Isle of Lays Ch. 05

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The Wet Pussycat’s main dance floor was filled with dancers giving each other full-body caresses in pairs and trios, with a few gropes and wet French kisses exchanged between groups as Charlaine dived in, having enjoyed her excellent sandwich and cocktail and revived from her string of tongue-induced big Os.

She began shimmying and shaking loose as another girl, a ponytailed platinum blonde half a head taller than her and willowy to boot, gave her a sultry look and began pressing her front to Charlaine’s back. She’s soft, was Charlaine’s first impression as the blonde woman began tracing small circular patterns up her arms from wrist to shoulder.

“Hi, I’m Jade,” the blonde said by way of introduction. Her svelte body was encased in a tiny black halter dress with a back that dipped so low it rode on her pert butt. “You smell divine. I couldn’t resist your scent or your show at the bar.”

“Call me Laine,” Charlaine said with a smile as she turned her head to Jade. “You smell good, too.” She ground her ass back into Jade’s hips. “I just got here.”

“My friends and I got a booth in one of the billiards rooms, would you care to join us for a game or two?” Jade’s hands were skimming Charlaine’s belly invitingly. “We’re looking for a delicious new addition.”


Charlaine nodded and smiled and Jade took her hand to lead her off the dance floor to the room in question. In the center were three baize-topped billard tables set for eight-ball. Miss Redhead, a handsome, dusky Arab in a red t-shirt and cargo shorts with a crop of glossy black curls falling over his forehead, a man of Japanese ancestry with wiry, well-cut muscles under a tight white tee and khakis and another man, blond and built like Jean Claude Van Damme stood clustered at the end of the billiard table to Charlaine’s right.

“The rules are simple,” the Asian man said, laying several vibrators encased in leather harnesses and vibrating cock-rings on the table before him. “We all lock and load these toys, turn them on, and play pool. Our opponents get to control the remotes for our stuff and we get control of theirs. Come all you want, but don’t stop playing.”

“Let’s mix it up some more,” the blond man added, his face lit up with excitement. “Let’s have our opponents gear us up with these, with all the unnecessary touching, just to heat things up.”

“Done,” the Arab said. “That sounds quite satisfactory to me.”

“Asher, Ken, Tanner, Lily, I’d like you to meet Laine,” Jade said, her naturally husky voice calling her friends’ attention to her and to Charlaine, “she’s here to play with us.”

The four smiled at Charlaine and welcomed her to the group and they reiterated the rules of the game for her benefit. Waitstaff dressed in only bow ties, disembodied white cuffs and strips of black silk that merely decorated their bodies brought in platters heaped with finger-food and buckets of Belgian beer came and went, depositing the victuals and beverages on low tables along the padded and soundproofed walls of the room.

“We play to win,” Asher, the Arab, said in perfectly British English. “The losers have to make the winners come at least twice without coming themselves and they will be fucked in the ass. On video. For the whole resort to watch. The video will be streamed live over this laptop and they will watch themselves over that flatscreen TV over there,” he added, pointing to a television that practically took up one whole wall of the room.

They partnered off, Jade with Asher, Lily with Ken and Charlaine with Tanner. The men opened their flies and the women applied lubricant to their cocks and slid the cock rings down to the base of their dangly bits, rubbing and squeezing gently along the way. Once the cock-rings were nested and adjusted to the desired tightness, the women bent over tables so the men could insert the vibrators in them.

“Let the games begin, ooooh!” Charlaine said as she felt the vibrator (a 10-inch long monster of a purple Rabbit) come to life under Tanner’s fingers.

Charlaine got even with a smooth twirl of the dial on the remote for the cock ring around Tanner’s man-root and enjoyed seeing him blush and break out into a light sweat as his body went taut as a bowstring and his heavy, thick dick did a little vibrating jig. She took mercy upon the surfer-built blond and ratcheted the vibrations down to a lower pulse when he released a pleading moan and lifted his chin to the ceiling.

