Impregnated and Swelling

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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.

All character0s are over eighteen and clearly written to be so, as in all of my stories.


The queen bowed her head softly, though there was nothing serene in the hard line of her jaw, the determined glint in her eye as the white veil fell over her face. Becoming a queen, when one was marrying a king, was part of the act of getting married, though she was hardly against what was an arranged marriage. The lioness’ back was strong and proud, despite her pleasingly slight demeanour, shoulder blades pushed back and tucked down, her tail split into two while the two threads of them flicked softly back and forth. Whereas rocks would crumble, a reed would bend and sway even in the strongest and harshest of storms and it was that very reed that Kincade sought to emulate day in and day out.

It was no wonder that her king had requested that she wear the traditional white to the wedding in the grand chapel, enough to house an entire banquet hall and more. Her fur was white too, strange for a lion but, in a way, matching him too. For where she was as white as freshly fallen snow, her king, who she would address as Gin when not around others, bore the traditional tan garb of a lion with a white mane and time of his tail to complete his natural ensemble.

She shivered, taking his paw as it was offered to her before the witnesses, every pew heaving with furs, nobles who had come to seek their union. They’d spoken some already but the fact of an arranged marriage had meant that they had not been able to really delve into the deeper conversations between one another, the things about what made a fur who they were. They’d always either had bodyguards or chaperones, depending on the situation or the respective privacy, although they had gotten to know each other at least a little.

His favourite food was freshly caught sea bream: fish, of course. That had made Kincade smile and it made her smile again to remember it as she stood, paw in paw, with him before the priest.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…”

Fish wasn’t all that much of a stretch for a cat, after all. Yet she liked him all the more for it, her heart warming to the edge of what she thought could be love. Love was something nurtured and grown, for them, after all, not something that one tumbled into, the sort of thing that warmed a soul when those two souls worked at it, feeding and sustaining it. And that was just why she’d agreed to marry Gin when he had offered his paw to her in marriage, wanting to make her his queen, for she knew in her heart of hearts that he was one how would lift her up on her worst of days, making her more than what she could have been without him.

Her dress flowed down to the floor, a beautiful gown that would only be worn for the span of a single day and yet cherished forever for the memories it held. Gin smiled, a glint of moisture in his eyes, the lion’s muscles bunching ever so slightly as if he longed to hold his new queen close, even in that moment. He was strong and yet moderately muscled, for he had no reason to look like a labourer when he was the king, though hunting and archery amongst other kingly activities kept him more than in good health. No, the king was a lion to make the ladies – and many gentlefurs – swoon, although his tastes, in that case, were for his queen and the touch of her paw in his own.

Gin shivered, though hid it in a kingly smile. So warm… Her paw was so small and yet it fit within the gentle and firm clasp of his fingers perfectly, squeezing him back as if to let him know that she too was there and ready. In her wedding dress, he had never before seen a more beautiful lioness, though he was sure that there were many bachelors, let alone kings, that had said much the same, regardless of who was marrying who.

But there was something more at play, a card in the king’s deck that he had not yet placed on the table and yet lay in wait to be utilised. He had secrets at his fingertips, oh yes he did, but his new bride did not know that. To be fair, neither did most of the kingdom and she was about to become one of his very most trusted advisors. Then she would have to know and it would be a secret held tenderly between them that would open up so many doors.

The lion licked his lips.

“I do.”

Only Gin knew what the glorious beauty of his new queen was to go through as the months passed.


Kincade kissed him fiercely, tipsy on mead and delirious in her lust for her husband. Her head spun pleasantly and she was as light on her paws as she’d ever been as she allowed Kincade to sweep her practically off her paws, carrying her through the wide, double doors into his sleeping quarters. His private quarters may as well have poker oyna been another abode or dwelling in themselves but they were as plush and luxurious as she could have ever wished for, magical lamps, dancing and flickering with flames that would never burn out, set into the wall.

