Joan Ch. 01

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All the Jo stories are based on fact with very little embellishment to enhance the story.

Chapter 01: Young Blood

When Jo and I first got together we were both getting over marriage break-ups mine was amicable and friendly hers was not

We were friends before we were lovers so I knew that her marriage had been a farce. Dominant husband whose idea of sex was climb on, pump, and climb off, always in missionary. To be honest as I was 13 years older than her, I never thought anything would happen between us.

Jo knew there was more to sex than she had experienced and once we got together, she found out that there was. I introduced her to oral and she loved it, she took to sucking cock like a duck to water. We tried every position we could think of, had sex outdoors, in public, anywhere and anytime. It depended on our mood; and it could be at an instants notice.

We would drive around naked, going down the motorway until we came across a van or lorry and then she would go down on me, opening her legs in the window for the drivers to see, she loved it and wanted to try everything, she revelled in it.

The young girl across the road had been going out with this 18-year-old boy Jamie, but they had recently broken up because he was always with his two mates Craig 19 and Matt who was just recently 18, very quiet and immature. As the girl was our baby sitter, the boys had spent a lot of time in our house so when they split up all three would still come round with some cans of beer and spend the evening drinking. Often they would stay over but they knew what we were like and knew that if we disappeared for a while we were having a quick fuck.

It was summer and for once, very hot. The lads were round as usual and we had been drinking and chatting for a while. As it was so warm, Jo was dressed in a thin top and short skirt. She did not wear a bra much these days as I was always ripping it off, and when we were home, she did not wear pants either. As I cut most of them off as well.

“You know they fancy you don’t you?” I said. I walked into the kitchen to get more beers and Jo followed me.

“Mm,” she said, “I know.”

She started running her hands over my bollocks so I spun her round and lifted her dress up ramming my hard cock into her right in front of the window. Hearing a noise I stopped but didn’t pull away,

“Oh! Sorry.” Craig said, dashing away.

We burst into laughter, which rather ruined the moment so we returned to the garden. It was obvious that Craig had told them what he had seen as silence, bowed heads and silly giggles greeted us.

“Ok so we were having it off in the kitchen, we don’t only use the bedroom,” I said, “in fact rarely ever.” and laughed.

The thought of being caught had really turned Jo on. While not being too outrageous she did let them see more of her than she usually did, even changing her top for one more revealing, her skirt was revealing enough. Whatever Jo wore would be a turn on, she was a slim a size 10 but she had an aura about her and the way her hips moved used to drive me wild, I loved walking behind her and knew the lads did as well, I told her as much many times.

After a while she took my hand and said, “You’ll have to excuse us boys we have some unfinished business.”

This time we went into the bedroom and Jo made a point of leaving the door ajar. She wasted no time getting on all fours facing the door, “Fuck me. Hard.” She said.

I never needed telling twice and rammed up her wet pussy, “That turned you on didn’t it? Craig walking in.”

“Yes it did but not as much as them knowing we were fucking in the kitchen.” she replied, reaching for my balls

I could tell she was close to orgasm already. “So what would you do if they walked in here right now? Eh what would you do?”

“Fuck you bastard. What do you think?”

“You tell me. It is you they want not me. What would you do if they stood at the end of the bed right now?”

“I would suck them off. I would suck them all.” she shouted loudly. “Arrrgh yes I’m coming ohh yes, ohhhhh.”

That was all she needed to throw her into her orgasm. Loud and rampant like I had never seen her before, her eyes never leaving the door. The thought of them with there cocks in her mouth, and hearing her shout it aloud made me come hot and steaming into that swollen cunt.

As we uncoupled she said, “And what would you have done if I had?” Looking at me a little unsure.

“Me? I would have enjoyed every minute of it.”

She smiled broadly “Really. You wouldn’t get angry or anything?”

“You know what I’m like. Anything goes as long as all parties agree, and I mean anything.”

We went downstairs and back into the garden. Jo flopped down in a chair, legs out in front slightly spread, her dress leaving nothing to the imagination. “I needed that.” she said, and they all gave out a nervous laugh.

They relaxed after I handed out the beers, as if it was an everyday occurrence that a woman screams poker oyna she wants some boys cock to suck. As it got colder we went inside. The boys sat on the settee while Jo and I took the armchairs. The conversation was highly charged, with lots of sexual innuendo, and if the sexual side flagged, Jo or I would recharge it, mostly her. I was glad we had plenty of beers in the fridge.

