Late Flowering

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Colin Blake looked at his PC and wondered if he dared fire it up. his wife was upstairs in bed and he was supposed to be making her a cup of early morning tea.

He carefully pushed the start button and listened as the fan whirred into life at twice the normal speed, to start the cooling air across the processor. It then settled down to a low hum. As it fired up Colin heard the boiler kick in for the central heating and hot water. Not bad timing he thought as he maneuvered the pointer to the Bulletin board programme he’d installed.

He entered his password and watched the list of binary newsgroups appear on the screen. He selected Mature women and doubled clicked on the name. a list of files appeared and he carefully arranged them in date order. He saw a bunch of files headed Women and their Treasures and highlighted the files, he clicked on download and switched to the applications download folder. 45 jpegs appeared showing women of all ages in a split frame dressed and naked.

He removed the ones with men in, why did they think he wanted to see another mans penis in the picture, all he wanted was the women. He especially liked older women , preferably naked and squatting to piss. He disliked tattoos and piercings and looked for any to remove. Why spoil their perfect bodies with such hideous disfigurements, he wanted plain ordinary women, like his wife, he smiled and thought of his wife agreeing to pose, even clothed, he shook his head sadly.

“Where’s my tea? you’ve been gone…” His wife Mary looked at the screen and lost her train of thought, “what the hell are those?”

Colin looked at her blushing bright red,

“Oh it’s nothing I …”

He moved the mouse pointer to close the folder, but Mary put her hand on his arm pulling gently, He could feel her warm body through her nightdress, pressing her stomach against his arm now.

“OK Mr., I knew you looked at porn, but I’ve always wondered what you were looking at”, show me?” she demanded.

Colin clicked on the first jpeg and the viewer came up to show a mature woman lying naked and legs spread, her pubis shaved clean, her breasts large and flattened hanging down.

“Wow, that’s pretty graphic, next?”

Mary flicked his ear and Colin clicked on the button. A naked women squatted with her legs open and a thick stream of piss jetting out between her lips, which she held apart. She was on a woodland path and the piss was trailing away from her towards the camera.

“That’s obscene, does that really turn you on?”

“Yes it does, but I wish it was you,” Colin said bravely.

“I bet you do you pervert, next?”

Colin clicked again, this time on the left hand side the woman was dressed for an evening out, in a low cut strapless long dress, a man and women either side of her had been digitally obscured, on the right hand side she was standing in a long aisle of a well known store, lifting her dress to show off her very hairy pussy. She was laughing and obviously enjoying the situation.

“Amazing, she’s laughing, but she could get caught any minute, some people, next?”

Colin flicked through the files until it returned to the first file. Mary either made a derisory comment or grunted as each file came up.

“So what do you do then? Wank yourself off to them? Is that it, because I won’t have sex with you?”

“Usually yes, I find the one I like best then imagine it’s you doing it, then I wank off to it.” Colin looked sheepishly at her. Noting that one of her large saggy breasts was within inches of his nose.

“Go on then get it out and do it, you seem to need the release so go on then and do it!” Mary nudged him with her belly, he reddened and shook his head.

“Go on why not, you’d do it if I wasn’t watching you, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes but that’s different, you are watching and I don’t think I can do it.”

“Even if I said I wanted to watch you do it?”

“You do? but I didn’t think you were interested in sex anymore.”

“Not the actual sex bit but seeing you wanking would be interesting, go on do it!” she nudged him again, her breasts swaying under her nightdress.

“OK, I’ll do it, on one condition, you take your nighties off and let me look at you as I do it.”

“No but I tell you what, if you wank yourself off now I’ll let you see me naked tonight, or you can watch me shower when you’re done.”

Colin’s hand moved to his dressing gown and pulling it apart his short circumcised cock came into view nestling in the mass of dark brown and grey pubic hair. He looked at the screen and moved the files through the viewer his hand now pumping his cock. He reached the mature squatting woman and stopped, his fist now wrapped tightly round his cock as as he pumped it rapidly.

Mary stared in amazement as his cock hardened his fist quickly ran up and down its short length. She looked at the picture on screen and knew he was imagining her in that position, piss streaming out and running down the path. She wondered what it was that so exited him. Intrigued poker oyna she knelt down and whispered in his ear.

