifted about congratulating one another.His job for the show was photography, specifically the female talent for promotional and other purposes. Tom’s position wasn’t a rare one, there were at least 15 to 20 others like him working on the show, though they were all assigned different locations and crews to work with. Tom worked alongside four other photographers in the King’s Landing unit, his subjects including Lena Headey, Sophie Turner, Sibel Kilkelli and, most importantly of all, Natalie Dormer. Before showing up to work, Tom had never heard of her. When he first saw her arrive on set for filming in Season 2, he realized what a deprived, empty life he’d been leading absent her beauty.Tom shook his head, smiling as he pulled himself away from the temptation of strolling memory lane with Natalie. At any rate, he had just finished putting away his camera and shaking hands with the director when he spotted her in the flesh. She was beyond busy the entire day, shooting scene after scene and perfecting her craft. By now, the crowd around her had dispersed, and she was alone for the first time, unburdened by attendants, clear as day; Natalie Dormer was a vision of perfection, perched like some regal statue over the edge of an elaborate fountain pool. Natalie, to him, was the very definition of natural beauty and sex appeal. In his mind, and in his heart there was not a woman alive or dead whose features possessed the raw, unbridled passion of beauty, and lust of sex in every aspect of her physical form the way Natalie’s did. She oozed sex in every way that she moved, breathed, spoke..even posed as stoic as she was in this moment, she possessed the ability to drain the cum from his eager, swollen balls with just a glance. She knew it, too. An obscenely thin, silken blue dress clung to her slender figure, wrapping snug around every luscious, womanly curve that adorned her pale, waif-like frame. Her supple, 34B breasts were practically on full display thanks to the deep, plunging neckline that parted the front of her dress. Tom could see that she was wearing nothing underneath the dress, made apparent by the fact that as he studied her, her nipples had begun to poke through the material, quite alarmingly in-fact. Her tender, pink nipples had gone from a neutral, un-stimulated state to standing at full attention, like two perfectly pointed little erasers on a pencil, in less than a minute. She turned her head, that famous, devilish grin creeping from the corner of her mouth and spreading over her lips, giving her a look belonging to the naughtiest little minx to ever seduce a man.”I was wondering how long it would take for them all to clear out..” she said in a low, husky voice. One thing he would never get used to was the way a sultry English woman’s accent penetrated his soul and filled his cock to bursting. She noted the surprise in his eyes. “Did you really think I’d leave you without saying good-bye?” she said with that playful grin.Natalie hopped down from the edge of the fountain, landing gracefully – like a cat – on the marble floor with her bare, angelic feet. Tom could do nothing but eye her up and down as she approached him, her cat-like eyes filled with sex, lust and longing, locked onto his own as she strutted and swiveled those feminine hips from left to right, the material clinging to her thighs and pelvis, outlining that place between her thighs, that sweet place he loved to lose himself in for hours at a time, her unrestrained, natural tits jiggling and bouncing with every step. He couldn’t believe it, still, after all this time on-set with her, taking her pictures, her very presence still thrilled and excited him like no other. She was very living embodiment of sex.”What about your husband, isn’t he here now to bring you hom-..?.” the words barely escaped his lips as her right arm craned around the back of his neck and she pressed those soft, pouty lips to his own, her surprisingly cool hand squeezing the back of his neck playfully before moving up to grab a handful of his hair, lacing it between her fingers and pulling him closer to her. The unique taste of her kiss, her mouth, permeated over his taste buds, filling his starving senses with her essence as she moaned into the kiss, a certain desperation in the way she poured herself into him. He could tell she was emotional about leaving. Tom couldn’t help but wrap his arms around her, his hands finding her hips as he caressed them up, then down, never wanting to let her go, his curious hands moving down over the curve of her round, perky ass. She whimpered as his fingers dug into her soft cheeks through the fabric of the dress, his fingertips resting against the deep crack that split those perfect ass globes. He closed his eyes and just held her there, reveling in her scent, her taste, her touch.”I told him, filming would be stretching into overtime today, he won’t