“I think we better tone things down a little, I think you’re turning them on.” I could see semi erect dicks pushing at jeans.

“No we’re not.” Craig said, rather too quickly. “You and Jo are mates.” He went bright red.

“Oh!” Joe said. “So if I whipped my top off it wouldn’t matter to you three then?” she had a huge smile on her face.

“No, nno it wouldn’t.” Craig stammered. Not quite so sure now. The others looked on shaking there heads from side to side ,but not with very much conviction.

“That’s ok then.” Jo whipped her top off. She stood there letting them gaze at those hard firm tits mounted by swollen nipples, a huge smile on her face.

In unison their eyes went wide staring in shock. Jo moved over and sat on Craig’s lap, lifted her feet up on to Jamie and reached back and brushed Matt’s cheek.

“It’s so nice that they don’t see me in that light. Isn’t it Mike? So nice to know they couldn’t fancy me?” With that she lay across the three of them looking at me.

“No it’s not that.” Craig said. “Oh shit.”

“No no not….” This from Matt

“It’s just that, well your…. Oh fuck.” Jamie said. They all had there hands in the air, not daring to touch, not so much worried about Jo, more about me.

“Don’t be cruel Jo.” I said. “Don’t tease them. And if she does, and it was me, my hands would be all over her to teach her a bloody lesson.”

“Michael! How could you? Offering me to these poor boys in such a way.”

“Me! You cheeky cow. I’m not the one spread across them half naked. I’m just saying if I was over there I would take what I could get till you said stop. If you said stop.” I laughed.

She turned round and straddled Craig, her tits only inches from his face, she leaned across to Jamie and stroked his face rubbing her tit against Craig’s face. Leaning the other way she did the same to Matt. Still no one made a grab, she reached either side and taking one of Jamie’s and one of Matt’s hands, put them on her tits, looking Craig in the eyes smiling, she moved there hands in circles and when she let them go they stayed there.

A collective sigh seemed to hit the air, Craig started running his hand up her legs. She reached out and taking Matt and Jamie by there hair pulled them toward her tit’s. Now they knew what to do, they took her in there mouths. Visibly shaking, Craig reached her pussy; slowly she pulled away from them. Walked back to her seat and sat down, a huge grin on her face.

“Mmmm that was nice. I can see you three enjoyed it.” She smiled

“Did you get to her knickers then Craig?” I asked.

“No! She hasn’t got any on.” He said, embarrassed.

The others seemed to turn day glow. For the next hour Jo teased them relentlessly. The conversation was blatantly sexual between us, while the boys would drop in the occasional sexual comment. When it was time for them to leave Jo got up, once at the front door she said, “Say goodnight then.”

She thrust her tits forward. This time they didn’t need encouragement all hands went to her tits and one went down to her pussy. She leaned against the wall for a moment eyes closed while they touched there fill. Then she stood up, kissed each of them on the lips and shuffled them out making sure no one outside saw she was almost naked. She grabbed my hand and led me into the living room.

“For fuck’s sake shag me.” She was so turned on she was shaking all over.

I bent her over and lifted her skirt. I didn’t ram it in because I knew that was what she wanted. Instead I rattled the entrance, banging my erection on her clit before sliding slowly into her, then out again, bang the clit and slowly in. She was shaking more violently and stumbled forward catching herself at the window, I rammed it in hard “Arrrrrghhhhhh, yes,” she screamed, “Ohh yes do it. Fuck it hard.”

Her head was almost out the window, which was wide open, with another push she was out. Only her head, but the cold night air hit her full in the face. She was still moaning loudly when I noticed a movement in the bedroom of the house opposite, I pushed Jo further out the window and told her she was being watched, she looked up as a man appeared in the opposite window naked. “Ohhhh yes, here look at these.” she offered her tit’s up with her hands.

Her moaning got louder and, knowing she was being watched pushed her over the edge into orgasm.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna come. Ohh yes, Ohhhhh yes Arrrgh Hmmmmm.” Moaning out loud and with lots of thrusting back onto my erection her orgasm shuddered through her body.

