Jessica’s First Day Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Caught at Work

Jessica was becoming a good worker. She was receiving complements on her work from almost everyone. I was beginning to be thought of as the new personnel trainer due to her quick learning curve. But I was more interested in her curves. Nearly everyday we went out to lunch and she would give me one of her wonderful handjobs. It relaxed both of us and made our business manner more laid back. By not rushing about like all the tense people in the office, we could think more clearly.

Of course we had to keep the office from learning our ‘business secret’. But it was not to be. We were trying to sneak in a quickie in my office one day when one of our co-workers walked right in. I had my hand down Jessica’s shirt and my pants around my ankles. Janice was chesty herself. She often wore teasing outfits and tight dresses. A huge smirk lit up her face when she saw what was going on.

“So this is your wonderful ‘training’ technique,” she gloated. “No wonder you smile all the time.” Jessica for some reason had not stopped jerking me off. Even the sudden appearance of Janice had not reduced my hardon. Her hand manipulation had me on the edge and I was not about to stop her. I figured Janice would go tell our boss anyway so as long as I’m going to get fired I might as well enjoy it, I reasoned. Normally Jessica either swallowed my cum or caught it in a tissue but today she let it fly. I think she was hoping I would hit Janice with it but it fell short. The cum landed across the carpet leaving tiny wet spots as it settled.

“Very impressive. Both of you,” Janice said. I sat down and caught my breath as she contemplated the scene. I began to think about where I left my resume as I pulled my pants up. Janice stood there with her hands on her hips. Then an evil grin crossed her face. She said, “I’ve got a proposition for you two. That is if you want to keep your jobs.” Jessica and I looked at each other. Saying nothing, we listened to her idea.

I arrived at Janice’s house a little before 7 p.m. I saw that Jessica’s car was already there. I took a deep breath as I turned off my car. I sat in the darkness staring at the porch light. We were not told what was in store for us. Janice just told us to show up at her house and she would ‘think of something for us to do’. I got out of the car and slowly walked toward her door. I knocked and Janice opened the door to let me in. She was wearing a thin shirt with no sleeves. It was obvious that she not wearing a bra. “”Hello there,” she purred, “Are we ready for a fun evening?”

“Sure,” I replied lethargically.

“Now you’re going to need a better attitude than that,” she said with a pouty little voice, “Now go in the kitchen and see if you can cheer up a little.” I went to the kitchen and saw all sorts of snacks and drinks that had been prepared. It was obvious that Janice was going to throw a party. Jessica sat at the table. She was trying to keep a potato chip from crunching in her mouth until she saw that it was me. We exchanged nervous smiles.

“Do you know what she’s planning yet?” I asked. She shook her head. I sat down next to her. Neither of us could think of anything to say to each other. Janice came in and broke the silence. She tossed a lunch bag at each of us.

“Go put those on. You are going to be my servers for this party. It starts in half an hour so I need you to get dressed and come back here for instructions.” I took my bag wondering what I could wear that would fit in a lunch bag. I stopped at a bathroom and went in. Jessica continued past me and went in a bedroom. I opened the bag. The contents had my pulse racing. A see-through blue thong and a pair of nipple clamps with a connecting chain were all that was in the bag. My exhibitionist fantasies were about to come true. I took my clothes off and slipped on the thong. My hardon was raging and I had to tug the thin material over my 8-inch rod. This made the narrow piece in the back ride up my ass crack to an uncomfortable level.

I looked at my thin body in the mirror. The sheer garment did not hide much. A blue tone seemed to cover my private area. I turned to see my behind. It was cute and tight. Nothing covered it as the thong just slid right between my cheeks. I faced the mirror again to put on the clamps. They were fairly small so I was not afraid to put them on. I flicked my nipples a bit until they poked out before fastening the clamps. There was a brief pain as the teeth bit into my skin but I enjoyed the feeling. There was enough of the golden chain to hang down across my chest.

A knock at the door startled me. “What are you doing in there? You better not be playing with yourself! Get out here right now!” Janice screamed. I scooped up my clothes, jammed them in the bag, and put them under the sink. I opened the door and was greeted with the flash of a camera. “Don’t you look great,” Janice mocked as the camera flashed again.

