Jenny, John and Nicole

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Soon after submitting this, my first Literotica, story I revised it and re-ordered some of the sections. This revised version was then left, forgotten, until I recently found it again lurking on my hard drive. I have dusted it off written a new introduction and made a few other small edits. So here it is.


Several years ago Jenny and John bought a run down, isolated farmhouse in Southern France, over the next few years they spent most of their spare time and thousands of pounds renovating this house and creating there dream home in this rural idyll.

Eventually they sold John’s successful engineering business, their comfortable town house on the outskirts of London and took up full time residence in France. Here for the last couple of years they have led a quiet, comfortable possibly even dull life, far removed from the stress and bustle of their former lives. However this was all about to change when Jenny’s sister’s teenage step-daughter Nicole came to spend the summer with them.

I shall leave Jenny, John and Nicole tell the rest of the story in their own words.


Maybe it was my fault; perhaps I shouldn’t have left John and Nicole alone together all that time. If I hadn’t been keeping John on short rations things might have been different… But then, no, no I don’t blame him, besides, as it turned out, this episode has awoken something inside me that I thought was lost and had gone forever… And something else I didn’t know was there. Not so very long ago something like this would have been a disaster, it would have destroyed everything that John and I had tried for so long and so hard to keep together. No, no this wasn’t a disaster; it was a big adventure.

Serendipity was at play here, Nicole with her selfish lust couldn’t have known, as we didn’t know, that she would be the catalyst that would give our life together new meaning, new hope, and so much more fun! But I’m getting ahead of my self, like I do.

There was more than one reason that Chris wanted Nicole out of the way for the summer. She told me she suspects Nico, her partner, is playing away and that he was using Nicole to get at her too. It wasn’t without reason that she suspected him, as that was how she got him in the first place. If Nina, oh, that’s Nico’s wife, hadn’t suddenly taken off into the blue leaving Nico, literally holding the baby, that might have just been a fling, nothing more. Nicole only two years old, she needed a mother. That’s why they’ve been together for the last fifteen or so years. No, they never married, Nico never found Nina to serve the divorce papers. He had strayed from Chris before, nothing too serious they soon patched things up and all was forgotten, until now. This time it’s worse. Chris needs the time and the space to win him back, and Nicole’s behaviour, which she just hinted of to me, isn’t helping.

So Nicole came to stay. When Chris phoned a few weeks later to say Dad had had a heart attack I knew I had to go back to England, as soon as possible and not just to see Dad. Chris was showing signs of cracking under the added strain.


“You dirty little slut!”

That’s what Chris, yelled at me when she caught me sucking off the old bloke over the road. He was only giving me my birthday day prezzie f’fucks sake! So she sent me here to France to spend the summer with boring ‘Uncle’ John and boring ‘Auntie’ Jenny. It’s so dull stuck in the middle of nowhere, away from all my mates, no one to talk to except Jenny, John and their boring mates. Worst still no boys! A woman has needs! Hey, I’m eighteen… Ok, only just, but they think I’m a little girl.

“You’re wild, you are out of control, you might legally be a woman, but while you’re under my roof you do what I say!”

Chris screamed at me, but I was more angry at Dad for backing her up. I was his ‘best little girl’ usually he was on my side when that Bitch has a go. Not this time. I had to find a way to get my own back at them. Hey, but at least she had some respect, yeah, she don’t go through my room so didn’t find the stash of toys that I hid in my bag to bring to France. And I’ve got my laptop too, so I can still get online.

I spent hours chatting with my mates online, helped the boredom a bit, but I felt so fucking horny all the time. I found some cool ‘adult’ chat-rooms there were blokes queuing up to have cyber with me. They told me how they were wanking their ‘huge cocks’ for me, and I would get them boiling over playing ‘baby’ for the old pervs who used names like ‘Daddy.’ It got me hot though, them telling me about their ‘massive members,’ their ‘huge erections,’ their ‘hot throbbing rods.’ I bet in realtime the saddos couldn’t find their shrivelled dicks with a magnifying glass. Bunch of pervs! Ha! I was only playing these cyber games because I wasn’t getting any real cock inside me. My poor pussy got so ‘effing sore from hours of frigging myself, I could cum and cum and cum fucking myself with my big dildo, poker oyna but I so ache to have a real cock in my pussy.

