Jamie’s Wedding

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Jamie was admiring herself in the mirror, she had finished her make up, her hair was perfect and her wedding dress fitted perfectly as well. She was very excited and looking forward to marrying her soul mate, Mark. As they had both been married previously, the wedding was to be a simple affair, with some close friends from their “club”

There was a loud knock at the door, startled, Jamie called out. “Who’s there?”

A deep accented male voice responded through the door, “a gift from Mark, can we come in?”

Excited, Jamie replied. “yes, of course, please come in.”

As part of the pre wedding preparations, Jamie and Mark had promised not to fuck or self pleasure for the final week before tying the knot. Jamie almost made it through, but she had weakened only once, earlier in the week, when one of her lovers called in unexpectedly. She knew Mark would understand… Needless to say, Jamie was beside herself with unrequited lust, she was looking forward to that evening of love making with Mark.

Since meeting Mark, she had rarely gone a day without masturbating or enjoying a hard cock. He was not a jealous man, and in fact he encouraged and often helped her quench her carnal needs.

The door opened and in walked two tall well build black men. The both wore a black bowtie around their necks and nothing but white, almost see through, speedo’s.

It took a moment for Jamie to realise what exactly was happening, she was worried as the wedding was due to start in about 30 minutes, but she also had a throb of lust pulse through her pelvis. What a dilemma…

Dwayne and Ron introduced themselves, both were attractive and seemed friendly.

Jamie, drank in their physiques. Dwayne had a shaved head and spoke with an English accent, Ron on the other hand had longer dreadlocked hair and spoke with an islander accent that Jamie couldn’t quite place. Her eyes travelled down them both, looking at their strong jaw’s, their shoulders, their defined muscular arms, tight stomachs and their swimmers. She chuckled to herself, they shouldn’t have bothered, the form of their penises were there for all to see, the shape of their helmets clearly visible through the seat translucent fabric. It was obvious that both men were becoming aroused. Jamie was fixated as she watched their cocks grow through the fabric of their trunks.

Dwayne who was slightly taller than Ron, walked up to Jamie, spun her around and kissed her neck from behind. He whispered into poker oyna her ear, Jamie we don’t have much time, you have a special event to get to. With that he bent down, grabbed her behind her knees and lifted her up. Jamie’s head and shoulders rested on Dwayne’s left shoulder, he parted her legs and turned her around to face Ron.

Jamie’s gaze moved to Ron, he had already moved his bathers to one side and was stroking his cock. Another lusty throb made her body shudder as a big smile spread across her face.

Ron smiled as he took his first look at Jamie’s cunt, as per normal. she wasn’t wearing panties. She was obviously aroused, her labia was engorged, and now slightly parted, her clit was erect and she was no doubt wet. He thought, this slut is ready for cock…

Dwayne took a step forward with Jamie secure in his grip, and said “She’s all your brother” Ron smiled. Because of her wedding dress Jamie, couldn’t see much but boy did she feel. Ron touched his glans to Jamie’s vulva, he rubbed it up and down a few times coating his cock head with her honey. Jamie, felt an electricity jolt of pleasure flow through her as Ron’s cock touched her clit, a moment later, she cried out as he thrust forward, balls deep.

Ron grabbed her hips, his hands large enough to almost encircle them. He used his thumbs to pull her skin up from her pubic mound. This exposed her clit which was then stimulated by Ron’s pubic bone as he started to fuck into her.

It wasn’t long before Ron had worked up a sweat, he knew he was on a time limit. Mark had instructed him not to hold back, so he was fucking like a man possessed.

Jamie’s body was absorbing Ron’s assault, in fact it was drinking it up and wanting more. She had almost orgasmed when Ron entered her, such was her pent up lust, but she took control because she wanted to enjoy the build up. And boy what a build up it was, her clit was on fire. Ron was obviously experienced, every thrust inside her he would gyrate his hips rubbing her clit with his pubis whilst internally his glans was massaging her cervix. The pleasure she felt was sublime, amazing. Jamie’s eyes were rolling back in her head, and she now needed to cum. Jamie, hooked her ankles into Ron’s bum and then started to roll her pelvis to receive this gorgeous man’s thrusts. Moments later, her orgasm hit, she screamed in pleasure, yelling “fuck me, yes, yes yes, ahh, ahh, right there…”

Ron looked at Dwayne, who was still holding Jamie in position. Dwayne, canlı poker oyna could see that Ron was close and said, “keep going brother, don’t stop…” A few pumps later, Ron let out a loud guttural moan as he too came. Jamie felt his glans expand and his last fervent thrusts, knowing that she was about to receive his seed. She felt his cock take one final deep thrust his head jammed tight into her cervix. His cock throbbed as his ejaculate squirted through his shaft, out of his eye and splatted into Jamie’s cervix, painting it white. Jamie could feel the wetness and his contractions and this gave her another orgasm, they were cumming together. Jamie’s cervix contracting and sucking Ron’s fertile sperm into her womb.

