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All of my stories are dreams. I have had these dreams most of my life and finally decided to start putting them down for others to enjoy as much as I do. These have not happened, and do not reflect on any of my friends. They are just dreams.

Jan was a friend of a friend of mine and had been after me to work on her computer for quite a while. She is in her late fifties, early sixties and she was having difficulty understanding some of the functions and shortcuts. Since I am almost 50, we are about the same age.

I finally agreed to go to her house and hold instructions and show her how to do cleanups and keep the system working as best it can.

I arrived at about 5 p.m., and she took me to her room where she had everything set up. She lives alone, so she does not use all of her two bedroom house. She keeps everything located in a central location, her room.

I started by going through the simple stuff and moved into the Internet. She asks me to help her with a Web Site that a friend of hers told her about.

It turned out to be a Porn Site, and she wanted me to show her how to view all of the movies and photos, so I did. One photo was about a lady sucking a very large dick, and she said that she wished she could find one like that, and I kind of mentioned that I thought that mine was bigger than that, which got her attention.

We kept going through the Internet, but somehow kept coming back to the same porn site, so I started checking out her Camera that she had mounted on the top of the monitor.

I ask if it worked, and she said that she had never tried it, so I started working with it. It took about 10 minutes to figure out the program, and I got it working. I turned it on and had her picture on the screen before I told her it was working. When she ask me about it, I showed her the screen, which took her by surprise. She did not know it would do that.

She then started asking questions like; who could see the pictures, how did you get them developed, what type pictures would the develop and the such. I explained that no one could see the pictures unless the were at her computer, nothing needs developing, and that she can photo anything she wanted, either in still, or moving. She could even moon the camera if she wanted, and no one would ever know.

When I told her this, she just looked poker oyna at me, took off her blouse and bra, and started ‘jiggling’ in front of the camera. Then she burst out laughing and said that she had always wanted to do that.

I started explaining how to use the program, but t was kind of hard not to notice that she did not put back on her blouse. She had told me that she had been a Stewardess with American Airlines in her younger years until she had a car accident and had to retire with a broken neck, and she still had a pretty good looking body, in spite of her age. When I commented on this, she said that she still worked out three times a week, and thanked me for noticing.

Now she knows that I have given our mutual friend several back rubs and neck rubs in the past (she won’t let me rub anything else) and I thought I knew where she was going when she ask me about rubbing her leg. She had been limping earlier, and had a large bruise located on the side of her thigh.

She was wearing loose fitting shorts, so I told her I would take a look at it. As I was touching her leg, I noticed that her skin was soft and felt like fine silk. He leg was finely shaped and as I was checking it out, I could not help looking up to the top of the leg. To my delight, she was not wearing any panties.

She ask me if I could message it if she got undress and laid on the bed, so I joking said, ” How about if I give you the full treatment?” to which she said that it sounded good to her. It had been about 5 years since she had any type of sex and I could do what I wanted as long as I was gentle and did not hurt her too much.

Well, you know me, I did not have to be told twice. I figured that since she was a good friend of a good friend of mine, she was Ok.

I had her take a hot shower. During which, I got undressed and stood by her and washed her thoroughly. Then I dried her of, very carefully, took her to the bed and proceeded to rub the problem leg.

The whole time I was drying her off, she was looking down at my dick, saying, “O my god.” Over and over again. I am only a little over 8 inches, but it is 2 1/2 inches wide and this makes it look a lot larger.

After I worked on her leg for about 15 minutes, I started stretching her leg muscles by bending the leg and pushing the knee up to her chest. I then took my hand and canlı poker oyna rubbed down the back of the leg to stretch the muscle, but did not stop when I got to the pubic area.

Each time my hand would get to that point, would insert one or two fingers in as far as I could. Her pussy was very tight. I guess after 5 years of non-use, it starts to shrink, so I worked it very carefully until I could get two fingers all the way in.

Then I started the Yonnie Message that I had learned from the Tantra, the Tibetan version of the Kama Sutra.

I used my right hand to separate the lips and slowly messaged each of the with a slow circular motion. I took my left hand and started slowly rubbing the public area, working down to the clit. The pubic hair was a soft ‘mousy’ brown with grey and black mixed in. It was straight, not curly, and each hair was laying perfectly in line as if it had been combed. After about 5 minutes of this, the hairs started getting moist and the sweet smell of musk started to fill the room. When I could feel the heat start coming from her Pussy, I knew she was ready to start the message.

I used my right had to work the lips and to penetrate into the vagina area, occasionally rubbing the asshole area, using the pussy juices to lubricate it.

My left had was concentrating on making the clit stand erect and to keep up with the movement that she had started with her hips. As I worked the vagina, I continued to slowly stretch the opening and after about 15 minutes, and two very hard orgasms on her part, I managed to get three fingers all the way in. (which for my double x large hands, that is quite a bit)

At this point, I deviated from the actual Yonnie instructions, and started licking her clit. She was fantastic too. You could smell the hot pussy all through her public hairs and she cum tasted like honey. That is one taste that I will never get too much of.

As I was eating her pussy, I took my right index finger and started working it into her asshole. As she started gyrating her hips and working to another orgasm, I started working my finger further in, and started finger fucking her asshole as I was enjoying a fantastic meal of hot pussy. When she came this time, she almost broke my neck.

She wrapped both of her legs around my head and grabbed a handful of hair and started pushing internet casino my face deeper into her pussy. Then she started to buck and gyrate her hips so hard I thought that we were going to bounce off the bed.

When she finally came, it was extremely hard. Afterward she just lay there not moving. After I got myself untangled from her legs and got her to release my hair, I checked to see if she was Ok..

She just lay there and smiled, then said that I had better get that big dick in her pretty soon because she was almost wore out.

So I positioned her legs and took a sitting position between them. Then I slowly, and gently put the nipple of my dick in the opening of her pussy. Then I very slowly, started working it back and forth until I got about an inch inside.

While I was doing this, I started rubbing her clit again with my left hand. As soon as I got a little more in, I noticed that her nipples were almost as hard as my dick, so I started rubbing them with my right hand. Every once in a while, I would lean over and suck on one of the nipples, this put me a position that allowed me to work my dick in a little further.

I must have of fucked her for about 20 minutes when she told me that she was coming again. I had only gotten about 4 1/2 inches of my 8 inches in, but with my dick being so wide (2 1/2 inches) I was lucky to get that much in.

Started pumping her with what I had, and she started saying “O my god” over and over again, each time a little bit louder, until I thought sure the neighbors were going to come over and check on her soon.

Now, when I cum, my dick increases size every time it pulses, so when I came, she went crazy and almost came up off the bed. This caused her to cum again, this time she was shaking all over.

After we lay there for a few minutes, I got a pan of warm soapy water and slowly washed her off. She was very tender around the pubic area, and it was all red, with signs of a little bleeding.

All the time I was washing her off, she was telling me that this was the first time she had ever had multiple orgasms in her life, and she thought it was the most fantastic experience she had had in a very long time.

As I washed her off, she drifted off to sleep, so I took a quick shower, dressed and kissed her on the forehead before I left.

I received an E-mail from her the next day saying that she was looking forward to the next lesson, but it might not be for a week or so. (She was still very sore)

I must say that I’m looking forward to it myself.