Jolene , Steve

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Memorial Day: Jolene & Steve 2004

It was a year after college, they decided they’d meet up at the old party house. There were six of them, two of whom still lived there (Trent & Eric).

They went out to several bars that evening, hit them hard and drank a lot. They were all friends: Dave and Chelsea (together), Eric, Steve, Jolene and Trent. Steve had always been notorious for picking on Jolene, because she liked to sleep around. In fact, she’d given blow jobs to Dave and Trent.

Five of them left to go back to the house. Jolene stayed out. Jolene is about 5’4″ with 36 DD tits, they were very firm and she loved showing them off; she worked out about three time a week, wasn’t a gym-rat or over toned, but had a little flesh here and there. Before the five departed, Steve told Jolene that when she was ready to come back to the house that he’d go find her and walk her back.

He got the call about 1:30 in the morning, he left and found her. They walked back to the house, casually flirting and Steve egging Jolene on about who she was with and had she fooled around. She only blushed and giggled. They arrived at the house and most everyone had gone to bed. Dave and Chelsea were going to share the living room with Jolene and Steve that night.

The four were joking around and Jolene had made a comment that her blow jobs were so good – Dave chimed back that they were so good, in fact, that he had fallen asleep during one of them. They all laughed.

The bathroom was occupied and so Steve went to go take a piss on the back lawn of the quiet corner lot. Jolene went out for a cigarette. He looked over his shoulder as she lit the cigarette between her red-lips and how she inhaled and then exhaled the smoke – he watched her lips purse out. Jolene noticed.

“Perv,” she simply said.

“Says the one staring at my cock while I’m pissing.”

“Ain’t much of a cock.”

“I’ll take you’re word for it, you’ve had your fair share.” Steve pivoted so she could see more of his meat. Her eyes darted down watching his dick jet out the last few streams of piss.

Steve walked back up to the deck and sat next to Jolene. They looked in the house and say that Dave and Chelsea were still awake watching TV.

“So, Jo, did you finally seduce the bartender?” Steven nonchalantly said.

“Yes,” Jolene gushed and waved her eyelashes.

“Good for you, you’ve been wanting his hog for awhile, now, no?”

“Yes,” she confessed “What I can I say, he liked my tits.” She winked.

“Who doesn’t like your Boobs, Jo?” Thinking about them himself, Steve shifted has the conversation and the thought of her bare tits was starting to give him a chub.

“You just like hearing about me fucking, Steve, admit it.”

“It’s entertaining and it gives me some ammo to pick on you.” Steve got up and went to go piss again – he wasn’t really, he just needed to get out of that situation before his drunk lips got him in too deep.

“Let’s see it again!” Jolene hissed from the porch.

Steve had his dick out and turned to his profile, giving Jolene a good look at his semi-hard dick.

“Are you using Mircale-Gro?” She laughed.

He poker oyna tucked his pecker back into his pants, smiled and walked up to Jolene who was finishing her cigarette. Jolene didn’t mind the half-Irish man coming to sit next to her. She loved flirting with the 5’9 175 pound muscular Mick.

He sat next to her, the Spring night a bit cool, their bodies touched against one another and the casually chatted. The TV was still on in the living room. To be warmer Steve but his arm around the cock-monger. Jolene didn’t complain. She caught him staring at her tits.

“Feel them,” she half-dared, “everyone else has.” Steve needed the extra encouragement. With any other girl, he would have already had her – but this was a long-time friend (even though she was a bit of slut).

He reached up, grasping her breast, squeezing hard, he closed his eyes reveling at how firm they were for such big jugs.

“Nice, huh?” she egged him on.

He came out of his trance. “Yup.”

She placed her hand on his lap. They both looked inside and realized that they’d be heard by Dave and Chelsea if the petting got heavy.

They went out to the yard and Steve pressed Jo up against a tree and was kissing her, tasting her cigarette tongue… and perhaps a hint of the dick she’d sucked earlier. He was hot with lust, he didn’t care. His hand went to her pants, and unzipped them. He went toward her panty-clad cunt which was dampening with every second. His expert hands quickly found her clit as she sucked on his neck and ear.

Jolene wiggled out of her pants, Steve helped pull them down to her ankles. He went down and kissed her thighs and up to her mound. He removed her panties in the same fashion. And kissed the top of her pubes, noticing that some of them were lightly matted, but he didn’t think anything of it. He darted his tongue in, flicking her clit lightly. She purred.

He turned and she leaned on the tree, bent at the hip – her ass hanging out in the air. He buried his face in cunt, shoving his tongue up her hole and reaching around with his fingers and circling them around her clit, his nose was touching her pungent, but smooth asshole – his cock rock hard in his pants. He was licking her hard and she was getting off. Steve could taste her fluids, they were thicker than normal.

“Oh fuck, eat that pussy.”

He obliged and ate her to another quick orgasm. She was getting close to her third.

“Ugh, taste that shit, Steve? That’s the bartender’s cum in my cunt.” She hissed domineeringly.

He should have stopped, but it just urged him on further.

“You’re a bitch, Steve.” Jolene said, grinding her pussy into his face. “Clean that cum out of me.”

He obliged lapping the semen and pussy juice from her and rocking her to another orgasm.

They were exhausted, his jaw hurt. He came up smiling. It was nearing 4am. They pulled up her pants and cleaned up. And starting back into the house.

Chelsea had opened up the door and was calling out for them.

“Where were you two?”

“We just went to walk off some of the buzz.” Jolene quickly lied.

The next morning they departed without any mention of the event.

PART canlı poker oyna II: Two years later… at a bar…

Steve had since been in a long term relationship that soured. Jolene had done her normal thing with occasional hooking up. They’d met for beers every few months, never speaking of their encounter, but both remembering it and masturbating to it every now and again.