The lioness shivered as he set her down, her eyes jumping hungrily to the magic of those lamps, tail lashing the air. As curious as the cat she truly was, she edged closer while he poured them goblets of wine in fine, engraved cups, the metal worked by the finest smiths and artists in the land. As was the way with everything else in his palace and kingdom, nothing but the best would ever do for Gin.

“You have a sorcerer in your employ?” She breathed, though there was a question in the rise of her tone. “My king… You truly have everything.”

Sweeping up her paw into his own, Gin smiled genially and clasped it to his chest, though there was a twinkle in his eye and a tremor in his body too that could not be denied.

“With you… Now, I truly do.”

She blushed and rocked her muzzle away, pressing her free paw to her face, but the lion simply claimed that for his own too. Bringing her two paws to his lips, he kissed them softly, so softly that it was quite as if he was afraid that she may break, although he chose her as his queen for the very fact that he knew that she was greater than what others believed her to be. And yet the lioness had not yet shown him the truth of her love and her nature, what was hidden behind that ever so slightly crooked smile.

“Now, my dear…” He breathed, need stirring in the pit of his belly, a curling, twisting, masculine pull. “Let us get to know one another a little better.”

It was all as it was meant to be but the rawness of her kisses, the hasty, driving need behind them, floored the lion, even though he was meant to be the king. Neither of them, of course, was virginal, for that was not how his kingdom was governed, leading all to have accordance and ownership over their own bodies without holding something as simple and idiotic as abstinence in high repute. Thus, they already knew just how to move their paws on the bodies of another, whether they were male or female respectively, considering their own personal sexual orientations.

They may have already have known the technicalities and logistics of what to do, but that most certainly did not mean that it was not new for either of them as they kissed, dark lips moulding together as if they had always meant to touch. The kiss was fierce and passionate and Gin’s head spun pleasurably with what he’d drunk as he disrobed his queen. Servants had offered to “prepare her” for the wedding night but, ah, that was not how he wanted it to be. He had powers at his fingertips and a touch of magic, the very same magic that the sorcerer-king had placed into the flames of the lamps to make them burn indefinitely, helped her gown slip from her body as if it was water and her body the sweetness of a reed in the middle of the river.

Kincade gasped, the silk and lace flowing from her body, revealing her undergarments – white for the supposed purity of the day and, of course, to highlight the sheen of her fur all the more tantalisingly. Yet she did not seem to need anything at all to lure her king on to take her, his claws more readily slicing through the material of her brassiere and undergarments, as sweetly as they did cup the light curve of her buttocks. The bone of her hips was revealed, her lean, light form on show to him as he bore her, gently, back to the bed. He didn’t need to be rough with her, not one bit, when she wanted him so much, his clothes hitting the floor and leaving the king bare but for his fur.

Her breath caught as he moved over her but Kincade only had eyes for her as the fleshy length of his cock slipped form, swelling and thickening. He didn’t have a sheath like some anthros did but that was perhaps because his cock was too big to fit in most sheaths, his balls round and meaty to match. Truly, it was a wonder that he had fit into any kind of formal clothing (or clothing at all), but the palace tailors were exceptional at what they did. It was not for him to show in public, not unless he chose, and there were times that a sorcerer could benefit from baring all.

Ah, but not yet, not as he kissed the neck of his queen, her pussy begging for his touch. She mewled for him and he caught her lips in a hungry kiss, tongue tangling, lust pouring forth. They had no reason to hold back as she allowed him forth, his cock grinding wantonly against her, though the sweetness of foreplay, in that instance, was not needed. His fingers slipped into her slit to find her folds already soaked with her juices, though Kincade was not the type of lady to blush and worry about how she looked. Her nipples were tipped with black, the points begging his tongue, and the king could barely hold back as he lustfully locked his lips around them.

Suckling her nipples into her mouth, he moaned around them, lashing canlı poker oyna them with the flexible flat of his tongue, ever so lightly barbed and rough, but all for her pleasure. Nothing was so harsh as to hurt and Kincade moaned out loud as she rocked up for him, trying to get her legs around him, lust rising, pumping through her with the never-ending beat of her heart.