A couple of times, late, when they thought I was soundo I heard ’em ‘making love’, their sad name for it, in the room next door to me. It was so pathetic. I could here him pleading with her to let him do it, Humph! Eventually she must have given in, ‘cos I heard the bed creaking, his grunts and her little squeaks and moans. I knew she was only letting him fuck her to shut him up. Why was he bothering fighting to get into her tired hole when there was my tight, willing pussy just a few feet away?

When we went into town going shopping, or the market, or down the lake I saw John looking at the girls. He had such pervy a look in his eyes. It was So hard not to burst out laughing when he turned away to ‘adjust himself.’ Jenny glared so hard at him I thought she was going to kill him on the spot! Poor old sod, it’s So obvious that he wasn’t getting enough to keep him happy. I tried flirting with him, but he didn’t notice. It was So frustrating, I know I’m good looking, I have been told so, So many times, even had photographers wanting me to model for them. But ‘cos I was under eighteen then they had to get permission from Dad or the Bitch, they wouldn’t give it. Why Is this man So blind!


I hadn’t really had taken that much notice of Nicole in those first few weeks that she had stayed with us. She was a pretty girl, but that was it, she was a girl. Almost every time that I saw her, not that I saw that much, she seemed to spend most of her time up in her bedroom, she was wearing that sulky teenager face.

Jenny spent a long time on the phone to Christine then announced that the situation at home had got worse. She needed to fly back as soon as possible to help sort things out. We booked her a flight, and on the Tuesday she left for the UK saying that she would be back in a couple of weeks, but might have to stay longer if things were difficult.

“Will you be okay with Nicole?” She asked me before she left.

“Yeah, no problem.”

I replied, having no idea how things were going to change over the next few days.

Almost as soon as we had waved Jenny goodbye at the airport Nicole began to change. The sulky teenager look had gone. She spent a lot less time cosseted in her bedroom. She would appear downstairs about noon, no change there, but rather than being fully dressed as she used to, it would be in the baggy t-shirt she used as a nightie. I assumed, although the thought didn’t really cross my mind at the time and panties. I’m not so sure now. I couldn’t help but notice that her nipples were always very prominent. She had nice legs too. Instead of grabbing a cup of coffee and going back to her room, she would sit, drink her coffee with me and strike up a conversation. She spent a lot more time round the pool in her swimsuit, or in the garden. She laughed more, often touching my hand to emphasise a point in our conversations. Looking back now, she was flirting with me outrageously though I didn’t see that at the time.

It wasn’t until Saturday that it was driven home to me that this girl whom I had known since she was almost a baby had blossomed into a woman. I was working quietly in the garden when I heard a loud splash. I looked up from what I was doing to see, just a few feet away, emerging like Venus Rising from the Waves, was Nicole. Pulling her self up on the edge of the pool, her back arched, her long black hair slick and dripping, the orange bikini she wore barely covering her nakedness. It was impossible for me not to notice her slim body, her olive skin, the swell of her full round breasts, the way her nipples pushed out the front of the tiny triangles of material that revealed more than they hid. She extended her arms fully until her whole torso was in view. Her thong clung to her body exposing, almost more than if she had been naked, the mound and valley of her sex…

I stared at her open mouthed for a few moments then blurted out,

“Isn’t that bikini a bit small, I’ve not seen you almost wearing that before?”

She just laughed threw herself back into the water and continued her swim. I quickly tuned away, embarrassed, shocked at myself for the lustful thoughts emerging in my mind, and the stirring in my loins. For god’s sake man, she’s only a girl! I admonished myself pushing back down my lustful feelings. A few minutes later she climbed from the pool and ran across the patio to where I was working, she stopped in front of me, affording me another, dare I say delicious, view of her almost naked form. She bent down, kissed my forehead and laughed,

“Mmm you’re so funny Uncle John.”

She purred before disappearing dripping into the house to get dressed. There was something very odd about the way she called me ‘Uncle John!’


After Jenny went away I really turned up the heat, flaunting myself in front of John, showing off my long lovely canlı poker oyna legs. I even used to tease my nipples before I went down stairs in my nightie so they would stick out for him, show him how horny I was. And all the time I spent in my ‘sensible’ bikini by the pool. I was throwing myself at him, but still he didn’t make a move on me.