“Are you imagining me doing that, all that pee pouring out and running along the ground, is it my pussy you can see, is it?”

Colin nodded and grunted, he reached for a tissue from his pocket and covered the head of his cock as the first eruption spat out. He rocked slightly feeling the spurts flying up his cock and spilling out. Mary watched and felt a guilty tingle, something she hadn’t felt for a number of years.

Colin relaxed, but held the tissue in place as his cock continued to ooze cum.

“God, that’s a load you spurted then, is it always that much?”

“No it’s because you’re here watching me, it just keeps coming out.”

“Wow all because of me, are you sure about that?”

“Yes I’m sure, that was the best wank I’ve had in ages, thank you.”

“What for? I only watched, it’s not as if you could see anything.”

“If I had I’d still be cumming.” he grinned.

“Pervert, well I’m going to shower, want to watch?” she grinned and swayed so her breasts moved under her nightdress.

“God yes,” Colin said, pulling the dressing gown together and following her out of the room.

“Really, well get cleaned up and I’ll have that cup of tea now.”

He went to kitchen to make the tea, then hurried upstairs.

Mary sat on their bed her feet flat on the bed, her knees up, if he looked carefully Colin could just see the tangle of pubic hair around her labia and anus.

“You trying to see my pussy?” she said sternly. ” This might be easier,” smiling now she opened her legs wider, spreading her knees outwards so her pussy came into view. Colin stared in fascination.

“You know we’ve been married thirty five years this year, and you still try to see my pussy anytime you can, fascinating, why do you bother?”

“Because it’s your pussy and I love looking at it, I like licking it better, sucking it more than that and sticking my tongue in you best, satisfied?”

“Yuk, it’s smelly and horrible, I hated it when you went down on me then tried to kiss me, I do not want to taste my pussy, anymore than I enjoy sucking on your cock.”

“I know, you tell me that every time sex get’s mentioned.”

“Well it’s over now so I don’t have to bother.”

“Well that’s dandy for you then, I still want and need a physical relationship.”

“Go to a prostitute then.”

“I don’t want to go to a pro, I want to have sex with you, why can’t you see that.”

“Oh I do, it’s just I don’t want to have sex with you, or anybody else for that matter. After my hysterectomy I just simply don’t get any feeling like that at all.”

“Yeah, you tell me that too.”

“Poor Colin, no sex for you, ahh such a shame, got to look at porn and wank himself off.”

Mary dropped her legs down on to the bed, but left then open. Her nightdress was scrunched up over her belly so Colin could still see the dark black triangle of tangled hair.

“Oh for God’s sake, why don’t you just get between my legs and get a good look!” Mary exploded, then laughed, ” You really are fascinated aren’t you, you look so hurt, here,” she pulled her nightdress off and shuffled forward on the bed, lying down she opened her legs wider by pulling her knees towards her with hands.

Colin leaned down and put his face as close to her hairy pussy as he thought she’d allow, he sniffed and felt the dizzying smell of her warm pussy as her juices evaporated in the air. He looked at the tangle of hair over her sex lips, the slight gap between them, from where the delicious scent came from. Tentatively he extended his tongue until it just touched a few of the hairs. Mary jiggled and he looked up along her body to see her breasts rolling like two pink waterbeds hanging from her chest. His dick sandwiched between his body and the sheets began to stiffen. He grunted and tried to adjust himself.

Mary looked down and smiled, she slipped her hands down from her knees up the insides of her thighs and reached for her sex, gently she pried open her outer lips and revealed the pink inner butterfly and opening. Colin could she her clit, the peehole and her vagina, a little liquid over it made it glisten slightly. He almost came on the spot.

“Is this what you want Colin? do you want to touch me here, lick me, push your cock in the hole, do you want to fuck me?”

Colin was confused, she had never ever been this explicit in their relationship, rather she had been reticent, shy and quiet. He looked up at her and saw her smiling down at him. He saw how her pubic hair ran up towards her navel in a thick black tightly curled triangular forest. He nodded and reached for his dick to try to move it into a more comfortable position.

Mary continued to smile as she relaxed her fingers, allowing the lips to close off his view of heaven.

“Shower time, coming?” she raise an eyebrow and swung her legs over him and off the bed, for a brief second her had stared at canlı poker oyna her large arsecheeks, he groaned in sheer frustration, but rolled over to follow. As he entered the bathroom she sat on the toilet and opened her legs, rising slightly so he was able to kneel down in front of her and view up close the stream of piss that erupted from her pussy. His dick ached and he gave it a tug.

