Lane’s First

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The air whipped past our faces as I drove sixty down Havensmill Rd. toward my friend Hallie’s house. With me was my best friend Kail, who had just gone with me to a church dinner. Kail was an awesome guy. He was about 6’2 and had an amazing wrestler’s body that wasn’t too bulky but very toned. He also had piercing blue eyes and a smile that melted all your cares away, which matched his amazingly kind personality and gentle heart. I loved the guy liked a brother because we had been close friends since the sixth grade, so when I asked him to go to this church thing with me, of coarse he said he would. Neither of us were fans of church outings but it was free food at P.F. Changs and dessert at the Cheesecake Factory. So I put on my “I’m Straight!” personality and he acted like he was a virgin and that he and his girlfriend didn’t have sex before I picked him up.

I passed the intersection of Havensmill and Grant Rd. and began to slow down now. A massive white house with a long, paved driveway dotted with lampposts came quickly into view in the twilight of the setting sun. There were also about fifty cars too. I eased onto the clutch and the break as I descended the hill and at the bottom I turned into her driveway, parking next to a massive yellow Hummer that belonged to my friend Steve, a very funny guy. Almost immediately I heard the loud sounds of splashing and laughter from behind the house. Kail and I got out and made our way through the back gate to the swimming pool where all my friends were.

The greeting Kail and I received was so loud that you would’ve that we were celebrities. In that, I guess you could say we were. Kail was Prom King and voted Hottest Guy in our class. I was voted Most Social and was President of the Student Council. So, yeah, we were pretty well known.

“Why hello there, handsome?” I turned to see Hallie walking towards me. Hallie was a beautifully tan girl who was about 5’9 and very lean and you always had a great time when you were with her. She came up and gave me a hug.

“How are you, hun?”

“I’m just fantastic, thanks for asking! And Kail, how are you sweetie?”

“I’m good.” He also had a deep and very masculine voice.

“Good, good. Are you two going to swim?”

“I dunno, I brought my swim trunks but I don’t think Kail brought his?”

“I didn’t but its alright, I don’t really want to swim.”

“You can borrow some of Clay’s if you want?” Hallie offered. Clay was her little brother, but he was just about as tall and big as Kail was.

“Alright.” He said. She took his hand and followed her into the house.

“Lane!” I heard my friend Mal call from the pool. She was next to my friends Paul and Steve. She was jumping up and down in the water motioning me over.

“Hey! How are you, Mallory?”

“I’m just peachy, how are you Lane?”

“I’m peachy myself.”

“Are you getting in?” It was Paul, a very lean and tan soccer player I had become good friends with my junior year.

“I think so. Hallie took Kail into the house to get him some swim trunks so I think I’m gonna get mine on and get in.”

“Cool. Well, go change! It feels great in here!”

“Yeah, dog, it’s awesome!”

“What’s up Steve?”

“Nothin’ much, bro, just chilling here man.”

“Nice. Well, I’m gonna change.”

“Ight. See you in a minute!”

I left them just as Kail returned with his borrowed swim trunks on.

“You getting in?”

“Yeah. I’m gonna go out to the car and change. I will be back in a sec.”

I don’t have the best body. I mean I lift weights and do abdominal workouts all the time but I have a slight bump to my stomach. Nothing too bad. But I’m like a girl when it comes to my body. I want my body to look like one of those Abercrombie and Fitch models. But, I won’t. So, anyway, every time I go swimming, I get a little self-conscious about my body. It really isn’t that bad. I have muscular arms and a firm chest and muscular legs but I dwell on my small belly. And the cheesecake I ate doesn’t help my thoughts. But, its whatever. I take off poker oyna my shirt and trade my khaki shorts for my swim trunk and head back for the pool.

The water felt amazing. It had to be at least 80 degrees and the water felt very clean as it moved past my body. There had to be at least fifty people in the pool. I quickly swam my way over to Mallory, Paul and Steve.

“Lane! When did you get here?” Behind me came a voice most people found annoying, but as much as I acted like I did, I loved. It belonged to a guy named Kody. He was a blond haired guy I lifted with after school with Paul. He was about 6’0 and had a beautiful soccer body that I wanted to do very bad things with. His skin was pulled tight against his shoulder, chest, and abdomen; the muscles were popping and very firm. He also had deep brown eyes and freckles across the bridge of his nose and a quirky smile that I liked. However, most people found him annoying because he said very stupid and insulting things all the time just to try and piss them off. He was also a Class A dueshbag. But he had ADHD and I knew he was really just a very hurt human being. Moving on.

“I got here a little bit ago, bud.”

“Why were you so late? The party started like three hours ago!” he also tends to be very loud when he talks. God, he was cute though.

“I had a church thing.”

“Oh, well, you staying for the bonfire afterward?”

“I don’t know. I’m Kail’s ride and I don’t know how long he wants to stay.”

