In the Service

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He sat in the large easy chair across from me sipping the glass of bourbon, his favorite bourbon, I had poured for him.

“How did all this start?”

“You mean, when did I know I was gay?”

“No, well maybe, but when did you start this ‘involvement’ with the military camp?”

“It wasn’t on purpose. I think people intuitively see me as someone to turn to, to trust, and when you have several hundred lonely horny recruits, it’s only a matter of time until probability and fate work together.”

“As you well know, I ran a sundry, general goods store in the town. It was as sleepy a business as the town until the needs of the War in Europe and then Japan converted the old factory complex into a training camp. A steady flow of hungry and bored recruits wandered the town, giving my business a boost. These men, boys really, were a uniformed herd that cleared my shelves on a frequent basis. They came for snacks, for small comforts the military did not provide and trinkets to send as gifts to distant girlfriends.

“So…how did it start?”


He tentatively crossed the backyard, hiding behind the hedge, the unused chicken coop and the stand of apple trees. I watched from my kitchen window, wondering who could be approaching my home from the woods, woods that stretched a quarter mile to the next property. He stepped into the light spilling from the window, expectation and fear struggling across his features. I saw no threat there. He withdrew into the shadow as I opened the back door and stepped out onto the porch.

“Hello?” I queried.


“Can I help with something? I saw you come into the yard.”

He came forward a step, eyebrows raised in question. It was then I recognized him. He had been in my shop the day before, standing out among the other uniform-clad youths. I recalled his hair was fiery red, freckles on his cheeks, ears that stood out all the more from his freshly cropped head. He was tall and painfully thin yet all these features combined into an oddly attractive whole. His eyes had met mine causing me to realize my gaze had lingered too long. He had blushed fiercely, but still met my eyes. I had turned away trying to hide my embarrassment and made token efforts to be busy behind the counter. Another customer had approached me with a question and I had lost sight of him.

Now he was standing in my yard. How had he come here? I would not learn the answer until his third visit. For now, he silently clambered up the stairs of the porch and walked past me through the kitchen into the dimly lit parlor. I suppressed my amazement at this brashness, stepping into the kitchen. He reappeared in the doorway, apparently expecting me to follow. I smiled with some amusement and went into the living room. He stood to one side. I heard his breathing, that hollow breathiness of desire and need. I knew what he wanted and understood why he had come.

I approached him, kneeling in front of him in the half light. He stood stock still yet emitted urgency. I reached to unfasten his belt and pants then pulled them to the floor. He made no move. I pulled down his army-issue briefs to expose his already turgid cock. I examined the organ nestled in wiry hair. It was thick, thicker than his wrist, lengthening as I grasped the surprisingly large balls. I enclosed the swelling head with my mouth. He gasped – his first utterance since arriving. He remained motionless, as though innocent of the sexual interaction, letting all responsibility for what was happening fall to me – which I was delighted to assume. I caressed his organ with my tongue, sucking it fully into my mouth, the head just in my throat. I massaged his balls, pulling them down, enjoying their weight and size. I felt one hand on the back of my head, gently increasing pressure as his need intensified, the other clutching the back of a chair for balance. With a grunt from deep in his being, he filled my mouth with his seed. I heard him breath out “Yesssss” as his organ eased, becoming heavy on my tongue. It took several swallows to consume all he had ejaculated. I made noises of pleasure and appreciation, still sucking him to extract another drop. He shuddered and was done.

I rose to get a cloth from the kitchen to dry his cock. My back was to the door when I heard it open and close. He had gone. What an extraordinary experience. I didn’t try to make sense of the nighttime visit of a stranger, rather I went to my bedroom and masturbated furiously several times recalling the thrill of his cock in my mouth, his balls in my hands.

Two days passed until I saw him again in the yard. He didn’t hide as he had the first night, but walked with some confidence to the porch. I opened the kitchen door for him. He smiled, said nothing and walked past me to the parlor as he had the first night. I followed him, turning off all but one light in the far corner. He was unfastening his belt, urgent to release the growing bulge. I gestured to the large easy chair. “Take you pants off, open your shirt, sit down” I suggested. He complied. I put a few pillows behind him, causing him Etiler Escort to sit forward, his balls hanging heavily off the front of the chair. I knelt between his spread legs and devoured his cock, lapped at his balls, ran my hands through the emerging patches of hair on his chest and did my all to please him. Several times I sensed his coming orgasm, I distracted him with pinches of his nipples, compounding his need. I continued until he found enough presence to plead, “Please, let me cum”. I fondled and sucked a few minutes more then quickened my sucking and stroking. His hands gripped the arms of the chair and hips thrust forward driving his cock into my throat. I could feel the frantic pulsing as he came and came, the cum shooting down my throat. With a depleted “oh god” he collapsed into the chair.