Tanner leaned over and broke poker oyna with a bang as Charlaine revved the cock ring straight back up to mid-level intensity, his back arching as the cue ball went wild, hit the edge by the side pocket and ricocheted back to the triangle of balls on the table. None of the balls sank into the pockets, but they did line up nicely with the cue.

“Ah, my shot, I see, I choose stripes” Charlaine smiled naughtily at Tanner. “I think I’ll go slow on this one.” She swayed her hips a bit more than was necessary, wagging her round, tight butt at Tanner as she approached the table, set up her shot and drew the cue stick back. All the while, her pussy clenched around the Rabbit and her clit pulsed against its prong. I can take this shot, Charlaine told herself. Hands and mind over soaked pussy and hard clit is all it takes.

Tanner was speechless, enjoying the sexy look of Charlaine’s ass hugged by her long velvet skirt. He was turned on immensely by the way he could see the outline of the Rabbit’s base against the soft fabric as she bent over to take her shot, one leg stretched out back and laid bare against the skirt’s hip-high slit. I wonder how she’d like a bit of payback?

The impish thought had him pushing on the third highest setting on the remote he held as she moved her right arm forward to make her shot.

A loud moan broke from Charlaine’s lips and drew Asher’s eyes to her as she just barely made her first shot and began writhing as she landed belly-over-boobs on the table, her fingers gone white against the cue stick. Lucky for her, she didn’t hit any of the brightly colored balls.

Asher turned his eyes back at Jade, whose ass was in the air, her tiny minidress ridden up just high enough for him to see her pussy pulsing around the vibrator torturing it. Just as Jade began to truly wail, Asher turned the vibrator off and Jade took a deep, shuddering breath. She’d yet to sink a single ball and her frustration over the denied climax obviously flummoxed her.

Charlaine regained her composure enough to look Tanner in the eye and smile. “Nice try, Ace. I’m still going to take the next shot and the next after that. Then we’ll see how you like payback.” She winked and moved on her next shot and sank that ball in the corner pocket and another in the side pocket along the way as she came.

By this time, Lily had dropped her cue stick and was just laying on her back on the baize, her hips jerking to orrgasm as Ken’s fingers flew over the remote control in hi hand. “I love watching you come, Lily. Fuck the game. I’ll be fucking your ass and you’ll be sucking me off for all the island to see anyway, so come for me baby.” Lily was plucking at her nipples and groaning on the table, bracing her feet so her legs splayed wide as her ass lifted and fell in a rhythm as old as time.


In the end, the winners were Charlaine, Ken and Asher.

The winning trifecta had stripped Jade, Lily and Tanner and positioned them on their knees atop the center table facing the huge TV. That done, Asher placed the laptop and two more HD webcams for maximum coverage, Ken gave a moaning Lily a thorough two finger-fucking the ass while Charlaine laid out some necessaries: Condoms, lubricant and a snap-on strap on, as well as butt plugs for the anally uninitiated (read: Tanner).

The losers’ devices were still in/on them and vibrating at speeds that ensured that they would not be thinking of much beyond their genitalia, though these vibrations did not permit orgasm. Not just yet.

“Hi Tanner,” Charlaine whispered as she snapped the strap-on dildo over the harness holding the Rabbit that was vibrating at a nice, low rip in her dripping cunt. She deliberately let him hear the snaps and was gratified to see him wince. She knelt behind him and rubbed her fingertips over his nipples, pinching lightly and smiling as he groaned.

“I am lubing my new cock now, Tanner, honey. Just for you, for fucking you between those sweet buns,” she licked his neck and bit his earlobe as she sent a hand down to finger teasing whorls around the slit of his red, red glans, from which precum was now dripping.

Charlaine poured some strawberry-flavored lube over the crack of Tanner’s ass and began rubbing it with her forefinger down to his anus, poking just the tip in and making him shiver uncontrollably as he bit out a very aroused and gravelly “motherfucker, ah, fuck me.”