Dwayne was so fucking horny after watching his own live porn show, he needed to fuck this woman. His cock was as hard as it used to be when he was 16, but this time he had a slut who he knew would enjoy it as much as himself.

Ron withdrew, queefing together as he did. Dwayne let go of Jamie’s legs. She stood, shakily taking her own weight, but only momentarily. Dwayne then put his hand on her back and pushed her forward. He lifted Jamie’s dress, grabbed her thighs and lifted her up again. Jamie knew was was about to happen, but what she didn’t know was how big Dwayne was. Ron’s cock was a nice size, 7″ she guessed. But Dwayne, was 9″ and thick as a coke can. He was actually so horny his cock was 1/2 an inch bigger than his normal.

Dwayne grabbed Jamie’s hips, allowing her to spread her legs which she wrapped around his torso. Luckily, Ron’s cum was everywhere, mixed with Jamie’s honey. Dwayne looked up at the clock, 13 minutes until the ceremony. He didn’t have much time. He aimed his large bulbous cock head and moved her body toward him. He moved his hips and felt for her opening with his cock head. Then in one hard pull of her hips he entered her. His dark purple engorged glans made it just just inside her entrance.

Jamie, on the other hand, felt her cunt being stretched to the limits, she cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Ron who was holding Jamie’s arms as support took the opportunity to thrust his partially deflated cock into her mouth.

Dwayne, pushed Jamie’s pelvis forward then pulled her body back into him. Dwayne’s cock made it about 2/3’s of the way inside when he felt her cervix. He then held Jamie’s hips and started fucking, pushing deeper with each thrust until she had adjusted to his length and girth. internet casino He felt Jamie’s heels on his back and how she was pulling him into to her body. She was reciprocating to his motion, Although a tad constrained by the position, Jamie rolled her hips to meet his forward thrusts. Both their pleasure peaking at the animalistic lust they were both enjoying.

Dwayne started to fuck her furiously, his balls, heavy with cum, (as agreed, it had been a week since he had last ejaculated) tapped at her clit with each forward thrust. His withdrawal to the point that his glans was at her cunt opening, then thrust back inside. Her tight cuntal opening providing an extra tight fit around his glans. He wanted to cum quickly, so rather than thinking of other things to dull the pleasure, he settled into it. He focussed on his cock head, and could feel the walls of Jamie’s vagina fitting his shaft like a tight glove. A sheath really. Every thrust Jamie let out a grunt, she couldn’t vocalise as Ron had his cock in her mouth, cleaning their carnal juices.

Dwayne, continued fucking hard, switching between shallow fucking just his glans through her entrance, then deep fucking to her cervix. Jamie, was gripped in a constant rolling orgasm. She too was conscious of the time and concentrated on gripping this man’s beautiful cock. Her experienced cunt did the trick and soon Dwayne was grunting, thrusting, sweating, hard fucking and… finally cumming. This time she felt his ejaculate as it erupted from his cock. It’s not often that she actually feels a guy cum, but she sure did this time. This capped off her orgasm taking it to a higher level that she’d never experienced before. Dwayne disengaged a few moments later.

Jamie, tidied her hair, dabbed at her eyes to smooth her make up, although she couldn’t hide the just fucked glow that she had.

She looked up at the clock on the wall, 1 minute left, she had to go. She put her shoes on, and raced to the door.

The guests all looked at the door as she emerged. Being friends from their swinging group, and also hearing the muffled fucking sounds from behind the doors they all knew what had just happened.

Mark was waiting at the alter, their eyes met and the connection was real and obvious. He smiled a devilish knowing smile, Jamie replied the same way.

Jamie made her way to the podium, Mark took her hand. At that moment, Jamie felt a large gush of the cum cocktail from the two men and felt the goo run down her thighs. Jamie daintily put her hand to her mouth in mock embarrassment, then looked dolefully at Mark then around to the audience.

A broad smile to the room, then back at Mark. She knew that he knew, and that made her happy…