“Oh, so you’re ready to wank again, is my pissing turning you on that much, you perve?” Mary said and abruptly stood, the last of her piss pouring out and dropping on Colin’s forehead, she wiggled over his upturned face and then squatted so her pussy rubbed his forehead, she wriggled on him for a few seconds then stood properly. she rounded him and stepped in the shower. Waiting for the water to reach the right temperature she moved her hands over the vast array of plastic bottles at the end of the bath, Colin watched her arse sway and caught a few glimpses of her little star and the brown skin around it, the few hairs long and stuck to her skin. He began to pump his cock slowly, this time savouring the view, he moved slightly to catch a side on view. Her large breasts hung down swaying with her movements, her belly hung down too. He tightened his grip and pumped harder. She turned with some shampoo and body wash.

“Were you looking at my arse, and my tits hanging down, perver?” she giggled and rolled her chest to make them sway and roll over her belly.

Colin nodded and stared at her body, he pumped harder and felt the on rush of his climax, he looked around and thought of aiming at the sink until Mary’s voice offered a solution.

“try to get it over me, does it still comes out in spurts or is it just a dribble now?” she taunted, kneeling down by the edge and dangling her breasts over the side. Colin knelt forward and pumped until with a grunt a series of spurts erupted from his cock, the cum flying across the gap to hit Mary’s breasts, she giggled and sat back under the shower, washing the sticky clumps off with her bath gel. Colin sat back and reached for some toilet tissue to catch the last remaining drops of cum as they oozed out of his cockhead.

Mary stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel from the towel rail. “You’re turn,” she said and disappeared back into the bedroom.

Colin showered and wandered back into the bedroom. Mary was still naked a leg up on the bed, rubbing some cream into it. She lowered her leg and picked the pot up.

“Be an angel and rub some of this on my back please?” she asked pointing to a small pot on the bed.

She continued to rub the cream in, moving higher up her body. Colin dipped two fingers into the cold pink cream and turned to stand behind her. He plopped dobs of the lotion on her back and using both hands began to rub it into her skin. Working from her shoulders to the top of her backside, waiting to be told to stop. When no check came he began to run his hands over her full saggy arse and gently pulled her cheeks apart. She began to wiggle in his hands, so tentatively he explored her, feeling down and in towards her anus.

Suddenly her hands circled his and lifted them off her. taking them upwards she folded them over her breasts, which he eagerly massaged, feeling the nipples stiffen and pucker under his touch. She began to grind her backside against his cock, which miraculously began to stiffen again running up between her cheeks to her lower back. He felt her heat on his groin, she swayed and managed to cross her legs, trapping her labia and clit as she squeezed her thighs she rolled around his groin, holding his hands to her breasts, straightening she pushed hard against him, and he could feel the pulses of her climax through her skin. She pulled his hands tighter against her breasts and pushed her arse against him, he felt her explode as she ground into him.

“Mmmmmm, that was nice, maybe there’s life in this old dog yet. I really needed that, thank you.” she squeezed his hands, then lifted them away from her breasts.

Colin was in a frenzy, he grasped his cock in his lotion soaked hand and pumped vigorously until spurts of cum announced his climax yet again. Mary jumped as the sperm landed on her lower back and arse. Grinning she turned round and faced her husband.

“That’s three this morning, are you always this randy?”

“Fuck, you did it, you’re fucking unbelievably sexy, I can’t get enough of you, I want you so much.”

Colin stood with his drooping prick oozing cum in front of Mary, beads of sweat rolling down from his hairline.

“why thank you for that, now can you get a towel please and clean me up?”

Colin disappeared and came back with a towel over his arm and a wad of toilet paper draped over his dangling cock.

Mary turned and presented her rear to him, he carefully wiped his cum off her and stared at her, legs slightly apart, bent forward, her brown puckered anus and the small number of long hairs and just past that the bulge of her hairy pussy. Uncannily he felt his prick stirring again. Rapidly he dropped the towel over his arm and allowed it to hang down and hide his prick.

“Ok all done, all clean again, shall I put this in for wash?”

