I know what you did !!! Part 5

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I know what you did !!! Part 5I rolled over and yawned as I stretched out in my bed. I couldn’t get Club Cuffs out of my mind as I continued to replay the events of my test over and over. I jumped out of bed and turned my computer on. I picked up the big envelope that Kate gave me last night and opened it. I pulled several sheets of papers out and began to read. They were mostly rules of the club with several disclaimers. One page however caught my particular interest.I read down the page carefully. “Sign up sheets for the ‘stage shows’ and the ‘main event’ are first come first serve.”Obviously I knew what the stage shows were but I had no idea what the ‘main event’ was. As I laid there gazing at the paper, Kate wandered back into my mind. I couldn’t believe how much control she had over me last night. Last night I was her own personal sex toy and I had to admit that I loved it. Actually, I hated being tied up as I like to be the dominant person but it gave me a complete and clear understanding why Mrs. Graph loves it and needs it. I now know why my teacher needs a disciplined lifestyle.I continued to replay in my mind how Kate seduced me and completely controlled me. My god she did everything and anything she wanted to me as long as it gave her sexual pleasure. She did things to me last night that I only fantasized about. Her style and her touch were amazing. I knew one thing for sure, she had power. She has complete power and control.I set the papers down and went online. I checked my e mail and sure enough there was a message from Mrs. Graph. I clicked on it, opened it and began to read.”I don’t know what to do anymore. I have asked you to stop but you wont. I asked you for my ring back but you wont give it back to me. I ask you to leave me alone but you keep coming back to me. Why? I almost ruined my life last night as my husband nearly woke up and caught me. Why are you controlling me like this? Why am I letting you do this to me? These questions I have no answer to. I do know that this little sick game of yours has to stop and stop now before one of us or both of us gets hurt. Please return my ring back to me.”I sat there with a big evil grin on my face as I clicked on the reply icon. I thought for a moment before I began to type.”Dear Mrs. Graph, Hello! You ask many questions of your Master. You say that you ask me to stop but I won’t. Did you ever think that maybe the answer lies within you? Somewhere deep down in your heart I believe that you don’t want me to stop. You say that I won’t give you your ring back. That is not true Mrs. Graph. You will get your ring back as soon as you are worthy to wear it again. As soon as you understand what your Master is all about and how much you need him. You ask your Master why he continued to come back to you. That answer is simple Mrs. Graph. Because your Master knows how much you need his guidance. You even ask your Master why he is controlling you like this? Well Mrs. Graph, I have an answer to your question. Today your Master wants you to do some soul searching. Take a walk in the park or a nice hot bubble bath and think about why you let me control you. Tonight, e mail your Master and open your mind, heart, and soul and tell him your answer. I will look forward to the answer of your own question.” Signed, Master.I logged off of my computer and went through my usual morning routine. It was still early so I decided to go see if Trista was working today at the coffee shop. I hopped on my bike and rode to the coffee shop and parked my bike a couple of store fronts down. I casually walked toward the coffee shop and pulled the door open. I walked inside and immediately saw Trista. I went and sat at the same table in front of the window and waited for her. I watched her walking around as she made her rounds at her tables. Finally she made it to my table.”Well hello again,” Trista said as she set a coffee cup down in front of me.That comment made me feel wonderful as it meant that she remembered me from yesterday.”Hello Trista,” I said as she poured my cup full to the rim.”Can I get you anything else?” she asked as she looked into my eyes.”Nah, I’m all right” I said as I poured a little cream into my coffee, only to be disappointed when she turned around and went to serve another table.I just sat there as I watched her move gracefully about the dining room. She looked so cute in those jeans and white tee shirt under her green apron.”God this girl is gorgeous,” I said to myself as I continued to drink my coffee.I was about two thirds done with my cup when she returned to fill it. She sat down on the other side of the table as she poured my coffee.”Grab a seat for a while, it isn’t too busy,” I said as I smiled at her.She looked around before setting the coffee pot on the table.”Thanks,” she said as she pushed her hair back over her ears.”You know my name, so what is yours?” she asked.”I’m Justin,” I said as I held out my hand to shake hers.She slid her soft fingers along my palm until our hands came together in a firm handshake.”Nice to meet you Justin,” Trista said as we shook hands.”Are you still in school?” I asked as I took a sip of coffee.”Oh no, I graduated this spring,” she said as she looked over at the other customers to see if they needed anything.”What school did you go to?” I asked as I knew for certain that she didn’t go to my school.”I went to “The Valley Christian Academy” Trista said,” as she seemed proud of her high school.”Where did you go?” she asked.”I went to Norbert High,” I said as I again sipped my coffee.”How did you like it there?” I asked as I looked deeply into her beautiful green eyes.”It was all right, you know my father is the minister there, so it was kind of boring.””Your dad is a minister?” I asked with a somewhat shocked look on my face.”Yeah, he has been his whole life,” she said as she looked to see if any of her customers needed anything.Just then I blurted out “Would you like to go out to dinner?”Trista looked at me with a blushing face.”Well, how about we meet here tonight and we can talk some more?” Trista said as she slid out of the bench and stood up.”I would love to,” I said as I stood up and tossed a five dollar bill onto the table.”Seven O.K.?” Trista asked as she seemed in a hurry to go to one of her other tables.”Sounds great,” I said as I stood up and walked towards the door.”Bye Justin,” she said in a sweet voice as I pushed the door open.I paused for a moment and turned and said “See ya at seven.”I looked over at the Sea Side Diner as I made my way to my bike to see if I could spot Kate. The diner looked empty as it was already past the breakfast hour. I hopped on my bike and raced for home.”Shit!” I said to myself as I realized that I forgot to ask Trista for her phone number.I raced up my driveway and parked my bike in the garage before I went into the house. I went to my room and pulled out the package that I was going to send to Mrs. Graph. I made sure that everything was packaged perfectly before placing the big box back in my closet. I had a plan, now I needed to execute it.I grew bored so