Julie’s Pantyhose Sex Ch. 15

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I cuddled into Alan on the sofa that evening. He had made me go topless as soon as we got home. He spent some time tormenting my big tits like he loves to do.

“Are you worried about your mum?”

“She’ll be OK. Barry will look after her,” I said pulling down his zip.

I caressed his cock in my hand. He did his usual trick of pretending not to be interested, even though he was rock hard! I didn’t mind, this was all part of the game we had played for the last 3 ½ years.

“Can we go to bed darling?” I cooed as I kissed his ear softly.

“Not yet, you have some entertaining to do. Now, go and change into everything on the bed.”

He could see by my face I wasn’t too keen. He told me to put my white top back on. An hour later I could feel my tits jiggle as I went to answer the door. I stopped and looked at my reflection. My nipples could plainly be seen through my thin white blouse. I opened the door and was grabbed and spun round. A hand went over my mouth as my eyes opened wide with fright!

“Not a sound bitch or I’ll fucking kill you!”

I struggled but I was easily over powered. I was pulled out into the dark night, and quickly tossed into the back of a van. The door was slammed shut by a second man as the first held me tight. I heard the tyres screech on the drive, and I looked out of the back window to see the front door disappearing into the distance. I began to fear the worst as the streetlights outside soon became few and far between. The man just held his hand over my mouth and never spoke once. The van soon went off onto a country road, and there out the window, the glow of London’s lights looked miles away. The van turned off the road and I could feel all the bumps along a country track. My mind raced with thoughts of my last days. What did they intend doing with me? Would I ever see my beautiful home again? The van drove straight into a barn, hitting something up front before we stopped. I was dragged out into the night and a door was kicked open. The man flung me on a bed in a small room with no windows, and just a bare light bulb. Before I could say anything the door slammed shut and a key was used on the other side. I sat on the bed and tears began to flow. Whoever these men were, they had a plan and seemed to be well organised. I don’t know how long it was before the door burst open making me jump out of my skin.

“Please don’t hurt me.” I begged with a quavering voice.

“That depends on your daddy bitch. If he pays up then you go home. If not then you still go home, only on different days, one piece at a time!”

“Please he’ll pay, don’t hurt me,” I sobbed.

He raised his hand.

“Stop fucking crying!” he snapped.

“OK,” I hastily said as I cowered.

I watched his eyes drop to the hem of my short skirt. I tugged it down covering the control tops of my mink coloured tights. He grabbed my ankle and pulled it up into the air. I grabbed the side of the bed. I watched his leering eyes look up my short pleated grey schoolgirl’s skirt. The man I was supposed to be entertaining at home wanted me dressed that way. The skirt was only 7 inches from the waist to the hem. In any circumstances I would have a hard job keeping my fanny covered. But my kidnapper had lifted my leg high off the bed, and he was staring straight at the crotch of my tights, or the shaved pussy that was on show underneath! I felt him slip my black stiletto court shoe with a 6 inch heel, back onto my foot. It had come off during the struggle in the back of the van. He dragged me easily to my feet.

10 minutes later I was secured to a hard kitchen chair. He gazed down at my thighs. I knew the control tops of my pantyhose could plainly be seen. I bowed my head as he stood over me. I saw the seam at the crotch of my pantyhose, peaking out from the hem of my skirt. A blinding flash made me blink and the noise from the camera spewing out the instant picture cut through the silence. He dropped it on the floor and we both watched it develop. I froze with terror as his index finger went up my skirt. He ran it slowly a long the underside of the hem. I could hear his breathing close to my ear. I waited for him to grab at my cunt.

“NO!” I screamed.

Much to my surprise he flicked up the hem of my skirt. My shaved fanny under my mink tights was now exposed to him, and his accomplice.

“Hey she’s not wearing panties, and she’s fucking shaved dude. God look at those fanny lips.” the other man said.