He sprawled quietly for a time, regaining his breath. I continued tugging on his lovely balls, watching his earlier raging cock subside and lay heavily on his thigh. I felt his heart beat ease and saw consciousness come back into his eyes. He smiled in thanks, stood, dressed and left.

A full week went by before he again appeared in the yard. I had spent every evening since, staring into the yard, hoping to see him. And here he was. This time his walk was almost jaunty. He knew what he had come for, knew he would get it. And he did. The easy chair was again our venue for pleasure. He demanded his orgasm quickly, holding my head and pumping into my mouth until he came. But this time, he didn’t get up and leave, he remained in the chair, placing his balls in my hands, and leaned back. “Do me again” he commanded. Ah, the regenerative power of youth. I doubled and tripled my efforts from before, making love to this man’s cock and balls, caressing his body finally bringing him to climax after an hour’s exertions. His orgasm was enormous, overflowing from my mouth despite my efforts to swallow it all. He smirked with pride at the volume.

I went into the kitchen to get a towel to clean myself, expecting to hear the door open and close. Instead, I heard the scrape of a chair as he pulled it out to sit down at the table. I turned to see him, dressed, leaning on his elbows, chin in his hands, smiling at me.

“Coffee?” I offered.

“Sure, that would be great” he accepted.

I set a kettle to boil, setting up a drip pot with fresh grounds.

“That sure is fun” he grinned.

“For me too. I get off on how much you like it.”

“I’m gonna miss it. I ship out tomorrow. Wish I had had the courage to come over here sooner.”

“How did you know I was here? That I might do this for you?”

“I saw you in the shop, you know Warren’s downtown. The way you looked at me that time, I kinda knew.”

“That’s my shop. A lot of guys from the camp come in. I remember you being there. But how did you know where to find me?”

“I overheard you telling some customer that you lived in the cottage near the river, beyond the woods near the old factory now turned into the camp. I walked in the woods whenever I was blue or homesick just to get away from the base. One time I spotted the cottage and saw you through the window. It took me about twenty times before I actually came into your yard. That’s when you spotted me. Boy am I glad.”

“So am I. But now you’re leaving. Europe?”


“Be careful, bring your lovely self back in one piece.”

I leaned across the table to kiss him on the forehead. He accepted meekly.

“Uh, another thing. Can I tell my buddy about you? He kinda figured out I was having a good time the last time when I got back. He said I looked like I’d just gotten laid. I admitted it was probably better than that, so he’s real interested in finding out for himself.”

I gave my permission to the young man to tell his friend he could stop by, not aware that I would be called upon by a steady stream of men, men who were far from home, lonely and sexually deprived. I don’t think I would have refused, even with the knowledge that for the next nearly three years, I’d daily visitors, sometimes several waiting unseen in the woods. I tried to limit myself to two a night, but more than one occasion a hang dog look of desperation, a too cute face or a pronounced bulge got the better of my resolve. Often, that last one was a surprise. All this I would more realize when looking back over those years, unaware at the time. At that moment, watching the young man disappear through the gap in the fence, my mind was wondering what the ‘buddy’ would be like.

Some days later, I was sitting on my back porch on an unexpectedly warm evening looking to see if anyone would show up. I heard him striding through the underbrush of the wood, not respecting the old trails, but making straight for my home. Even in the half light at a considerable distance I was struck by the refined beauty of my next young man. He must have been beautiful from birth, as a child, and now as a man. Fair skin with a shock of dark hair, refined features and an athletic body. My cock stirred anticipating delights to come. He strode up to the porch.

“Hey, Escort Etiler Jim said I should stop by.”

“Jim? Is that his name? He never said.”

“I’m not surprised, he never talks much. More of an ‘action’ guy, but I figure you know that, too. I’m Frank, by the way.” This offered with a wink.

“Come on in” I invited.