I decided to go over to Brad’s house. I went back to the garage and got on my bike. I pedaled down the street and in no time at all I pulled up Brad’s driveway. I became excited when I saw his mother’s car parked in the garage. I jumped off of my bike and knocked at the front door and in a flash Brad answered the door.”Hey Justin come on in,” Brad said as we walked into the den.I sat down and focused on the television as Brad was watching video’s again. We began to make small talk while we watched television. I nearly choked when I looked out the sliding glass door. There was his mom, laying flat on her stomach sun tanning in a tiny bikini. Her top was undone as she laid flat on her stomach so she wouldn’t get any tanning lines. I tried to refocus on the television but his mother was a definite distraction.”God if I could just go out there and fuck her brains out,” I thought to myself as I continued to glance out the window at Stephani.I realized that I had an erection growing in my pants as she looked so sexy laying on a large beach towel. Brad got up and excused himself to go to the rest room as there was a boring video on the television. I noticed on shelf next to my chair was an old antique pair of binoculars. Quickly I picked them up and looked through them, focusing on his mother. I focused her in clearly and instantly looked up between her legs.”Sweet Jesus,” I said softly as I could see stray strands of hair sticking out past the elastic band around her leg near her crotch.I could make out her mound as her bikini bottoms were quite tight. Looking up her torso I examined the sides of her breasts as they were smashed underneath her against the wooden deck. I heard the toilet flush so I quickly replaced the binoculars where I got them from.Brad returned and I had a serious erection in my pants. Glancing out the window again I noticed his mom reaching behind her and hooking her top. Two seconds later she stood up and came into the den.”Hi Brad,” Stephani said as she sat down in her bikini on the love seat across from me.”Hi,” I said as I watched her sit down before swinging her sexy legs up over the edge of the love seat.I couldn’t help but to stare at her gorgeous feet. Ever since last night when Kate made me suck her toes it seems like I now have a foot fetish. Oh how badly I wanted to go kneel at the edge of the love seat and kiss and nibble her sexy toes. I had to pry my eyes away from her and as I went to look at the television her breasts caught my attention. I swear I swallowed loud enough to wake the dead as I saw how hard her nipples were.”My God,” I thought to myself as I wondered how long they would be without her top on.I have never seen nipples so big before in my life. It was a miracle my cock didn’t break through my zipper as I was now rock solid.Suddenly Stephani jumped up off of the couch.”I better get dinner going before your dad gets home,” she said as she walked past me and into the kitchen.My eyes were glued to her ass as one side of her bottoms was pulled into her ass crack, exposing over one half of a cheek.As she walked gracefully into the kitchen I almost choked when I saw her finger slide under the bikini bottom to pull the material out of her crack.Brad and I watched television for a while and I realized that it was getting late.”I better get going,” I said as I stood up.I wanted to tell him about Trista but I didn’t want him snooping around the coffee shop trying to work an angle so I decided to keep to myself and tell him some other time. We said our good byes and I rode toward home. Along the way I couldn’t help but to think about Trista.”My God, her dad is a minister,” I said to myself. Here I am a member of Club Cuffs and I’m on the verge of going out with a minister’s daughter.I left my bike on the side of the garage and went inside. Looking at the clock I realized that my parents were going to be home soon. I decided that I was going to go see Trista in a couple of hours and then go to Club Cuffs to hang out for a while.I went to go take a quick shower before heading back to my room. I logged on to my computer and checked my e mail as I let my hair dry. To my dismay there was no mail from my teacher. I signed off and put on some casual clothes. I went down to the kitchen just as my parents came in the door.I didn’t realize that my mom had a crock pot running all day and dinner was ready in no time. We ate and chatted about our day before cleaning up the mess. It was now six thirty and I knew that I needed to get to the coffee shop as I didn’t want to be late. My parents went into the living room to watch television and I slipped out the side door. I hopped on to my bike and slowly rode down to the coffee shop. I parked my bike a couple of stores away as I didn’t want Trista to see me on a bike. I walked up the door and pulled it open before walking in.”Hi Justin,” Trista said as she took my hand and led me to a table in the corner.We sat down and began to converse about everything. She told me all kinds of stuff about her c***dhood and I shared the same stories about me. She got up and got us both a cup of coffee and then sat down again, only this time leaning over the table slightly closer. There was something special about this girl and I just couldn’t figure out what it was. We giggled and laughed as we continued to learn more and more about each other.Before I knew it, it was already nine fifteen.”I better get home before my dad has a fit” Trista said.”You still have a curfew?” I asked.”Yeah, daddy is over protective of me,” Trista said as she smiled and squinted her eyes at me.”He’s afraid I am going to be led down the wrong path one day,” she said as she stood up and picked up her purse.”Hey, can I get your number?” I asked.Trista sat back down and opened her purse, pulling a small day planner out. She opened it and scribbled her name and number on a piece of paper and tore it out and handed it to me.”What’s yours?” she asked as she held her pen waiting for me to speak?I gave her my number and she scribbled it in her planner.”I really have to go Justin before I get punished for staying out too late.”Together we walked out the door and she hopped into her dark blue Camaro and sped off.I waited for her to turn around the corner before making my way down the alley which led to the entrance of Club Cuffs. As I made my way down the alley, I realized that I forgot my ID card at home. I did an about face and walked back to where my bike was. I unlocked it and rode home. The lights were still on in the house so I knew my mom and dad were still awake. I walked in and made my way past the living room. My mom and dad were both sound asleep on the sofa so I quietly went up to my room. I found the envelope that I had hidden and reached inside for my Club Cuffs ID card.I stashed the envelope and sat down at my computer. I logged onto the web site to access my e mail to see if Mrs. Graph found her answer yet. I clicked on my in box and there were no messages. I logged off and went back down stairs. I silently walked past my parents and into the garage before vanishing into the darkness.I began riding my bike back to the club. I wondered what