Keeping the Bailiffs away Turns Fun

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It was the last few weeks of term. I had done all my exams at school and I was only going in to finish off final assignments. The pressure was off and university was only two months away.

It was a hot day and I couldn’t wait to get out of this uniform. We had to wear these cheap white polyester shirts and a yellow and blue school tie. We also had a choice of a black skirt or trousers but I like most wore the skirt. After a hot day and then having to walk about 30 minutes in direct heat to a tower block where my mum works three jobs just to keep me and her with a roof over our heads. We lived most of the way up a 15 floor accommodation block and we had a small flat. I let myself in knowing I had to make my own tea as my mum wouldn’t be in for a few days as she did sleep in shifts at work. I did this most days after school and it was nothing new to me. I knew in a few years she wouldn’t have to do this anymore because I was going to get a good job to support us. My dad wasn’t around anymore because he left us when I was only young. But I’m 18 now and that didn’t matter. This flat is enough for us. I have my own room, nice tv, new laptop, clothes. My mum never lets me go without.

I get to the lift which stinks of piss and I wait till I get to the to the 12th floor. I step into the corridor and I see a tall guy outside my door. He was dressed in a black shirt and black tie which was clearly a uniform. He was wearing combat trousers and black boots. He saw me and there we no chance of running as the lift door shut and was on its way down. I walked the short distance towards my door and he shouted “Are you Mel?”

Well if he knew my mum then he knew I was his daughter. I was her double. I had long blonde hair like her, slim waist and I was the same height at 5’6″. We had delicate features and sometimes my mum’s partner would mistake me for her if I was facing the other way in a room when he walked in.

I told him I was her daughter and he asked to be let in. He was in his 40’s with short dark hair. He looked strong and I didn’t dare argue. I opened the door with my key and he followed straight behind me closing the door behind him.

“Look” he said. “I’m from the courts and I’ve been ordered to collect the sum of £3750. If your mum doesn’t come up with the cash in the next hour or so I’ll have to start removing items until I’m happy that I can resell the items until the debt is met.”

I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t let this man take away everything. I had no idea my mum was in this amount of debt. She never said. I thought everything was fine. I guess I was wrong. He was looking round the flat no doubt mentally adding up the price of the tv. He brushed past me and went into my room. I felt a sense of panic. My laptop and everything. I needed that for university and everything. I then just tried to distract him, to get him out of my room.

“Can I do or say poker oyna anything to stop this. I don’t have the money and my mum is at work till the weekend. I’ll do anything if you could get me time?” I begged thinking I could push some weed or something to pay back a small loan from someone off the estate.

He looked me up and down. His eyes stayed on my breasts. They weren’t huge or anything but I guess guys liked them on me because of my small frame. I don’t know what was going through his mind but he had a slight smile. I wasn’t a virgin, in fact I had a boyfriend so I knew he was thinking he wanted to feel me up or something. I was okay with that to be honest because I did not want to be in debt with anyone on the estate. I loosened my tie a little and undid the top two buttons of my shirt.

“I’ll let you touch me up if you promise to put my mum’s name to the bottom of the pile?”

He pointed towards my mum’s room and I walked in with him following. He placed his hands on my waist and then moved them up towards my breasts giving them a little squeeze before pushing me on my mum’s bed on my back. He reached towards me as a fell and pulled my underwear off till it was by my ankles. He got on top of me now and his cock just flopped on my chest right between my breasts. He managed to undo a few more buttons so my white bra was exposed.

He pulled my hands to my breasts and got me to press them together around his shaft. It was wet from his precum I suppose and he started to thrust. I couldn’t believe I was giving him a tit wank. I wasn’t new to sex but I had never done this before.

I felt a slap on my thigh which stung forcing my legs to twitch and part slightly. His fingers found their way inside me and I let him explore me. It felt almost good. My hips started to meet his hand and he continued to fuck my tits. I was so fucking wet for him and I wished he would just stick his cock in me.

The shock of his cum hitting my neck and chest was so very frustrating. He stopped with his fingers now and sat me up. His cum now dripping down my chest and onto my bra. I watched him tuck himself away and leave as I lay frustrated on my mum’s bed. I heard the door close and I went to town on my clit. My hand was soaked and the smell of pussy was in the air as I had my biggest orgasm ever. The bed was soaked with my juices and my skin was mixed with my sweat and his cum on my chest. I was drained laying on the bed with my eyes drifting off to sleep even though it was still light outside.

I woke up to the sound of the front door opening. It was dark now so I must have been asleep for a few hours at least. I started to do my clothes up quickly. The smell of sex was still in the room and I was still in my uniform in my mum’s room.

The bedroom door opened. “Hey, I didn’t know you’d be off work today.” It was my mum’s partner Graham. I mumbled a yes and he just got in canlı poker oyna the bed. It was pretty dark so I guess I could get away with it until he fell asleep and sneak out in the night.