be here for another four hou–” this time, it was Natalie being cut off as Tom swiftly hoisted her up, hands underneath that luscious ass of hers as she instinctively flared those long, beautifully sculpted legs out and wrapped them around his waist. His cock strained painfully against the confines of his jeans, and he was fully aware that if anyone were to discover them in this moment, he’d certainly be fired – still, he didn’t care. All that bahis şirketleri mattered was that he indulge in this moment of longing, a wistful farewell to the woman who turned his ordinary life upside down.He spun in a circle with her in his arms, admiring her beauty with the pinkish light cast upon her at all possible angles by the setting sun. The day’s fading glow bathed her indisputable beauty in a warm light. His fingers crept ever closer to her inner thighs, and he could feel the heat radiating from her sex. His tongue responded, lashing against her own before suckling her into his own mouth. He sucked on her tongue with erotic abandon for what felt like ages, the two of them locked onto each other like they never wanted to let the other go.”Where is your trailer?” Tom anxiously pleaded. So caught up with doing a good job, and perfecting every shot, he hadn’t bothered to learn which trailer she was staying in this week. It was in this moment that he realized she should have always been his first priority, even at the risk of losing his job, as the pain of not seeing her for another six months was beginning to set in. They were like a lovesick, teenage couple desperate for just one more night together. While all of this was happening, her free hand had slipped down his front, easing right under his belt and onto the base of his stiffened cock. He could feel her perfectly pedicured nails digging into him as her fingers curled inward over his cock into his pubes. Her tongue darted in and out of his mouth as she moaned almost painfully into him. Not once did her eyes leave his. She let go, her hand that was locked in his bush now leading him by the cock down a narrow lane that stretched between several rows of trailers, the hem of her dress flowing like water over the smooth marble pathway beneath her bare feet.”Who’s there?!?” a hollow voice rang out, accompanied by the bright light of an LED torch flooding into the narrow corridor. Their hearts stopped simultaneously, he could feel it as she gasped. Natalie, ever the clever minx, pulled him close to her as she slipped quickly behind the cover of a large, indiscernible set piece, nestling into a safe spot that shielded them from any prying eyes. The light of the man’s torch shifted from left to right several times, all the while Tom’s face was pressed closed to Natalie’s neck, her hand still wrapped around his meat, stroking him slowly as they knelt together. Her scent and sweat was overtaking his senses, unable to resist latching his lips onto her neck and kissing her passionately, his hand slipping up the front of her dress and fondling her perfect tits while the key-grip gave up his search. They lingered there in the darkness for several minutes, Natalie enjoying the way Tom groped her proud, perfect tits and massaging her stiff nipples between his thumb and middle finger. She moaned and ground that plump ass against his pelvis as he crouched with her, her backside pressed tight against his front while she jerked his cock. The thin fabric of her dress barely separated them and he could feel every curve, more importantly, the perfect roundness of Natalie’s rump every time she rubbed up on him. She certainly knew what she was doing, that was part of the fun with her, she lived to tease and make him ache for her body. He was half-tempted to lift her dress up right here and take her, to treat her like an a****l and pound her burning slit right here on the darkened sidewalk. Though, he knew once they were safe in her trailer that the reward would be greater than any impulsive romp he and Natalie could hope to have.”Come on!” Natalie hissed, grabbing his cock and firmly pulling him from their hiding place, sneaking him between a number of trailers -which, judging by the sound coming from within, were clearly packed full of people celebrating – to the steps of what must have been her own.He watched as Natalie eagerly took the stairs, the smooth, wrinkled soles of her heavenly feet flashing up at him with every step. In less than a heartbeat she had the door open and crept confidently inside, turning and looking to him expectantly as she held the door open. “You know, you’ve never looked more beautiful than tonight….” he said as he crossed the threshold of her trailer and quietly shut the door, locking it behind him. Any other woman would take what he said out of context, use it against him in an accusatory fashion about why she “wasn’t always beautiful”, but not Natalie – she knew exactly what he