it was going to be like in there tonight. As I made my way back, I wondered if Mrs. Graph would go along with my plan. I turned the corner and cut down the alley behind the Sea Side Diner. I stashed my bike against a fence and proceeded to walk towards the dimly lit door. As I approached the door I couldn’t tell that there was anything going on inside. The alley was dark and lined with cars and there wasn’t another soul in sight. The light shining down cast a yellowish glow on the half rusted door. I inserted my ID card and buzzed myself in. I reached out for the cold metal handle and pulled the door open.There was a dimly lit area before another door. I walked toward the second door and knocked. Instantly the door opened and I was greeted by a huge guy who was as big as an ox. I handed him my ID card and he looked at it, glancing at me occasionally as if I was trying to pull a fast one. Finally after some time he handed me my card back and held out his hand.”Welcome, I’m Ted,” he said as he held out his hand.I shook his big burly hand as I said “I’m Justin.””Right down those stairs,” Ted said as he pointed to the entrance of another spiral staircase.The corridor leading to the spiral staircase was cold and dimly lit with candles. The carpeting was soft and hard to tell if it was clean as the lighting was so poor. I made it to the staircase and immediately heard the action down stairs. I began to descend the spiral staircase and my heart beat began to increase. The unmistakable sounds of a woman getting fucked hard were growing louder.As I reached the base of the stairs there was a small landing area and a set of double doors. I pushed the door open and before I knew it I was inside Club Cuffs. The music was erotic and the sounds of people fucking were evident. I stood still and looked around the whole club. There was a pretty good size crowd and nearly every table had people around them. I slowly made my way toward the tables, noticing that nearly everyone was naked or in some state of undress. I saw the bar tender standing behind the bar was topless too. I noticed that she didn’t have a lack of company as almost everyone sitting around the bar were guys.I continued to walk in the direction of the staircase that led to Kate’s office. There was a table available close to the stage so I made my way toward it. It was difficult walking as there were a set of chains and cuffs hanging down over every table. I walked past this one couple and I couldn’t help but to watch them. The guy had his partner shackled by her wrists to the floor and her ankles were cuffed up over the table. The guy was sitting and eating her pussy while he watched the show.I managed to turn my attention back to the stage and watched an incredible show. There were two guys and one lady on stage. The red head was sitting on a small stool and her wrists were cuffed up over her head. She was nearly on her back as her ankles were shackled to the ground and only a small cushioned support held her back up. The one guy was kneeling with his cock in her mouth while the other guy was standing up and fucking her pussy like a mad man. Her feet continued to flip flop until her one stiletto’s fell off. I was so turned on I couldn’t stand it any more. I had an erection in my pants that was ready to break my zipper.Something caught my eye as I looked to my right. There was a young girl walking in my direction wearing a short black mini dress and heels. The thin spaghetti straps on her shoulders barely kept her top up. Her breasts were smaller than most of the other women but her hard nipples were evident. She walked past my table, glancing at me and smiling as she walked on past. Her short brown hair was pulled back into two pony tails like those of a school girl. I watched her walk all the way to the bar admiring her shapely body until she sat down with the guys at the bar.I returned my attention to the couple next to me and saw that they were finished and were just sitting there completely nude. I knew they weren’t finished yet as his cock was still rock hard. looking back at the stage I watched these two men fuck the living shit out of this completely helpless lady as she remained totally shackled. I reached down and adjusted my cock as I grew more and more uncomfortable.”Having a little problem there,” the stunning brunette said.I smiled as I realized that it was the same woman who just walked past moments earlier.”Don’t be so shy,” she said as she pulled her stool over next to me.She sat down and crossed her legs, bouncing her sexy foot as she sat there.”I saw your show with Kate last night,” she said as she took a sip of her drink.”How bad was it?” I asked as I had a hard time keeping my eyes above her breasts.”I loved it,” she said as she sat there bouncing her foot up and down.Holding out her hand she said “Since your not going to ask I guess I better.””I’m Mandi,” she said as she slipped her soft sexy and well manicured hand into mine.”I’m Justin,” I said as we shook hands.As we shook hands I couldn’t help but to notice her 34b breasts jiggle.”You don’t even look old enough to be in here,” I said as I peered into her dark brown eyes.She chuckled as she took another sip of her drink before setting it down on the table.”You sound just like Kate,” Mandi said.”When I joined last year she didn’t believe that I was eighteen.” “She made me go home to get my birth certificate to prove that I was old enough.””So your nineteen now,” I asked.”Yep,” replied Mandi as she took another sip of her drink.As Mandi leaned forward to set her drink down her foot brushed against my leg.”So this is your first night here,” she asked as she placed her hand on my thigh.My heart nearly exploded when I felt her well manicured fingers squeeze my leg softly.”Yeah, I just came in to see how this place works,” I said as I tried to keep myself composed in front of this lovely vixen.”Look around Justin, this is how it works,” Mandi said as she held her hand out and slowly swung it around to the audience.”Nobody in here has any reservations about anything,” she said.”If your in the mood then come on in and get yourself a little action, Mandi said as she took another sip of her drink.The music now had a deep bass tone in it and everything began to vibrate.Suddenly Mandi and I looked over our shoulders to see what the commotion was. The lady that was shackled upside down earlier now had her partner shackled. His arms were cuffed over his head and she was kneeling between his legs giving him a fantastic blow job.”See what I mean,” Mandi said as she continued to stare at the lady kneeling between her lover’s knees.”His wife is over there,” she pointed “while he is over here with her.”We looked up at the stage as we saw the same three some only this time she was on all fours while she was getting fucked in her ass and her mouth simultaneously. Her grunts and moans told us that they were close to a climax.”I take it you never signed up for a stage show then,” Mandi said as she slid her hand from my thigh and stood up in front of me.”I can’t say that I have,” I said as I sat before this brunette beauty.”Come with me and I’ll show you,” Mandi said as she