Is this happening pt2

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Is this happening pt2Are you serious sarah, Miranda saying in a frantic voice? Yeah i mean i understand taking eachothers clothes off thats one thing but playing with eachother Chyan saying agreeing with Miranda. Trying to help them out before things get out of hand i tried to take there sides. “Ally can’t there be and acception just this time i mean they don’t want to do it.” Oh shut up Hunter why do you even care most guys would die to be wittnessing this! Ally replied, and she was right deep down i did want to see this really bad but you have to take in the consideration of these girls feelings and privacy. “I mean everyone else has done what they where dared why should you two be the acception” Destiny stated! Yeah but you didn’t have to play with eachothers privates Chyan saying still trying to get out of it as well. “Well when it is your turn you can make someone else do something worse ok besides no one will Ever find out only the people in this room will no” ally stated. “Fine whatever if Chyan will do it i will” Miranda saying with a little madness in her voice. “Well chyan” Destiny asking her for her answer. On one condition Chyan staying. “Whats that” Ally asked? i want some music turned on and no taping it or talking why we do Miranda shaking her had agreeing. “Tape why would we tape it” the rest of the girls stating. Quickly coming up with a idea i went to the kitchen and grapped the fruit bowl off the table removing the fruit walking back to the living room. Here I said! “Whats that for” Ally asking? “Everyone put there phones in here and I will put it on the top shelf of the movie rack so they Wil be more comfortable”. Everyone agreed after a few minutes of arguing i got the phones and put it on the shelf. “Thanks Hunter” chyan saying to me as i sat back down. Causing my cheeks to turn red a little replying with a no problem and a little smile! “What song do you all want” ally asked talking for a minute they both agreed on a hiphop song sung by a person by the name of neyo. The music began and the party commenced. Oh my i thought to my self I’m about to see a girl i have had a crush on for a long time get naked and play with another girl! I may not make it through this i thought i mean i was already hard as i could possibly get and there was already pre cum dripping from my p**is from watching the other ladies. “Hold up” i said before they started! What they all looked at me confusingly? “I need something to drink does anyone want something?” which led them to agreeing. So i went to the fridge and grapped 8 beers drinking to of them before i even got there thinking that it might help with my composure. Ok here i said handing everyone another beer. “Now can we get this started”ally saying anxiously. To that they began stripping each others clothes off they began with eachothers shirts off you could tell they where a little nervous by the way where moving very slow and touching and stopping looking at eachother. Next Mirandas bra hit the floor. wow i said thinking too my self Miranda was a mixed girl but a lovely skin complextion that looked as if she was covered in carmel with long curly brunette hair which led down to here beautiful light blue eyes and a radiant smile that would make you want to smile. I would say she was about 5’6 she wasn’t chubby but was a little thicker then the other girls and her b**bs wow they were not as big but better then the rest of the girls they where perfectly rounded with nipples that seemed like you could cut something with they where just big enough to where they would fit perfectly into your hands like a little puppy. With them touching and stripping eachother you could tell they where becoming more aroused rubbing eachothers arms and backs as chyan worked here way Down began to remove Mirandas skimpy jogging shorts. Turning her around and slowly starting to pull them down below her butt checks. To my surprise and i would say to everyone else she had no panties on! No one saying nothing just staring at what was unfolding before are eyes. Still pulling her shorts down she was now down to the here ankles Miranda lifting one foot at time so chyan could remove them from her carmel looking skin. I began to inspect Miranda’s A** with my eyes she had a cute little butt that was shapped like a heart with a cute little mole on the bottom of her left cheek she reminded me of one of my favorite pornstars teanna trump. Then i watched as chyan slowly placing her hands on Miranda’s hips turning her around slowly working her way back up to where her head was right under Mirandas pu**y which was jaw dropping it had nice little lips but big enough to cause a cameltoe in a pair of panties which led up to just a little patch of shaved hair. Watching as things where beginning to get better with every second we all watched as Chyan tilted her had back a gave Miranda’s pussy a little kiss. My jaw dropped then Chyan stood back up they looked at eachother with what looked like LOVE in there eyes giggling a little Miranda pulled Chyan to her there lips met kissing for at least 30 seconds neither of them pulling back! Miranda pulling away while putting her pointing finger