meant in this moment. They were finally alone, the suffocating gaze of the public eye lifted off of them like a great sigh of relief. Natalie became overwhelmed with emotion, moaning and whimpering simultaneously as she threw herself into his embrace.Before she even managed to get her arms around him, his fingers had found the hem of her silk dress, lifting it up over her shoulders in one swift motion and tossing it aside. The cool night’s air washed over Natalie’s pale, naked figure and she took a moment to properly present herself to him, nervously looking down as she lifted her shoulders and pressed them inward, bringing her perfect-handful 34B tits closer together. As nervous and hesitant as he was, it went double for her – she risked her career, her family life, everything for a man she simply couldn’t resist. Tom had to take a second to admire the vision before him, he’d never seen a woman who was more pleasing to the eye than Natalie. Everything about her was perfect.Neither of them had bothered with the lights in the trailer yet, Natalie’s nude body illuminated by the pale moonlight peering through the blinds. There she was, naked as the day she was born, presented before him as if she were some humble offering and not the ultimate sexual desire of every man.”Tommy…just what am I going to do without you for these long months ahead?..” Natalie asked sincerely, pleading, before taking a step forward and placing her hands on his shoulders, her eyes full of purpose and lust as she resigned to the idea that they wouldn’t be seeing each other for months. “I ask myself the same thing. We have to count on nights like this to keep us going, make the most out of it….” and once again his palms found the soft, creamy, supple underside of her heart-shaped ass, lifting her up by her pert buttcheeks while she wrapped those legs around mobilbahis his waist like she’d done it a thousand times. In truth, she just might have. They had always managed to find some way to sneak off and enjoy each other whenever there was break in the shooting or production. He carried Natalie over to the counter/sink of her trailer and sat her gently on the edge. He and Natalie exchanged a quick glance of quiet understanding before her face broke into a devilish grin and she leaned back, resting her head against the wall as she spread those long, slender legs open and showed Tom her hungry slit. He was always taken aback by what a perfect, hungry little pussy Natalie Dormer had. So properly maintained and pampered, she was truly a woman who took pride in her sex. His grip found the edge of the counter, using it for leverage as he lowered himself to eye-level with her glistening snatch. Her own hands clasped over his and gripped them tight while he softly kissed all along her inner-thighs, such love and lust poured into every kiss for her. If there was ever a man who truly worshiped her, it was him. Making damn sure not to miss an inch of those sweet, milky white thighs with his mouth before moving on to his main course. Natalie was growing restless, and he could tell – her core vibrating along with a pink flush to her face. She needed his tongue inside of her now. Tom felt the heat on his face, practically steaming off of her drooling, English pussy along with the unmistakable cunt-musk of her feminine scent filling his nose. As he gazed upon her, breathing in her hot sex and admiring her one-of-a-kind cooch, the moonlight crept over his shoulder, and as the light hit her pussy, he could see that the surrounding area was completely soaked. She was dripping down her thighs, down the crack of her ass into her demure, regal asshole, she had been gushing and making a mess of herself since they were in front of the fountain.He couldn’t take it anymore, the throbbing of his fat cock strained against his jeans as he fumbled with his belt and trousers, practically tearing them off and kicking them to the other side of her trailer. Before he even got back to his knees, Tom slipped two fingers inside of her sopping, velvety inferno. Natalie gasped, squeezing her eyes shut and biting her lip as Tom fished around the inside of her gooey love hole. She was so ready and soaking for him that a third finger nudged it’s way inside with ease, her cunt-syrup gushed and drooled all over his palms and wrists, leaving thick streams of her clear juice dripping down his forearm. Tom hungrily lapped her excess cum from his arm.After manipulating her Hollywood twat for several minutes, he withdrew his fingers from the actress’ hungry slit, bringing that same hand down to the turgid, swollen shaft of his cock as he slathered her juice all over it, making sure to massage her hot fluid into his bulging, purple cockhead, eliciting several moans from him. His whole body shuddered as the warmth of her girl cum washed over him. He finally felt alive, and with that he buried his face between