Just for Her

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There is something amazing about pleasing a woman with no concern for yourself. With that in mind, I submit the story that follows.

You open the door, wearing a t-shirt and skirt, and direct me to enter. Before I have a chance to sit down, you inform me that tonight is “all about you”, and that if I am to stay, I must be willing to do whatever is asked of me, regardless of how I feel. Taking a moment to understand what I have been told, I respond “Yes, i agree.”

Hearing me agree, you smirk, doubting my sincerity. You decide to put me to a test. “Good, if you agree, then you won’t mind spinning me around, hiking up my skirt, and kissing my round, beautiful ass.”

Thinking of all the times I have watched that ass wiggle, in your skirts, jeans, even your bikini, I have thought of this many times. Without saying a word, I begin to move closer to you.

“Ah ah, I forgot to mention one thing: you need to strip completely, and do this while on your knees!”

I felt my jeans begin to tighten hearing you say this, but I do not want to disappoint. I unbuckle my belt, unbutton my jeans, and drop my jeans and boxers to the floor, stepping out of them as i pull my shirt over my head. I want to be sure that I do my best to please you. I step closer and get to my knees before you.

As i get close, I grab your skirt and raise it, exposing your legs, then your voluptuous ass. Today you are wearing a cute pair of blue thongs. “Do you like what you see? Well? Don’t stop now!”

I take a moment to take in the sights, before I move close and kiss your exposed cheek. Lips parted, tongue momentarily touching your skin. Enjoying everything I am allowed to. “Good boy. now take off my skirt.”

Slowly I slide your skirt down your legs, feeling your beautiful curves underneath the fabric. I watch as you step out from your skirt, admiring your beautiful legs. “Don’t stop there, I have more clothes you need to get me poker oyna out of.” My cock stiffened, her telling me I needed to undress her.

“May I rise, to undress you, dear?”

“Yes, you may get up, but you will not touch me any more than is absolutely necessary to complete your task. No lingering, and my panties come off last.”

I stand up and grab your t-shirt, pulling it up over your head. I watch, but do not touch, as it rises over your breasts, before dropping it to the floor. I reveal your teal bra, which will come off next. Admiring the lacy fabric, i step behind you, and unclasp, sliding the straps down over your shoulders, hearing the bra hit the ground.

Finally, I had your pretty thong to remove. Though, before you would let me, you took me by the hand and led me to your bed. You stopped before climbing on the bed, and told me to finish what I had started. looking you in the eyes, I dutifully drop to my knees, before reaching forward and sliding your pretty thong down your legs.

Completely nude, you crawl up on to the bed, being sure that I see you wiggle your ass as you go. You get into position and turn over to your back, so you lie ready for me to do your bidding. I stand at the side of the bed, waiting for you to tell me what happens next.

“As tonight is about me, you may kiss my thighs and you may caress my thighs, and that is it. Nothing more. You will sit beside me, and you will use those magical hands of yours, and only your hands, to deliver me to orgasm. You will be done when I tell you that you are finished.”

Once I know what is expected of me, I approach the foot of the bed, where I begin to caress your calves, slowly sliding my hands over each calf, up toward your thighs. I stop before I reach your thigh, so I may begin to caress your other calf. I proceed slowly, delivering as much excitement as I am able.

Approaching your thighs, I part them so I may kneel canlı poker oyna between your thighs, I begin kissing just above your knee, where i kiss, caress, and slowly move my way up your thigh, and nearer to your sweet honey-pot. Upon reaching the top of your thigh, I change sides, moving just above your other knee, so i can caress and I can kiss my way back up toward your sweet lips.

I can smell you in the air, and I can feel my shaft throb from the excitement you were receivingrecieving. I longed so much to taste you, but I knew I was not allowed. I proceeded to massage your soft mound with my hand, as i was directed.

“Unnhh” I hear you moan, as you push yourself against the pillows. I continue to grind my hand up and down your lips, squeezing you, flicking you. Doing anything I could think of to please you.

Continuing to massage you, i use my fingers to gradually slide their way between your lips. I feel your dampness as I watch you press against the bed. I run my hand up and down as I go, letting you feel me against the length of your lips.

Your breathing changes. You start taking short, shallow breaths. Your body is beginning to writhe without you meaning to do so. This is my cue: I allow my finger to explore your love tunnel. “MMMM”, you moan, as I enter you.

Your body continues to grind against my hand, as I continue to explore. I feel you place your hand on top of mine as I drive you mad. Wanting to push you just that much further into ecstasy, I position my thumb against your clit, feeling your entire being shudder as I press it. “UUNNHH!”

Returning to my previous position, I work gradually until I am deep into you, acting as one being.

I bite my lip, as I watch you writhe in ecstasy. Envious of how high you must feel, having someone who will drop everything and devote their evening to you.

“OH YEAH” you remark, as you squeeze my arm, rocking your hips to meet my internet casino actions. Knowing where to pulse, when you need it most.

Opening your thighs to accommodate me, I am able to connect with the deepest triggers of excitement. I have reached the position, that will bring you orgasms as easily as a child playing with a yo-yo.

Settling in for what is sure to be a bumpy ride, I steer you headlong into your first mind-blowing explosion. Muscles tightening, breath shortening, it won’t be long now.

Ignoring my own throbbing, your convulsing muscles work their way around my digits. You would try to force me to exit, if I were not prepared. As you waves of orgasm wash over you, I stand firm,

holding my ground. I continue to quiver and thrust as I deem necessary, delivering you the longest, most intense display that you are capable of producing.


Following the cue from your spasms, I slow down, giving you a moment to regain your senses. “How are you feeling?” Amidst your panting, you respond “much better now, baby!”

“Shall we go for more, or are you content for now?” I ask. Sometimes she can go for as many as four climaxes before she collapses. It has been a long day, I don’t think I can handle any more.”

“As you wish, how would you have me proceed?” I query, anticipating the response. If she is finished this early, prospects do not look good for me tonight.

“Finish yourself off, and come to bed. I have no energy to play with you today,” she remarks.

“mmhn,” she gasps as I vacate her now sticky cavity. The room is full of her strong aroma. She rolls over and goes to sleep.

Left now to my own devices, I decide to ignore her suggestion. I decide to bottle up my excitement for next time. I quietly skulk to the bathroom and clean up, taking a moment to enjoy the lingering aroma, emanatingeminating still from my hands.

Quickly, I slip into some nearby pajamas, and slide into bed. As I do, I am able to hear her continuing to moan, the effects of the high-energy romp she was just given. Tonight was a good night, hopefully next time we can both get to play.