Introducing Me to Her Friend

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Introducing Me to Her FriendMy girlfriend and I enjoyed Dom/sub games. We had started out slowly, mostly tease and denial, her having me please and satisfy her not knowing if I would be allowed to cum. Gradually she moved into more submissive and even humiliating things. She had me shave my body completely, dressed me in feminine, but always slutty and revealing clothing, denied me an orgasm for weeks at a time, had me post anonymous pictures on the internet, and most recently buying a strap on dildo and making me suck it and using it to fuck my ass when she had me feminized.There had been talk of showing me off to her friends, bringing others into our play. She had not done that yet. She had one friend, an amazingly beautiful blonde. I became obsessed with the idea of serving her beautiful body like I did my girlfriend. In hindsight, I may have been a little too eager in suggesting that.One day my girlfriend told me that she had invited her friend over. I was rock hard the entire time she had me getting ready. She put me in a pair of black, sheer stockings and garter belt, black lacy panties, black padded bra with a see through lacy top, a very thin, very short black vinyl fake leather skirt and four inch heels. The skirt was thin and snug and showed the outline of my cock clearly. Finally, the doorbell rang and my girlfriend sent me to go answer it. I opened the door wide, standing in the doorway feminized and obviously erect under my skirt. Her friend was there, in all her beauty. But she wasn’t alone. She had brought her boyfriend kütahya escort with her! A man I knew very well! I stood there. Shocked. Humiliated. Unable to move. The woman in front of me giggled and said, “Ohhhhh, how cute,” as her boyfriend just laughed. “Well, slut, invite them in,” my girlfriend commanded. I had no choice and invited them in. I then tottered off on my heels to get drinks for all of them.My shock and surprises were not over. When I returned to the living room her boyfriend was standing in the middle of the floor, naked. My girlfriend openly admiring the size of his cock. Turning to me, my girlfriend told me that I had wanted to be shared, wanted to be used by her friend, “Well, slut,” she continued sternly. “You seemed a little too eager. Seemed more eager to serve her than me. We will see how much she wants you after this little demonstration. You have become very skilled at taking my strap on down your throat and up your ass.” I cringed in humiliation as she said those words in front of her girlfriend and her boyfriend. “Lets see how well you do with a real cock” she continued. “You are going to get on your knees and suck his cock. You are going to make him cum in your mouth. You are going to swallow every drop. And you are going to do all of that as we watch.” Watching my hesitation, she smiled. “Don’t even think of refusing. There are three of us, slut, and he is far bigger and stronger than you. Your choice is to suck him voluntarily, or we hold you down, tie you down, and watch escort kütahya as he fucks your ass!” My head snapped around and stared at her. The look on her face told me she wasn’t k**ding. I had seriously pissed her off lusting after her friend and this was the price I would pay. “Yes Mistress” I said in defeat, crossing the room and kneeling in front of the man. His cock was hanging right in front of my face. Soft, it was bigger than mine was hard. Hesitantly I took it into my mouth, sucking softly. It surprised me as it quickly grew in size and hardness inside my mouth. I could only take about half of it in my mouth and wrapped my hands around the rest of it, stroking as I sucked. The women were giggling and offering humiliating suggestions. “Cup his balls slut, men like that” “Slobber over it sissy, men like it sloppy” Things like that. I was humiliated and degraded, but rock hard in my panties.I sucked as well as I could, and eventually could feel him tensing and knew he would be cumming in my mouth. My girlfriend could tell too and snapped, “Don’t swallow slut. Save his cum in your mouth and show us!” That idea seemed to excite the man too. He grabbed my head and started to fill my mouth with cum as soon as he heard those instructions. I tried to breathe while not swallowing, tried not to gag as he filled my mouth with an amazing amount of cum. My mouth was completely full as I walked over and knelt in front of the women. Tilting my head back so it would not run out, I opened my mouth to show both women kütahya escort bayan how full it was with cum. Her beautiful girlfriend just laughed and sneered at me, “So tell me homo. How does a mouthful of cum feel?” I was crushed, utterly humiliated. My girlfriend had assured that her beautiful friend would never see me in any kind of desirable way. but she wasn’t done yet. Reaching down she pulled up my tight skirt, yanked down my lacy panties and showed everyone how hard (and small) my cock was. Reaching down and stroking my cock, careful not to make me cum, she asked me if I had liked it. My mouth too full of cum to answer, I nodded. Smiling she asked me if I liked the taste of cum. I nodded. She asked me if I would like to suck him again. I nodded. Finally, slowly and deliberately, in great detail she asked me if I wanted to be given to him as his personal bitch, on call anytime he wanted a warm wet mouth to cum in, to be his cum slut anytime, anywhere, no matter who else was around, to suck him on demand, dress anyway he liked, go anywhere he liked, to even offer up my tight cute little ass to him if he wanted. I nodded.Laughing loudly my girlfriend said, “Good boy. Now swallow, then crawl over to your new Master, bitch, kiss his feet, then kiss his ass, and make sure your lips AND TONGUE get deep between his cheeks. Then you can bring more drinks for us.” I obeyed, crawling over and kissing the mans feet and ass, realizing my punishment for lusting too much after my girlfriend’s beautiful friend was to have to serve her boyfriend instead. With my tongue up her boyfriends ass I heard my girlfriends friend laugh and say “What a little faggot” and knew she would never see me as a man or sexually attractive, and knew she would help her boyfriend humiliate me in every way possible.