Karen Makes Me Pay

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I couldn’t believe I was losing to a girl. I was the foosball champion of my college dorm, and yet I couldn’t seem to put two passes together in this high-stakes game with my buddies all around me razzing me for playing so poorly.

Karen seemed cool as a cucumber as she deftly stopped my attempts and whizzed the ball by me. It didn’t help that I had had a few drinks, and was sporting a massive hard-on thanks to the stakes involved.

The loser of this game had to make the winner orgasm through oral sex, and just the thought of this hot girl slurping on my member while looking up at me with those gorgeous eyes and lengthy eyelashes put me in a mad state. I had barely spoken to her before tonight’s house party, so I couldn’t believe she had accepted my terms.

But now I was blowing it, no pun intended. As the winning goal slid past my goalie, Karen emitted a yelp and jumped into her friend Amy’s arms.

These two were easily the hottest girls at my college, with perfect faces, slim bodies and massive, bouncy breasts that made the other girls green with jealousy. The good news was that at least I would get to taste her sex, and if I did a good job maybe we’d get to hang out some more.

“Give me a second to freshen up,” she whispered. I sank into a chair, deep in thought about what to say and do while licking her flesh so that she would think I was cool and not some loser.

A couple of minutes later a friend of mine ran up to me in a frenzied state.

“Dude, I just saw Karen getting slammed in one of the bedrooms,” he whispered.

“As if,” I said. She was about to get me to lick her slit, I thought, though no one else knew that.

Sure enough, my friend led me right to the bedroom to which he had accidentally walked in. I slowly and silently opened the door, and there she was getting rammed doggy-style by some overgrown muscle man.

I couldn’t see the guy’s face but I could see that he had the biggest balls I had ever seen. With each thrust with which he pounded her, his heavy sack swung forward and knocked into her clit, making Karen squeak with pleasure.

His breathing all of a sudden became erratic, and then suddenly he groaned as he no doubt filled Karen’s ravenous cavern with a boatload of his seed.

Not wanting to get caught looking, I slowly backed away and made my way back to an empty chair, shocked at what I had just witnessed. I had barely sat down when Karen skipped towards me and exclaimed that she was ready for me.

“What?” I exclaimed. “You want me to do it…now?!” The thought of having to drink another man’s semen grossed me out.

“Well, of course,” she replied. “A bet’s a bet, let’s go.”

She led me to the bedroom, pulled her dress up, sat down on the bed and spread her legs for me. She was totally bald down there, leaving nothing to the imagination. I could see some droplets of cum mixed with her own juices start to ooze out of her.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” she asked. “A deal’s a deal!”

She had me there. If I had won the game, and had been fortunate enough poker oyna to have dipped my pecker into some slut’s chamber, I would still have expected Karen to follow through on her side of the bet.

I knelt down on the bed in front of her and dipped my head between her legs. I could feel the heat emanating from her area before I even touched her.

I started licking her clit. Best to avoid the juicy areas, I thought.

She squealed in pain. “No, no, no!” she cried. “Work your way up to that area, please.”

Great, I thought. I reluctantly lowered my tongue to her slit and began to work her labia and inner thighs. I tried my best not to swallow anything but eventually I could nevertheless taste the big-balled-man’s juices all over my mouth.

Finally, the timing was right to move up to her clit. Just then, Karen jumped up and screamed.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, PERVERT?” she yelled as she looked in the direction of the door. In the doorway was one of the scrawniest kids at our college. He had pulled his dick out and had apparently been masturbating to us for god knows how long.

I looked at his crotch and he had the biggest penis I had ever seen. It was totally in disproportion to his body. It made his hands look tiny.

He backed away in embarrassment, but Karen must have seen what I saw, for she beckoned him back in.

“Oh my god,” she trembled. “That cock…it’s…wow!”

She asked him to come in and close the door. He shyly complied.

“Can I get a closer look at that thing?” she asked.

His whole body became beet red as he took another two steps forward.

“Oh my god,” Karen moaned. “Are you a virgin?”

“No, of course not,” he trembled. “I’ve had lots of…well…maybe somewhat.”

Karen got up and gently led him to the bed by his still engorged member. She sat back down and ordered me to continue, while she began to pleasure Boy Wonder with her hands and mouth.

“This is the biggest dick I’ve ever seen,” Karen relished. “Mmmmmmm.”

As I worked Karen’s clit I was staring over her pussy as she tried unsuccessfully to take his manhood deep into her mouth. She pulled off her dress and began to rub his hot cucumber all over her luscious tits. Precum spilled out of him and his eyes were as wide as saucers as he couldn’t believe his good fortune.

“I want you inside me,” Karen whined. With that, she got down on all fours and invited Boy Wonder to penetrate her glistening slit.

She pushed my head down onto the bed so that I could continue to service her while she was rammed by this enormous johnson.

I did my best to keep out of the way, but every few strokes, Boy Wonder’s balls would inevitably scratch across my forehead and nose as I dutifully continued to service Karen. A few times, my tongue even made contact with his beaver basher. I felt first hand how hard he was.

But the worst part was every few seconds a few drops of jizz would fall on me, as Karen’s cum-soaked pussy was still drenched thanks to Big Baller and his massive testes.