“Please…” She breathed, rocking her hips, trying to get that massive length of meat inside her. “Fuck me… My king…”

There were so many more things that she wanted to say too but there would be time enough for them when her pussy was not dripping with need. Yowling, she allowed herself to be lightly flipped onto her side, the lion pressing up to her back, his chest dwarfing her. She had never thought herself that small before but there was still something that did not quite feel like she was in a position of power and control. It may have made her quail and snarl, fighting as she was backed into the corner, outside the bedroom, but right there where she was, oh… It simply served to send a deliciously chilling and arousing shiver straight down her spine.

She needed him. She craved him. He was all that she’d ever wanted, the other half of her heart and soul. And wasn’t just the best way that she could ever have felt?

Kincade moaned, drawing him in closer, her tail around his thigh. Of course, her tails were not strong enough to actually make the king move at all, though she could imagine so, wriggling her buttocks back against him, an arch in her back. She moaned softly as he nibbled at her shoulder, though a moment was all it took for him to press the tip of his cock to her sex, letting her body accepted him inside. Hot and wet, her juices slopped over his cock as he pushed in, her body stretching, allowing it, pleasure ramping up at the mere touch of their bodies coming together.

The king growled, his queen stiffening against him. Yet it was all for the best of reasons.

Gentle sex depended on who he was fucking. And Gin knew as his lioness yowled and pushed back on his rampant shaft that she was not the sort to want it sweet and gentle.

It was all that Kincade wanted, a howl on her lips, buttocks grinding back, finding some manner of leverage even on the silken sheets of the king’s bed. But it was about time that she realised she was a queen as his massive length stretched her out wonderfully, her sex trying to squeeze and close around him. He slammed in, lifting her leg so that there was nothing in the way, his arm around her torso to draw her in as close to him as possible. Inch after inch of his long, thick prick sank into her sex, stretching her open.

She was tight, yes, but not so tight that Kincade could not allow him deep, chest heaving, one of her king’s large paws finding her breast. He squeezed and she arched into it with a throaty purr, wanting it all as he ground deeply into her, slamming in over and over again as her head spun in the best of ways. All there was for her was pleasure, the throbbing pound of it, the thrust of his cock forcing her to dance to a beat that she had never known she could swing her hips to.

Gin snarled and she leaned into the sound, rising to meet him with a growl of her own. Yes, she was a lioness; yes, she was fierce; no, she was not about to lay down and be the submissive little slut that so many kings that had gone before had wanted. No, she knew that that was not what her Gin craved and that was just why she’d agreed to marry him, having her consent and a hand in it all as she arched and ground back onto his cock.

The lion smirked, tongue flicking out pinkly to lash his lips.


With a buck of his hips, he had her up and on top of him, wriggling for a moment as she sank down all the way on his cock, his large balls before her as her back faced his head. Her thighs eased to either side of his legs but there was no point crouching over him while she wanted every inch of his cock as deeply up into her cunny as it ever could be. With her head thrown back, Kincade howled out the very first orgasm that she’d ever had without anything at all touching her fat bud of a clit. That would come later but there was no need nor any time for that as ecstasy ripped through her, snatching her up and away as she yowled out her pleasure.

Gin snarled and grabbed her hips, dragging her back to him, the wild bucking of her hips threatening to jerk him aside. She was stronger, stronger than even he could have expected, his cock filling her perfectly – or rather her cunny closing around him so wonderfully that they may as well have been two pieces of that cliché same puzzle. His magic flowed into her from the tips of his claws, drawn forth by the power of her orgasm, and Kincade’s yowls filled the bedroom. She did not notice what was happening to her, what he was doing to his queen, although all, in that matter, would come to be seen in time.

For the time being, there was nothing for the two of them to enjoy but each other, the internet casino new queen christened with his cum as Gin dug his hind paws into the bed, powering up into her. She may have been riding him but he wanted his fill too, snarling and grunting, eyes gleaming with lust as his fat balls churned to be spent. They ached and throbbed and her pussy accepted every thrust he had to give, yearning for his cum as much as he wanted to give it, massaging and rippling around his length. He was under no illusion at all that she was doing it deliberately, the erratic nature of her orgasm more alluring than ever.