pulled me from my chair and led me over towards the bar.I couldn’t help but to stare at her ass as I could tell she either wore a thong or nothing else as she had no visible panty lines. My eyes were drawn down her sexy legs all the way to her feet as she wore open toe sandals with five or six inch heels.We reached the end of the bar and there was a list taped to the wall. There were two candles, one on each side of the list.”This is where you sign up if you want to take your lover on stage.” Mandi said as she placed her finger on the list next to her name.”This list is always first come first serve,” Mandi said as she continued to point to her name.”If I didn’t already promise Sven that I would do a threesome with him and his wife I would sign up with you,” she said as she looked up into my eyes.”Where is your husband at?” I asked.Mandi giggled and said “He doesn’t know I come here.””How did you manage to pull that one off?” I asked.”Don’t get me wrong, I love my husband to death but he just doesn’t have the same needs, wants, and desires that I have. When we make love, it’s a fifteen minute romp in the hay. He falls asleep and I end up having to finish myself off. And trust me, that gets old in a hurry,” Mandi said as the swirling spotlights caused her eyes to sparkle.”Over here is the main event sign up sheet. I did a main event two weeks ago,” Mandi said as she ordered another drink from the bar.”Make it two,” she shouted at the topless bar tender.”What exactly is a main event?” I asked as I felt my pre cum oozing out and into my underwear.”Every night there is one main event on stage. Again this is on a first come first serve basis and you usually have to sign up days in advance,” Mandi said as she took a step over toward the large breasted bar tender to get the two drinks she ordered.”Here,” she said as she handed me a glass.We both took a sip of our drinks.”Main events are huge. Main events are what a lot of people come here for,” Mandi said as she took another sip of her drink.”If you have a good role playing scene you want to act out with a partner or partners then you sign up for a main event. The stage gets closed for like a half hour and a curtain gets pulled around it so you can set up your scene. There are a bunch of props behind the stage that you can use,” Mandi said.”You said you were in one a couple weeks ago?” I asked as I began to sip my drink.”Oh God yes,” Mandi said as she reached out and squeezed my arm.”This guy I never saw in here before asked me to do a main event with him,” Mandi said with a gleam in her eyes.”He set the stage up and played the part of a cop while I was a run away felon. Oh god he hand cuffed me and used his billy club on me if ya know what I mean. I ended up fucking him to get out of my ticket and from getting arrested. You have to try it some time,” Mandi said as she now had a look of lust and excitement in her eyes as she looked at me while sipping her drink..We turned our attention to two sets of couples as they entered the club. The women were dressed down in jeans and tee shirts as they carried bags into the ladies room.”I never thought I would see any women in here dressed like that,” I said as I sipped on my drink.”Trust me, they won’t come out of the rest room looking like that. Most women bring their clothes to change into here and change in the rest room. Most of these women are here and their husbands don’t know about it,” Mandi said softly as she reached out and touched my arm with her hand.”Lets go back to your table,” Mandi said as she took the first step back toward the stage.We began walking back through the mass of tangled bodies until we reached the table we were at originally. There was a new couple on the stage and this time it was a black guy and a white woman. She was blindfolded and her wrists were cuffed high over her head. She was standing in the sexiest pair of high heel shoes I had ever seen. Mandi and I never sat down as we both stood behind the table watching the show on stage. Leaning in I placed my lips by Mandi’s ear.”What kind of test did you have?” I asked.Turning her head slightly but never taking her eyes off of the couple on the stage she replied softly “Same as yours.””You mean you did Kate?” I asked with a surprised tone in my voice.Mandi only nodded her head as she continued to stare at the couple on stage as she shifted herself slightly in front of me.Suddenly I felt something. Mandi moved directly in front of me and reached behind her. I felt her hand on my swelling bulge as she continued to gaze upon the stage. I felt her fingers pull on the top of my pants, causing the button to pop free. My pulse quickened as I felt her skilled fingers begin to slide my zipper down.With trembling hands I reached up and placed my hands on Mandi’s bare shoulders. I couldn’t believe it when she began to pull my pants down. She slowly bent her knees as she continued to pull my pants down until she let them go. My pants were around my knees as Mandi stood back up. I very casually eases the thin spaghetti straps off of her shoulders, eliciting a slight gasp from Mandi. Mandi reached up and pulled her arms through the thin black straps until the material fell down to her waist, exposing her ripe firm breasts.I slid my trembling finger tips down Mandi’s spine causing her hair on her neck to stand on end. Leaning in I whispered “Are you sure you are eighteen?”Leaning back into me Mandi turned her head and kissed me hard on my mouth.”As I looked into her lust crazed eyes she said “I’m nineteen, but tonight you can imagine anything you want.”I slowly slid my hands under her arms and across her stomach. I felt the navel ring she had before sliding my hands up until my thumbs brushed the bottoms of her breasts. Mandi reached in front and placed her hands on top of mine, slowly guiding my hands up over her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard as I felt them stiffen even more in the palm of my hands. Again she turned her head and kissed me passionately on my mouth.I pinched her nipples softly causing her to moan loudly into my mouth as she kissed me more passionately. The music was pumping and the spot lights were flashing, adding to the increasing sexual tension between Mandi and myself. I pulled at her nipples causing her to slide her tongue into my open waiting mouth.I sc****d my nail over her taught bud causing her to flinch and totally turn around. Mandi wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with passion like I never felt before. I felt her pull the bottom of my shirt up as she backed away far enough to lift the material over my head. I lifted my arms and helped her pull my shirt off before she leaned back into me. Her breasts pressed into my chest as I felt her hard nipples sink into my flesh. Mandi again kissed me only this time she bit lightly on my tongue before she slowly kissed her way down my neck to my chest.Mandi slid her mouth over my chest until her lips grazed my nipple. Suddenly she sucked hard causing a burning sensation in my breast. Looking down I saw Mandi’s dress had fallen to the ground and she already stepped out of it. All that remained besides her heels