He walked directly into the parlor, I stopped to get a towel in the kitchen. On entering the parlor, I was struck still by the sight of Frank sprawled naked on the easy chair. Where Jim, as I now knew him, had wiry red haired on his crotch and emerging on his chest, Frank had very dark, silky hair framing his cock and lightly arrayed across his upper chest. His cock was thinner but hung long with a distinctive elegance. I sank to my knees eager to please him.

“Jim told me about the chair. Very comfortable. Want to get started?”

Frank’s cock had begun to harden, lengthening still further, plumping nicely as I began to swirl the head with my tongue.

“Oh yeah man, suck my cock.”

I sucked and tongued, working my way down the shaft until I had him wholly in my mouth and in my throat.

Frank cheered, “Yes, my man, take it all. None of my girls ever got near taking all of me. Damn.”

I came up for air and again plunged down to the root.

“Easy there, my man, I don’t want to blast yet. Work on my balls some.”

While nowhere near the size of Jim’s, Frank’s balls hung loosely and easily fit in my mouth. Frank flailed about in the chair.

“Jeez, I can’t stand it, your mouth feels so good on my balls. Suck them too.”

I eagerly complied, giving Frank no respite.

“If you want my load, you better start sucking my cock. I’m gonna blow” Frank announced.

I reluctantly released his balls and returned to working his cock with my mouth. A moment later his orgasm erupted sending spurt after spurt into my mouth. A sizeable and very tasty load.

Frank lay back in the chair, smiling broadly. “Yessir, now that’s a blowjob. Ol’ Jim wasn’t lying. In fact that explains a lot.”

I looked at him in question.

“Jim, he really struggled through most of the training. That’s what the camp is for, specialty training after boot camp. In the last couple of weeks, Jim seemed to get it, really started to shine. I guess something finally relaxed him and he could let things fall into place. He ended up with a commendation and an early posting. I’m stuck here for at least a couple of more months, but I’m thinking it won’t be so hard to take now. You up for another round?”

Sometime later, Frank left by the back door, laughing to himself and calling back, “see you tomorrow, alright?” I encouraged his return. He stopped and turned. “Hey, I don’t want to be rude, what should I call you?”

“I’m Raif Jameson” I responded.

“Coolio Mr. J. See you tomorrow.”


“I guess Frank wasn’t too discrete, word got out?” he asked from the easy chair.

“Word did indeed get out. Frank admitted that he’d been bragging and let only a few close friends know. For a long time, it was just the low level privates stopping by, but one night it was a Drill Sargent coming up my walk.


“Are you, uh, Mr. J?”

“Raif Jameson, yes.”

“Uh, okay.”

“How may I help you?”

“To tell the truth, I really came to see what was happening in the woods. I’ve seen a lot of my guys sneak off into the woods. Later on, they come back singing and happy, too happy for the way I treat them. I followed one and saw him slip through a gap in the fence. A while later he came back all smiles, not drunk, not high, just satisfied.”

“So what can I do for you, Sargent?”

“I don’t really go for the girls working nights in the town, if you know what I mean. But I sure could use some companionship, if you know what I mean.”

“Come on in, Sargent, I’ll see what I can do.”

“Nice place you got here” he said, walking through the kitchen and parlor. “What’s upstairs?”

Not waiting for an answer he bounded up the stairs, turning into my bedroom. I took my time, locking the door before climbing the stairs. I was amazed to find that in those few moments, the Sargent had stripped and positioned himself squarely on my bed on all fours, presenting his ass. And what an ass. Taught, lightly furred with a tiny pucker winking with desire. A sizeable cock and tight balls were visible beyond the hairy legs, but the ass was calling me. It had been a while since I had topped a man, my partner had died some years before and we had shared top and bottom duty fairly evenly until his illness. And lately, it had been my tongue and mouth doing most of the work. Still, my cock responded to the temptation. A moment later I was naked and a moment after that I was experiencing the delights of a tight ass squeezing my cock. The Sargent bucked like a bronco, but I held on for the ride.

“Yes, Mr. J., fuck me good.”

I did my best, alternating long strokes and short hard pounding until the Sargent bellowed, “Hell yeah, I’m Etiler Escort Bayan cumming.” I came, too.

We lay together for a long time afterward. I enjoyed the manly heat from his burly frame against my body.

“You know, Mr. J. I can tell which of my men spends time with you. They get a kind of confidence. Why do you think that is?”