I closed my eyes in shame and deep humiliation. They had forced my legs down the outside of the chair, and poker oyna then tied my ankles to the back legs of the chair. The result being I couldn’t close my legs.

“Does your daddy know your cunt is shaved?”

“He’s my uncle, I, I live with him,” I sobbed.

They both grinned as my tears fell. The first man knelt down and positioned the camera level with my pussy. He took another photo from only a foot away. I couldn’t stop my sobbing.

“Oh don’t worry princess; you just better hope we send the other one too!”

“Hey dude do you reckon uncle shags her?”

I screwed my eyes up.

I jumped as the first man lifted my head up. I was shaking uncontrollably, my mouth hung open as he glanced over to his mate then back at me.

“Is that right darling, does your uncle give you his cock to suck?” he said with a grin.

“Bet he shaves her man, and then fucks her in front of his wife.”

I heard him laugh excitedly.

“Yeah look at that cunt gaping open. Christ her fucking clit sticks out!” he said with a grin.

The other man moved forward. They both knelt down staring straight between my legs from no more than 2 feet away!

“Why don’t we do her as well man? Come on you went inside, her uncle put you there! That’s what this is all about man. Come on dude I bet she goes like a rabbit!”

“I don’t know, all we want is the money, doing her that’ll complicate things,” the first man said.

“Christ man she’s not wearing a bra! Look how big and juicy they are!” he gasped excitedly.

“No we stick to the plan, I’ll take him the photos you watch her,” he said.

“Oh yeah dude, I can sit here and watch that fanny all night!”

I watch his eyes leave mine and drop to my cunt. I closed my eyes in disgust at his blatant leer.

“Don’t touch her!” the first man snapped gripping the other mans throat.

I watched them lock eyes. Then the first man shoved the other back.

“Hey, I’m cool, I’m cool,” he said rubbing his neck.

The first man walked away and took a look back at his accomplice then left.

“So you let your uncle do you?”

I sat there shaking as he walked behind me.

I felt his hands on my shoulders. I jumped and tried in vain to shrug him off. He moaned lustfully and his hands slipped into my blouse.

“Don’t!” I sobbed as he mauled roughly at my tits.

“Answer me then,” he said licking my neck.

I nodded frantically, hoping he would stop.

“Hey princess you ever had black dick?” he moaned still groping my breasts.

I nodded only slower.

“Yes, once,” I whispered praying I was saying the right thing.

I heard his heavy shoes move on the floorboards, and there he stood with a gigantic hard on! He grabbed my hair and pushed his thick, black, cock, in my mouth. I gagged as his enormous head made me choke. He pulled off as we heard the van come back. The door burst open and there stood the first man. His face was full of rage.

“Well dude?”

“He won’t pay. He said she’s more trouble than she’s worth!”

“NO!” I screamed.

“Get her in the bedroom. Let’s have some fun!”

I was cut loose and dragged upstairs. They both stood watching as I was made to strip everything off for them. I sobbed quietly as they pushed me onto the bed. The white man went first. He pushed himself into me. I cried out as he began fucking me.

“Please don’t kill me,” I cried softly into his ear.

“Your uncle doesn’t want you. But maybe you could live a little longer if you became our whore. How does that sound bitch?”

I screwed my eyes tight, and I nodded.

“Good girl the right option,” he snarled then dragged his tongue over my face.

He began stroking harder and faster. I just hoped I could cope long enough to find a way to escape. He shot his load grunting and hissing in my ear. He told me I belonged to him, and I was going to have to do everything he said.

“I will,” I sobbed in defeat.