Gin growled and huffed, breath tight in his throat and his lungs. It was coming and so quickly too, magic flowing through him, filling his queen as his seed soon would too. But both had to be present for what the sorcerer wanted, a snarl on his feline lips as he thrust and pounded, so lost in lust that there was very little that he could have possibly have done to hold back even if there had been need to. Yet, with his queen, their fun and sex were all done in the name of letting loose, juices slopping out messily around his cock.

Yet the king needed to seed her and he snarled as he teased towards that high, seeking it out like a predator narrowing the distance between him and his prey. Thrust by thrust got him there as he curled a paw around her thigh, fingers pressing to her clit to send her yowling into yet another orgasm. One blended into the next as she milked his cock for all she was worth, the two of them tangled together in delirious lust, rising higher and higher, his balls aching – until not even the king could stand it for a single moment longer.

He roared, blasting it forth, as orgasm hit him, his pale mane thick around his face, teeth on show. Ropes of thick cum flowed into her yet his balls made it so that he had so much more than any average fur to give. He didn’t boast the comparatively small nuts of so many and every pump of his cum was laced with his magic, flowing forth and spent exactly where it needed to go for his plans to be set in motion. For Kincade was only the start of it as she took his load, her stomach plumping up with the sheer volume that he pumped into her, though one orgasm, with Gin too, was apt to blend into the next. Maybe more time had passed than he realised but there was something about his queen that made it so that he didn’t know how far he’d gone, all that they’d done, losing sense of time and place as he groaned and panted. But there was no reason to worry about anything of that as he grunted and howled brokenly, his crotch soaked with a combination of their juices, even though Gin was unsure just how many times she’d climaxed on his cock.

Her lower abdomen rose and filled, bloating out as she was inflated with his seed in the very best of ways. It felt like she was too full, in a way, yet all the lioness craved was to be even fuller than she was already, her stomach appearing as if she was already pregnant to anyone that may have been causally observing them. Of course, that could not be, even if she was not privy to the intricacies of what her king had planned for her, her paws resting reverently on her stomach, smoothing over the perfectly round curve. His cum, after all, had to go somewhere and her lusts rose more and more as he filled her, the night teasing on and promising, still, so very much more to the two of them.

Kincade snarled, eyes alight, her hair thick and clinging to the back of her neck with a tease of sweat. Sex was sweaty work and, oh, she wasn’t about to worry about something like that, not when every nerve-ending in her body was alight and alive. It was time to take control, to snarl and be the lioness queen that her king had always dreamed of, heaving herself over him as they rolled and fought, his cock slipping from her as they tangled. That, in itself, was no mean feat but there was no worry to be had there either as she found herself on her back on the bed, her king pushing between her thighs.

“My queen…”

He rasped out a purr, licking her throat, and Kincade moaned as her head fell back against the pillows. They may have been tilted and knocked askew but that didn’t matter as his soaked dick plunged right back where it belonged, her pussy soft and yielding as much as she wanted to clench around him, to drag him deeper. She cried out for him again and again as he plunged into her, though she could tease him deeper, her heels digging into his buttocks, showing off what hidden strength she did have as he pounded her. Yes, she was a lioness too that knew how to get what she wanted and he was all that she wanted, his driving dick sending her to such floating highs of pleasure.

Where she was clad in earthly joys, his cock leaking and slopping from her with every thrust, stomach pleasantly plump and round, she was high above it all in the arms of ecstasy. Gin braced the palms of his paws against the headboard, snarling and snapping as he thrust as if his life depended on it, lost in such lust that only his queen could have drawn him back out of it again. Kincade’s hisses beneath him only served to egg him on, however, slamming and driving into her, her hips rising onto his thighs as he knelt there, kept there but the tight grip of her legs around him.