I knew he was cracking. When I posed for him in the pool in my little orange string bikini. Something else the Bitch didn’t know that I’d bought. It gave him such a boner he went bright red! Ah, poor baby. I’m aching for him to make a move on me, to take me, to use me like his slut. It gives me such a warm thrill inside to think like that. I want him. I Need him! But the only way I’m going to have him is if I make a move on him.

Of course catching John in the shower was no accident, but catching him wanking was a bonus, I knew I had some power over him then. I had gone downstairs early on Sunday morning; I needed a drink of water. I saw him sitting in his office looking at porn on his PC, his back was to me, he didn’t notice me standing in the doorway, but I could see what was on his screen. Pictures of dark-skinned fit girls like me, all with firm boobs and hard nipples. His choice of pictures was turning me on! I could see his hand moving inside his robe. As he flicked through the pictures some times he would pause, usually at a juicy pussy shot, he would beat himself faster for a few moments before moving on. Dirty perv. Still, it was getting me hot. I could have made my move then, but I had a better idea and went quietly back upstairs and waited.

It seemed like an age before John came up stairs, I heard the bathroom door close. I knew he wouldn’t lock the door; the rule in the house was if the door was closed the room was busy, open it was free. I had barged in on Jenny sitting on the loo a couple of times before I had sussed that one out. She was pretty cool about it though.

I lay on my bed waiting, my mind full of the scene I was about to play with John, my hand between my legs stroking kitty. The pictures in my mind must have been pretty intense, ‘cos I cummed so hard, I had to bite on the pillow to stop myself screaming.

My legs were still pretty weak and wobbly from the lovely cum I had just given myself when I crept into the bathroom. I could see John in their double sized shower cubicle. He was leaning back against the wall side on to me, he was stoking his cock in such a soft sensual way, I just had to stand and watch him for a while. He looked pretty good for an old bloke and I could almost taste his cock in my mouth already. Should I just creep in there and join him? No! He would probably just get all righteous on me and push me away. So. If I was going to get what I wanted it was going to have to be shock tactics. I flushed the loo knowing that would grab the cold water and give him a shock. When he yelled out and saw me I was wearing my best ‘innocent baby’ face, always a killer.

“Oops sorry.”

I simpered in the sweetest little girl voice I could muster. And that’s when this Bitch made Her move….


Just another Sunday morning, as usual I had risen as about 8 o’clock, made my self some coffee. Just slobbing around in my bathrobe… I spent a little time surveying the photos on an excellent amateur porn site, checked my e-mails, drank a second cup of coffee and eventually decided it was time for a shower.

I soaped up, let the warm water cascade over my body; still feeling aroused from my earlier photo voyeurism my daily hygiene routine soon became something else. No, this was not the urgent pounding of a man desperate to cum, but more slow sensual caresses of my sensitive parts. My eyes closed, the warm water splashed over me. My flesh grew hard and erect in my hand …

My reverie was broken by the sound of the loo flushing. The sudden hot shock. I cried out in pain and surprise and leapt out from under the now very hot water. I turned to be met by the sight of Nicole standing in front of me.

“Oops sorry.”

She said sleepily, her eyes lowered then suddenly widened and flashed back up to meet mine, a naughty smile crept over her lips. I wasn’t till then I realised I still had my cock in my hand.

In an instant she had pulled off her nightie. Pushing past me into the shower with a brief.

“Mind if I join you!”

Her dark eyes flashed at me. She adjusted the water, grabbed the soap and began to soap herself, this was not the kind of soaping someone uses to get clean, it was a slow sensual, erotic dance. Naked and glistening she was dancing for me the shower! I stood for long moments transfixed with shock and disbelief at what I was seeing. She reached out and grabbed my arm pulling me back under the shower.

“Come on” she said, “You’ll get cold out there.”