“I’m not sure, Sargent. I try to show every man respect. I make a point to enjoy them for whatever special gifts I see in them. I think they respond to affection and admiration. I’m glad it helps them.”

“And here I thought it was just getting their rocks off” the Sargent chuckled. “Well Mr. J., I’ve got to get back to my boys, make sure they’re behaving. That was one fine fuck, thank you. See you next week?”

“Any time, Sargent, just make sure the coast is clear. I’ll make a practice of turning off the porch light if I’m ‘occupied’.”

“Thanks for taking care of my boys, Mr. J. And thanks for helping me out too.”


“Did the Sargent come back often?” he asked after another sip of bourbon.

“He became a regular visitor for a while, then he, like all these young men went on to other assignments, most into the heart of the war.”

“Anyone else stand out from the crowd?”

“Oh yes. There were a number of stand outs. A couple come readily to mind. One soldier came in, not much more than a lad. He was the most nervous of all. I thought I could hear some of his buddies joking around in the woods, just out of sight. I invited him in, sat him down at the kitchen table, made him some hot chocolate, gave him some cookies and sent him on his way. He seemed relieved in a different way.

Another spent an entire weekend with me.”


I was tidying up some of the vegetable beds in the back yard when a shadow obscured the mid-morning sun. I turned to find a man, a huge man leaning over me. He was blond, broad-shouldered, with arms bulging in his shirt sleeves. I was frightened and wondering how I could escape into the house – not that a locked door could stop this man if he wanted to enter. Just as I was rising from my knees to flee, he turned away from me and began to sob. It was all the more pathetic coming from this hulk of a man. Rather than run, I put my arm around his shoulders. He turned toward me, still deep in emotion, and crushed me to his chest. He held me for some minutes trying to gather himself.

From inside his embrace I suggested, “Let’s go inside and sit down. You can tell me all about it.”

He never did speak, though he allowed me to guide him into the house. I could see his heartfelt pain and vulnerability. A blowjob for fun wasn’t what he needed. I led him to my bedroom, removed his clothes and lay him on the bed. Naked, all his raw power and strength was revealed. Even shriveled with anguish, his cock was the largest I ever saw. Still sadness enveloped him. I stripped and lay beside him, tentatively wrapping my arms around him. We lay quietly for a time, then suddenly his body became rigid. He threw off my embrace and flung me down on my back. His cock rose up appearing to me to be a fearsome battering ram. He spread my legs and kneeled between them. With more determination than anger, he pressed the massive head into my ass, putting his weight into the thrust. Fortunately I had cleaned myself earlier in the day, using a much lubricated dildo. My body yielded, opening up to him my ass stretched to the limit. He paused only to allow me to shift to accept his full length, well past the turning deep in my ass. And then he began to fuck me. I was fully aroused despite the rigor of the fuck, he tossed me about like a plaything. He pulled me fully onto his cock and began cumming and cumming. The pulsing deep in my ass brought me to orgasm, my cum arcing between our bodies. His cock subsided a little, though he did not withdraw. Rather he turned me away from him and spooned with me, pressing again deep inside me. As we lay quietly, I could feel his heartbeat in his cockhead, seeming to beat next to my own heart.

Through the night he fucked me again and again, repeatedly cumming in great volumes, overfilling me. Each successive fuck became less urgent, more loving. Toward dawn I fell into a deep sleep. The sun was streaming brightly through the windows when I awoke – alone. I heard noises in the kitchen, so slipped on a robe to see if he was still in my house. Indeed it was he, making breakfast, fully naked, but now smiling and at ease. He didn’t speak, I wondered if he was mute, rather he set about the business of make the meal and setting it before us. He ate greedily, as did I. He insisted I sit and linger over another cup of coffee while he cleared away and did the dishes. Then he took me by the hand and led me back to bed.

I asked if he would be missed at the base, he shook his head ‘no’. “Weekend pass?” He indicated ‘yes’ then proceeded to massage my entire body, from earlobes to little toe, returning time and again to kiss my cock and balls. My body responded despite the prior night’s exertions. He lay down, insisting that I mount him, pulling my cock fully into his ass. His giant organ hardened as I fucked. My body shook with yet another orgasm, my cum long since spent. His cock oozed out another load onto his chest. I fell onto him exhausted. Now he held me, emitting contentment.