her thighs. Natalie arched and writhed on the counter-top, locking her legs around his neck so that he had nowhere to go. He had no desire to be anywhere else. This was where he belonged, face pressed tight against her sex as he sucked and licked on Natalie’s little nub and tender pussy lips. “Fuck, fuck, – yes! That’s it, just like that, baby!” she whispered feverishly, her chest rising and falling as beads of sweat trickled from her neck, down over her perfect, pale tits. He was sucking loudly on her pampered cunt, the wet sound of his lips smacking and suckling on her labia, along with the soft, wet sound of his tongue flicking in and out of her pink hole, was the loudest thing in the room. Well – that, and Natalie’s ragged, cock-starved breathing as involuntarily began grinding against Tom’s face, struggling with the urge to scream and alert the entire set to their activity. This was the best pussy licking she’d ever received and she didn’t care who knew about it. Her toes were curled tight against the back of his head, tighter than any man – including that boring husband of hers – could ever hope to make them. Knowing how much Tom worshiped and adored her soft, pale, pampered feet she began to rub them lovingly against the back of his head, maneuvering them to either side of his face as she caressed him with her ultra-smooth, wrinkled soles, the tips of her suckable toes traveled up the side of his face, to his forehead where she brushed his hair back lovingly, lost in the way he was making her feel. This only made him work harder to please and prove to her how much he loved her.He had his tongue buried all the way inside of her juicebox, his chin resting at the beginning of her demure asscrack, surrounded and soaked in her sweet, salty lady cum. That was just the way she liked it, she loved when a man just took control and fucked her highly sought-after pussy with their tongue like a filthy pervert, making her feel like the ultimate little slut as she bucked against their face and used it for her own pleasure. In these moments, she couldn’t help but think of herself as an object – a pussy lollipop for him to enjoy and indulge in like a little boy. This was no little boy, though. He masterfully thumbed her clit as he tongue-fucked her wildly, the floodgates bursting open once again as she gushed and creamed into his hungry mouth. She was losing control. Tom slipped a hand up her body, stopping to play with her tits before presenting his middle finger to her mouth, to which she immediately sucked it between those soft, pouty lips. She sucked on his finger desperately, aching and whimpering as he pressed every single button, flicked every switch that needed flicking within her. She lost control, cumming over, and over, and over again as she fought to keep herself from screaming her euphoria at the heavens above them. Tom was right there with her, moaning into their pussy as he fucked his hand with his big fat cock, gathering up more of Natalie’s hot nectar, which was dripping down over the counter-top to the floor, and re-applying it to his cock when he needed to. “Stop, stop! – please! stop…” she was breathless from the relentless orgasmic assault he had inflicted on her, drained, her body bahis siteleri convulsing, shaking and shivering. Tom held her steady by the waist, not wanting her to fall from the counter in such a beautiful moment. The moonlight captured her fully now, illuminating her pale body in an almost other-worldly, celestial glow. The sheen of sweat had spread and now covered her entire body in a horny sex-sweat. She was fighting to catch her breath, her lustful eyes never looking more hungry, yet satisfied at the same time. Wordlessly, she slipped off the counter, her entire body covered in sweat as she knelt down low to the floor in front of him, never once taking her eyes from his. Her hands caressed his thighs, fingertips dragging lightly over his smooth, muscled legs around to his firm ass. She dug her fingers into his ass and pulled him closer to her.”Don’t forget me, Tommy.” she said once again in that eternally ball-draining, hushed, husky English accent.And with those words she leaned her head forward, mouth open as she started with his balls, kissing from his left to right nut, then up his sac to the base of his shaft, paying loving, respectful kisses all the way up his strong, veined shaft. She kissed every inch of his cock, and when she reached the head, he noted her kissing it the way he’d seen her kiss her husband a hundred times before, yet there was nothing forced or fake about this one. She lovingly licked and tongued at the ridge of his head, getting under him and tonguing his under-shaft. Finally, she stopped her little tease and sucked the head of his fat, pre-cum oozing cock into her mouth with a wet ‘suck’ sound. His stomach tightened as he felt the belly of his meat glide over her