Kevin and Sarah Male Multiple Orgasms

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Kevin and Sarah Male Multiple OrgasmsI have just about thirty minutes before Kevin is due. I decide to start getting ready. I wonder if Kevin will think I’m pretty. I’ll try to look my best for him. I put on some cologne and light make up. Now I need to decide what to wear. I have some laying on the bed. I pick up a semi sheer white shorty. It comes to just below my ass. It should get his attention. I don’t want to look like a hooker. I get out a condom and lube putting it on the nightstand. I’m all ready go watching TV till he comes. I notice that my nipples are up and my pussy is a little moist. I think to myself, I hope his not like my last lover two pump chump with a short penis.’The doorbell rings. I get up and take one last look in the mirror.”Come in, Kevin.””Hi, Sarah. Nice to see you. Nice outfit. Your looking so hot.”Blushing, I say. “Thank you.”He takes me in his arms and kisses me on the forehead. I turn my head up and our lips meet. His tongue brushes over my lips and I open them for him. Our tongues meet. He pulls me against him and I feel his bulge. My pussy twitches and my nipples get hard. I lean back and look at him.”Would you like a glass of wine. I have some nice Burgundy.””Sounds good.””You sit and I’ll bring it.”He sits on the sofa and I can feel his eyes on my ass as I go in the kitchen. I hand him his glass and sit beside him. We chat for a few minutes. We both begin to relax. He leans over and kisses me. I put my arms around his neck and return the kiss. He pulls me astride his lap and his hands hold my ass cheeks. I pull his shirt up and off. He pulls me to him and we kiss some more. My breasts press against his hairy chest. I can feel his cock getting hard through his pants. He lifts my gown up and off. I’m completely naked for him. He tosses it on the floor. He holds my ass cheeks and sucks on one nipple. I groan as it sents a lighting bolt to my clit. He switches back and forth, bringing both nipples to attention. His hands go under my ass and he stands up, holding me to him. He kisses me all the way to the bedroom. He sits me on the bed.”Take my clothes off, Sarah. I want to be naked with you.”I unbutton his pants and pull them down. He kicks off his shoes and steps out of his pants. I see his cock straining to escape from his boxer briefs. I pull them down and his cock springs up.””Oh my god. You’re huge. Take it easy with me. I’m not used to that much.””Don’t worry. We’ll just go nice and easy till you get used to it.”He steps out of his boxers and I grab his cock with both hands. I kiss the head and lick up the little pearl of pre cum. I cup his balls and take all I can in my mouth. It’s way to big for me. It must be at least ten inches and two and a half inches in diameter. I suck and lick on the head for a while and then he pushes me on my back. He kneels between my legs and caresses my thighs.”Open wide for me, baby. I want to taste you.”I lay back and I spread my legs for him. He pushes my legs up against my tits and sticks his tongue in my asshole. I gasp and hump up. I suspect this guy knows what he’s doing. He attacks my zonguldak escort pussy with his tongue and lips. He brings me to two quick orgasms. I cry out with each one. He pulls me to the middle of the bed. He turns so his huge cock is swinging in my face and he has access to my pussy. He licks and sucks me to two more orgasms. My pussy is on fire as grab his shaft sucking on his cock. I feel it start to swell and I stop. I grab a condom and tear the package open. I try to roll it on his cock but it’s way too big.”You’re too big for these condoms, Kevin. You’ll have to pull out.””OK, baby. No problem., He move on top and lines up his cock. I grab the lube and pour it on his massive cock and hold it with both hands and guide it in. I feel my pussy lips stretch open as the head enters me. He stops with only half he cock in me and holds it steady. Suddenly he flexes and I feel it swell. I cry out and cum hard.”Yes. Yes. Big cock. Oh. Oh yes.”I want more so I grab his ass cheeks and pull him down. He holds up not letting it in any farther. I hold his ass and push up. I feel a little more push in.”Give the that cock. Push it in me. I want it.””Reach for it, baby. Show me you want it.”I lock my ankles behind his ass and push up. His big cock stretches me and a little more goes in. He flexes it again and I cry out and cum. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me with that big cock.”I thrust up and he lets me have more. I squeeze him and her groans and flexes again. I cry out and cum again. This guy knows how to fuck. I throw my arms around his neck and start humping up on his cock. She slowly lowers himself and I feel my pussy stretching. New nerves that have never been touched fire into my brain. I work on his cock with my muscles. He groans and flexes again. Another orgasm rips through my body. I hump and squeeze trying to take it all in.”Give it all to me, Please fuck me with it. Please. Please. I want it all. Please let me have it.”He lowers himself and I feel the monster push farther in. My pussy stretches as he fills me.”It’s almost all the way in, baby. Push up and take it.””We both push. Our pelvic bones meet and I feel the head of his cock touch my cervix. His cock is the perfect length for my pussy. I can feel the entrance of my cervix line up with head of his cock. He pulls back and pushes down again. He hits my cervix again and I scream and cum. I gently work on his cock with my pussy muscles. I want him to last a while. I feel him pull almost all the way out. The ridge of his cock head touches my G spot. He rubs it in and out. He brings me to the edge of cumming and pushes slowly in all the way. His cock touches my cervix and he flexes his cock. An intense orgasm rips through my body. He pulls out slowly and does it again. The second is more intense than the first. I cry out and cum again. He is taking control of me. He does it two more times and I scream and cum hard. My mind is going blank. All I can feel is his big cock in my pussy.”Fuck me. Please fuck me. Please. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Please.””Tell me you want my cum. Tell me. Tell me how much you escort zonguldak want it.””Oh god yes. I want your cum in me. Please cum in me. Please. I’m begging you. Please, fill me with your hot cum.” I don’t think about getting pregnant. All I want is his hot cum in me.”Oh fuck yes. Milk it baby. Milk my cock.”He pushes down hard and I feel his cock swelling. My pussy muscles go on automatic and I feel his cock head flare against cervix. I hold him in place and milk him. His cock flares bigger and I feel it start pumping cum. I hold him in place and take all of it into my womb. Every time his cock pumps I scream and cum. An intense wave of pleasure hits me and I pass out. I wake a few seconds later and he is still pumping cum in me. I milk every drop deep in me. His cock starts to pull back and my cervix closes, holding all of his cum in me. I feel my cervix spasm and it pulls his cum into my womb. He rolls off me and his huge cock flops out.”Oh fuck. That was amazing. I kinda got carried away. I forgot about you pulling out. You really know how to handle that cock.””You’re pretty good with that pussy too. All I was thinking about was cumming in you. I’ve never been milked like that.”I snuggle my back against him and he holds me in his arms.”I think you had my cock trapped anyway, and I loved how you begged for it. I had to give it to you.””I know. No way I was letting you go till you filled me. I couldn’t stop.””I was staying in for the big finish too.””I want us to do it again, but this time I want you to do me doggie. I want you all the way in and I’ll make you cum with my muscles. You just hold it in me.””You can do that? That will be a first for me. No woman has ever done that.””You’re gonna love it. I have a talented pussy.””Why is your cock still so hard did your take a Viagra? No baby it’s my special talent I can cum 4 to 5 times a night and have multiple orgasms just like you.”I move down and take it in both hands. I lick all our juice off it and start sucking and licking it feeling it swell as I lick his massive cockhead. I roll off and get on my knees. He grabs me by my hip bones and pulls me up. I feel his cock head searching for my pussy. He finds it and slowly pushes in. My pussy stretches open for him. He pulls me back and I feel him touch my cervix. We both push and I feel it tight against his cock. He flexes and I cum hard. He grabs my hair and pulls me back. He pushes down on my back and a little more cock goes in. He is in position for me and I start working his cock over. I hear him groan.My pussy muscles hold him in the breeding position and I milk his cock with all my might. He flexes again and I cry out and cum. I squeeze and he flexes. I cum again. Finally I feel his cock swelling. My pussy muscles grip his cock and I feel it flare. His hot cum hitting my cervix pushes me over the edge. More hot cum pumps into me and I start screaming and cumming. He pumps and pumps. I hear his cries too. I milk every drop from him. I give it one last squeeze and feel the last drops of his cum go in. His cock starts to shrink and my cervix zonguldak escort bayan closes as he pulls out. All of this load of cum is in my womb too. He falls off to my side and his cock comes out with a slurp. He pulls me into his arms and kisses me on the neck.”That was fucking amazing. What a pussy you have.””Yeah, and what a cock you have. It makes me crazy. All I can think of is taking your hot cum.”We cuddle for a while. Then he pulls me closer and we fall asleep. Kevin is holding me in his arms. My breasts are pressed against his chest. His leg is between mine with my pussy touching his thigh. His morning wood is between us against my stomach. Last nights overwhelming orgasms comes to mind. My pussy twitches and I feel the moisture flow. I grab his cock and slowly jack it. He moans in his sleep. I gently roll him on his back and move over him. I line his cock up with my pussy and slowly lower myself on it. My pussy stretches out as his cock slides in me. I feel it touch my cervix and I remember how it felt last night. I hold it in place start milking his cock. I see his eye lids flutter and he looks at me. He smiles and flexes his cock. I groan and cum hard on him. He reaches up and pinches both nipples. I cry out and cum again. “Fuck me, baby. Make me shoot my cum in you like you did last night.””Yes. Yes. Hot cum for me. Hot cum in my pussy. Oh god yes.”My head falls back as I start working on his massive cock. All my nerve endings fire and I cum hard. He flexes and I cry out and cum again. He holds my nipples and squeezes them. Pain and pleasure mix and I cum again.”Yes. Yes. Nipples and pussy. Yes. Fucking god yes.”He hold my nipples and pushes up in me. My pussy holds his cock in the prime position. I want his cum again. I hold him in the breeding position and squeeze him as hard as I can. I feel his cock start to swell.”Fuck me. Fuck me. Please fuck me. Please. Please. Please give me your hot cum. I want your hot cum.”He pushes up and I squeeze him. I feel his cock swelling. It flares just as he pinches my nipples. I feel the first squirt. The pain and pleasure overwhelms me as I scream and cum. I feel his cock pumping hot cum in me. He blasts shot after shot of his cum in my womb. His sperm is on it’s way up looking for an egg. We add more to the stream. I hold him and milk his balls dry. I feel the last drops go in me as he pulls out. My cervix closes again and traps his cum in me. We lay together for a while and I slap him on the ass.We get in the shower and start with the soap. As I wash his cock it comes up hard again. He bends me over and pushes into me. I hold the faucets to keep from falling. He pulls me up and holds me by my hip bones. My feet are off the floor. He drives his cock in all the and pushes against my cervix again. I squeeze him hard. He pushes and holds still. My pussy muscles take over and milk his cock. I feel it swell and scream as he pumps more cum into me. He groans and he empties his balls into me. I squeeze every drop in as he lets me down. We wash each other two or three times. We get out and dry off. Back in the bedroom he hugs me to him.”Thanks for an amazing night, Sarah. This is one for the record books. Your pussy muscles are so fucking good. “Thank you too. You’re a great lover. I’ll never forget your big cock and the way you made me feel when you came in me.”