Layla Part 1 (True story)

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Layla Part 1 (True story)It was a few years back when I noticed my ‘interests’ were getting more deviant. At that time I met a girl, well, woman. She was just over 30, I was 23. Impressed by her confidence and looks I felt intimidated. Working in the same grocery store, there was no escaping this captivating creature. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a smile to die for. Her body was curvy, hips, tits and a round ass. A woman. Not like those girls I was used to.’Layla’ and I had to work late most of the week. And in our talks during those hours we grew closer. The conversations got more intimate. She was shameless. Told me about her past lovers, one night stands and masturbation. She had this amazing story about a guy she took home, but never had the intention to fuck. He was so osmaniye escort pushy she had let him jerk of over her feet, which seemingly was a hilarious situation. One morning I was preparing for work and texted if she wanted to ride along. The response I got was not what I expected. Layla texted: I’m going to be late, got out of the shower and was feeling horny. Now testing my new buttplug. Ill see you at work. Thinking it was a joke I answered her: ok, have fun! Later day in the storage room Layla walked up to me and put her finger on my lips. She asked if I wanted to taste her pussy. I just knodded and licked her finger, she put it under her skirt and then brought it back up to my mouth. She let me suck it, the taste of her juice in my mouth. Then Layla escort osmaniye just turned around and walked away leaving me flabbergasted. She knew I was like wax in her hands. A mouldable toy. But it took a few more days before she took the next step.. Layla wore a pretty colorfull dress to work. When she walked it seemed like she was dancing. A mating ritual. Sensual. I couldnt stop looking at her. Lunchbreak, we went out and stopped our bicycles at the local park. We sat down on a bench and Layla immediatly asked me a series of explicit questions. Do you like being rimmed? Idk. Have you ever fucked a girls ass? Yes. Has a girl ever fucked your ass? No. Do you want to fuck me? Yes. Do you like being pissed on? Idk. Do you want to taste me? Yes please.. She osmaniye escort bayan pulled up her skirt showing her bald puffy pussy, a glitter caugt me eye. Layla turned around and bent foreward, pulled her cheeks apart showing her perfect little asshole. Lick it! Taste me!I dived in, and for the first time tasted her ass. I was addicted. I tongued her asshole while the wetness of her pussy dripped all down her legs. Layla moved her fingers to her pierced clit and rubbed it fast, ordered my to finger her hole. No you pussy, more fingers! Her breathing got faster, and it didnt take her long to cum.. it was wet, so fucking wet. Layla kissed me, tasting her own asshole. Sucked on my tongue and told me to come over to her place after work. She was done playing. Her hands slid across my jeans, she felt my cock, hard, opened just the first button exposing the tip. Layla put her lips around it, I felt her tongue tickling my peehole. Her head came up, smiling, and she kissed me again. Just a preview she said. Back to work it is.