Her lithe young body brushed against me, quickly this developed into a kind of standing lap-dance her firm round buttocks pushed back wriggling internet casino against my groin. I, still in a daze, surrendered, nature took charge. My cock, which had quickly fallen limp in my initial shock, soon grew back to a powerful, almost painful, erection. My arms, without my conscious prompting, encircled her body; hands coming to rest on her pert round breasts, fingers teasing her surprising large nipples to a state of hard excitement. Her hand reached between our bodies, taking a firm grip on my proud manhood. She half turned, her dark eyes locked on to mine, reaching up, her lips brushed against mine then she whispered huskily.

“I always knew you would have a fine cock Uncle John.”

Not for a moment releasing her grip, she turned in my arms and sank to her knees in front of me. Without fuss, quite matter-of-factly, she opened her mouth and drew my cock into her giving me a long hard suck. My cock left her mouth with a slight pop; she looked up at me her eyes wide, shining and full of lust. With one hand still firmly grasping the base of my shaft, her free hand pushed between my thighs, her fingers splayed across my buttocks. She had me pinioned. Again her mouth closed around my cock. This young, sweet, and I had thought until recently innocent girl, demonstrated to me that her mouth was more skilled in giving pleasure than some women that I had known twice her age.

With her lips, her tongue and gentle nibbling of her teeth several times she drove me on almost to the point of orgasm. Only to pause moments before I should have cum, softly bringing me back from the brink, prolonging the ecstasy of her sweet torture. While her mouth teased, caressed and worshiped my cock, her finger was probing and massaging my arsehole. Each time I almost reached orgasm my body would tense and clench in anticipation, then relax again under her soft caresses. On the fourth of these relaxations her finger penetrated my arse.

Her sucking became more urgent, swallowing me down until she almost gagged, her hand behind me urging me to thrust deep into her mouth, the tip of her nose bouncing off my pubic mound. All this time her finger deep in my arse, invading, exploring, seeking the swell of my prostrate. This time she didn’t hold me back at the point-of-no-return. I cried out as a searing bolt of fire surged through my tortured cock, never since my youth had I cum so hard and so explosively. But this was not enough for her as she greedily swallowed down that fist gushing gobbet of my hot sticky cum. Several more times she made me spurt with her hungry mouth and insistent massaging of my prostrate; these where not the dribbles of cum that I had learned to accept as my age had increased, but great searing pumping spurts.

At last spent and milked dry she released me, my legs buckled under me as I began to slide down the wall of the shower cubical. Exhausted, amazed, feeling totally ravished by this young slip of a girl, never in my life could I think of a time when I had been so comprehensively used and abused by a woman for her own pleasure. Through half closed eyes I saw her rise in front of me, her hands went to my shoulders, her lips brushed across mine, just enough so I could taste the saltiness of my own cum upon them.

“Thank you,” she whispered breathlessly, “I needed that.”

She turned, stepped out of the shower, grabbed a towel and left the bathroom.

After the ravishing that I had just received I sat a few moments longer, slumped in the shower tray. Shocked, confused, embarrassed, trying to recover both my breath and composure as the now cold water splashed over me. Eventually I rose from the shower, dried myself and dressed in my habitual shorts and t-shirt. Went down to the kitchen, made more coffee and took my cup out to the table on the patio where I tried to get a grip on what had just happened and the events that might have lead up to it. What was I going to do?

Whilst I was wrestling with my thoughts Nicole appeared on the patio, again just wearing her nightie, she sat on the bench beside me and snuggled close to me, grinning like a Cheshire Cat,

“Did you enjoy your shower Uncle John.”

She purred, giving special emphasis to the word ‘Uncle.’ I pushed her away from me and looked at her sternly, she retuned my look by half closing her eyes, running her tongue sensually around her lips.

“Mmm” she moaned “didn’t you enjoy your young slut sucking your big fat cock.”

The memory, the feelings of just a few minutes ago washed back over me,

“Yes….” I began to say. Quickly I corrected my self,

“NO!” I almost shouted, “You are not my slut!”

I spat the words out,

“It was a mistake, an aberration, that must never happen again! Now get out of my sight, behave your self and the incident will be closed, understand?”

She lowered her eyes and looked contrite,

“Sorry Uncle.”

She muttered stood and turned to go, but as she turned she pulled up the hem of her nightie lifting it high wiggling her bare arse at me. In that moment my earlier passion turned into boiling anger, with out thinking I lashed out and gave her a hard slap on her bare flesh. Turning her head towards me again,