was a tiny black g-string.Mandi began to slide her tongue down my stomach as she slowly sank to her knees. Before I knew it she was kneeling before me kissing my swollen member through my underwear.Mandi hooked her fingers around my waistband and pulled gently as to not injure me. She eased my cock over the waistband of my underwear before yanking hard on them, pulling them to my ankles. Before I could step out of them Mandi began to kiss my member. Looking down I saw the top of her head where the two pony tails came out. She looked like a school girl satisfying her teacher although I knew otherwise. I watched as she licked up and down my cock, occasionally looking up into my eyes.”Could this be the way Mrs. Graph feels,” I wondered as Mandi continued to look into my eyes from her kneeling position.Mandi cupped my balls as she stared into my soul. She wrapped her lips over my cock and sincan escort began to bob her head up and down, swallowing nearly all of my member each time she went down.I focused my attention toward the stage and watched the black man kneeling before his hot blond partner with his face in her bush. I was so turned on I couldn’t hold back much longer. I reached down and held Mandi by her face while she continued to devour my cock. The music was erotic and the surroundings were surreal as I felt my toes start to tingle. Reaching around behind me I felt Mandi caress my ass. I began to involuntarily thrust my hips as I was on the verge of cumming.Suddenly I felt Mandi wrap her thumb and first finger around the base of my cock. It felt rather uncomfortable until I realized that she slid her finger into my ass crack. Before I could protest Mandi pressed on my ass hole with her finger. I thought I was going to explode. The couple next to us was now fucking and watching us as Mandi pressed her finger past my sphincter and into my ass hole.”Oh Goddddddd,” I cried out as I felt her slide her finger inside even farther.I began to tremble and shake as I watched the show on stage. The sounds of the woman right next to me cumming was too much. I felt Mandi begin to massage the inside of my ass as my balls began to contract.”Oh Godddddd,” I screamed as I felt myself begin to explode in Mandi’s mouth.Looking down I watched nothing come out of my cock as she continued to squeeze the base of my member with her thumb and finger.Just then Mandi pulled off of my cock and looked up into my eyes with an evil grin. Suddenly she eased the pressure on the bottom of my cock and right before my very eyes I saw my cock begin to erupt. I couldn’t believe it as she continued to massage the inside of my ass I felt myself on the verge of cumming again. Mandi wrapped her hand around my cock and began to stroke me up and down as fast as she could.”Oh God I’m going to cum again,” I screamed as I felt my balls tighten all over again.Suddenly a second wave of pleasure filled my body as I felt my nuts begin to contract for a second time. My cum started squirting high into the air and landing on Mandi’s face, hair and breasts. The lustful look in her eyes told me she knew what she was doing as I watched my cum arc high into the air and land on her face. She slid her tongue out of the corner of her mouth and licked up a drop of my jizz before removing her finger from my ass.Mandi stood up and kissed me passionately on my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I just achieved multiple orgasm’s and I was still hard. Mandi sat down on the stool and placed her heels up on the edge of the table. The lady that was getting fucked right next to us moved directly behind Mandi. She sat down and placed her arms around Mandi’s chest, cupping her breasts as she guided her back into her. Mandi was now laying back as she reached up and placed her hand on my face, guiding me down to my knees between her spread open legs.I took her ankle in my hand and lifted her leg up so her knee went up the her chest. I tilted her foot as I looked into her eyes as I lowered my lips to her toes. Her eyes were now half closed as the lady who was supporting her began to caress and fondle her breasts. I slid my tongue across the top of her toes, eliciting a low moan from Mandi.I slowly and seductively kissed and licked my way up her sexy leg, never losing eye contact with her. I could see the black crotch of her g-string was soaked as I kissed my way along her thigh, inching closer and closer to her covered cunt.Looking up, I saw Mandi now had her eyes fixed on the stage. Glancing back I saw how the blonde lady was now kneeling before her handsome black friend and giving him a blow job. I turned my attention back towards Mandi and kissed her panty clad pussy right through the soaked material.”Ohhhhhh,” Mandi cried out as I slithered my tongue from the bottom of her cunt to her clit.I placed her foot on the ground as she kept one foot on the edge of the table and slid my hands up along the outsides of her soft creamy thigh’s. I slipped my fingers under the tiny waist band of her g-string as Mandi raised her ass up to help me ease her panties off. I pulled the dripping wet material down her legs as I again picked her one ankle up and slipped her foot through the opening. I pushed her g-string down her other leg and left it wrapped around the ankle that was still on the edge of the table.Looking up again, I saw Mandi had her head turned and her tongue was lapping at the lady’s stiffened nipple. I looked over to my right and I saw her partner sitting there just watching us while he lazily stroked his towering member. I knelt back down into position and inched my face closer to Mandi’s neatly trimmed pussy. The only hair that remained was a tiny mohawk that was well trimmed. Mandi reached down and cupped my face with her shaking hands as she guided my face to her cunt. As my face moved closer I could smell her lovely scent as her pussy lips were glistening with her juices.My lips lightly grazed her wetness causing her to pull her tongue away from the lady’s breast behind her. Looking up I saw a fixated look on Mandi’s face as she again watched the show on stage. I slowly slid my tongue out and into Mandi’s soft delicate folds, as she arched her back in pleasure. I began to slide my tongue up and down her wet opening as she began to pant heavily. The music was pumping and the lights were flashing as I continued to eat this lovely brunette’s pussy.I began to swirl my tongue around her clit causing her to thrash her head back and forth across the breasts of the woman behind her.”Oh Justin,” Mandi moaned as she again placed her hands on my face.I felt Mandi begin to push my head down even farther as I slid my tongue down the length of her pussy. Suddenly I felt her push my head down and my tongue begin to slide over the tiny space between her pussy and her ass hole.I pulled my head back slightly only to have Mandi grab my hair and pull me back into her. As I looked in front of me at her puckered pink ass hole, she forcefully guided my mouth closer and closer. Ever so lightly I flicked my tongue across her sphincter, feeling every crease of her tight opening with tip of my tongue. Suddenly Mandi cried out in passion.”Oh