Jen’s Desire

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Jen’s DesireShe was in love with him and he was all she could think about. The youngmen at her school no longer held any interest for her, there was onlyone man she wanted and needed. She would sit there and stare at him whenshe could do it and not be obvious.His voice was as smooth as silk and she hung on his every word. When hewould smile as her it sent shivers up her spine. She longed to caresshis face and run her slender fingers through his jet back hair. Just thescent of his cologne alone was enough to cause her heart to race and hernipples to get hard.The first time he gave her goodnight hug she felt her panties get wetwith desire at the feel of his arms around her. There were only twoproblems preventing them from getting together. One was her age, she wasonly sixteen. Although legal in some states that was not the case here.The second and biggest one was her overly protective Mother.She had made the mistake of telling her Mom how good looking she thoughthe was , it was probably the worst thing she could have done. She wasgiven the standard speech of there was only one thing a man his agewanted from a girl her age.”He’s not that old, he’s only nineteen,” she said in his defense.”That’s too old for you,” she responded firmly.The damage had been done and after that Mom kept a sharp eye on her. Shecouldn’t even sit next to him anymore. Mom would make one of herbrothers get up and sit next to her and Flint could sit opposite her.asthe rest of her family stared at her in disbelief.”Jen has a crush on you and I don’t want to do anything to encourageit,” she told him one evening while Jen was in the ladies room. “My sitting next to her is encouragement?” he responded.”Distance is our friend,” she responded.Jen now looked forward to Friday nights and the dinner meeting of theCustom Car Club more than ever before, it was how she had met him. Sheremembered seeing him walk in and that he was alone, he was tall, darkand very good looking.He was looking for an empty table bayraklı escort but this week the place was packed, soDad invited him to sit at their table. He walked over and introducedhimself as Flint Marco and then sat down next to her.They soon became fast friends and he was invited over after the meetingsto play cards, watch a movie, work on one of their hot rods or just hangout on the front porch with them. She couldn’t say more than three wordsto him without getting nasty looks from her Mother.So Jen compensated for her not being allowed to speak to him by writinglong letters and sending them to his house. She warned him not to writeback as she didn’t trust her Mom not to open her mail.Her letters were easily six to ten pages long and full of her desires,dreams and feelings. These were not the words and longings of a lovesickteenager, they were deep and full of emotion. Flint had dated girls hisown age and older that could not express themselves that well.The letters forced him to examine his feelings toward her. She wasattractive and based on her letters was well spoken. He was use to hislooks attracting the attentions of younger females at family gatherings,but he ignored all of them as these females looked and acted liketeenagers. This one was different because he was attracted to her. Dueto her age and the constant presence of her Mom he kept himself in check.It was at one meeting that she begged her Mom to allow her to ride withhim in his T-bucket roadster back to their house. He had just finishedit and brought it out to show it off to the club members. Mom’s responsewas a firm and solid no. However this time her Dad over ruled her decision.”We are going to be right behind them and there is no backseat for themto slip into,” he joked.Mom wasn’t happy but did not dare dispute her husband. Overjoyed, Jenran after him climbed in next to him as the engine roared to life. Theywaited until her Dad’s car pulled up behind them before he exited intothe escort bayraklı street.”Are my letters boring you?” she asked in a soft voice.”No way, I look forward to them. I just wish I could write back,” Flintresponded.”I know, but I don’t want to risk Mom seeing them,” Jen said as her handsought his.Their fingers interlaced and he gave her hand a squeeze, her heart beganto beat faster. Once they reached their driveway she bailed out and raninto the house, she needed release.Once safely in her room with the door closed and locked she could attendto her needs. It was at a sleepover at a friends house that she learnedthis trick and now she used it almost every night.She closed her eyes and began to slowly unbutton her blouse, sheimagined it was Flint standing behind her doing it. It fell to the floorrevealing a silky white bra. She cupped and gently rubbed her pert titsbut in her minds eye she saw and felt him doing it. She unfastened theclasp and it to fell to the floor.Now as she gently rolled the nipples of her soft breasts she visualizedFlint doing it. She could smell his cologne and feel his warm breath onher neck and she softly moaned his name. Jen then unzipped her jeans andslowly slid them down to her ankles and stepped out of them, she was nowin her silky bikini panties.As she massaged her burning pussy through the already wet crotch and shevisualized it was his strong hands that were doing the rubbing. Shehooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and slowly slid themdown to reveal a small thatch of honey blond pubic hair.She ran her hands through it and the slightest brush with her swollenlips caused her to get hornier and wetter. She then moved to herarmchair and placed one leg over each padded arm and slowly inserted herfinger.She quickly found her clit and began to rub it, the sensation cause herto feel like she was floating and she moaned his name again. Meanwhiledown on the porch she was the topic of discussion as Mom wondered whatwas bayraklı escort bayan wrong with her Daughter, Flint had an idea, but he kept it to himself.Mom went upstairs and knocked on Jen’s door to tell her that Dad hadbrought frozen custard from the local ice cream stand, she was told togo away.”Let Flint try,” Dad said ignoring the nasty look his wife shot him.”I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Mom offered but her protest was ignored.”Flint go upstairs as ask her to come down and join us,” Dad stated.”OK.””Now if you’re not back down here in ten minutes, I’m coming up with myshotgun,” Dad continued.Flint walked up the stair and lightly knocked on Jen’s door andannounced it was him.Jen was close to her orgasm when she heard the knocking and Flint’svoice, she decided that this would be the perfect thing to help herfinish. She threw open the door and Flint was stunned by the sightbefore his eyes. Her naked body was tanned and firm.Her long legs were smooth and silky and her thighs glistened with herjuices. As he admired her shapely hips and flat stomach he then noticedthat the nipples of her perky tits were quite hard and extended, and hereyes were lit with desire.Then he saw that her hand was buried in the soft triangle of hairbetween her leg and understood everything.”Flint, please kiss me and help me finish,” she softly whispered.So Flint leaned forward and placed his lips on hers. He felt her lipspart and her tongue at the entrance of his mouth, he parted his lips andher tongue slipped into his mouth. At the feeling of his tongueexploring her mouth she increased the movement of her fingers.Flint then reached in and gently placed his hands on her soft breastsand gently squeezed her nipples, that was all it took. Jen buried herface between his neck and shoulder and softly moaned his name as sheenjoyed a thunderous orgasm. It was so intense that it made her legsweak and she was forced to return to her armchair.Flint closed the door and returned downstairs, only about five minuteshad passed since we went upstairs.”She told me to go away,” he fibbed.As Jen sat in her armchair feeling her body still trembling from themost intense orgasm to date she then began to formulate a plan to havethis happen again.