Late Night Call

28 Mayıs 2023 0 Yazar: admin


It was a Friday night and my husband was working late (as always), so I was home alone watching some horror movie on television. I remember it was raining outside and the thunder was very loud. So when the phone rang it frightened me. “Ring, Ring.” I jumped, and proceeded to answer. “Hello,” I answered in my sexiest voice. “Is this Sahsha?” the person asked in an even more manly, sexy voice. “Why, yes it is,” I answered while looking over at the clock, which read 11pm. “May I ask to whom am I speaking to at 11 o’clock at night?” They said nothing. “Hello are you there?” I asked. Still nothing. I was about to hang up, then I thought to myself, this can’t be no other Ümraniye Escort than my husband playing games on the phone. He must be bored at work. I continued to play along to entertain him. “You wanted Sahsha and now you got her, yet you won’t say a word, now why is that?””I just wanted to hear your voice and listen to you breathe,” he told me.”Oh really, well what if I want to hear your voice as well, can I?” I asked him with the sexiest voice I could find.”What are you wearing, Sahsha?””A t-shirt,” I lied. I had on sweat pants and a t-shirt, but what the hell go with the flow. After all it was my husband.”Is that all, no panties?” Ümraniye Escort Bayan he asked.”Nope, no panties.””So your pussy is all out and bare waiting for me to touch it, huh?”I swear at that moment my pussy began to throb, and I was ready to play! “Yeap, it’s all out in the open and I got my legs wide open. Won’t you come and taste it for me?””I got a better idea. Won’t you take your hand, wet it and taste that pussy for me?”I was so wet just by hearing his voice that I did as I was told. I wet my index finger and slid my pants down, by then my finger was dry so I wet it again, opened my legs wide and rubbed my clit, Escort Ümraniye making me moan. I forgot he was on the other end till he asked me, “Does it taste good? Can you feel my tongue go all around that clit, taking it in and out that tight wet hole?””Ohhh yes, I feel it, daddy, it feels so good. My pussy is calling you, daddy.”Ok where in hell did that come from? We don’t even talk like this in the bedroom, then again he never got me this hot and horny in the bedroom.”Can you feel my cock getting hard for you, baby?” He just didn’t know in my head I was already on that dick going up and down with my mouth. Sucking him so hard that I was pulling the cum out of him.”Oh daddy, I need that big long cock in my mouth, daddy. Let me suck on that fat head and make you cum all over my face.””You want to suck on daddy’s cock, don’t you; you want my cock in your mouth, huh? You want daddy to fuck the shit out of your mouth don’t you?””Oh yes, daddy, fuck my mouth.