Jessica was standing behind her. She was wearing a silky black French maid outfit. It only came down to cover half poker oyna her big thighs. It held her huge breasts in about as well as my thong was holding me in. Her tits threatened to spill out of the sides of the outfit. It looked more like an apron as I moved closer. There was nothing covering her from behind except for a small white bow that was tied tightly at the small of her back. She had not received any panties to wear from Janice.

“Now stand together. Smile! Everyone is going to want pictures of you two,” Janice said. I slid my hand across her bare ass and between her legs. I barely touched her ass and felt her squirm. The open access to Jessica was obviously part of the plan to humiliate us. I did not know how I was ever going to reduce my hardon. Maybe that was part of the plan too. “Stop getting cheap feels,” Janice chastised me. I dropped my hand and stood still as she took pictures of us in our near nude state.

“Now here’s what is going to happen tonight. I have invited some friends over. You two will obey any requests that they may have. If I find out either of you has refused a request from one of the guests, I will get you both fired. It will be no problem to do, as you will see. Aside from that you will serve snacks and drinks or whatever as if you were waiting on everyone. Understand?” We both nodded and began to prepare for the evening.

The doorbell rang. “Tom, you get the door,” I was ordered. I went to open the door. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath hoping that it would not be anyone that I knew. To my relief, a couple that I did not recognize stood there. “Well, this will be an interesting party,” said the woman, checking out my outfit. She sneakily ran her hand across my still hard dick as she walked by. “Honey, come in here and check this out,” called the man, who had just flat out ignored me. He had obviously come across Jessica in the kitchen. The woman winked at me as she moved toward the next room. I stayed in the hallway to answer the door. I prayed that this would be a small party and that nobody from the office would show up.

There was another knock at the door. Two girls stood there, a blonde and a brunette. Both were very attractive. The blonde looked older than me, maybe in her late 30s. She had nice apple-sized breasts that were being pushed up by her bra. The brunette had sultry look about her but her demeanor and smile seemed to be fun loving. She gave a tug on the chain bringing my nipples to bring them erect again. “Look at that, Diana,” the brunette said. “He really likes that.”

“I see!” Diana said, grabbing my dick. “He likes us too if this is any indication,” She yanked on it pretty hard. I stumbled toward her. She pushed me back. “Down boy!” she said as they both laughed. I blushed with embarrassment. The brunette came close and roughly grabbed my butt. Her nails dug into me. Then she drew her hand back and smacked me on the ass. I gritted my teeth as they both laughed loudly.

“Who’s having too much fun out here with my new toy?” Janice asked as she came into the hallway. She noticed the big red handprint on my butt. “Starting early are we? Well let’s try and wait until everyone gets here,” she playfully chastised her friends. The pair agreed and went toward the kitchen. Janice rubbed my tingling ass.

“I hope that hurt you, bad boy,” she whispered in my ear. Then she lightly nipped at my ear and dug her nails into the curve of my ass. I curled toward her until she let go. Despite all the abuse, I was still rock hard. I was actually looking forward to the rest of the evening.

Two more couples and a few single men and women followed. They all checked out my look with great interest. The men all snickered and nodded knowingly but the women seemed impressed. Fortunately, I did not recognize any of them. Then there was one last knock at the door. Our boss, Sally, stood there. She was a nasty old woman who I could not stand. She ran her eyes up and down my body hungrily. “Nice get up,” she said, “I almost didn’t come to the party but Janice really insisted there would be a great surprise. I see she was right.”

“Sally!” Janice shrieked from behind me, “I’m so glad you could come!” She grabbed Sally’s hand and pulled her in the door. “I was afraid you weren’t going to come and see my lovely surprises. I have another one for you. Jessica, get in here!” I had lost track of Jessica since we were in different rooms. She did not appear immediately. She came into the front hallway straightening her outfit. It looked as if she was replacing her boobs into the top.

“This is a surprise. The new whore and her ‘teacher’. What a pair. Thanks for inviting me, Janice. I’ve got the feeling this is going to be a great party,” Sally said. She had a wicked look on her face.

“That’s everyone. Lock the door and then join us in the basement,” Janice told me. “Wait until everyone has gone downstairs then bring the snacks down.” We trudged off to the kitchen as Janice and Sally went downstairs. In the kitchen we were left alone for the first time canlı poker oyna all night.