I felt my orgasm rising, third time today, powerful. “Arrrgnnnnn, oh canlı poker oyna yes he’s watching me spunk into your cunt bitch. Give him a wave.”

She waved, doing her best not to fall, he waved back. As I finished coming she climbed out the window and pulled me through. Sitting me down she took me in her mouth. Making sure he could see she took me in deep and slow so he could catch every move. After a few minutes, she stood up, dropped her skirt and spreading her legs, bent down and picked it up. Then she flounced back into the house smiling at me as she passed. We went up to bed and curled up together we chatted about what had happened.

“So why did you do it? The boys I mean.”

“Hmmm, well, it’s alright you saying it’s ok. But it could be a different matter when you see someone groping me.”

“And now that you’ve done it?”

“You loved it, I was watching you, you loved every minute of it. I reckon you were hoping for a bit more.”

“I expected nothing. I told you and them. You go as far as you want. When you say enough, then it stops.”

“So if I had fucked them right there in front of you. What would you have done?”

“Oh I love you. I would have waited to be invited to join in. If you didn’t invite me, I would have watched. If you had taken them upstairs I would have waited here. Your in control of what happens to your body and who it happens with.”

“Hmmm, that could be interesting, I might test you on that.” she laughed. With that we snuggled up together and fell asleep.

All the next day Jo was in a strange mood. Dressed as usual, short skirt low cut top and nothing else. She teased, but no sex, which for us was extremely unusual. We stocked up with beers and about 7.30 pm, the boy’s turned up. I let them in and Jo welcomed them, putting her arms around each one and giving them a sensuous body rubbing kiss. Once she had welcomed them all she leaned against the wall and said,

“So boy’s what about last night? Do you still only look at me in that ‘mates’ way now?”

She spread her arms wide, beckoning them to her. Slowly the three of them moved in, Jamie and Matt on her tits and Craig, moving in and kissing her, slowly moving his hands up her skirt. This time he got a good feel before she moved away.

“I am going for a bath. Give them a beer and come up in five minutes.”

She kissed me and went upstairs. I smiled at her then went into the kitchen; I grabbed the beers walking into the living room and offered them around. They all sat on the settee, quiet, tense, not knowing what to say or do.

“What’s the matter guy’s? You look worried about something. I thought you would be looking forward to this evening’s entertainment.”

Not one of them said a word. They looked at each other and then at the floor. “Come on guys tell me or ask me. Whatever it is I will be honest and give you a straight answer.”

Still nothing “Ok!” I said, “Is it me?”

They looked at each other and Craig said, “Well yeah. Why would you let it happen? She’s your girlfriend. She’s gorgeous but she’s with you.”

“Well let me make it plain to you so you can relax and enjoy her shall I? Jo is my partner, not my property. She is free to do who, and what she wants, and if that is you three then so be it. She doe is it with my blessing and with my full knowledge and support. Me? I will sit and watch or join in. Whatever or whenever she wants. I will not go mad, in fact, I will enjoy every minute of it, whatever you do to her or for her she will wake up with me in the morning. Probably looking forward to the next time, so make the most of it while you can because believe me you will never meet a woman like her again as long as you live. Shall we drink to a great fucking time?”

I raised my glass and they slowly did the same. They seemed a little more relaxed but there was still some tension in the air. They found it hard to accept that I wouldn’t go mad until it was all over. “Right I have to go up and see her, back soon.”

I went upstairs and she was just getting out of the bath, I put my arms round her. “Are you sure about this?”

She looked up at me, “Do you mind? Really?”

“Is it what you want?” I asked.

“Ohh yes I am getting wet at the thought, but I don’t want to upset you. I don’t mind if you don’t want me too.”

“Well then we are of the same mind because I am getting wet at the thought as well. If it’s what you want to do then enjoy it. If you want me to join in then just say so. If you don’t then I won’t. I will enjoy it whatever.”

She smiled and reaching up kissing me passionately. “Give me two minutes and then send Matt up. When he comes down, I will tell him who to send next. I am going to enjoy myself with them. Then I am going to give you the best fucking you have ever had.” Another kiss and she went off into the bedroom.

When I entered the lounge, Jamie was pacing up and down, while Craig and Matt were sitting where I had left them. I said nothing until it was internet casino time for Matt to go up “Ok Matt you’re the lucky one to go first, you know where the bedroom is Enjoy.”