Jesus Christ Justin yeah!!!!!” Mandi cried out as she pulled my head in even closer.I began to circle her ass hole with my tongue causing her to cry out as her hips began to buck slightly. Glancing up I saw the lady who was supporting her was now pulling on her nipples, stretching them like they were never stretched before. Mandi pulled me in until I felt my nose smash into her sopping pussy. I felt Mandi’s ass hole begin to quiver as I began to press my tongue firmly on her back door opening. I could feel her pussy moving as I could see her hand rubbing her clit out of the corner of my eye as she continued to thrash about and moan.Mandi was now gasping as I felt her anal opening relax and my tongue slip partially in.”Oh God Justinnnnnnnn!!!” Mandi screamed as I felt her body begin to tremble.I could feel her pussy juice running down and across my lips as my nose was now completely buried in her cunt. Mandi began to buck her hips like a wild woman as I continued to tongue fuck her ass hole. I felt her cunt gripping at my nose and her ass hole gripping at my tongue. I slid my tongue inside as far as I possibly could. Mandi began to buck her hips wildly as she smashed my face into her even harder. She fucked my face like there was no tomorrow. After several minutes she began to slow down as she finally released my face.Mandi smiled at me as she stood up and leaned over the table. I watched her spread her legs as she stood before me wearing only her sexy heels and her g-string around her ankle. I moved into position as she continued to look over her shoulder at me with a glazed look in her eyes.The lady that was holding Mandi was now standing next to me. She reached out and wrapped her fingers around my throbbing cock and began to stroke me as she guided my twitching member to it’s soon to be new home. This lady who had me by my cock began to rub my cock up and down Mandi’s crevice as Mandi concentrated on the show on the stage.Finally the lady held my cock still and with her other hand on my ass, guided me in all the way to my balls. I reached down and placed my hands on Mandi’s soft sexy hips. Looking up at the stage I watched the black man as he knelt behind his white blonde lover and pumped her from behind. I began to mimic his thrusting and in no time Mandi was moaning. The deep bass in the music caused everything in the club to vibrate while the spot lights continued to swirl around the room.Looking over at the table next to us I saw the lady who had been so helpful kneel down between her partner’s spread open legs. I watched as she opened her mouth and with one gasp, she swallowed him entirely.I refocused my attention to the stage. Mandi was now thrusting back at me just as the lady on the stage. I looked at some of the other tables as I continued to fuck this lovely brunette. It seemed like every couple was engaged in some sort of sex act. All I could see was a couple of tables where the people were dressed and not fucking. One lady two tables over was alone and she was busy working her finger in and out of herself while she watched the show.Again I focused on Mandi and the show. Suddenly the black man reached back and swatted his partner’s ass so I did the same. Just then Mandi began to tremble as she began to violently fuck back at my impaling cock.”Oh God yes Justin,” Mandi screamed over the music as she looked back over her shoulder and into my eyes.”God yes fuck me harder,” she screamed as she looked back at the stage and held on tightly to the table.I held her hips as I began to fulfill her request by pounding my cock in and out of her harder than I thought I could.”Ugh, Ugh, Ugh,” Mandi Grunted over and over as she continued to watch the show on stage.”Oh baby I’m gonna cum,” Mandi screamed as she began to shake and tremble while bent over the table.I too felt my nuts begin to tighten and my toes begin to tingle as I knew it was now only a matter of seconds before I blew.”Oh baby cum inside me,” Mandi hissed as she cried out in orgasmic bliss.She shook uncontrollably and couldn’t even speak anymore. Gurgles were the only sound that came from her as I began to ram my member harder and harder into her dripping hole. I felt her cunt squeezing my cock as I began to tremble out of control. Just then I couldn’t hold back anymore. I felt my nuts tighten and then contract as I felt my cum race up my shaft. I felt my hot sticky jizz squirt out into Mandi’s hot wet tight pussy.”Oh yeah like that,” Mandi said as she came down from her orgasm and looked back at me over her shoulder.I felt her pussy become super slick from my cum as it bathed her insides while I continued to pump her from behind.I held her hips as she still looked back at me. I stopped thrusting as I slowly eased my half limp and totally spent member from her pussy. Mandi stood up and turned around and kissed me softly on my lips.”Thank you Justin, that was so fucking good,” Mandi said as she slid her soft warm hands down the length of my arms until her hands came together with mine. Just then we were joined by another couple.”Justin, meet Sven and his lovely wife Sasha,” Mandi said as she turned to introduce me.I reached out and shook their hands as we exchanged pleasantries. I noticed that both Sven and Sasha spoke with a heavy French accent.”We watched you and Kate yesterday,” Sven said as he leaned down and kissed Mandi.”Yeah, you were pretty amazing” Sasha said in a hard accent as she stepped up on her tip toes to kiss me softly on my cheek.”Are you ready?” Sven asked of Mandi as both him and his wife each took one of Mandi’s hands and walked her to the stairs that led up to the stage.I couldn’t believe how comfortable I was standing in front of them completely naked. Both Sven and his wife were still dressed as they guided Mandi up to the stage who was already naked except for her heels. I sat down to watch the show when I realized that Mandi’s g-string was on the floor at my feet. I reached down and picked the dainty material up and raised it up to my nose to inhale Mandi’s wetness one last time.Looking up on stage, Sven lifted Mandi’s arms up over her head while his wife placed the cuffs around her wrists. Sven and Sasha looked to be older, maybe in their mid to late thirties. Sven stood around six two and weighed about two hundred pounds. Sasha was much shorter, probably only five feet four and around one hundred and twenty pounds.I began to dress myself as I knew it was getting quite late. I picked up Mandi’s g-string decided to take it home with me. It seemed like I had a collection of panties from each of the ladies I have fucked.I looked at the table next to mine and the lady that was so helpful before was now sitting on her partner’s lap and bouncing up and down. She smiled at me and winked one of her half closed eyes as I could see the pleasure in her eyes as she continued to ride her partner. I picked up Mandi’s g-string and balled it up and shoved it in my pocket. I stood up and began walking through the club towards the spiral staircase.As I made my way through the mass of tables I was stopped by a lovely lady with red hair, dressed only in stockings and garters.”Hello, I loved your