I lived in a place called Chingola

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I lived in a place called ChingolaI lived for a while in a place called Chingola, Zambia; this was not long after independence from England and the old Northern Rhodesia and colonial days, since I was one of the 2000 single expect workforces, working on the mine with only 50 European nurses. The system for getting a date, one had to put your name on list with a picture of yourself, and how much money, you were prepared to spend, thus the chances of getting a date, let alone shag, were almost the same as winning the lottery.On my arrival one of the old colonial’s said to me “don’t know what you’re going to do for female company lad, there ant no single women here. What he didn’t know and I bother to enlighten him was, my last girlfriend was from Ethiopia, as black as the ace of spades and gorgeous and had the first hairless pussy I had ever seen. There were roughly 28 million Zambians of which 27.5 were black and the majority were from the Bember tribe, 9 million being female, and half of those were single, but none had ever dated a white guy, let alone had one as a boyfriend.During the first few weeks I sussed out where the single Zambian female went in the evenings, bar, clubs etc. and stared to make friends with them, there was two sisters both teachers who bahis firmaları were quite friendly but always went out together so I started to chat to them, they were happy to chat and meet up but nervous of being seen with a white guy, after a very pleasant evening wining, dining and dancing the night away, Both girls were very attractive but the older of the two called Beauty was the one I liked best, I invited her back to my place, Sorry she said I came with Mary and if she don’t came too, I’ll have to go home with her, Then ask her to come to I said, don’t worry she replied Mary won’t bother us if she comes along. I had a 4bedroom house with two bathrooms on a large plot, about ¼ miles out of town; it took about 20 minutes to get home, on arrival after a few drinks and a bit of a kiss and cuddle we decided to go to bed, as usually in Africa you shower before sleep, we went to one and Mary into the other bathroom, as a gentleman I very slowly removed Beauty’s top and skirt as I kissed and licked each part of her body as it become exposed, on removing her bra and knickers found tits to die for and once again a shaved pussy, on entering the shower we soaked each other bodies, my cock become rock hard due to the attention Beauty was giving to it tipobet güvenilir mi with those soapy hands and after removing the soap her mouth.After drying each other off I was led by a very hard cock into my bedroom but much to my surprise found Mary lying on the bed, don’t worry I was told, we always sleep together, and without her I can’t sleep. Being pushed onto the bed my cock was engulfed by a very hot wet mouth and presented to me, was my most favourite meal, miss pinkie, anyone who has sucked a black pussy will know what I mean, on opening a black girls pussy you find a very pink interior which will turn red as it becomes more excited. Pulling her cunt on to my mouth, I started to lick and suck, moving my hand to her ass, my index finger found her ass hole and after applying a little pressure, gained entrance, until the knuckle, God that girl could suck cock, each time I came near climax her mouth would be removed and her hand would grip my cock hard, so the spunk would return to my balls, hold on babe, she’d say, I want that hot come in my belly not my mouth. Because women can climax more than men, 3 or 4 times her clit left its shelter of its hood and entered my mouth, which I sucked, her ass would start to pump, as canlı bahis her climax started, my mouth would be filled with her cunt juice, as she screamed her climax. Moving her body so her mouth found mine as her cunt slide on to me cock. Again those who have lived in Africa will know, African girls are taught from puberty the god given art of controlling there pussy mussels, so the girl can grab the shaft, so as she lowers her body onto your cock, she squeezes and pumps in the same motion, To be honest the first time my Ethiopian girlfriend Muloe, did it to me, I spunked straight off, but as she began to train me I became able to withhold coming, so as Beauty began the same trick I was able to control myself and my erection and both our pleasure. As she rode me I continued to trust into her body and allow her 2 more climaxes before emptying my balls into her egg box deep within her belly.As she rolled off me I became aware of Mary’s eyes upon me, as Beauty cuddled me, she nuzzled my ear and whispered aren’t you going to look after my sister? Don’t you think she pretty, since I was knackered I said “babe please let me rest and get my breath back”. Not a problem babe, I’ll keep her warm for you. To my amassment they rolled into a 69, now this was the first time I’d ever seen two women pleasure themselves in such a way, and Christ so horny for a reason known only to god or the devil or a bit of both, my erection returned. That night was one of many and the start of a very pleasurable period of my 20 years of life in Africa.