Kevin Has a Gay Old Time

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Kevin’s mom yelled at the top of her lungs.


Kevin yelled back. Kevin was 20 years old, just out of high school, and very lazy. And moreover so, it was a warm, hot, sunny day, and like all young energetic young men, he had decided to take the whole summer off, just lazing around, doing nothing, nothing at all. Now, of course, he would have to get a job sometime, but one summer couldn’t possibly make a difference, he thought, and so, he let himself relax for sometime. Kevin was not really athletic, or strikingly handsome, as you might tend to believe ; he was of just about average height for his age, a little overweight, a little hairy, but overall a very inquisitive, quiet young man. He had never been a go-getter ; he was a little submissive, and hence preferred to stay in the background. Now, our Kevin was by no means a dull young man – on the contrary, he had devised a lot of different gadgets to help him, well, satisfy his bodily urges. For, you see, our Kevin was a virgin – at 20. And he probably would have remained so for a long time to come, if it hadn’t been for the unusual events that took place this summer. Among Kevin’s “gadgets” was a contraception improvised out of an old sock, a broken flashlight, and an old broken hair dryer. Further details would probably be amusing, but rather unnecessary towards the subject under consideration. Perhaps I would come back to Kevin’s earlier solitary masturbative exploits when I’m all out of ideas and I want to write another sequel. But more on that later.

So, then, coming back to the present, Kevin’s mom was calling him to the kitchen.

“Yes, mom?”

“Well, grandpa just called, and it seems that Aunt Lucy has had an accident, and I have to go over there immediately.”

“What? No, mom, I don’t want to spend the entire summer among a bunch of old people! What about my friends?”

“What friends?”

Kevin made his “mom you’re mean” face.

“Fine, you don’t have go if you don’t want to. But what will you do for two weeks?”

“Two weeks!!! Well, I could …”

“Get a job?”, mom interrupted.

“Um, no, because this is my ‘me’ time. Maybe I could go on a cross country tour or something …”

“And pay for it yourself?”

“Or maybe not, you know, just a suggestion …” Kevin smiled meekly.

“How about you go over to Uncle Jimmy’s? He does live at the beach, and he lives alone too. You know you don’t like company. That would be the perfect place for you.”

“But Uncle Jimmy’s a weirdo!”, Kevin made his “mom you’re gonna get me killed” face.

“Yes, and so are you. You’ll be perfect for each other. And besides, do you have a better idea?”

“Well, …”

“And, he lives at the beach too, so …”

“Mom, for the last time, that is NOT a beach. It’s a small lake, and more like a river bank.”

“So, are you going or not?”

“Well, I guess; it IS better than some dozen-odd people blabbering away about things they can’t seem to remember …”

“Ok, it’s settled then. our leave tomorrow.”


So, Kevin was on the plane to his Uncle Jimmy’s. Jimmy’s full name was James Sebastian Taylor, and he had been a sailor all his life, until now. He had sailed on tonnes of cargo ships, in his career of over forty years. He had been sailing since he was 17, so, not surprisingly, he had no family, no friends, and no possibly acquaintances that could bear his temper. For, he had been a very unpredictable, temperamental seaman from the very first day. And, as time passed, he only grew worse. He drank a lot, cursed like anything, and used to get into fist fights for anything and everything under the sun. The last was hardly a problem for him, and almost never posed any real threat to him at all, as he was a very well built man, primarily due to his exposure to manual labor from an early age. He as a large, hairy man, with big, rounded shoulders, thick, strong arms and a very able upper torso. But, that was a long time ago.

Now, the “captain” – as he used to be called, not because of any professional courtesy, but in jest, as he wasn’t that well liked by his neighbors, which themselves were hard to find because of the very remote location of his residence – now 58 years of age, had grown a little fat over the years, due to his very sedentary lifestyle. He was still very largely built, and had the same big, rounded shoulders. But now, he had grown a little pot-bellied, and he was very hairy. And, he had sobered down a lot too – he still drank, but his temper was now mostly controlled.