“Then just take him home and come back.”

“Maybe, we’ll see.”

So the time passed. We all hung out in the pool and I made my rounds saying hi to everybody. Around 10:00, Kail got out of the pool and asked if we could leave. I got out and dried off.

“Lane! Are you leaving?” Hallie said.

“Yeah. Kail needs to get home.”

“Well, are you coming back for the bonfire?”


“Do it, please!”

“Alright. I’ll be back!”

And we left. Kail and I talked a bit while listening to Five for Fighting on my iPod before I finally got him. I headed back to Hallie’s. My phone went off then. I saw it was a text from Kody.

Kody: Are you coming back over?

Me: Yea. Be there in bout 10 minutes.

Weird. Oh, well, I changed the song on my iPod to Lady Gaga; I wasn’t a huge fan of Five for Fighting anymore.

By the time I got back my swim trunk had already began to make me itch so I slipped out of them and threw on my khaki shorts again. Since I swam in my underwear to keep from chaffing, I was now commando. Awesome. I got out and I could see the faint glow of orange toward the back of the yard and I could hear Steve’s laugh.

I was greeted once more by my friends, a lot less now that most of the others left. I was also really thirsty.

“Hey Hallie, where are the drinks?”

“Uh, Mallory, I think your sitting on them?”

“Oh, I am!” She hopped up. Mallory was a ball of energy.

“Get me a Coke!” She threw me one.

“Oh, Lane, we were just talking about that sleepover we’re having!” Hallie said.

“What sleepover?” Kody perked up.

“Lane, Mallory, and I are having am underwear only sleepover!”

“Well, I wanna come!”

“You can’t! You’re a boy!”

“So is Lane!”

“He’s gay! The only way I’m going to let you come is if you kiss him!” She started laughing then, and I did too. The sleepover was a joke, and we both knew it.

“Alright. I’ll kiss him.”

“Really?!” Hallie exclaimed. Everybody was laughing now.

“No, you won’t Kody.” I said casually, although I wouldn’t mind it.

“You wanna bet? How long do I have to kiss him?” Hallie was laughing and egging this on.

“Five seconds! Passionately with tongue!” She lost it. Everyone did.

“No tongue!” I said. “I don’t think he can handle it.”

“Alright, five seconds, tongue.” Kody agreed and got up.

“Kody, it’s a joke. This party isn’t going to happen!” I laughed. I popped open my Coke.

“I don’t care. I’m doing it.” He got up and came over next to me. No, he wouldn’t.

“Do canlı poker oyna it! Do it! Do it!” Paul started chanting. Paul knew I kinda liked Kody too. Of coarse he wanted Kody to do it.

“Fine. Take my Coke, Steve.” I was going to call Kody on his bluff. I turned to Kody. “On three. One, two, three.”

I moved in and we kissed. One. Two. Three. He pulled back and lunged at Steve, who was recording it. I grabbed my Coke and chugged. That was awful.

“Kody, you still need two more seconds.”

“No. I’m done!” I spewed after downing my Coke.

“No! I’m doing this!” he said and turned me around. “Go.”

We kissed again. This time it was different. One. Two. My mouth started to open more. Three. Was that his tongue? Was he enjoying this? Four. I stopped it. I turned away and wiped my mouth. I realized everybody was howling. Kody stood there for a minute before he started yelling playfully at them to knock it off. I sat down on a rock at the edge of the fire pit. What the hell had just happened to me?

The party soon came to an end but my thoughts continued to race over the kiss. What the hell happened? Everybody else was saying their good byes and making their way to their cars. I said bye to Hallie, Paul, Steve, and Mal. Kody was nowhere to be seen at the moment and I thought that was for the best. I walked in the dark to my car and as I pulled my keys out of my pocket to unlock it, I felt someone grab my arm. I nearly jumped.

“Jesus, Kody!”

“Woah! Sorry! Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s alright.” My heart was pounding.

“So what are you doing tonight?”

“I was gonna go home, why?”

“You wanna come over?” What? He wants me to come over. Its like 1:00 in the morning. I should say no.

“Sure. Who all is coming?”

“Well, I asked Paul but he’s got to be up early and Steve said he wanted to go home.” A lie. Paul wasn’t getting up early because he wouldn’t have been out this late. And Steve never sleeps, but I went with it.

“Alright. When do you want me to come over?”

“You can come over now if you want?”

“Alright. Sounds good.” Why did I just agree to this?

He got in his car and I followed him to his house. I had been there before and he also had a pool, though it wasn’t as nice as Hallie’s. He also had a hot tub. I got out and followed him into the house.

“You hungry?”

“Not really.”

“Me either.” It was dark when we got in the house. We came in his living but he went straight down the steps to the basement. I followed and he sat down on the futon that was his bed. I sat next him but not close enough to make it awkward. We sat there for a while in complete silence before I said something.