“What did they do to you?” I whispered to Jessica.

She hesitated. She sniffed and her eyes welled up. “They had me pull my boobs out, bend over and shake them. Then everyone started grabbing my boobs, even the women. I barely had time to put them back under when Janice called me.”

“It’ll be okay. Just go with it. They can’t do anything to us,” I reassured her. I put my arm around her and she looked grateful. We gathered up some snacks and went into the basement. I kind of lingered and watched as her big ass wiggle around. I was anxious to see what would happen next.

We descended into the basement. A couple guys craned their necks trying to look under Jessica’s short skirt as she came down the stairs. I saw video cameras set around the room. There was going to be plenty of evidence to keep our mouths shut and under Janice’s thumb. As she offered her tray of snacks, the men would take one and feel her ass or tits with their free hand. I moved among the women and they did the same. Sometimes they lingered or moved their hands between my cheeks. One pulled up on the thong giving me a deeper wedgie than I already had. I was thrilled when the young women were touching me but then I approached Sally. Her touch was creepy. I fought off the impulse to slap her hand away. She gave me a big nasty grin.

Janice came up to me and said, “Follow me.” Janice led me to the center of the room. “Jessica, come over here.” Jessica came up to stand next to me. The rest of the party gathered around us in a circle. “These two have to do what I say tonight. They will also do anything that you ask too. So let’s start having fun!”

The group then moved in on us like a pack of sharks. Janice got behind me and yanked my thong down. My dick bounced but was quickly caught by one of the women. I was led away from Jessica. I saw that she was already naked before I got too far away. I had not seen her entirely naked before since we had just fooled around in the office. It was more amazing than I could have imagined. Her huge tits did not hang down very far despite their size. She was neatly trimmed leaving a perfect patch of pubic hair. I wanted to go over to the other side of the room but the women had other ideas.

As I turned, I noticed that not everyone in my group was female. There were two guys among all the women. I shot a look at Janice who laughed at my crestfallen expression. One of the women tugged hard at the chain across my nipples. I fell to my hands and knees. I felt two pairs of hands start to pull apart my ass cheeks. I clenched my buttocks in response. That got me a quick swat across my butt. “Relax and it will hurt less,” one of the men said. I realized he was right and tried to loosen up. A cold gel was smeared all over my asshole. One finger pushed into me and was twisted around. I knew what was coming next.

Before anything else happened, I was pushed over to a couch. Awaiting me was my worst nightmare. Sally was already there with her skirt hiked up and swinging her panties around her finger. “Take a whiff of these perv-boy,” she said as she shoved them in my face. They were placed around my head like a mask making sure the middle was right on my nose. I could not see except for some shadowy outlines through the cottony material. My mouth was left unobstructed. Two hands reached behind my head and pulled me forward.

The feel of wrinkled skin hit my mouth. I knew immediately where I was. Reluctantly, I started to take some exploratory licks when I felt a whack on the back of my head. “Get in there and clean it out,” Janice said. I took more of a swipe at it this time. The finger in my asshole started to move in and out. Then it was removed and replaced with something bigger. It started to feel good and I moved back against it. “I knew you would like that, you loser,” Janice said. I was vaguely aware of the click and flash of cameras.

“Pay attention to me, stupid,” Sally said. I was trying to take my mind off the mess of a pussy in front of me but now I focused on it. I buried my tongue deep and tried to get her off as soon as possible. She thrust herself into my face. Her juices quickly spread over the exposed part of my face. At the other end, the dildo was pulled out much to my disappointment. That was short-lived because it felt like an even bigger dildo was being put in.

“Now I’m going to fuck your ass silly,” Janice said. I guessed that she was wearing a strap-on. Now my co-worker was screwing me. She grabbed my hips and slammed it in as hard as she could. “This will loosen you up for the boys,” she cried. My body was being pushed and pulled between the two. Sally then closed her legs tightly around my head and lifted her body off the couch. She pumped her nasty cunt into my mouth as I was forced into her from behind by Janice’s insistent shoving. I felt Sally relax, exhausted from the orgasm.