Unsurprisingly, Boy canlı poker oyna Wonder did not last very long. I saw his balls tighten and his thrust quicken as he surrendered his cream to Karen’s tight pussy.

Karen was close, so I sped up my tongue flicks and finally brought her to her peak. She yelped and convulsed before collapsing in a heap. Having fulfilled my part of the bet, I just wanted to get out of there.

“Where you going?” Karen stammered at me.

“My work here is done,” I said, as I moved towards the door.

She snapped up to block my path.

“Wait,” she begged. “I just want one more thing.”

I listened to her explain how one of her fantasies was to jerk a big dick off onto another guy, so basically she wanted to make Boy Wonder come on my face. I am totally not into that shit, and quickened my pace to the door.

She slid her hand between my legs.

“I promise, I’ll make it worth your while,” she offered. But I continued towards the door.

“What if right after, I promise to completely drain your balls, right down my throat.” she pleaded. “You won’t be able to come for a week!”

I demurred. My game wasn’t so bad that I needed to take it in the face in order to get a girl to suck me off. But at the same time, my future tonight was probably going to be in my dorm room by myself rubbing one out while thinking about the other guys I had seen ramming Karen’s privates. Plus, a blowjob from Karen would really raise my rep among the guys.

“Fine,” I said. “But make it quick.”

Karen yelped and gave me a hug, then grabbed Boy Wonder and brought him to me. She went behind him, jamming her massive boobs into his skinny back, and pressing her worn cunt against his flat ass.

She reached around his slender waist and grabbed his spent rod with her right hand and started furiously rubbing it. As it slowly responded to her stimulation, she grabbed my head with her left hand, pushed me down onto my knees, and pulled me to within an inch of his pulsating slit.

Karen looked down at me over Boy Wonder’s shoulder as she manoeuvered us both into the exact positions in which she wanted us. Though I was scared and grossed out, I wasn’t about to give Karen any reason to back out of our deal, so I knelt there and let her position me as she wished. I just prayed that it would be over soon.

Boy Wonder’s breathing picked up, and he started making some strange noises, which caused Karen to quicken her pace even more. She was beating that guy’s meat raw in the hopes of milking out a good-sized load.

The first rope of cum hit me above the lip, and splashed up into my nose. As I opened my mouth to continue breathing, Karen slipped the giant head of Boy Wonder’s tool between my lips causing the second rope of cum to spray the back of my mouth. Finally, Karen pushed his python into my eye while simultaneously forcing my head forward, causing the third and final rope of cum to splash against my iris causing immense and immediate pain.

I was almost done, I told myself. I let Karen slap his towering dong against my forehead a few times to coax out the last bits of jizz, and wipe it clean against my cheek.

“Wow, you are a good sport,” she beamed. She sent Boy Wonder on his way while I did my best to wipe my face with my t-shirt.

“It’s now my turn to pleasure you”, she purred, as she pushed me onto the bed and began to unbuckle my pants.

My dick was as flaccid as jello after the ordeal I had been put through, but Karen seemed ready to make it up to me. She stuffed all of my sex organs into her mouth at once and began to taste them all with her wandering tongue. My penis responded immediately and began growing at once, causing my balls to fall out of her gaping jaws. It wasn’t long before I was at full mast.

All of a sudden she stopped.

“I wasn’t going to do this…but…you’ve been such a good sport so I have a surprise for you,” she said. “Amy, could you come out here?”

Unbeknownst to me, Amy had been watching everything from the closet this entire time. She slowly stepped out and admonished her friend.

“Karen, what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry, Amy, but I was having some trouble sucking on this cock and I was wondering if maybe you could help me.”

“Karen, you know I’ve never given a blowjob before.”

“It’s okay,” Karen said as she walked Amy over to the bed. “I’ll help you. Just copy everything I do and you’ll be fine.”

Amy seemed unsure of herself, but she complied with her friend’s request and knelt to the left of me while Karen knelt on my right. Karen took me in her mouth with slow, lengthy strokes, and then offered my manhood to Amy who did the same.

Having my member stroked by two different mouths in succession was an incredible feeling. While Karen’s mouth was warm and soothing, Amy’s lips were tighter and her saliva had a more lubricating feel.

Karen then licked me from the base all the way to the head several times, and after a while Amy started to do the same. I couldn’t believe I was being blown by the hottest two chicks at my college!

Karen then took my right testicle into her mouth and began to swirl it with her tongue. Amy took in my left ball and sucked it gently. It hurt a little bit but I was not about to complain!

After a while of this, Karen began to focus her tongue flicks right under my slit, and got Amy to do the same. I couldn’t hold out much longer. I felt my nuts tighten as I yelled and delivered a huge stream of semen up Amy’s face and into her hair.

Karen then pointed my pulsating sword at her and was rewarded with a strand that rose from her upper lip to her forehead. Karen then pointed my throbbing shaft back at Amy for the final few bursts that welcomed her to womanhood.

Karen then brought her wagging tongue to Amy’s face and began to vacuum up my seed through her beautiful lips. Once she had licked Amy’s face clean, she gave her a long, messy, open-mouthed kiss where I saw my spunk dribble down their chins onto their chests.

Karen rubbed my cream onto her bare breasts, while Amy giggled as she watched her shirt become soaked in the fruits of my loins.

That picture is forever etched in my memory, as I have jerked myself off to that scene on many occasions.