performance last night,” she said as she stood before me perched atop a pair of open toe stiletto’s.I reached out and shook her hand but she didn’t want a hand shake. She stepped up to me and placed her lips on mine and kissed me as though she was married to me.”My name is Martina” she said softly after she broke our kiss.The lines on her face told me she too was older, maybe in her late thirties. She has a tremendous set of breasts with each nipple having a hoop dangling down from it.”I’m Justin,” I said as I stared into her seductive green eyes.”I know who you are,” Martina said as she slid her hand across my chest and then down towards my cock.”Kate told me all about you,” she said as she squeezed my member through my Khaki’s.”Next time your mine,” she said as she continued to squeeze my limp cock.”I watched you handle Mandi over there and you made me so hot and horny,” she said as she finally removed her hand from my groin.”I’m going to be out of town for a few days but I look forward to hooking up with you on stage when I return,” she said as she sat back down on her stool and crossed her sexy legs, giving me a perfect view of her glistening cunt.”I’ll be looking forward to it,” I said as I turned towards the door leading to the staircase.I pushed the door open and began climbing the stairs towards the exit. I reached the top of the stairs only to be greeted by Kate.”So how was your first night here at Club Cuffs?” Kate asked as I admired her in the full length blue evening gown she was wearing.”I had a wonderful time, thank you Kate,” I said as she moved in and hugged me lightly.”I look forward to watching you on stage sometime,” she said as she stepped down onto the first step of the spiral staircase.Looking back up at me she winked and said “Have a nice evening Justin” as she slowly descended down the staircase and finally out of sight.I just shook my head as I turned around and walked towards the exit door. Ted opened the door for me as I walked past him.”Good night,” I said as I walked to the final door that opened in the alley.”Be careful going home,” Ted said as I stepped out into the alley, letting the door close behind me.As I walked down the alley toward my bike I remembered that I needed to get to bed in order to get up on time to call a courier to deliver Mrs. Graph’s package. I walked down the dark quiet alley until I reached my bike. I heard a car coming so I stayed off to the side allowing it to pass. I hopped on my bike and rode home.As I made my way home I couldn’t believe how tired I was. The experience I just had with Mandi reminded me how passionate I have become with Mrs. Graph. I knew one thing for sure. Tomorrow, Mrs. Graph was going to come to the club! I pulled into my driveway and quietly opened the small door. I walked my bike into the garage and locked the door behind me.I quietly went into the house, entering through the kitchen. The house was all dark except for the light above the sink. I tip toed up the stairs trying not to make a sound. I quietly went into my room and shut the door. I turned the small lamp on my desk on before reaching into my pocket to take out Mandi’s panties. Again I lifted them to my nose and inhaled her musky scent. The crotch of her g-string was still damp and as soon as I smelled her pheromones I began to get hard.Quietly I opened my closet and removed the box where Mrs. Graph’s and Kate’s panties were. I placed Mandi’s g-string into the box and then hid it in the back of my closet. I went to my computer as I left it on earlier. I logged on and checked for e mail. As I expected there was a message from my teacher. I clicked on the message and then began to read.”Master, I have done as you have requested. I took a long hot candle lit bubble bath tonight and thought about why I seem to be letting you control me. I have come to the conclusion that I am the reason that you are controlling me. I let you because you know a secret of mine. But there is another underlying reason why. When I was young my parents were very strict. Our home life was very structured as my dad was in the military. I grew used to being told when to eat, sleep, relax, or whatever. Then I became a teacher and again I am in a controlled situation. The school system and the class room settings are very controlled. It seems like I need to be in a setting like that to survive. I don’t have that setting here at home. Don’t get me wrong I love my husband but he is very loose. He has no organization and he never tells me what to do. You Master on the other hand are very structured and disciplined. When you tell me to do something I feel as though I am compelled to do whatever you ask. I know I am about twice your age but I do feel as though I am beginning to belong to you. I feel as though you are slowly taking ownership of me…and taking whatever ownership my husband has of me away from him. Not only physically but mentally as well.”I smiled as I felt overwhelmed by the outpouring of emotions from my teacher. Slowly I was making her mine. She seemed to be needing me and I was beginning to need her. I clicked on the reply icon and thought for a moment before I began to type.”Acknowledging me and accepting me as your loving Master is only the beginning to the joys you will receive. I am so pleased with your good behavior that I have a present for you. I will have it shipped to you via courier tomorrow morning. You are forbidden to open it!!! You will hide it somewhere so your husband won’t find it. Taped to the top of the box will be another letter. You will open that one when you get the package and follow the instructions. You know what will happen if you fail to follow directions so I won’t repeat it. E mail me back after you get the package and read the note.” Signed Master.I was tired so I shut my computer down and undressed. I laid down on my bed and began thinking about what an incredible night it was. I had to admit that I was becoming addicted to Club Cuffs.I began thinking about Trista as I tossed and turned. I looked at the clock and it was already half past one and I knew that there was a hot main event going on just a few blocks away. My thoughts however swayed back to Trista as I dozed off and fell asleep.Morning came and when I woke up it was pouring outside. I got up and showered before walking back to my room to dress. The rain was still coming down in buckets as I went down to eat breakfast. After eating a couple of pop tarts and a glass of orange juice I went back to my room.I turned on my computer and let it boot up while I grabbed a phone book to look for a courier. I leafed through the yellow pages and found several companies. One advertisement had a quote that said “any where in the city any time of day in one hour.”I picked up the phone and dialed the number. It was busy so I hung the phone up and logged online. I checked my e mail but found my inbox empty. I picked up the phone and tried Jim’s Courier Service again. The phone rang and before the first ring was over a guy on the other end answered.I explained all of the details about what I needed delivered and to where. I was told it would be a fee of thirty five dollars for the one