on Chyan’s lip “shhh its my turn.” placing her self behind Chyan Who now was facing me miranda slowly toke off chyans bra letting it slide off her arms Chyan definitely had the best all around attributes of all the girls long blonde hair,green eyes, and beautiful full lips with pearly white teeth. But that wasn’t all her body wow where do i start her breast where also jaw dropping they where about the size of Miranda’s but she had perfect Tiny little nipples that poked out just a little which led down to a little valley like thing which led down to her tiny bellybutton she was a fit girl very active she played volleyball since middleschool. Then i watched as Miranda taking both hands and grap and seduce both of chyans breast causing Chyan to lean her head back onto miranda’s shoulder to where there ears where lined up miranda started to pull in pinch chyans nipples causing them to become more pointy miranda turning placing her lips against chyan’s neck pulling them away pop you heard leaving a red Mark on her neck her hands working her way Down to belly button her head following her hands until you could no longer see her head it was hiding behind chyans butt! Miranda’s hands gripping against the waist band of chyans pajama pants. And pulled them down much faster then chyan did to her but there where also force behind it like she couldn’t wate any longer! Underneath was a tiny little black g-string only covering her underparts miranda pulling these down slower then chyan’s pajama pants uncovering her underparts her pu**y was wow clean shaved witch led down to her pink little lips that where almost touching only seeing a little slit in the middle chyan then rasing both feat allowing miranda too remove her panties then turning here around forcefully all i could see now was chyan’s ass wow it was the best of the girls very wide as well as round she had long musclar legs as well which had to be from her playing volleyball in school her body was a perfect 10 actully you probably couldnt rate here on a 1 to 10 scale utter beauty! Me and the rest of the girls watched as miranda standing up placing her lips against chyans lips again. I watched as miranda’s hand began to play with chyans vagina watching her fingers beginning to rup the lips and clit of chyans vag she began to use a pace her other hand worked around caressing the left cheek of chyan’s bum then you started to here her moan while still her lips being locked to miranda’s umm uh uh oh umm is all you could hear her mumble out! Now they began to move side ways heading towards the couch causing sarah and Destiny to move sitting down beside eachother both begining to spread there legs wanting the excitement of eachothers magic fingers Chyan placing her hand on miranda’s inner thigh working her way there miranda following chyans movement like they where playing speechless siman says now both started to work there fingers into the other girls puss beginning to find the pace of the othersones hand in and out in and out the moans began oh oh god yes don’t stop please Chyan saying! You could see how wet both of the girls were then all of a sudden miranda jumped up pushing Chyan against the couch throwing her face towards chyans wet pussy lips starting to lick chyans lips and playing with her clit with her tounge. Oh Miranda oh oh my mmmy gosh fuck oh huh yeah! Then chyan began to scoot toward Miranda to where she could Lay completely flat but thst wasn’t all she was doing gr****g miranda’s thighs twisting them around until they where in a 69 postion both begining to make LOVE to the others pussys with there mouths while rubbing there own clit with one of the free hands gosh damn huh fuck yah keep going Don’t stop one saying to the other i was hard as a rock feeling like i was on the verge of exploding then i took my eyes off the two ladies making LOVE to see what the others where doing but doing so unnoticeable. I couldn’t believe my eyes i was suprised to see that sarah was masturbating but making it to where she wouldnt draw attention with her knees into her stomach to where the other girls couldn’t see i was just at the right angle to where i could see between the little gap between her knees with her hand on her clit! Destiny just had her legs spread wide open bitting her lip making it seem like she wished it was her on that couch! My step s*s ally to my surprise had taken her shirt off now and was playing with her nipples. Damn i thought they had to be the best pair of tits i had ever saw i cought a glance of her bra a tag reading 38 D. They where perfect i wanted too suck on them i mean i was drooling i couldn’t take my eyes of ally even though 2 ladies where eating eachother on the couch fuck i want you i said under my breath then my attention was back on Chyan and Miranda hearing the words I’M Coming both saying at the same time! They both stopped Just laying there gasping for air like a fish out of water after a fee mintues they both getting off the other staring eachother in the eyes with messed up hair and sweat dripping of there bodies they began to kiss swaping eachothers juices off the others tounges pulling away from the other. Okay WHO’S NEXT!!! I hope you enjoyed it part 3? Let me know thank you for reading.