learning about myself – unbelievably crazy night!

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learning about myself – unbelievably crazy night!I was having a typcially lonely night at home last nighti had been indulging in a bit of the old happy pipe at home and i was ridiculously horny. I Found myself once again considering experimenting with my gay side, yet again to the same fantasy of a horny big cocked, dominating, older, mature man to turn me into a sissy and use me.So once again i sat energised and craving this fantasy once again… I put my feelers out and arranged to meet someone i met online on this very site. At first he didn’t believe i was real but i managed to arrange a meet with him in my city despite his concernsHe told me he was a dominant type so after many happy pipes i went to see him… i waited to our meeting place… he told me his flat over looked the meeting place and he would keep an eye out for me.i waited outside the supermarket, and looked to the flats opposite… suddenly the curtains opened from one room and a 40 year old man was completely stark naked with a great big hard erection just stroking his girth at meHe flashed me for maybe 10 seconds and shut the curtain again… he looked from far away that he was definitely the dominant typeThe man then left me waiting for maybe 5-10 min and the curtain was twitching a bit so i knew he was watching me playing heheWaiting for him csused me to become anxious, mainly as i didn’t know if he was coming down or i should head up, or if maybe he had backed outAll i could think about was how thick his cock looked from through his window… I was horny as fuck from the happy pipe which was most likely the catalyst to this experience!At that very moment he opened the curtains and explained through sign language he was gonna come down to me after gettin dressed…Next thing u know he appeared coming out of his home…I walked towards him and instantly felt super nervous not only due to his attire but also because i saw in his eyes straight away that he was not the dominant man i was after.Despite his non shy and very forward slightly forceful type manner towards me.. I could almost see the softness in his eyes and i knew straight away that his manner was purely a front, although i was yet to know whyBefore we got the to the room as i said he was slightly forward with me, i backed off nervously and he noted this and took a huge step back, which i was nothing but thankful for at the time…Not because i felt in danger but because the guy at this point seemed slightly eccentric, On reflection he seemed slightly eccentric cus he was nervous trying to act a fake persona of someone not shy or nervous, when really you could see beyond his actionsSo we sat down, began to talk and get to know each other, before i sat down i stripped down to my boxersI think one reason i was also put off early doors is because i could feel how into me he was, he absolutely adored me and wanted the sex immediately.. which wouldnt be such a problem if he knew how to take what he wanted and had a true alpha male vibe about him,..but his attempts in showing dominance so far hadn’t convinced me.We continued to talk and smoke some herb and talk. He had also by now stripped down so i could see his cock…. His cock was nice and fat and bigger then mineHe had mentioned to me about trying fethiye escort liquid ecstasy he had many times. i consistently told him its used for date **** and the dose between having a great time and not remembering anything was nigh on the same… i said no way would i try that .. he went on about it… i eventually said to him…. if u do an amount in front of me i will then do half of that amount… he ignored this at first and then i told him the same again but this time sharper toned andf very blunt and stern in my reaction…. he then chose to change tactics and a get out clause …. at the point i finished reemphasising i will do half the amount he does in front of me… he then agreed and said yeh maybe even a quater …. i said if thats the case i have no problem with doing it under those conditions…Of course the date **** ecstasy wasnt mentioned again lol…So early on through the door i said to him does he live alone, he said at this point he lives with his partner but they wiere not due back till 7am…We sat down and we conversated whilst watching his gay porn. He wasn’t in too anything remotely female, which sucks for me … (a realisation im searching for a bi experience and not a fully gay one)we fondled each others cocks lightly. As much as i like this guys age and his big dick he simply wasnt for me… his hygiene could have been better and ir had become apparent at multiple times that my intelligence was far beyond his..but for some reason (maybe swims happy horny pipe, which he was steaming through, He still felt as though he should experience this, he had wanted to for a long time… all thd variables may not be ideal but i do like his cockand at this point i hadn’t noticed what i’m about to say next, until after but I had switched the authority roles the moment I walked through the door….. suddenly it was happening with my lead … i was growing in confidence bit by bit and warming to the experience..It was so much fun to try and suck him, imaganing what i like being done to me and repeating it on me… he was overwhelemed by my blow job skills and said they are the best he had….. i got him close so many times and tasted tiny drips of his naughty man cum … but as i have no experience i didn’t know what would get him over the line of cumming…. plus i would get so excited about it being about to happen that i would lose rhytm or change the action at the wrong moment…… at least thats what i was telling him… each time he got close he would ask to fuck me, i would refrain and tell him when i get hard then u can fuck me till i cum but i want to be hard for his big thick cock ramming my tight ass … a ladyboy wanked me once whilst fucking my prostate perfectly in time and well it was the best feeling ever…. i was shaking for maybe 40 min afterwards.. couldn’t even play pool or snooker lolAnyway …. so as me being a dirty little slut is going on… im gradually smoking more happy horny pipe and getting out of control horny…. I made sure from the very moment i touched his big dick that I devoted myself to pleasing him, whilst trying to maintain my own erection … I must add at this point despite this man’s downsides he was a mildly camp, friendly, decent person.In the time I talked escort fethiye to him we got on … in