Jehovah’s Witnesses at the door

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Jehovah’s Witnesses at the doorI was bored one Thursday dinnertime, the wife was out with a friend, they’d gone to another town shopping, I was sat on the lap top looking at xhamster when there was a knock at the door. Fucking Hell I said it always seems to happen when I’m on xhamster feeling fruity. As I opened it there stood two Jehovah’s Witnesses, as I was bored I said “You’ve got 5 minutes”.As they came in and sat on the sofa they told me all about the bible and shit like that, I said “Are you on a time limit” and they said “No”. As time went on I asked them about themselves, one was called Robbie he was 21, the other Ben he was 24. They were dressed smart and slim and very young looking, I asked if they had girlfriends and they looked embarrassed.After a good fifteen minutes, Ben asked if he could use the toilet, I told him where it was and he left the room. Robbie was looking at me in a suggestive manner, he then slid over to where I was sitting and said “You seem like a nice person”, I said “I am”, he put his hand on my knee and said “I can do things for you”, and I said “Like what”.As he ran his hand on the inside of my thigh I looked down and saw a bulge in his pants, he was smiling, just then Ben güvenilir bahis siteleri came back into the room and looked at us both, he sat down next to me, and he put his hand on my left thigh, I was sat there with two young men rubbing the insides of my legs, Ben said “We can help you”, and with that he touched my chin and kissed me.Robbie was an inch away from my cock as Ben was kissing me, I was rock hard, I put my hand on Ben’s knee and squeezed him he smiled, as I lay back into the sofa, Robbie carressed my thigh and slowly ran his fingers over my cock, as Ben was still kissing me I was so horny. I turned to Ben and ran my hand up his leg onto his massive bulge and he sighed.Pushing Ben into the sofa I unbuttoned his shirt, took it off and stripped him to the waist, he also had a tempting bulge, Robbie was rubbing my cock through my jeans as I was rubbing Ben. I unbuttoned Ben’s pants and he pulled them down, he was massive, 7″ without a doubt, as he unleashed it I bent over and ran my tongue up the shaft.Ben groaned, as I got on the floor I put Ben’s cock in my mouth and was giving him some serious head when Robbie was kissing him, as I built up speed and was wanking him and licking perabet him he stopped me and said “No more”, as Robbie stood up Ben pulled his pants down and there was another 7″ erect cock, Ben grabbed hold of him and started to wank him off.As I was sucking Ben, Robbie was coming and said so, all of a sudden he shot his load all over Bens chest, he sc****d it up with his fingers and licked them clean. Both of them turned their attention to me, Ben unbuttoned my jeans and took them off, Robbie pulled down my undies and released my cock, I was naked in my own front room.Ben started to lick up and down my cock, kneeding my balls and carressing the inside of my thigh, then they pulled me down on the floor. I was kneeling and Ben was licking me when Robbie ran his finger over my anus, gently slipping his finger inside me. Then they swopped places, as Ben slipped his tongue onto me ass Robbie licked my cock.I knew I wouldn’t last long at this, as Robbie waswanking me and licking my helmet, Ben was licking my ass how good was this, then I shouted “God I’m coming” and as I said it my hot gloopy spunk shot down Robbie’s throat, he licked me until I was soft, I sat there gasping for breath, Ben and Robbie perabet giriş stood up and were snogging each other.As I watched there bodies entwined with each other I could see them getting harder, I ran my hand up Ben’s ass and round the front feeling his erect penis, then they got on the floor, it was as if they were giving me a floor show. Robbie was laid down and Ben opened up his thighs, he got his cock and pushed it into his asshole, he wimpered and groaned.As I watched these two young men shagging each other I too was hard again, as robbie grabbed hold of me he started to suck my cock again. Then Ben pulled out of him, he pulled me onto the floor, opening my buttocks he teased my ass with his cock, then pushed into me. God it hurt, then started to ass fuck me with all his might.When I looked down I saw Robbie on the floor looking at me I leaned over and he kissed me, he said “Finger my ass”, as I carefully ran my finger over him he said “Wank me off”, as I did both he shot his load. Ben said “I’m coming too”, and with that he filled my ass with warm cum, it activated my g spot and I had an orgasm like never before.After he filled me I was laid on the floor on my tummy when both lads started to lick Ben’s cum out of my ass, licking and fingering, I was simply hard and in seeing this Robbie wanked me off.We all got dressed, they went on there way, I went for a bath to try and get all the cum out of me, What an afternoon, I’m glad I answered the door.