Jessi’s Girl Ch. 3

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Jessi nervously played with her hair in the passenger seat. Her boyfriend Steve was driving with his usual reckless abandon to Lanie’s house, not obeying any traffic laws or basic rules of the road.

“Steve, can you please slow down?” She asked politely.

“Sure, baby,” he said, smiling down at her. He slowed down a little and put his big beefy hands on her thigh, caressing it the way he knew it turned her on.

But it didn’t turn her on. Only one person could turn her on these days, and they were going to her house.

Once they got to Lanie’s house, Lanie greeted them with open arms. She held Jessi for a little longer than usual, but Steve didn’t notice. He was looking at all the other fine ladies in the house. He had met Amy and Hannah before, but he didn’t remember them being so gorgeous.

Unfortunately, he was there with his girlfriend and they were there with their boyfriends. Sighing, he took his place on the sofa, between Jessi and Hannah.

The boyfriends weren’t sure why they were there. They thought it was just going to be a day of chick movies and barbecue, and all of them had begrudgingly agreed. But the girls had something different in mind, something they were all going to find out about soon enough.

Jason, Lanie’s boyfriend, looked through Lanie’s videos and came up with Pulp Fiction.

“Let’s watch this, Lanie,” he said. Lanie shook her head.

“I have something else we’re going to watch,” she said. The girls exchanged a look and giggled. The guys exchanged looks and rolled their eyes.

Lanie took a tape out of a black bag and put it in the VCR. She fast forwarded past the credits and the boring parts, and then sat down on the sofa next between Jessi and Jason.

On the poker oyna screen, a party was going on. It didn’t take long for the clothes to start coming off and for the tongues and other assorted body parts to get moving. The guys stared at the action before them in a confused daze.

“Umm, Lanie? Why are we watching porn?” Lanie gave the signal. The girls smiled and got to work.

Hannah looked at Steve lustfully, and he blinked. She straddled him, and started kissing his neck. Hannah’s boyfriend would object to this, but Amy was on top of him, unbuttoning her shirt and letting her bountiful breasts bounce out of her shirt. Meanwhile, Amy’s boyfriend John was being thrown on the ground by Lanie, who was quick to get on top of him and strip him of his pants.

Jason looked expectantly at Jessi, and she grinned back at him. She wasn’t interested in Jason, but the thought of having sex with her lover’s boyfriend in front of her own turned her on.

Jason scooted closer to Jessi and put his arm around her. He kissed her gently, and stuck a warm hand up her shirt, caressing her breasts through the thin fabric of her bra. In spite of herself, she moaned with pleasure.

Soon, zippers were being unzipped, buttons were being unbuttoned, and all other clothing was being taken off. Hannah, who could no longer control herself, was the first to implant herself with Steve’s huge penis. He grunted in surprise, but welcomed her aboard.

The men didn’t understand what was going on, but they didn’t question it either. The girls obviously couldn’t help themselves, and that was fine with them. Steve had always lusted after his girlfriend’s friends, and she wanted him to have sex with him, who was he to argue?

Amy, who was canlı poker oyna the loudest of all the girls, moaned and grunted and screamed with Mark, Hannah’s boyfriend, inside her. They were doing it doggy style, and he rubbed her clit with one hand and grabbed her breast with the other. This turned her on more than she could handle, and she was inches away from the most uncontrollable orgasm of her life. Hannah looked over at them and smiled. She knew what Amy was feeling.

Lanie wasn’t so lucky with John. He had a little bit of a quick trigger. But damn, he knew what to do with his tongue. He had her coming hard after a few minutes of biting and sucking on her clit, his fingers deep inside her. He sure did know his way around a vagina.

Meanwhile, Jessi was enjoying herself with Jason. Steve never satisfied her like this, and even Lanie couldn’t do what Jason was doing. He was so gentle with her, giving her orgasm after orgasm, fondling her nipples with his thumb, rolling them in a way that made her lose her mind. As she leaned over and sucked his cock, rolling her tongue over the head slowly, he stuck his finger inside her and gave her another orgasm. Feeling her orgasm underneath the pressure of his hand, he came shortly, and she swallowed it with pleasure.

Soon enough, she was lying on the sofa and he entered her softly. He gave her long, passionate kisses as their bodies became one, and she finally felt like she understood what making love was about. She had been missing out.

Soon, a full orgy was put together. While Lanie was getting fucked by Mark, Hannah came over and started sucking hard on Lanie’s nipples, pulling on them with her teeth, pinching them with her fingers. While Jessi was on top of Jason, Amy internet casino came over and sat on Jason’s face. He licked her up and down, sticking his tongue deep inside her, while Jessi and Amy kissed, fondling each other’s breasts longingly.

John came over and started fingering Hannah’s ass while she was still paying close attention to Lanie’s nipples. Hannah always loved when people played with her ass, so she welcomed John’s probe. He soon entered her and had some voracious anal sex with her, causing eruptions in both of them.

Jessi and Jason retreated to a corner together, no longer wanting to share with the others.

Hannah got on top of Mark, and the two of them fucked like rabbits while she sucked Steve’s hard, throbbing cock. John, seeing an entry point, entered Hannah’s ass while standing up, and pounded away. Hannah, being pounded from all sides, screamed out with a mixture of pleasure and pain.

Amy and Lanie were in another corner, watching the action and giving each other pleasure.

After an evening of sex and sin, the 8 of them went out to eat. It seemed that new couples had formed, and nobody really cared. Amy was going to miss John, but she hated anal sex, so she was glad that Hannah and him could be together.

Lanie looked over at Jessi and Jason in the corner of the booth, kissing softly and giggling. Under the table, he was fingering her, and Lanie knew that because that was what he used to do to her. She wasn’t jealous, though. She knew that she could have both of them anytime she wanted. Plus, Mark was so good at oral sex that she didn’t miss Jason all that much anyway.

After dinner, they all went their separate ways, but Jessi came home with Lanie. She was falling in love with Jason, but she wanted Lanie more than anything.

They gave each other the requisite orgasms, and then held each other before falling asleep. Jessi kissed Lanie’s nipples, and then her lips, and whispered, “I need you, Lanie.