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JUGSSam Stone unlocked the front door of the juke joint he owned along with his brother, Paul. The club was basically an old two-story farmhouse that had been converted for commercial use. It sat on the outskirts of a mid-size town in Mississippi. It was called JUGS. More than 90-percent of the patrons were Black men. All of the front of house staff were white women with big titties. Sam & Paul hired no one that had less than a D-cup.JUGS had decent food and good drinks. There were usually games of dominoes and blackjack going on in one of the private rooms. Of course, people were gambling on it i*****lly. Upstairs, there were some beds. The customers would pick one of the waitresses to fuck. The fee was fifty for twenty-five minutes or $75 for forty-five minutes. The girl and the house split it 60/40. Sam & Paul were unconcerned by the possibilities of being caught or prosecuted. Their business attracted men from up to 60 miles away. There cleintele were from all walks of life – doctors, ex-cons, mailmen, janitors, lawyers, d**g dealers, factory workers, cops, and so on. Many of the customers were married; most had girlfriends at least. A substantial amount had both a wife and a side chick. It was the last Thursday of the month. This meant it was amateur night. Sam’s 23 year-old son had come up with the idea. He set up a website were ladies could submit a picture and be selected to serve as temporary hostesses. If they were picked, they would donne a JUGS uniform and work the room. Only 5 slots were available each month. A girl could not be chosen more than once in twelve months. If the woman had great ratings and brought in lots of tips, she could be offered a position on the staff.Sam heard a car outside. He stopped setting up and walked to the window. It was the red 2013 Toyota Corolla belonging to Kathy Birch. She was a bartender. She was a little over 40 with nice 36DD boobs. She sashayed inside the club and Sam met her with a grin. He followed her up the stairs as she methodically removed her green tank top and denim miniskirt.Sam pulled out his 8-inch dick and Kathy began to suck it. He played tokat escort with her mounds. He pushed her onto the bed and slid inside of her tight pussy. The five-foot-ten-inch, two-hundred-pound, dark-skinned man hammered with all his might.”Take this dick, bitch,” Sam yelled.”Yes, sir,” cried Kathy.”Pussy feels good,” the twice divorced father of three barked as he massaged the lady’s tatas.”Oh! Ohhhh! I love that big Black cock!””Yeah, baby doll!”Sam nutted hard after ten minutes.Kathy headed downstairs to get ready for the evening.Most of the other workers were now arriving. The waitresses and bartenders wore the usual JUGS uniform. It consisted of a red plaid schoolgirl skirt, black fishnet stockings, black 3-inch Mary Jane heels, and a pair of beer-stein-looking pasties to cover their nipples.In the kitchen, Sam’s son, Tavares, was going over the rules with the amateur hostesses that had shown up. Of the five chosen, three actually came through on their promise to arrive. There was Snow. She had a set of big fake tits. They were 40F to be exact. She had brunette hair. She wore a purple spandex minidress. The next was Amber. She was a bit of a BBW and super pretty with her blonde hair in pigtails. Her breasts were natural and 42DD. She had on a red bodystocking and hot pink high heels. Tavares salivated. He then instructed Amber to pull her tits out and put on the pasties everyone else wore. He knew she would be a favorite. The final girl was Tiffany. She was a sexy bitch as well. She was built like a dream 34D-26-32. Tiffany’s brown hair and big brown eyes were intoxicating. Tavares instructed them on how the evening would go. All three seemed eager to start.By 10:00 p.m., JUGS was packed. There were games of bones and blackjack happening. Two of the waitresses were off the floor being dicked down by happy bruthas. The smell of weed permeated the main floor. The sound of the racked balls breaking on the pool table were muffled by the music playing.Amber had been snagged early on by a party of four. They were buying her drinks. She had also smoked a bit of their loud. The dudes were from escort tokat the next town over. The ring leader was Justin. He was a