million-dollar tongue as the first four inches of his tool explored her mouth without restriction. A relieved, long, low moan escaped his lips as Natalie sucked him well. She bobbed up and down on the tip, sucking and licking on only the head for a few minutes, changing her speed and pressure several times to almost-painfully slow to fast and frenzied porn-star sucking. She liked sucking him slow, though – she knew it was his favorite, and that was what she focused on the most. Every minute she would slowly move down and allow another inch of his invasive cock into her proud actress mouth, this went on for several minutes with Natalie showcasing her beyond-talented ability to please a man any way that he wanted. She was suckling and licking on him so slowly, so sensually, really taking him in her mouth the way a woman should and coaxing that cum from his swollen ballbag, which she had a firm grip on, squeezing and massaging it as she drooled and slurped his pole.Finally, the head of his meatpole struck the back of her throat and she gagged softly. Her eyes were still on his, and he could see her eyes tearing up. Tom ran his fingers through her hair, it was impossible for him to love this woman any more. Yet she found a way…all of the sudden starting to crane her neck back and forth, really fucking her pristine mouth on the tip of his meat like a sloppy whore. She was gagging and coughing on him with zero shyness as she fucked her own throat with his cock. It was amazing to watch an actress put on a show like this, she was really giving it her all. As she quacked and choked on his meat, giving her all to him for his pleasure, she got an idea: Natalie lifted her legs up behind her and placed them on the counter-top, using the leverage from her lower body to bring her backside up in the air so that she was sucking him at a deeply slanted angle, her ass wiggling in the air as her face was in his crotch, pointing down at the floor. This allowed Tom to freely spank and play with his favorite booty as she neck-fucked herself on his throbbing fuckstick.Tom had both hands on Natalie’s creamy ass, slapping and fondling those sweet cheeks just the way the naughty slut liked it, admiring how baby-smooth her rump globes were and tracing his finger up and down the length of her demure, lady crack. She was something out of a dream, and the fact that she was throating his meat in a trailer on-set for the last day of shooting, he once again found himself wondering what terrible thing happened in a past life for him to be this lucky.”…gack gack gack, slurp, gack gack gack…” was the perverted chorus echoing through the trailer, it was to the point now that neither of them cared about being quiet. Tom was speaking such filth to Natalie as she sucked his cock in the hottest position he’d ever been sucked in, and before long that all-too familiar sensation began to bubble in his balls and cock. He was spreading her ass open and admiring her dark, shadowed, puckered brown-eye when the pleasure finally overwhelmed him. He removed his hands from her ass, bringing them to the back of her head and forcing her all the way down on his meat. He could feel Natalie’s throat opening up and stretching to accommodate his final few inches as he practically m*****ed her throat, violating her in a way that she fucking loved. Her nose was pressed to his pubes for several moment she couldn’t breathe, slapping and clawing at his thighs and ass to hopefully let him know. Tom pumped for a good 30 seconds into her throat, easing up a little bit so that her nose escaped his pube-jungle and she could breath. He felt his cock twitch at least fifty times, the most powerful, explosive orgasm of his life shooting steaming ropes of his baby batter into thee Natalie Dormer’s mouth. The first dozen ropes pumped directly into her stomach, but the rest filled her mouth and spilled out over her face and beautiful tits. He also made sure to direct his arcing strings of cum all over her creamy little tush. Mrs. Dormer’s ass was like a glazed doughnut by the time he was finished milking out his load over the actress. He was out of breath and woozy when the last twitch of his cock shot his nut into her beautiful, blondish-brownish hair. Natalie was still busy gathering up his cum from between her tits and licking it off hungrily when Tom snapped back to reality. He could hear the director just outside chatting with Natalie’s husband, he was leading him to Natalie’s trailer.They both looked at each other and smiled sadly, moving in to share a final kiss before Tom crept silently through the back door, giving her one last glance before he vanished into the night. Tonight would have to be enough for them until next year, and, at least they would always have their collection of private pictures from their numerous late-night affairs when they were supposed to be “working”.– TO BE CONTINUED —