Jim came to pick me up at the airport. The drive was almost 2 hours, and he said nothing. Of course, we chit chatted a little, poker oyna but nothing that lasted for more than a minute.

Jim’s “cabin”, as he liked to call it, was near a small lake. The place was pretty much deserted, and there was nobody around for miles. It was a small dwelling, but had everything we needed, and plenty of it, too.

He showed me to “my” room, where I was to stay for the week. It had a medium sized bed in the middle, and that was pretty much it. He showed me the bathroom – the lock was broken – but, as he explained, since he the was the only one for miles, it hadn’t matter that much to him. He suggested that I whistled whenever I had to attend to any bodily functions.

I had arrived in the morning, and we were now having dinner. By now he had warmed up to me a little, his only nephew to ever visit him. I was, of course, very submissive, and if I were to be any more submissive, he would be taking me from behind – in other words, I had listened to everything that he had to say with the utmost attention, and had obeyed his each and every single command, and had followed him like a puppy wherever he led me. So, of course the bastard was liking me more now.

We had dinner, and I told him about my plans for the summer, and surprisingly, he seemed to agree with me, in that he was of the opinion that life was to be lived, and that he wished that he should have lived more, and worked less.

After dinner, we retired to our rooms. I couldn’t sleep, the reason in part being the thrill of being in a new place, but mostly because it was hardly 9, and the old man had already declared bedtime. Of course, I couldn’t resist, but I couldn’t doze off either. So, I laid in my new bed, which was remarkably soft and fluffy, and then decided to get a drink, and possibly a “drink” drink, if I was lucky, from the refrigerator. I tip-toed into the hall, not turning the light on, lest I woke up the beast, when I saw a light in the bathroom. Thinking he was up, maybe I could go and watch TV in the living room, I strolled over to the bathroom door to ask his permission. But what I saw caught my attention more that any late night TV show ever could.

There he was, “Captain” Jimmy, with his pants down, staring at what I thought was playboy, and stroking himself. In his hand was his massive, thick cock. It was quite long too – long and thick – and he was wanking himself off like nobody’s business. ‘really, that thing must have gotton him a LOT of action’, I thought to myself. But still, I couldn’t take my eyes off at the scene that was before me. I was excited, and I mean REALLY excited, and, what turned this event into something even more interesting was the fact that I was now had. And not just something flimsy, I was ROCK hard. Amazed, I stared at him while he rubbed himself. Finally, after a couple of minutes, he shuddered, and came. He must have cum really hard, for he spurted out a lot of juice. I watched as the hard monster went limp, and then took a last look at the hairy little masturbating uncle of mine, and then stole back to my room.

I laid down on my bed, but I couldn’t go to sleep. I was more turned on then I had ever been before.

Next morning, I was taking a shower, when he burst through the door. Apparently, he wanted to pee. I pretended that i didn’t even notice him, and kept on soaping myself. But notice him I did, and I saw him looking at my cock. Suddenly, I felt myself get self consciousness, and because I was still horny from last night, I started getting hard. I don’t know if he saw that or not, but he zipped down, took out his member, and started to do his business. So, for a minute, I was looking at his thing and he was looking at mine. Sweet. Then he zipped up, and went out. By now I was really hard, but i couldn’t wank off, lest he may come back and witness my little show.

Later that evening, we had dinner, talked about irrelevant stuff – mostly his stories of the sea – and then retired to bed, at 9. I went to my room, and laid down on the bed, on my side. I only wear boxers to bed.I was extremely horny, and I was planning how to get some release tomorrow, when I heard the door of my room creak, and hen I saw a streak of light. Jim was in my room. I pretended to be asleep.

I held my breath, and waited as he approached the bed, and then felt him slowly pull down my boxers, and then took them off completely, and threw them on the floor. I was surprised for a moment, and then I realized what was about happen. Suddenly I got a strange, exciting, thrilling, completely amazing rush in my chest, and I got a hard one. Nd suddenly, I was more turned on than I had ever been in my whole life. And, did I mention I was so hard it was aching?

I was gay.