He likes this, his cock is pulsing and bobbing canlı poker oyna up and down. His pucker is winking against my finger and the veins in his cock are standing out even more, Charlaine observed with a smirk. This is making me so very wet, indeed. I am going to like taking Tanner’s ass cherry. She stroked her new cock (and Tanner’s natural one) with glee.

Lily was already speared on Ken, his right leg propped up beside hers as he entered her rear slowly, her back pressed against his front. He had one hand on her left hip while the other was at her neck, turning her face to him. Her right hand was pushing the vibrator in and out of her pussy and her left was pinching a needy nipple.

“Mmmmmmm, oh-oh-oh-oh, fuck, your cock is vibrating in my ass, Ken,” Lily, it seemed, was in seventh heaven getting both holes stuffed with vibrating cocks, the lucky girl.

On Charlaine’s right, Jade was in a state of frantic, incoherent bliss on all fours, with Asher’s thick length spearing her as he fucked her hard, his arms crossed over her hips.

“I know you like being ridden hard, Jade, my dear, so I’m going to ride your tight little ass until it is quite sore. Tell our audience where I am fucking you, darling. Tell them where my cock is pumping you,” Asher demanded, the veins in his neck standing out from the tension that was tightening his whole body, especially his hard, muscled ass and legs.

“I-i-in my ass, you’ve got that monster prick of yours up my ass and your’re fucking it hard,” Jade said in a stuttering series of sound-bursts, her firm little tits getting swayed violently forward and back from the force with which Asher was attacking her hindquarters. “You are making my tits swing back and forth because you are fucking my ass so — ah, sweet Jesus — so brutally hard and I love it!”

Asher brought one hand up between Jade’s legs, unsnapped the vibrator’s harness and began manipulating the Rabbit in her cunt as he thrust harder and faster into her ass and Jade began to shake and scream, jolting upright so she could pump herself on Asher’s prong as she rolled and pinched her nipples. Asher was licking and biting her neck and earlobes as he pumped both vibrator and cock harder into her.

“Look at those girls loving the butt sex they’re getting, Tanner,” Charlaine said, the lust in her voice blossoming out in a sexily dominant tone. “I’m going to take your ass like that, but I want my lips and tongue there, first. I’ve always wondered what a gorgeous asshole like yours would taste like. Please bend over and hold your cheeks apart for me so I can tongue-fuck that delicious little cherry I am about to pop.”

Groaning with anticipation, Tanner did as she bid and Charlaine let her fingers glide slowly from Tanner’s beautifully muscled shoulders, down the indentation of his spine and finally down to his asshole, teasing the little brown pucker with tiny stabs and quick withdrawals that left him gasping. Well, okay, so it helped that she was also giving his lubed and vibrating cock some very slow, very tight strokes.

Charlaine flicked her tongue around the rim of his pulsing anus and he let out another groan as his thighs twitched and his cock swayed in a dance that begged for release. She pushed her tongue in slowly through the muscled ring of his sphincter and felt the trembling that began to take Tanner’s body in its grip and she reached around to gently tug his tightening balls down.

“No coming yet, baby,” Charlaine said in a stern response to Tanner’s frustrated moan. “I want to see if you can have multiple orgasms and I read somewhere that denying you release at first is a good way to make that happen. I am going to fuck that ass of yours while I stroke you and hit max with the cock-ring.”

“Oh, fuck, Laine, fuck you’re making me so crazy,” Tanner’s words were breathless, begging and so hot that Laine nearly came herself before she got a grip.

“Exactly what I aim to do, lover, so hold those cheeks and let me prepare your sweet little hole for invasion.” Charlaine resumed her oral attentions for a few minutes before lubing up her middle finger and replenishing the lube on his anus.

She sank her finger in to the first knuckle as Tanner took a deep breath, his brow furrowed in pain and pleasure. She pressed on as he began to chant her name and she withdrew her finger only to push it back in slowly, inexorably to the hilt and she withdrew again.

Pushing her index and middle fingers internet casino into Tanner, Charlaine found his prostate and began to gently rub it as she twisted and flexed her fingers apart gently, stretching him for the first butt plug, which she lubed and eased in slowly, following Tanner’s breathing and shoving home on the exhale.