Mary turned as he indicated the towel with a nod. She stepped forward and pulled it from him, he tried to turn, but not before she caught a glimpse of his semi hard cock.

“You’re stiffening up again already, what was it?” suddenly the penny dropped,”Was it my arse; did my arse get you going again, bloody hell Colin, you randy sod, is there anything about me that doesn’t give you a hard-on?”

He grinned and blushed, “I hate you having shit, I can’t stand that, it’s gross, I hate going myself, so someone else is just sick making for me.”

“Well thank God there’s one place I can safely know you won’t barge in on me. Yes I’ve been aware of your piss fixation for years, in the end it was easier just to leave the door open, so you didn’t need any excuse to look.”

She grinned and moved round to see his hidden cock. As she looked, Colin felt it stir again and as they stood there looking down it lengthened and stiffened.

“Is it big or average?”

“Probably average, I don’t know, why?”

“I just wondered, it looks like it’s going to explode, do you need to wank again?”

“No give it a minute or two and it’ll go down, I just need to calm down a bit.”

“Well I’ll get dressed maybe that will help.”

“Yeah, good idea, I’ll dress too.”

They busied themselves dressing then tidied the bedroom and Colin placed the towel back on the holder in the bathroom. They headed downstairs, Colin going back up to retrieve the empty tea cup and water glass.

They had a small breakfast and cleared away. Colin prepared to go to the small front bedroom they had converted to an office to start work. Mary grabbed her coat and said she would be back about six. Colin told her he was doing fish pie, she nodded and smacked her lips, they kissed lightly, lip to lip then she was gone. Colin went upstairs and fired up the pc, logged on and checked his in-box. There were several new orders, a query and some invoices he needed to pay. He settled in for a long day.

At four thirty he left the office and went down to start the meal, by five thirty he had the plates warming and the vegetables cooking and the pie nearly ready, the potato crust browning nicely. Six came and went at nearly six forty five Mary appeared, flushed and tired. Colin poured her a glass of wine and served the meal. They ate in near silence until the meal was finished.

“Sorry I was much later than expected, something came up and I had to get it off before I got home. Sorry, the meal was delicious by the way, perfect.”

“It’s ok, pretty much average stuff, but ok it cooked up pretty well, sorry if the veg was a bit cold, I tried to keep it as warm as possible.”

“Colin it was fine, trust me, I loved it.”

Mary sat back in her chair as Colin cleared the table, returning he put a small dessert dish down in from of her, fresh fruit and a dash of white wine. he placed a bowl of Creme Fraishe on the table as he went to get his bowl.

“Wow thanks, mmm lovely.” She scooped a spoonful of the Creme Fraishe onto her fruit and dug her spoon in.

They finished and Colin cleared away.

“Have you got a lot to do tonight?” He asked as he neatly stacked everything in the dishwasher, getting no reply he turned round and walked into the lounge to see Mary sitting naked on her chair, facing him.

“Bloody hell!”

“Like what you see?” she slid her arms over her belly and breasts, her nipples dimpling and firming. Opening her legs he saw her pussy was bare.

“This why I’m late, I organised it at lunchtime, Val met me and came to hold my hand, well does it turn you on?” She looked enquiringly at his crotch.

Colin undid his fly and flipped his short hard prick out, smiling at her.

Mary laughed and licked her lips, “play with it, make yourself cum on my body, show me how much I excite you.”

Mary spread her legs wider and leaned forward so her breasts fell over her belly and between her thighs. Colin undid his belt and removed his trousers and pants, his hand wanking his cock all the time. He moved towards her and began to pump in earnest, looking at her as she sat back up and rolled her breasts over her belly, sliding in the chair she widened her legs by drawing her knees back towards her, Colin saw her pussy lips had pulled back and her entrance and tiny clit were visible. It was too much and his cum arced out and splattered her belly, sliding down over her Mons, her finger dipped into it and dragging it over her clit and into her entrance, she plunged her fingers into herself as her thumb pressed against her clit. She screamed as her orgasm exploded through her body.

Colin slid to the floor, looking up to see Mary’s pussy inches from his face, he moved forward and kissed and licked her opening, grazing her clit and sending her over the edge into another orgasm. Her hips pumped her pussy into his face and he eagerly licked, sucked and kissed her beautiful bare sex. Shuddering into another climax Mary slid back, her face contorted in pleasure.