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It all started innocently enough between Janey and I. She was a star athlete at our local high school and I kept score for the ball team. Janey and I became friends during her Junior year, she was a cheerleader and always had a bright smile and a hug for me at every game. I could feel myself falling for her then, but I just dismissed it as an older man trying to be young again and besides, why would a 17 year old girl want anything to do with a 32 year old man. The hugs went on all season and progressed to light kisses on the cheek thanking me for acting as tough I cared about her (little did she know just what effect she had on me). well that season needed and Janey and I said our goodbyes after the last game. God how I was hoping that wouldn’t be the end, but reality sunk in and I realized that nothing would ever become of our friendship.

The following summer, Janey suffered a back injury in a car accident, an injury that would keep her from playing sports. This really depressed her and by the time Basketball season arrived she was in a really deep funk. That seemed to change the first time I saw her, she ran up to me and gave me a big hug, telling me how happy she was to see me. She told me that although she poker oyna could not cheer, she was assisting the coach and would be at every game. This brought a smile to my face and I told her that I was glad that we would be able to spend some time together. Janey asked me if she could ride to games with me since long rides on the bus would make her back sore. I quickly agreed and told her I would love the company.

Things were great, I had given Janey a key to my place since she got out of school before I got home from work and she would be at my place waiting. Usually she would arrive take a quick shower and catch up on homework until I arrived, then we would take off for the game. As the season progressed, I got to know Janey very well, she told me about her boyfriend and the problems they had and I would help her with as much advice as I could, but mostly I just listened. Things started to change between us, she would arrive at my place even on nights we didn’t have games, just to talk and have dinner. I told her that I was afraid of what others may think, but she said that she didn’t care and besides, she was legal.

One evening on a game night, arrived at my place and 18-year-old Janey was still in the shower, she canlı poker oyna had the door cracked open and I could see her figure through the glass, just seeing her that way gave me an instant hard on and I knew I had to get away from there before I was caught. Just then the phone rang, it was the coach, our game had been cancelled because of weather. I hung up the phone and hollered to Janey what had happened, she shouted ok and I told her I would dig something out for supper. Just then I could feel her, she touched my shoulder and spun me around, there she should in just a towel, still dripping from her shower.

Janey gave me a big hug then gave me the most passionate kiss I had ever had! I knew this was wrong, but I could not hold back, I loosened up the towel and dropped it to the floor, taking in the vision before me, I began kissing her all over, taking time to suck on her nipples, while exploring her body with my hands. I lead her to my bed room and gently laid her down, and began the kissing again working my way down her body as I neared her pussy, she began to tense up saying no one had ever done that to her, I told her to just relax as my fingers found her pussy and me lips touched her clit, that is all it internet casino took and she exploded into orgasm, I continued eating her to 2 more orgasms before she pulled me up to her gave me a kiss and started to unbuckle my belt, I now took my turn lying on the bed as she slid my pants off from me and took my cock in her mouth, and what a great mouth it was!

I had heard players talking about what great head she gave, and they weren’t kidding! She took my entire 8 inches without even gagging! It didn’t take me long before she had me cumming in buckets and she swallowed it all, not missing a drop! Surprisingly for an old guy I was still hard after that and she climbed up and slowly slid my aching cock into her pussy. She told me how she had never had a cock that big, and I could tell because her pussy was tight, but but did it feel good! I let her control the pace till she was comfortable with the size then I started pounding into her, now I did not expect her to be a virgin, but I also didn’t think she had so much experience. She could fuck with the best of them!

We went on for almost 20 minutes and I told her I was going to cum, not wanting to get pregnant, she quickly got off me and took my cock into her mouth as I came again and again. the rest of our evening was filled with sex, great mind bending sex! Janey and I have made love several times since then, but nothing will ever beat that first night. I love you JC.