“Oh, God, that feels so absofuckinglutely hot in there. So godamn good,” Tanner was sweating hard now, his clean male scent and the soap he’d used tickling Charlaine’s nose as she jacked his cock to distract him from the pain. “Laine, you’re making me so crazy. Oh, screw me, woman, screw me.”

“Shhh, hush, Tanner,” Charlaine whispered into his ear as she flicked the shell of it with a hot, wet tongue. “Just stay still and get used to the plug, darling. Tell me when you’re comfy with it.” She pumped the plug in and out gently until Tanner stopped shaking and nodded to her.

Ken was driving Lily wild by keeping her on a knife edge, denying her orgasms several times as he changed positions with her. The final pose of this horny pair was one where Ken braced himself firmly against the baize with a wide stance as she reached back, gripped his neck and he drew upright, her legs held wide in his big hands.

Lily’s top had fallen in a pool at her waist, meeting her miniskirt, which had ridden up and she was splayed open, the vibrator in her pussy dripping with her juices and Ken’s cock pistoning in and out of her ass while she begged him for release. Lily’s scream as Ken granted her pleas bounced off the walls of the room and she came in a fit of shudders, shakes and undulations that looked gorgeous on the TV.

The next plug went into Tanner, bigger this time, and it came with a built-in vibrator, so Charlaine decided to turn it on as well, on the lowest setting. Thank goodness for those hot g-flicks I watched before leaving Stockholm. At least I have some idea what to do to make assfucking a guy good for him. I want his cherry and I want him to come hard while I take it.

Tanner snapped backward like a bowstring that had just released an arrow and Charlain again tugged on his balls as he howled at the sudden stimulation of his prostate. “Please, please, Laine. Please fuck me and make me come, I can’t take any more.”

“Okay, Tanner, okay,” Charlaine said, gently caressing his balls before pushing his shoulders forward. “Bend over again and rest your shoulders and head on the tabletop and hold your ass cheeks apart so I can see where I’m putting my stiff cock.”

After pulling out the vibrating plug and applying more lube to the strap on’s prong and Tanner’s asshole, Charlaine slowly breached his ass, inch by slow inch. Tanner was gasping and uttering incoherent words as tears flowed down his Greek god face, but he began pushing back against her, too.

Charlaine withdrew the strap-on slowly and began a slow pump in and out of Tanner’s now-stretch arsehole. She raise her right knee up beside his hip and covered his slick back with her body, laying kisses on his skin. Her arousal was heightened by the impassioned wails coming from the women on either side of her who were getting their brains fucked out via their asses and the hisses and groans emitted by their men.

“I want you to raise your body up vertically, Tanner, so I can take hold of that delicious prick and wank it as I fuck this sweet ass. I want the people watching us over the CCTV system to see how much you like the way I am screwing your ass, how good being jacked off while getting butt-fucked is.”

Tanner did as he was bid and Charlaine raised the vibe on his cock ring and her Rabbit before she took him in hand and onanized him as she sodomized him with increasing vigor, occasionally giving his nipples a quick pinch and lingering caresses.

She nipped his earlobes and licked his neck and whispered the filthiest things she could into his ears as she watched their tableaux of six on the TV in front of her. “This is so debauched, Tanner, open your eyes and look at how hot you look getting backdoor action from a brunette with a strap-on. You’re pouring sweat, big boy, ad you’ll be coming like a geyser when we get to the climax. I’m close to mine so I’m going to truly give it to you.”

Charlaine’s hips bucked harder, more violently and faster as her orgasms hit and kept hitting her clit, her g-spot, that special area of her brain where orgasms explode the world into shards of rainbow and sensation. Her hand worked harder as she asked Tanner to count his orgasms with her and he did.

They both stopped at seven and collapsed on the soaked baize of the billiard table. Passed out cold from the pleasure overload – just like Asher, Jade, Ken and Lily had just minutes before.