Slowly canlı poker oyna I felt him lay down on the bed beside me. I was on my side, and he was spooning me from behind. I felt his cock poke me on my butt, and realized he was naked too. And, he was hard, and evidently oozing precum.

He knew I was awake.

I felt his hairy chest on my back, as spooned me closely, and I felt his hand on the side of my back. he gently slid his hand to my belly, and slowly caressed me. As he rubbed my belly, I felt his warm, wet breath on my neck, and felt his week old stubble, and then his warm, wet tongue. He licked my neck, as glided his hand across my belly, and he put his other arm under me, so that both of his arms were around me now, and he grab on to me quite firmly.

He slowly glided his hands from my belly to my man breasts. Yes, I have sagging, big man breasts. And I get turned on if somebody plays with them. Can we stop the snickering please?

So, he caressed and cupped my man boobies, and then I felt hand go down to my belly, and then to my dick. He slowly took it in his hand, and gently rubbed me. I was going wild!

As I was extremely turned on by now, I started to push against his hand, and gently humped his fist. But he let go – evidently he didn’t want me to cum yet. I felt his hand going to my lower back, and then behind me.

I felt him separate my butt cheeks. He pressed against my ass, and I took a deep breath, and tried to relax. He slowly inserted his finger in me until he was all the way in. He slowly fucked me with his finger a couple of times, and then inserted a second finger. He fucked me with his fingers for a couple of minutes to make sure I was a little loose.

He took his fingers out, and I felt the head of his cock at the entrance to my ass. His head was wet – precum. He slowly pushed his cock a little in, and I now realized how big he really was. He pushed in a little more, and I felt like I was being split in half. And, he wasn’t even using any lubrication – but he WAS taking it VERY slow. Slowly, inch by inch I felt him enter me, until he was all in, and i felt his pubic hair on my butt.

He was now inside me completely. He just remained motionless for a while, allowing me to get accustomed to his size. He started rubbing my belly again. I was so hard I could blow any minute.

Suddenly, I felt him grip me firmly, push his cock in me as deep as it would go. He stiffened against me, and came inside my ass. I felt his spurt hit something deep inside me. He came a lot. His cum was warm, and probably sticky. He shuddered at the last couple of spurts, and then gave a sigh of relief as he fell back. He was now almost on his back, and I was still on my side, resting on his body, his cock still inside of me. I felt his cum run down my as and off my butt cheeks.

After a minute, I felt him grip me again, and he started humping me again. He had cum so much in me that it was now providing ample lubrication, and it felt really naughty.

He was fucking me with a fast and steady rhythm. One of his hands was on my man-boob, and the other on my belly. He was holding me close to his chest, so that I could feel his chest, and the hair on his belly hair on my back. In fact, his belly itself was stacked up against my back. One of my legs was on top of his.

I could feel his breath on my neck, and his breathing was getting erratic. With each push he was pushing me to greater and greater levels of excitement.

I felt him stiffen against me again, and I felt his cum hit deep inside me. His cum was warmer this time. He grunted each time he came, and then fell back, and took out his cock.

He had cum a lot in me. I felt his cum run down my ass. But, he was still holding me. Now it was my turn.

I felt his hand grip my dick, and he started stroking me. This time he wanted to make me cum. I was already excited beyond limits I thought were possible. And, this was the first time anyone was jerking me off. So, only after a couple of strokes, I stiffened against his hand, and came.

As I became stiff, he stopped stroking me and pushed his hand down on my cock. I was pushing against his hand, and he was pushing against me. I orgasmed, and then came as he slowly milked me.

As I gave a last push against his hand, he rubbed my belly, and kissed my neck. Maybe it was because I had just cum, i don’t know, but just then I felt a deep connection towards him, and i thought to myself that i would love to be his fuck toy.

But he wasn’t done yet. He started stroking me again – this time a little faster. I closed my eyes and went limp in his arms as he masturbated me. He kept on rubbing me, and finally i stiffened against his hand again, and came for internet casino a second time. Again, he made me orgasm like I had never experience before, and milked me till my last drop.

