Janitorial Service Ch. 02

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Well, there it was, she was bent over with the top of her thong showing above her jeans like some sort of a psychic deja-vu. I stood there staring, unable to make a move while the images of my daydream reverberated in my mind. Should I comment on her thong like I did in the daydream, or just stand and watch? She did notice my erection, that was obvious, but now my head spun. Did I dare try to take advantage of the situation or should I just enjoy the view?

“Can you see my thong?” she suddenly asked, snapping me out of my dilemma.

“Ah… yes, just at the top of your jeans there. Your shirt pulled up a bit there and well… there it is. Only the top of it’s exposed, but what I see is pretty.”

“You like it? It’s new and well, it’s not something I can really show off much.”

“Yeah, I like it,” I said.

“So you’re an ass man?”

“Well, I guess, I mean…”

“And you were checking me out?”

“Ah… yes, I was, I’m sorry.”

“Oh don’t be sorry, I like asses myself. As a matter of fact, I checked yours out. It’s kind of big, just like I like them.”

Suddenly güvenilir bahis feeling very self conscious, I leaned back against the wall and answered, “Oh, so mine…”

“Yours was just fine, like I said, ‘just the way I like them,'” she replied, turning and looking at me.

By this time I was a complete wreck, folding my hands in front of me to hide my erection and leaning against the wall to hide my ass. She let the trash bag fall back into the trash can and then stood up and walked a few steps closer to me. Unfastening her jeans, she simply stepped out of them and placed them on a chair. Looking up at me she shrugged her shoulders.

Staring at her black thong, I noticed the dark, curly pubic hair and just a hint… I suddenly felt dizzy as that feeling rolled over me again. Just like in my day dream, I figured I’d be dropping my pants, lubing my cock up with lubricant and then fucking her tight asshole. Reaching for my belt, I quickly unfastened it and then removed my pants and underwear.

She smiled, looking at my cock twitch and then pulled off her panties. Reaching türkçe bahis over to a pouch on the vacuum shoulder strap, she said to me, “I have some Vaseline in my box there, why don’t you grab it?”

Just like in my daydream I reached in the box and pulled out the Vaseline. I was about to spread it over my cock when she turned to me and said, “Okay, spread it over this.”

I looked down and saw that she had strapped on a dildo and was adjusting it so it could be right over her clit. Reaching out, I applied plenty of the petroleum jelly on the dildo, not fully understanding what was about to happen. She reached down and took the jar of Vaseline out of my hand and tossed it at her cleaning tool box. The jar bounced off the side of the box and fell onto the floor.

When I bent over to pick up the jar, I felt her suddenly grab both my hips and pull me back. I then felt the dildo’s tip on my asshole just as she started shoving it into me, forcing me forward so that I had to grab a chair not to fall down. By the time I caught my balance and figured out what was happening, the dildo was sliding güvenilir bahis siteleri deep into my ass. She pulled back on me as the thrust her hips forward and I felt myself open up as she shoved the dildo as deep as it would go.

Withdrawing a bit, she shoved it back into my ass, continuing to pump in and out of me, moving her hips a bit from side to side as the dildo was at its deepest. The sensation was odd, pleasurable, but a bit painful too. My cock was rock hard, but I knew I wouldn’t come unless I stroked myself. Looking forward to trying out her tiny little ass, I decide not to jack off and just let her ride me for her fun.

I could feel my ass jiggle some as she rammed home into me and soon I could hear her moan with every push. Leaning back into her as she pushed, I could feel she was about to come the way her hand trembled on my ass. When she suddenly pushed so hard into me it nearly lifted me off my feet, I knew she was coming. Standing on my tiptoes because she was so deep I felt her shaking, it felt like her whole body was convulsing. In a moment she slowly pulled the dildo out of me and sat down on my desk.

After catching her breath, she unstrapped the harness and wiped off the dildo, placing it on the chair by the vacuum. I realized I still had the jar of Vaseline in my hand.