“Wow, I didn’t think you’d do it!” Janice squealed with delight. She removed the internet casino strap-on from my ass. “Now how do you boys like your man positioned?” The panties were removed from my head. The two men were naked and stroking their cocks above my head. They stood up and made me sit back semi-kneeling on my legs. They kicked my knees apart so that my erection jutted out. Both of their cocks were presented to me. They were an inch from my face. One of the men grabbed his dick and began slapping my face with it. A few of the women giggled. The other one joined in, both flopping their big dicks at me. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth hoping to end at least this part of the humiliation.

My intuition was ‘rewarded’ when a dick was stuck in my mouth. I began to bob on it like I had seen in porno movies. I put one hand on it to keep from choking and I began to play with my own cock with the other. Janice quickly thwarted that. She slapped my hand away and told me, “This is not the time for that.” I did not know what that was supposed to mean but I stopped.

The guy I was sucking then pulled away. I thought I had done something wrong. He sat down on the couch and waved me over. I was now on my hands and knees. He took my head and placed it on his dick again. As I started again, I felt manly hands grip my hips. The other guy’s dick bumped against my ass. I pushed myself back toward him but he teased me by running his dick up and down across my asshole. Then he grabbed me and humped my crack. I really wanted him to fuck my ass at this point after playing with it for so long.

I was paying attention to my ass too much and did not realize that the guy I was blowing was ready to cum. He pushed his dick in deep and shot his load down my throat. The suddenness of his orgasm came as a surprise. I gagged a bit before swallowing the salty liquid. Just as I was done with this, the guy in the back rammed himself home. Once more I was not prepared. He was pumping my ass rapidly. I tried to hold still to steady myself as my ass began to burn with pain.

The guy in front pushed my head down to the floor with his foot on my neck so that my ass was high in the air for his buddy. My asshole was relentlessly fucked. I wondered if he was ever going to cum when he pushed his cock in to the hilt and stopped. I could feel his throbbing tool pump cum into my ass. As he slowly pulled out, his cum ran down my balls and legs. After he was out, I felt the air on my wide-open hole. I still had my ass up in the air when someone else began fucking my ass. The guy I had just sucked off had moved behind me and was taking his turn.

I had no resolve to resist him. He was just taking his time sliding in and out of my cum-filled ass. I remained with my head on the floor and my ass in the air. Above me I heard, “Let’s not waste this mouth.” I looked up to see the two girls that I had met at the door. They stood above me and began to undo their pants. Finally it looked like I was going to do something that I would be happy to do.

The duo moved in tandem taking off each pants leg, showing their pretty panties to the gathering. Turning around, they each bent over and sandwiched my head between their warm buttocks and silky panties.

The blonde, Diana, had a small taut butt that she brushed back and forth against my ear. The brunette had wider hips and a bigger, fleshier butt that she lined up right on the middle of my face. The humping behind me pressed my face into her ass. “Have him start licking, Barbara,” Diana said.

“Yeah, stick your tongue in there,” Barbara said. She knelt in front of me, resting on the couch. I pulled her panties down to her knees. It was difficult to do much without falling over from the reaming I was still receiving. Diana saw the problem. She reached over and spread Barbara’s cheeks for me. I eagerly dug in to the treat before me. She began cooing as I licked her hairy hole. I tried to make longer swipes but the thumping from behind made that impossible.

I felt the guy slam his dick deep and pump his goo into my ass. He pulled out quickly and moved around to slap his cock on my face again. The softening tool smelled terrible but I did not flinch. Little flecks of spew flew out and sprinkled my face. When he left, the girls waved. “Now we have you for ourselves.” I looked around. There were only two other women nearby. One was rubbing her pussy vigorously and the other was kissing the other woman’s breasts. They were both watching me. Apparently I was not enough of an attraction to keep everyone interested.

I could now move on my own so I resumed licking Barbara’s pussy. Diana sat on the back of the couch in front of Barbara. She arched up and began to eat Diana’s pussy. We remained in a chain for a while.

I moved my tongue strokes down to Barbara’s asshole. “Oooh, yes,” Barbara said. She got up and sat on the couch. I reached under her legs and swung her around to lie on the couch. I gently moved her knees back toward her head leaving her juicy pussy and asshole spread out in front of me. Her hair was dark and curly. It tickled my nose as I dove into her velvety folds with vigor. Diana moved down off the back of the couch. She settled down on Barbara’s face. I heard the slurping continue as she sank down on her lips.