As I pushed against his hand for a last time, I fell back against him. He was now lying on his back, and I on top of him. He had one arm around my waist, holding me firmly on top of him, and he was still holding my cock with the other. My head was laid back on his shoulder, and I felt him lick my neck. But, he wasn’t done with me yet.

He started stroking me again, slowly at first, but then quickly increased his pace. I wasn’t really hard now, but he wasn’t planning to let me go yet. I was now both panting and sweating, and I started to grunt in rhythm with his hand ” Uh uh uh uh uh uh …”

He continued to rub me as I felt the familiar tingling in my belly. I squeezed my legs together and stiffened against his hand as I orgasmed, and then came. I didn’t actually cum much, but I did jerk around a lot; he held me down and continued stroking me at the same pace; i trembled for the final time, and let out a small groan as I was too sensitive. He slowed down, and finally stopped.

He slid me off of him, so that i was now lying on my back. He got up, opened my legs, and laid down on top me. I felt him put his lips on mine, and then he slid his tongue into my mouth. I could distinctly taste alcohol.

He was hard again. He rubbed his crotch against mine as he kissed me deeply and passionately. It was indeed a very wet kiss. He played around with my tongue, and then finally broke the kiss. My eyes were closed. he licked my lips, and then proceeded to lick my neck.

He reached down, and placed his cock at the enterance of my ass. Then, he slowly pushed against me until he was inserted fully inside me. I opened my eyes and locked into his. He was going to make sweet, sweet love to me. I lifted my legs, and placed them on the back of his, and put my hands above my head, where he pinned them above me.

He lowered his head, and put his tongue into my mouth again, as he started to fuck me. My cock was rubbing against his belly, and each time he pushed into me, I would hump his belly. The feeling was incredible. He was kissing me sloppily, and fucking me at the same time, all the while me rubbing myself on him. All my senses were on overdrive. He was fucking me slowly and steadily. Even though I had just cum thrice, this was indeed too much for me to handle. He sensed that i was close, and he gave a deep push and buried himself completely inside me, and I pulled my legs closer to my body, stiffened against him, and orgasmed. He held me down, with my hands pinned above my head, and kept on kissing me as I shuddered against him, and came. As I gave a last hump against his belly, I fell back on the bed underneath him. He broke the kiss and looked down at me. I was satisfied, and he saw me smile slightly, and he did too. I put my legs on the back of his legs again, and laid back as he resumed fucking me. He picked up the pace, and started fucking me with greater intensity. He was panting now too, and sweating as well. He started grunting, and then gave a last push against me. I pulled him deeper into me with my legs, and he came deep inside my ass. He trembled as he came, and I could his cock pulsing and spurting inside me. Finally, he gave a final push, and fell on top of me.

I put my arms around him, and held him as his breathing calmed down. He was still inside me, shrinking. He looked up, and kissed me. It was a wonderful sight. There was a strong smell of semen in the room, and cum was dripping out of my ass, as well as was drying on my belly, legs as well the sheets. Slowly he broke the kiss, and pulled out of me with a ‘pop’ sound. Some of his cum gushed out of me with his cock, and tickled me.I was lying on my back, with my legs wide open, and he was sitting between them, looking down at me. I felt vulnerable, and completely open to him, and somehow this excited me, and even though I had cum 4 times in the last hour, I became a little hard. He smiled a little, and gripped my cock, and started masturbating me. I laid my head back, and closed my eyes. He rubbed my belly as he stroked me, and then started gently rubbing my thighs. I arched my back, and pushed against his hand. He kept his hand there, and pushed down against my cock. I shuddered a little, and then came in his hand. I kept pushing against his hand for a few moments, and then fell back on the bed as gently stroked me. I moved a little in rhythm with his hand, and then let out a sigh. I was done for the evening.

He stopped stroking me, knelt down and kissed my nipple, my belly and then my lips, and then smiled, and laid down beside me, on his back. I put my head on his chest, and my leg on his. He put his arms around me, and we just laid there, just like that. Soon after, he was asleep.

I could feel his heartbeat. Maybe he could feel mine too?