Jim’s Mowing

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My partner Krissy & I live a busy lifestyle so we often get additional help around the house when time is tight. You know, a person who comes to do the washing & ironing, home handy men etc.

Once a month we get our lawns mowed by Jim’s mowing, the guy is a rather nice, almost due to retire gentleman. It was an unusually warm Autumn day and Krissy answered the knock at the door expecting to find “Jim”, she was rather gob-smacked to find a much younger man in a Jim’s uniform smiling nicely at the door. Krissy was a little unsure of what was happening until Joel explained that he was helping his dad out during a busy time. He said don’t worry as he was very experienced and guaranteed that she would be completely satisfied by his service! Krissy accepted this comment, (smiling to herself at the double meaning) then showed him what she wanted done, grass mowed, garden beds weeded etc. Joel promptly got to work!

It was still fairly early in the day and Krissy had to get ready to see a client after lunch, so she hopped into the shower and started getting ready. She was walking around the house with her hair in a towel and one wrapped around her body. She went to the kitchen to have some toast and realised that the lawn mower had stopped, a little curious she looked out and noticed that Joel had taken off his shirt and was busily raking up the grass. She enjoyed the view admiring his muscular arms, shoulders and near perfect stomach. She found her mind wondering and before long imagined Joel fully naked as she began to fantasise about the carnal pleasures she could have with him. She was just starting to feel a tingle down below when the toaster interrupted her thoughts.

In the meantime, Joel had noticed her looking at him through the window, and he subtly flexed his muscles just a little more than needed. He had been thinking about bedding this fine woman ever since he first laid eyes on her, he imagining what his cock would feel like as it pounding her pussy. The bulge in his pants a reaction to the thoughts going through his mind.

Half way through her orange juice Krissy heard a knock on the glass door, Joel was looking hot and sweaty, asking her for a cold drink, Krissy obliged and as she gave him the glass he brushed his fingers along her hand. This sent a tingle down her body making her blush a little. Krissy looked down and then noticed the bulge in Joel’s shorts. She smiled as she looked up realising that Joel had seen her looking at his cock. He then made his move, by grabbing her arm and saying cheekily “you better be careful because I may not be able to control his reaction to all your attention!” She smiled as she looked up at him opening her lips slightly. He leaned in for a kiss and soon they were devouring each others mouths. Tongues intertwined sending shards of lust through both their bodies.

Before long Krissy’s towel had dropped to the floor revealing her perfect C cup breasts, her nipples were hard and wanting some attention. She gently pushed Joel’s head down to her nipples and he began to gently nibble and tweak them with his tongue. Krissy let out a gasp as he bit lightly into her right nipple, the intensity of the bite sent a flood of pleasure through her body as she felt her pussy start to feel squishy. Joel then placed his hands around her hips and easily lifted her onto poker oyna the kitchen bench. He then knelt down again. Krissy knew what was going to happen next and the anticipation only heightened her feelings of pleasure as she spread her legs wide for Joel.

Joel, took a moment to admire her pussy, Krissy’s labia was engorged, her lips full and wanting to be licked. Joel, put his nose up against her mound and took a long sniff breathing in the smell of her sex. Teasing, he started to lick her inner thigh working his way toward her pussy. She squirmed toward his mouth eager to feel his tongue, but he then turned his head and repeated the process on the other leg, he then slowly and ever so gently licked each lip before running his tongue up the centre and gently flicking her clit. He did this 4 or times then suddenly plunged his tongue into her vagina, flicking around her opening then up to her clit. He licked it gently at first then harder with each lap.

Joel could feel the change in Krissy’s body as he worked his tongue. Her breathing became shallower, her hand on the back of his head as she started riding his mouth. He could smell and taste her juices which now covered his face. This made him even hornier and he could feel his cock now rock hard and yearning to be inside this female. He didn’t want to rush things and continued to savour her pussy. He began concentrating on her clit and slipped 2 fingers inside. He curled them up trying to find her g spot. Krissy moaned and wrapped her legs around his head. He then felt her body shudder as he sucked her clit into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue.

Krissy’s first orgasm was mind blowing as she felt her whole body shudder in pure pleasure. Although this wasn’t enough – she needed his cock inside her. She felt as if Joel was reading her mind as he stood up, dropped his pants and rubbed the head of his cock along her slit to lubricate it. Without any preliminaries he thrust his cock, balls deep, inside her. This took Krissy’s breath away as she felt his ample cock stretch her, filling her body. It took a few thrusts before her pussy adjusted to his girth, luckily she was well lubricated making his entry easier.

Joel, couldn’t help himself, knowing that he had already satisfied Krissy, he decided that it was his turn to be pleasured. Krissy wrapped her legs around his hips, opening her cunt to him, she put one arm around his neck to steady herself and after licking a finger began to tweak his nipple. She knew that Joel would not stop until he had filled her with his seed so she decided to make it as memorable for him as she could. Joel had never had his nipples tweaked by a woman before, and as Krissy intended this had the effect of taking Joel’s concentration away from the intense pleasure he was feeling at his glans.

Joel lifted Krissy’s off the bench, he then walked over to the couch, laying her down he continued to pound into her. Krissy hooked one leg up over his shoulder enhancing the feeling of his cock as he humped her. Krissy, met his every thrust knowing that her pussy was giving him the pleasure he needed. She felt his balls slap against her bum, heard the slapping noise combined with the squelching of her pussy. She was craving his cum, wanting him to spray his sperm deep inside her hungry pussy.