When he got in I could hear him taking his pants off, I guess he slept in his boxers. He put his arm around me and started to spoon me.

“What are you wearing?” he asked.

His hands went from my waist to my skirt then back to my breasts and then he felt them. I thought he’d turn the light on and confirm the suspicion that I wasn’t my mum.

“You dressed like a little school slut for me?” He then asked. “I think this is your best costume to date. I wasn’t even expecting you home either.”

He pressed his hips to my backside and I could feel his excitement. His hand moved my skirt up and felt the lack of underwear. His thick finger fucking me hard while his other free hand tracing over my tits through my school shirt. I let out moan after moan and just as I come to my first orgasm he pulls out his finger and left my lips clasping at thin air.

He pulled me onto my back and followed my body, landing on top of me. I felt so small underneath him I knew what was coming next, and I wanted it. The spreading heat from deep in my pussy turned into a raging fire when I felt the tip of his cock press against my soaking-wet opening. I was suddenly very aware of how empty my hole felt, and I wanted him to fill it. I needed him to fill it.

I felt my lips stretch around him as he pushed the tip inside, and my pussy violently contracted against the sudden intrusion and he pushed further

“Please…” I moaned. But I didn’t know what I was asking for. I was simultaneously asking him to be gentle and to take me entirely, and I meant both sincerely. But he continued to push his monster cock into my tight little hole.

My body still struggled to accommodate his girth, but the pain began to slowly give way to pleasure. I ran my hand down to my pussy, and was surprised to feel the base of his cock between my lips- I had taken him inside me completely. “Oh,” was all I could manage. It was a very satisfied sound. The sound of accomplishment.

He started to pull out, and I trailed a finger along his shaft as it withdrew. I could feel my juices coating it, and let go only when he pressed inside again. He thrust harder this time, and I could feel my tits shake with the percussion. He did it again, pulling out before thrusting inside, giving my body time to adjust to our fuck as he picked up the speed and intensity. Soon he was fucking me hard and deep, shaking my body each time.

I moaned, encouraging him. “Use my pussy, please fuck me!” He started grunting with each thrust, and I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him deeper into me each time he filled my hole. His body pressed against mine, and he grabbed my shoulders in order to reach even greater depths than before. And on the last thrust, when he reached as deep into me as he could possibly go, he stopped. I flung an arm out losing control of myself. I hit the bedside lamp which at first let out a bright flash which softened as the lamp hit the floor. My face now exposed to him but it was too late. I felt his cock swell inside me, then release. His cum shot deep into my body; I could feel each spurt shoot against my inner walls. The first was the most intense, but the subsequent spurts added to the load that he was leaving inside me. I could feel the warmth spread, the raw eroticism of which triggered my own orgasm. I moaned his name over and over, and pushed my body tight against his own as I pulled him into me with my legs. I lost myself, forgetting everything except for the feeling of our two bodies and the climax that overwhelmed me. I could feel my pussy contract around his cock, as though it was trying to make sure that I received every drop he could offer to me, and I could see the look of horror mixed with a look of lust.

He collapsed onto me, and we laid together for several long moments. I could feel his cock start to soften inside me, but I didn’t care. I could feel his heartbeat against my tingling skin, and hear his breath start to slow. Everything was right with the world. Everything was beautiful and perfect, and I bathed in the glow that we shared. Things at home would never be the same again. I gave him a quick kiss and left to get a shower and then get into bed.

The next morning was uneventful. Apart from cleaning my tie as there was a bit of cum on it I went about my day all the same. I made sure my clothes went in the wash and I washed my mum’s sheets. Graham had already left for work so there was no awkwardness.

It wasn’t until the weekend my mum and Graham were off. I didn’t feel uncomfortable really around my mum. It was nothing to do with her really. I guess that I justified it by taking a tit wank and fingering for her debt which I didn’t want to tell her about. I figured I would take care of it again if need be.

I decided to do a little digging into Graham’s and my mum’s sex life. I just figured he was used to my mum dressing in uniform and kinky outfits so she must have something in the wardrobe. I decided to have a look when both my mum and Graham were at work. Graham had his own place but stayed a lot cause it was closer to work for him and I liked him around.

I found nothing interesting in her wardrobe really. I looked under the bed and hit the jackpot. I found a few boxes of costumes and outfits. I had no idea how she got all of these. You had the usual pvc dress that loosely mimicked a nuns outfit but there were real outfits too. There was a nurses uniform, police uniform, waitress, maid, pilot, air steward, shoulder and all sorts. Another box had toys like vibrators, dildos and the usual. There were even corsets and outfits that weren’t specific but just plain slutty. I never knew about this side of my mum. This had been accumulated over years surly. I was going to have a lot of fun with this stuff…