I screamed with pain as the black man shoved hard into me. I had never had a cock that big inside of me before, apart from Clive. My fanny stretched to new limits. He was as rough as the other man, who was now watching my body being abused again. I felt lips on my neck as I tried my best to cope with the pain between my legs. The lips began sucking hard on my soft skin. I knew the love bite would last for days. He grunted and groaned. He hadn’t been fucking me very long, but I was sure that in the near future, he would take his time to maximise my humiliation. When he pulled out I felt something canlı poker oyna being pushed into my poor cunt. It wasn’t a cock, it was too soft. I sat up and there was the white man ramming my pantyhose right up me! I felt his finger pushing into my fanny, making sure they went as deep as he could get them. It felt strange and all through my years of playing with tights I had never done this to myself before. I was tied to the bed and the light went out. They had gone downstairs, leaving me to cry the night away, strangely comforted by the ball of nylon between my legs, which stopped my fanny leaking spunk!

I awoke in the early hours, to see the two men stood over me. I panicked pulling my bound wrists.

“We have to move before someone comes looking for you,” the white man said.

I felt a couple of fingers pulling the nylon out of my sticky pussy. I shuddered as the tights slowly left me one leg at a time. The white man untied my wrists and I sat up rubbing them.

“Put them on scrubber,” the black man said holding them under my nose.

I looked shocked at his order. My eyes trailed up the sopping spunk stained tights. I watched the black man hold them to his nose and he sniffed twice. He moved them away screwing his face up.

“Hey fishy fanny, I bet all the cats in the neighbourhood can smell your stinky twat,” he chuckled and pressed them against my face.

The white man smirked as I tried to pull away. God they smelt very fishy, and they felt damp and sticky.

“Come on we can’t fuck about, get dressed,” the white man ordered.

“I don’t want to wear them, please don’t make me,” I mumbled already knowing the answer.

As I put my foot in the cold damp tights I shuddered. When I pulled them up my legs I could feel some areas worse than others, wet, cold, sticky, and dry. The white patches covered my legs as I looked down. I shuddered with repulsion at my own legs, or the feeling of the pantyhose, that once gave me so much pleasure. I put on the rest of my clothes, they looked ridiculous now, my schoolgirl uniform on a women nearly thirty years old! I was sandwiched between the two men in the front of the van. The black man flicked the hem of my schoolgirl grey pleated skirt up. I had to keep it up exposing my fanny under the nylon tights all the way on our journey.

“God you stink!” the white man spat as he rolled down the window.

I lowered my head in shame as the black man laughed at me. I saw the mess my tights were in. Spunk patches, and wet horrid stains all over my thighs!

The dark early morning sky had begun to lighten a little. I guessed it was around 5.30 now. I was still shaking a little as we went back to London. I didn’t know where we were, but seeing the city again eased my mind a little. I tried to pull my hem down a little at a time. The black man noticed and got angry. I pulled it back up hoping to appease him. He seemed to know this.

“Not good enough babe,” he snapped.

I felt him undo a button on my blouse. He pulled the left side of my see-through blouse under my left breast, so the whole of my left tit was exposed. As we drove on several drivers coming towards us noticed. Some looked shocked, others grinned, and the sick ones tooted their car horns! We pulled up in a street and they dragged me into the back of the van. I couldn’t work out what they wanted. I saw two cocks being pulled and after several minutes two big loads of white spunk splattered on my feet and legs! I was given a piece of paper and the white man pointed to a shop about 50 yards down the road. My mouth dropped open as he explained what I had to do.

I could feel the cold breeze on my exposed tit and nipple as I walked shaking down the street. Even the spunk stains on my tights felt colder out in the fresh air! So there I was out in public, a 29 year old woman dressed as a schoolgirl! My tiny skirt that barely covered my ass and pussy, my see-through white blouse that had been opened to let my left tit hang out, and my 6 inch stiletto heeled court shoes clacking along the pavement! 10 yards from the shop a middle-aged man cycled towards me. He had already heard my heels echoing round the empty street. His eyes had focused on my breast and huge erect nipple.

“Hello darling, been out fucking all night!” he spat with a nasty tone.

I cringed as he leered at my bouncing tit.

“God look at all that spunk over your tights you dirty slag!”

I pushed hard on the shop door, even though it had closed on it. I went from one leering set of eyes to another. The owner of these was internet casino a 60 something Pakistani man.