Matt was a very shy18 year old that was adamant that he had been with a couple of girls and left them wanting more. He was good in bed, he said.

This is how Jo said it happened

Matt went upstairs and poked his head round the door, Jo had put on a thin white negligee and was standing in front of the bedside light, the look on his face as he saw everything, was wonderful, I don’t think he had seen a naked girl in his life and definitely never a real woman.

Jo moved over to the door and took his hand, closing the door behind him. He was shaking so much he could hardly walk. She stood in front of him, and put his shaking hand on her tit. Then she kissed him. Sliding her tongue slowly into his mouth. His hand was kneading her tit freely now. Moving back slightly she undid the tie on her shoulder and let the negligee drop to the floor. His eyes followed it and then looked all over her body taking in her neatly trimmed pube’s. She lowered his head to her tit “Feel it, taste it, use you lips and tongue to tease it.”

She took his other hand and put it too her pussy, running it all over her mound and then opening her legs slightly, she slipped his finger into the damp slit. After a moment she moved around him and from behind ran her hands over his waist to his erection. He jumped slightly. Moving to his jeans she undid them and sliding her hands down his side took them down to his knees, she turned him around and pushed him onto the bed removing the jeans completely. Moving up the bed beside him she took his erection in her hand and rested her tit near his mouth, he needed no further encouragement, and he took it between his lips, fumbling with his hands at the other one, trying to be what he said he was. The great lover. She slowly moved off the bed and between his legs. She flicked her tongue around his crotch, flicking at his throbbing erection then slowly, very slowly, she took him in her mouth.

“Oh fuck.” he gasped

She took her time, and tried not to put on too much pressure as she knew it would not take long before he splattered his come into mouth. His breathing was erratic and his head was going up and down banging on the bed covers. She played with his balls and ran a hand up his body and over his chest. As he neared orgasm, he speeded up. She could taste his sweet virgin precum.

“Ohh, Ohh Ooooooh” he shot his load in her mouth “Oh I’m sorry.”

He tried to pull away. She held him to her and sucked every last drop out of him. Once he was siphoned off, she lay beside him, gently playing with his cock.

“Why were you sorry? It was good.”

“Oh yeah it was fucking great, but I didn’t last long and I couldn’t take it out.” he was almost in tears.

“I should think not.” she said. “Even Mike don’t last long when I suck him off. I love to swallow I just love the taste.”

A big smile “Really. Oh but that was great. I never thought it would be like that.” His excitement was obvious. She let him lay there for a few minutes playing with his limp dick then said, “Come on next one.”

He put his jeans on and followed Jo to the door, she gave him a long kiss and said, “Tell Jamie to come up.” He ran downstairs with a huge grin on his face, rushing into the lounge.

“Oh fucking hell. That was fucking brilliant. Jay she wants you next.” Excitedly he flopped down next to Craig smiling broadly.

Jamie had been pacing up and down non-stop all night, nervous, drinking, “Well don’t keep her waiting.” I said, handing Matt a beer. “Welcome to the Jo club Matt.”

Jamie went upstairs. Older than Matt Jamie was a good-looking lad who was very popular with the girls. They followed him everywhere, according to him he had had sex with at least six and an older woman as well, he knew everything.

He popped his head round the corner and Jo was standing as she was for Matt. The light behind her showing all. She held out her hand so he went in and closed the door behind him, moving to take her hand in his. She put his hand to her tit and kissed him long and sensuous. His hand fumbled like it did not know what to do, he did not move his mouth in the kiss and his breathing was in panic. Thinking he was about to come in his pants she moved behind him and undone his jeans much the same as with Matt, dropping them to the floor. Moving in front of him she slipped off the negligee and let him gaze on her naked body, eyes popped and chin dropped, he was shaking like a leaf almost collapsing. She kissed him again and took his hand and ran it over her pussy, which was getting wetter for each visitor. His hand dropped, she turned him round and lay him on the bed removing his jeans. Slowly she moved up his body until she reached his cock, laying soft, against his belly, she played with him and then took him in her mouth, she worked for some time without success.

Jo moved up and saw that he was crying softly “Come on I need a fag.” Shelit one for herself and handed Jamie one as she moved up the bed to sit on the pillows.

“I’m sorry It’s not that I don’t want to or anything it’s just…..”