six-foot-two-inch, one-hundred-seventy-pound, brown-skinned man. In his 26 years, he had managed to avoid jail even though he sold all manner of d**gs. His main chick was a Black woman – and she was hot. He had a thing for banging fat white girls on the side.Justin said, “Amber, let’s go upstairs.””Yes sir,” the five-foot-nine, chubby girl replied.The two of them walked over to the stairs. Chuck, one of the bouncers, glared at them and held out his hand. Justin forked over fifty bucks. They were allowed to ascend the stairs. Amber fell to her knees. She pulled out Justin’s long, ten-inch dick. She sucked it mightily.Justin groaned, “Hell yeah!”Slobber ran down the long shaft. Amber massaged his nut sack as she delivered the blowjob. At that moment, the thug decided he wanted to fuck her all night. He grabbed her ponytails and lifted her onto the rickety bed. It squeaked as her big ass plopped on it.Justin flipped her over. He went in from the back. He shoved his hefty meat stick in and out of her with no regard for how she might feel.Amber hollered, “Fuck me, baby!””You like dis big dick, bitch,” the skinny aggressor checked.”Yes I do!””Good, bitch! Take mah nigga dick den!”Justin and Amber went over the twenty-five minute limit. So, they heard a loud knock on the door. Justin jumped up and said, “Let’s go to yo house so we can finish dis shit.” Amber nodded.Justin dapped out with his friends and left three Benjamins on the table to help cover the night’s tab. He thanked Sam for a great evening and gave the proprietor another 100-dollar bill. Justin walked outside. As promised, Amber pulled around in her gold 2007 Kia Optima. He got in the car and Amber drove.They arrived at the trailer where Amber lived with her slightly younger brother. When they walked in, the guy was still awake watching a movie. Justin looked annoyed, but Amber made everything better by asking if they all wanted some Jell-O shots. The answer from both men was a resounding yes.An hour later, tokat escort bayan Amber was passed out on the couch.Justin was wide awake and horny. He was kept company by Keegan, Amber’s brother. Keegan was 22 years old. He was just over five-feet-ten and had wavy brown hair. He looked a lot like his sister in the face. He weighed around one-hundred-thirty pounds. His eyes were big and green. Justin stared at Keegan. “Y’all got beer,” the thug asked.”Yes, sir,” the community college student answered eagerly.Keegan returned with a can of Bud Light. Justin popped the top and downed it quickly.”Why you got dem li’l ass shorts on,” the guest asked.”I just lounge in them,” the white boi replied.”It look like you wanna get fucked to me,” the inebriated Black man said.”I do,” Keegan confirmed.”Dat’s wassup. I ain’t had no fag booty in a minute.””Really? Why not,” Keegan purred.”Bitch moved to New York.””Was he a good fuck?””Hell yeah. Cute chocolate femme.””I’m a cute white femme. Is that cool?””Hell yeah, bitch! Come suck dis dick!”Keegan led Justin to his side of the trailer. Justin sat on the full size bed. Keegan unbuckled Justin’s jeans. The beautiful ten-inch prick was standing at full attention.”Ooh I like, baby,” Keegan shared.Justin remarked, “Dat’s yo nigga dick. Eat it up, faggit!”Keegan sucked away.Justin was ready to bang something.The thug stood up and grabbed Keegan’s hair in one motion. He threw the sissy bottom on the bed. He pulled the shorts down to Keegan’s knees. He admired the pretty pink pussy hole. He spat on it. Justin stroked his tool. Keegan reached for a jar of Vaseline. It fell on the floor. Justin pulled away and picked up the container. He stabbed his dick in the petroleum jelly. Then he pushed Keegan’s face into the mattress.”Take dis big nigga dick, faggit,” howled Justin.”Yeh-thur,” Keegan replied muffled by the bed.”Dis some good ass boi pussy! Ima fuck you all night.””Yes, daddy,” the white bitch had raised up to say. “Fuck my faggy twink boi booty hole!””Hell yeah! Oh shit, slut!””Im your bitch!””Damn straight, fag!!!!”Justin thrusted.Keegan panted.Justin spanked the lily white bottom boi.”I’m finna nut,” announced the visitor.”Give it to me, daddy,” wailed Keegan.”Ahhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Shit,” bellowed Justin.Justin hooked his arms around Keegan as he nutted. He held on to the bitch boi as he fell asleep.