fact i cant knock the guy really in terms of friendship like he treated me with respect and consideration to my experience … but although he wasn’t in his own words “bottom only” he definitely wasn’t the dominate man i thought i was getting…I had completely taken control of him and what was happening or happening next the entire time… The happy horny pipe making me rampant and i swear to god i gave his cock everything i could… i would start slow at the tip and just kiss and whimper softly was rubbing my wet lips on what i thought was his most sensitive spotthen place my full mouth round the tip and super slowly run my tongue down the his massive uretha.I was sucking him with attitude, swirling my tongue all over as i bobbed up and down hard but rhymically …. i wont lie it made me fucking horny as fuck feeling him get even bigger and start to throb… i drank up every single trickle of precum or little bits of seamen that he let drop out (he had good stamina too).He wanted to fuck me so bad but i continually just toyed with him… all different positions of sucking him showing him every last inch of my tiny sexy boyish body (despite being 25)I got so lost in his sucking his cock a lot of the time i was zoned out… i think i really teased the poor guy badbut i was getting more and more horny, i spurted my load early on like a really little sissy boy cus i was so turned on by his big cock pulsing and the taste of his cum on my tonguehe had become more nervous suddenly and i asked him if all was ok, it was arriving close to the time of his partner coming home and hes worried they might be early ..He said i dont have to leave but we needed to stop having naughty time …. but by this point i was sky high on confidence and high on his big fucking girthy cock and the taste of his naughty fluid he was drip feeding me.i managed to suck him for a bit more, i had submissed to him by the time i was giving oral cus i was so fucking horny from being a little slut and him loving everything about me.I had also found out that the partner he was with was from a Caribbean country and had a ginormous wang and his wasnt big… I saw the Mans cock ring and it was bigger then anything i can ever imagine .. it ritted round my balls and dick with space LOLBut i was kinda frustrated by this point cus i finally released my inner slut and got confident and devoted myself to daddys cock… i would have let him fuck me…. in fact i made him slide it in before i left (i think he tried to stop me maybe 4 times cus he was worried his partner was coming back and i just continually went back to teasing himone things for sure i only managed to get 3 quaters of his dick in and i hadn’t adjusted to the feeling yet.(we had no lube)… but i fucking loved it…. i wanted more… i wanted it so fucking bad but suddenly it was 6am and i was gonna be leaving without getting my daddys cum.thing is, the experience wasn’t what i really wanted, i mean by the end i was saying to him u can pull my hair, throw my head up and down so i gag, cum anywhere u want…. i was trying to make him dominant but he simply wasn’t…. i know for a fact there was one fethiye escort bayan moment where had i have been more experienced i coulda shoved it straight up his ass and he would have submissed to me….In fact at another point just when he was beginning to worry about his ex I made him suck me and was using him like the submissive bitch he really is for his massive dicked partner….he really didnt like me bossing me about the whole time i was there…. this also showed he was ungenuine cus when i was nervous and shy early on he kept wanting or talking about sucking me (clearly to try and rope me into his seedy games)he was still submissing to me till the moment i left… “im gonna go mate” “oh no dont go sttraight from sex to leaving sit down, i wanna end on friendhip””but ur telling me he’s due back””well yeah he is but just stay 5 min etc etc”In summary I learnt that I can be one confident submissive slut and with the right daddy i will learn every trick in the book and submiss to everything i dream offIn fact I left feeling I have the perfect body for gay porn and that i enjoy devoting myself to real men … i make such a good little slut that i reckon with the right training on a few things i can be a profesisonal cum drinking slutIts a shame this experience wasn’t the dom guy i hoped for, but he was an ok guy and i did really enjoying teasing the shit out of him, acting like a massive slut on his big dick and eventually leaving without him cumming…. was his own fault…. there was points i was thinking god im so horny now, i wish he would just grab me with some machoism and fuck me, i had gained confidence u know…but he jumped in to quick when he met me with the dominance and then quickly backtracked to his old submissive self once he realised he was up against an articulate 25 year old man who knows his d**gsIt was hot though, sitting there and sucking him against his will and thinking there could be a massive black man walking through the door in a second to see u using his toyGot out of there quick enough with no challenge in the end…. Oh and one last thing the guy i sucked showed his submissiveness early on, when i was showing to him and sharing with him the horny happy stuff u smoke… i actually didnt have a pipe for it and magically he did… i soon realised by iniative it was his boyfriends, and i managed to push the guy i sucked off into letting me keep this pipeanyway I left and I was super flying on horny happy… out of my brains…. i was annoyed slightly and wanted to be used for real by a real man… i went to go to a sex shop to buy myself some goods for the first time but it was so early…Finding myself frustrated, I decided i would shove that happy horny pipe straight up my bum …. pics to follow from the whole day out including picks after i walked around for 4 hours with a whole bowl inside my tight little ass.. im a little slut hehehim gonna go buy some toys soon and start to broaden my image to people…. i feel confident this is something i can handle with ease and be amazing at … i love being a sissy slut and i love the feel of getting pumped hard by big dick and screaming like a little girl cus im being used with my limits pushed by a bigger better stronger manI mean im 25, tiny, look super young, have a tight tight asshole… a straight demeanor and an absolute want to do the darkest naughtiest things and to be put in a moderate amount of pain in order to make me more of a dirty little whore…..so yeah thats it! peace