Is He the One?

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A very short account of a date from my kinky girlfriend.

“What’s the appeal?” My girlfriend asked.

“Apart from the obvious, he’s a very kinky and such a naughty boy.”

“Really, do tell me?” She replied.

I’d had a few drinks, what the hell!

“Ok let me tell you about my one our early dates…

He met me at the station, he insisted on taking my bag. We went up to the room, dropped off the bag and went out for dinner. A very nice little Greek restaurant but to be honest I wasn’t that hungry, at least not for food and I don’t think he was either! Finally we finished and made our way back to the hotel. I remember entering the room and I was feeling very nervous and very turned on, I couldn’t remember the last time a man had affected me in that way, in fact I was a little worried that he could smell my arousal I mean is that normal , I guess so?”

My girlfriend nodded.

He then turned me round to face him and he kissed me and poker oyna I have say I just melted in to him amazing so soft, so sensual. I remember thinking oh no it’s not supposed to be this good!! Remember you are only here for the sex, so get on with it woman, show him what you got.

We got undressed, I was wearing what I thought he would appreciate, black satin and lace knickers, black suspenders, black stockings, black stilettos I felt good but was still very nervous in case I wasn’t what he liked but when he looked at me with a genuine appreciation in his eyes I felt very powerful. I wanted him to take me and fuck me in to tomorrow!

He started off kissing me and then moved down my chest, I could feel his breath on me, he parted my legs, pulled my knickers to one side and set about me with his tongue. I can tell you, he knew exactly what he was doing. No sooner had I come he entered me and game such a fucking I came again.

Anyway I remember the room was quite canlı poker oyna dark and after the second amazing orgasm he moved off the bed and picked something off the floor I was lying on my front so I couldn’t quite see what he was doing and to be honest I was still coming down so didn’t really think about it.

I remember he then got back on the bed and pulled me back on to me knees facing the headboard.

He then entered me from behind, something he doesn’t do a lot these days and there is wonderful reason for that, but that’s another story! So he put his beautiful hard cock in me and fucked me to his release but then he was gone I whipped my head around I saw him remove his pants or so I thought until I noticed they looked like my knickers!!

Omg they were my knickers and I remember thinking ohh wow, ohh wow, he had my knickers on, that is so erotic I wanted to tell him that I was ok and I liked it but then he went to the bathroom and I was too shy to internet casino say anything, but I do remember thinking I hope he does that again and I’m going call he out on it but not today.

I remember thinking this maybe the one!

He wasn’t brave enough in person but the next day I was at a works conference and I received a text message. I was standing with a group of employees just chatting and just opened it there and then.

I realised quite quickly what flashed up on the screen and had to excuse myself and walk off to a private corner, I found myself staring at a picture my new lover sat at his desk wearing my knickers from last night. I knew they were mine because of they had a little pink bow on them, I couldn’t believe it he’d stolen them!

I was instantly wet I had to go to the ladies for a better look and tbh I was in shock but more so about my reaction. I was a little confused and my body was saying yes yes, this is it, this is it, just what you have always wanted. Just look at that beautiful cock covered in silk isn’t that just the most beautiful and erotic sight ever.

“Wow, my girlfriend said, “I never knew you were such a kinky bitch!”