“So, tonight was fun.”

“Lane look at me.” This was different. This wasn’t the Kody that was loud and obnoxious, this was something different. I looked at him.

“Yeah.” I took a big gulp of nothing in my throat. He was looking at me funny. And then he started to lean toward me. What was he doing? He leaned closer and I didn’t move. And then.

His lips met mine. A gentle meeting. I closed my eyes and felt as he pushed his mouth harder against mine. I pulled back and kissed him back. Harder than he kissed me. We began to kiss more and more. I moved my left hand to cup his face and my right to his shirt, which I used to pull him closer. Damn, his muscles were firm. He moved so that I leaned slightly back and was overpowering me, still kissing me. He was good too. His tongue began to make its way into my mouth and I was in submission. I kissed him harder and harder. I could feel his body heat from underneath his shirt and how his muscles contracted as he moved. I started to slide myself lower so that my head was resting on the flat of the futon and my body completely under his, feeling him move. He pulled away from my mouth and began to kiss my cheek and then my jaw line before he kissed behind my ear. An electric pulse sent slight shock waves throughout my body. Not painful, but extremely erotic. My middle was burning hard and my internet casino penis was stiff and pulsing. I could feel him against me, his shaft pulsing through his shorts against my leg. He moved back to kissing my mouth as I put my hands under his t-shirt and began to lift the fabric, feeling his tight back muscles along the way. God, he felt so amazing. I wanted him so bad to fuck me. He pulled back his lips so I could remove his shirt and he did the same to me. I felt his naked torso on mine and I put my hand to his abdomen to feel the ripples of his hard body under his soft skin. I moved my hands around to grab his ass that held firm but still a little soft. I felt his penis throb through his shorts over mine.

I was breathing heavy now and I wanted to get him out of his shorts very badly now. I undid the string with my hands and began to pull the elastic down, feeling the thin fabric of his compression shorts underneath. He helped me and pulled his shorts down to where he could kick them off on to the floor. He kissed me more passionately now and I felt his fingers toying with my belt. My dick was so hard and he could feel it. He undid my belt finally and undid my shorts. I forgot I didn’t have any underwear on. My penis popped out as he slid them of and I was naked underneath him. He ran his fingers delicately over it as he kissed my neck. Then he thrust his hips against me and began to rub his covered penis over my uncovered one and I moaned in sheer pleasure.

“Fuck me.” I whispered in his ear. “I want you to fuck me.”

He continued to grind me and I was so close, I could feel it.

“Slow down. Slow down. I don’t want to cum yet.”

“Alright, help me get these off.” I took the elastic of his compression shorts under my fingers and began to slide them off. His skin was so pale and soft. I wanted them off his body. Began to see the shaven pubic hairs and the top outline of his shaft. I pulled farther; the length of his cock was impressive. Not what I expected. Not too big but definitely big enough. I pushed the shorts to his knees and he took them down all the way. He began to move over me again when I pushed him back.

“Not yet. Its my turn.” I moved over him and his beautiful cock that curved slightly upward and was so thick. I loved that. I kissed his thigh and his shaven groin and then I put mouth at the tip of his penis and let the thick and veined mass slide past my teeth to the back of my throat. I began to suck and tug with my mouth and he let a moan.

“Oh, yeah!” He was almost breathless. I wet his cock with my saliva and kept going. His shaft pulsed in my mouth and I loved the way it felt on the back of my throat. Then I felt his penis tighten. He was getting close. I pulled back. Not yet.

“Now, I want you to fuck me.” I lay back on my back and picked up my clothes. I wanted to see his face while he did it. He sat up on his knees and stared at me. I knew he had never done this before. “Fuck me.” I wrapped my legs around him and moved so that his dick could easily penetrate me. He moved it and placed the tip of his penis at my entrance and gently pushed. I heard him moan as he did and push farther in. “Deeper, Kody, Deeper!” I wanted him to hit my-

“Dear God! Right there!” He hit it. I felt his head against my prostate. He began to move and thrust gently, slowly against it. He moved his hips right against my ass and I could feel his every movement. Harder. I felt my dick pulsing and looked to see it was almost purple. I wanted him to make me cum. He pushed in harder. I was so close. I looked at him and he had his mouth open and his eyes closed. He pushed more and I let out a moan and tilted my head! Then I felt myself release the biggest load of semen on my chest and belly that I had ever ejaculated. A second later I felt his penis twitch and he did the same in me, exploding in my ass. We held there for a moment before I pulled his face down and kissed him.

“That was amazing!” I told him with little breath.

“You’re telling me!” He was struggling to breath too. He pulled out and let my legs fall so that he could lie on top of me. I loved the way his body felt on mine. God, he fucking beautiful.

“You wanna take a shower?”

“Yeah.” I hopped up and reached out my hand. He took it and I pulled him after me to the bathroom.