Jolene lived downtown in a small city and her roommate has just moved out, leaving her with the burden of the lease.

“Well, why don’t I just move in with you?” Steve said “I’m clean and just had to sell the condo, so I need to live somewhere.” He joked.

Jolene didn’t think about it long.

“Just to warn you, though, Steve, I don’t wear too much around the apartment.”

“Cock tease.” He laughed…

He moved in the next week into her two-bedroom 850 sq feet apartment. They had different schedules and didn’t see each other too much in those first few days.

But Steve heard her come home Friday night at 12am, giggling and a bit tipsy with a male companion.

Their rooms were next to each other. Steve heard them go into her bedroom and getting onto her squeaky bed. He lay still in his bed, wide awake, listening to them groan and her moan. He felt her bed bumping the wall behind him. He smiled and muttered to himself, “Oh, Jolene.”

They picked up the pace and you could hear Jolene panting and begging for cock, “Fuck me with that big dick.” There was a grunt from the man and Jolene screamed with ecstacy.

Within five minutes there was an audible ‘Zip’ and shoes walking through the living room and then a door shutting.

Steve got up, a chub in his pants, and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water.

A moment later, Jolene came out of her bedroom, naked, and went to the bathroom, not even noticing Steve. She cleaned up and came back out.

Seeing a shirtless Steve with his broad chest, defined shoulders and sightly toned stomach, she jumped a little, giving out a little shriek.

“Crap! I hadn’t seen you all week and had forgot that you moved in.” She tried to pawn that story off on Steve.

“No you didn’t, Jo. And by the way, you’re naked, hun.” He cracked a smile looking at her bare breasts and freshly fucked cunt.

At first she was embarrassed, but then retorted,”Nothing you haven’t seen before.”

“Not all at once.” Steve quipped.

Jolene went and threw on some sweats. The both sat on the worn, brown leather couch at opposite ends talking.

Breaking the silence, “He was black and his cock was pretty big; I couldn’t help myself.”

“Haha, nice. I bet you liked that.”

“You couldn’t tell?” She jested.

“I think everyone in the complex knows.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, I think they all know I’m a bit of a tramp.” She smiled. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

“Don’t lie, you wanted me to hear you. Admit it.”

“I won’t deny it, it’s hot knowing that you’re listening to me getting fucked, makes me cum harder. Like that time you ate me in the backyard, you remember that, right?”

“Yeah, I’m quite sure you owe me an orgasm.”

Jolene giggled, “Nah’, that’s internet casino expired by now. You only have a few days to cash that in. Rub my feet.”

Steve grabbed them and rubbed as he was told. Jolene knew he was more of a submissive then he’d ever admit. Jolene laid back knowing she’d have fun with Steve over the next several months.

“So did that hurt your pussy, or are you used to big ones.” Steve inquired.

“Not too much, hurt my ass more to tell you the truth.” She looked up at Steve who gulped a bit. She took the foot her was rubbing and grinded it into his crotch. “You like that, huh? That’s where he came, in my ass. There’s still some in there if you want a midnight snack.” She joked assertively.

“I’m ok,” Steve anxiously replied.

“Don’t act like you don’t want it,” Jolene exclaimed. “Remember you at the bartender’s cum from me before.” She pushed her foot into his crotch more forcefully and then added, “Eat my ass, Bitch.”

Steve was much better at responding to this command. Jolene got onto all fours and pulled down her sweats. Steve spread her ass checks, still warm from a light spanking and he rimmed her loose asshole that smelled like cock and ass. He went around with his tongue licking her smooth butthole. She purred enjoying how gentle he was, but whores don’t always like it gentle and she needed to make Steve feel more like her bitch, which he was slowly becoming.

She pushed him down to the floor and squatted over his face, reverse cow-girl style, pushing her bunghole into his face. His tongue slid in deep, finding the black man’s big load deposited deep in her hole.

Jolene grasped Steve’s 6″ cock through his pants and lightly jerked him off. She squeezed her ass muscles forcing some of the cum out and down his throat.

“Mmm, clean up that ass pie, Steve. Eat his cum that came from his much bigger dick and balls.” Jolene started frigging herself with her free hand, building to a slow orgasm. “You love eating cum out of me, don’t you, Steve?”

He mumbled something.

“I’ll take that as a ‘yes’.” She said. “You like listening to me get fucked by big cocks, you like listening to me moan and scream and the men grunt as they shoot their loads in me. Don’t you?”

“MMMeaaass.” Is all that Steve can get out, to concentrated at getting the cum from Jolene’s loose asshole.

She bends down, getting into a 69 and places his dick in her mouth. Steve’s balls twitch. She bobs her expert lips and tongue over his dick, sucking him in and out and playing with his balls and placing a finger on his little, puckered anus. He wiggles beneath and continues to feast on her butt and then her cunt.

“Cum in my mouth, Bitch.” Jolene says.

She locks her lips around his cockhead and jerks his shaft into her mouth. He unloads and fills her mouth full of thick, white cum. The oral expert doesn’t miss a drop. She turns around to face Steve who is still under her and kisses him deeply, pushing his cum into his mouth. It’s a mixture of flavors, her cigarettes, the black guy’s cock, his cock and salty, bitter cum. He drinks it in and she watches, he pussy gleaming wet.

“You’ll do as I say, cum whore, or I’ll tell everyone what a bitch you are.”

Steve’s semi-hard shlong twitches as she says this. He nods his head in agreement.

“Cum eater.” Jolene whispers into Steve’s ear as they both fall asleep on the living room floor.