He just grinned at me and took the note from my trembling fingers.

“You cannot pay?”

I shook my head. His cock was already out and hard as he came from behind the counter. He picked a few items on the list, putting them into a carrier bag. He eyed my body from time to time.

“Is that fresh seed on your legs?”

I nodded feeling my legs shaking, and my red eyes watering.

“Condoms, large?”

I closed my eyes knowing the response I had to give him.

“M, my boyfriend is very, b, big,” I stammered thickly.

He licked his lips.

“And you take him up your cunt, like a white slut!”

“Yes whenever he wants, me,” I blurted out.

He slipped the condoms into the bag.

“You have to get the magazine from the top shelf. Use the steps,” he said panting.

My eyes flicked through the many porn magazines, until I spotted the title that had been written on the paper. He was close behind me as I climbed 3 steps up the ladder. I felt his lips kissing up my skirt right on the crack of my ass. I grabbed the porn book feeling his cock on the back of my tights. His wet tongue pushed my tights into my ass, and a finger wriggled slowly in my pussy.

“Such a pretty ass,” he groaned.

I stayed up the ladder for the next 2 minutes, as he forced the nylon into my ass and cunt. I closed my eyes, feeling repulsion at being treated like a whore! He moaned and groaned as my silent tears stained my exposed breast. He began to grunt and strain, as I felt his hot spunk splatter on the backs of my nylon clad legs.

I quickly moved down the steps as he backed away. I rammed the magazine into the bag and rushed to the door as fast as my 6 inch heels would let me. Back out on the street I had another shock. It had become very light now. I could hear more traffic down the end of the street. I cursed my heels for clacking as I rushed towards the van. My tit was now bouncing in a more exaggerated fashion due to my haste. I could hear a car behind me; I knew it had slowed down. I was only half way to the van as the horn blew. I jumped but kept my eyes focused ahead. That’s when I saw the two men off to work I assumed. They had just passed the van and I was already the centre of their attention. They looked shocked at my appearance. I could feel spunk trickling down my tights from all three men. It wasn’t until they passed me I heard one call me a sexy tart! I rushed on, and then I saw a woman coming towards me. She looked to be in her fifties and a real fat battle axe type. She was already looking down her nose at me.

“You slut, you give women a bad name!” she hissed.

I felt her spit land on my face as we passed. I was crying as I reached the van. A car driver whistled at me as he passed. The black man got out and I rushed into the centre seat of the van. I wiped the spit from my face.

“You OK?” the black man asked.

“Just get in we’ve got to go,” I snapped.

I took the black man to the doorstep and dropped to my knees. I slobbered on his cock until he choked me with hot cum. I licked him clean and gave his cock a long slurping kiss! I tucked him away and did up his flies.

“Think about what I said,” I whispered so the other man couldn’t hear.

He nodded.

“See you Alan,” he called back into the house.

“By Clive,” my uncle called back.

I smiled at Clive hoping he would help.


OK I bet most of you guessed but I’m sure not all of you did. Once a month for the last year my stepfather (mum and Clive are still married) has been visiting for a little fun with my uncle and I. The farm house is his, well its closer to Farnborough where he works at his clinic. The Pakistani in the shop is an acquaintance of my uncle; he really is sweet but a dirty old man all the same. He’s had me a few times now. He loves sticking his gross little tongue up my ass! And as for the people in the street who knows? But I bet they loved seeing a sexy tart like me that time of the morning, a part from that fat cow! My uncle likes his favourite niece being helpless, and so do I! And the pantyhose stuffing, that was great too!


I curled up next to my uncle after taking a long bath. We talked about the night’s events, and Clive’s stupid fake accent that I could hardly keep from laughing at. My uncle slipped between my legs, and fucked me hard.

“What are you doing?” he asked afterwards.

I pushed a fresh pair of tights up my soaked fanny.

“I thought you might like me to wear them later,” I replied with a sexy grin.

He smiled back and we cuddled, and then we slept until lunch time.