Soon Krissy felt Joel’s canlı poker oyna body change slightly, his panting became shallower and she felt his thrusts becoming harder and deeper than before. She knew that he was about to cum. She whispered in his ear as she bit his ear lobe. Cum inside me! Biting his ear lobe again, she delayed Joel’s orgasm, but only by about 5 strokes. This was all she needed as she felt a massive wave of pleasure as she climaxed. She clamped her legs around Joel’s waist and squeezed her pussy tighter around Joel’s cock as he too came. Joel groaned loudly and Krissy could feel his cock pulse as it pumped his seed into her. He continued to hump slowly making sure that he emptied every drop inside her.

His cock was still twitching as he withdrew, Joel looked down at his cock, wet with Krissy’s pussy juice and his semen. Krissy’s vagina was still gaping open and he could see a puddle of his cum inside her. He smiled as he thought about the recovery and what he would do next with this luscious female! He was not quite ready to weed the garden!

Being a young guy Joel’s cock was still erect even though he had just blasted a load into Krissy he was soon ready for round two. Krissy reached across to Joel and took his cock in her mouth. She could taste the mixture of her juices and Joel’s cum as she licked it clean. Joel’s cock was still twitching from his orgasm and she teased him as she slid her tongue around the head of his cock. Joel felt little stabs of discomfort but he knew they would go soon. Besides he was enjoying the view of Krissy on her knees servicing his cock. She was gentle as she kissed and licked him clean making sure that she had swallowed every drop of cum and pussy juice.

As she gently cupped his sack feeling the weight of his young balls she thought about how she was going to get his next load of sperm. This made her feel even hornier and she slipped a finger into her dripping pussy then up to rub her clit. She soon felt Joel’s stance shift and he started to push his cock into her mouth. Before long, Krissy felt Joel’s hands on the back of her head, she knew what this meant and she opened her mouth and throat to take all of his meat. Joel began to pump into her mouth with ever harder thrusts. Joel roughly grabbed her long blond hair and pumped her head onto his cock. Joel was only focussed on the feeling in his cock and Krissy started to gag a little, saliva dribbling out the side of her mouth running down to Joel’s balls.

I had been standing in the kitchen for about 2 or 3 minutes having returned home to collect some papers I needed for work. I was watching my beautiful wife service this young man. I enjoyed hearing the sounds of her mouth fucking his cock and the look of pure ecstasy on his face. My cock started to strain at my pants as I started to think about joining in. I “accidently” knocked a pot onto the floor startling both, Joel instantly blushed and started to blurt out useless explanations. I chuckled and said don’t let me stop you!

I walked over to them, Krissy could see how excited I was, she dipped a couple of fingers inside herself and scooped out some cum and juice. She then grabbed my cock and massaged the lubricant over my glans and shaft making sure I was wet, she gave the tip of my cock a flick with her tongue and smiled up at me.

I then guided Krissy to the back of the couch and bent her forward. Krissy, curled her finger to Joel signalling him to join us. He stood at the front of the couch, Krissy grabbed Joel by the cock and brought him back to her eager mouth. I lifted one of Krissy’s legs so that her knee was resting on the back of the couch. This opened her sopping pussy wide, her engorged pussy open and waiting for my cock. I then bent my knees to get the right angle and in one lunge entered her. She made a muffled gasped as I rammed my meat deep into her. I then pushed her hips into the couch pinning her down and started to slowly withdraw to the point where her labia were snuggled over my glans. I then slowly re-entered her, balls deep.

She gasped again but it was muffled as she had Joel’s cock in her mouth. Joel had lost some of his hardness but after a few moments feeling Krissy’s experienced mouth he was rock hard again. By this stage I had increased the rhythm of my thrusts, I looked at Joel who was still slightly amazed, but obviously in heaven.

Krissy, could feel cock at both ends, she felt like a complete slut, (for those who don’t know a Sexually Liberated Ultimate Temptress!) knowing that her husband was now fucking her even with Joel’s sperm still inside her. Joel had grabbed her head again and was now fucking her mouth. She felt a little helpless, her hips pinned and her head being controlled by Joel. She felt like a fuck toy as her body was being used to pleasure the 2 men. Feeling like a real slut made her feel even horny.

I could see Joel, pumping harder and harder into Krissy’s mouth. He had one leg up on the couch to get a better angle as he slamming her head onto his cock. I knew that she loved being used like this.

Krissy felt Joel’s knob grow bigger and his thrusts become more urgent, she was expecting his wad any second. Joel pushed Krissy’s head hard onto his cock just as he blasted his second load of man juice into her mouth.

Krissy, gagged a little as she felt his hot seed hit the back of her throat, she felt like she was going to drown in cum, but she held back the urge to gag and managed to swallow the first shot of cum. The rest squirted back out of her mouth, landing on the couch. Joel continued to pump his cock slowly as Krissy pressed her thumb along the underside of his cock squeezing the last of his seed into her mouth. She licked her lips and swallowed just as her focus returned to the other end of her body.

I enjoyed the show so much I just wanted to fill Krissy with my jizz, I grabbed Krissy by the hair and pulled down and back, this arched Krissy’s back and allowed me to enter her a few millimetres deeper. I grabbed her nipple with my other hand and gave a hard pinch, this combined with my pounding brought her to the edge. I pumped as hard and as deep as I could one final time and squirted into her just as she reached her orgasm. Her legs buckled and I let her slowly fall forward, I continued to pump my cock into her as I emptied my sack, Krissy shuddered as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through her body. Her vaginal walls contracted around my cock in waves milking me of my seminal fluids.

I withdrew and saw our combined juices start to leak out of her, I walked to the front of the couch and offered my cock. Krissy gently licked the juices clean.

I dressed, got my papers and left, wondering what the rest of the afternoon held in store for Joel! Knowing Krissy she was not done with him yet!