hour delivery. I made arrangements for the courier to be at my house within the hour. I hung up the phone and pulled up my word processor. I thought carefully about what I was going to type and how I was going to word it. Finally after a few minutes I began to type. I decided that I would change the color of the text to pink as I knew it was one of my teacher’s favorite colors. I changed the font to a different size and style. I typed a couple of characters on the screen and liked what I saw so I began to type.”This present is for your recent well behavior. You will see as you adhere to the strict rules and discipline that there are many benefits. Happy 35th birthday!!!! You will not open this package when you receive it. You will hide it so your husband doesn’t find it. Inside is something that you have earned. I know that today is your birthday. Tonight after your family and friends finish celebrating at your house and after your husband falls asleep you will very quietly get out of bed and slip out of your night gown. You will be totally naked as you open your presents according to the numbers on the packages starting with one. You will put on that article of clothing and then open the next package. You will continue to do this until all packages are opened. You will quietly walk out your front door and get into your car and drive to the address on the guest pass you are holding. Once you arrive you will be escorted to a table and seated in front of the stage. You will watch the show and enjoy yourself and you will remain there until I tell you that you can go home. Do you understand Mrs. Graph? Reply ASAP” Signed Master.I printed out the letter and folded it. I reached into the envelope from Club Cuffs and pulled out a guest pass, inserting it into the folded letter. I carefully slid the letter and guest pass into the envelope before sealing it. I went to my closet and pulled out the box of gifts and taped it to the top of the box. Looking at the clock I realized that the courier was due here at any moment. I carried the large package down to the front door and set it in the living room. I stepped out onto the front porch just as an old beat up Chevy Blazer pulled into the driveway.The young driver parked the clunker and got out. He scanned the address on the front of my house and then looked down at his paperwork to make sure he was at the correct address.He walked up to the porch and said “you have a package that needs delivered?”I opened the screen door and bent down, picking the large package up. I handed the box to the driver who took it from me and set it in the back of his Blazer.He returned back to the porch and said “thirty five.”I reached into my pocket and gave him exactly thirty five dollars. He turned and walked back to his truck and drove off.I went back into the house as the rain picked up again. I flipped on the television set but there was nothing on to watch. The rain let up so I decided that I would walk over to the coffee shop to see Trista today. I locked up the house and began walking down the street. I couldn’t remember the last time I walked anywhere as I usually ride my bike. It seemed like it took forever but I finally made it to the coffee shop. I pulled the door open and walked in.There she was, pouring a cup of coffee for a couple of old men. I walked over to the same table I sat at yesterday and sat down. I watched Trista as she continued to work effortlessly. When she turned around and saw me she smiled from ear to ear. She walked over to my table as her face continued to beam with excitement.”Hi,” she said as she poured me a cup of coffee.”How are you?” I asked.Looking both ways she finally sat down. She seemed to be a little upset as she began to talk.”I got in so much trouble with my dad last night,” Trista said with a look of disappointment on her face.”Why?” I asked.”I got home too late,” she said with a dismal look on her face.Her green eyes sparkled as she sat here talking to me and I had to admit I had butterflies in my stomach as well.”I have an idea,” Trista said as she smiled at me.”What?” I asked as I smiled back at her.”I got the rest of the day off today and my father isn’t expecting me home until four,” Trista said as she paused for a moment before continuing.”Wanna go to the mall to get a bite to eat?””Sure,” I said “But I don’t have a car.””So silly, I have one,” Trista said as she slid out of the booth and stood up.”Let me go clock out and we can get out of here,” Trista said as she walked toward the counter she untied her apron.The apron ties dangled down to the floor as she pulled the apron over her head.”I’m going John,” Trista said to her boss.Moments later she walked back to my table.”Lets go,” Trista said as she held out her hand to me.I squeezed her hand and walked along side of her as we headed out the front door. We walked to her Camero and sat down inside. Her car was immaculate as only an air freshener hung from the mirror.”Lets go get some lunch at the mall,” she said as she pulled out of the parking space.We continued to get to know each other as we drove to the mall. We parked and walked across the warm parking lot toward the mall entrance.Once inside we walked to the food court. We ordered a couple of burgers, fries and soft drinks. Both of us were hungry so hardly a word was spoken while we ate. Finally we finished as we sat there telling each other how full we were.”Ready to go walk some of this food off?” I asked as I picked up the trash from both of us and threw it out.”Lets go,” Trista said as she jumped up.As we began to walk Trista slid her soft fingers in between mine. Together we squeezed each other’s hand as we walked toward the main strip.Along the way we passed Hot Topic where I recently bought Mrs. Graph’s collar and leash. Next we passed the jewelry store where I bought her the sexy anklet. As we walked slowly down the mall we came upon Frederick’s Of Hollywood. Surprisingly, Trista stopped and looked at the display in the window.”God that is so sexy,” she said as she looked at the mannequin wearing a sexy bra and thong.”Those too,” she said as she pointed to the stockings and garters.Pushing the envelope a little further I said “Do you have any at home?”Trista began to laugh hysterically.”Yeah right, I think you forgot who my dad is.””Well, he doesn’t look at you in your underwear does he?” I asked.Shaking her head no Trista led me to the display on the other side of the window.”Look at how hot those shoes are,” Trista said as she gazed down at the spiked heeled shoes.”I would love to try a pair of those on one day,” she said as she slowly pulled me away from the lingerie store.We came upon the water fountain in the middle of the mall and sat down on the edge of it. Trista sat down next to me and leaned her head on my shoulder.”I’m glad we came here today Justin.””Me too,” I said as I leaned my head down onto hers.I could smell the fresh strawberry scented conditioner in her beautiful blonde hair.”God I don’t want to help at the church tonight,” Trista said as she sighed.”What do you have to do tonight?” I asked.”I have to help with the pantry,” Trista said with another sigh.”The church is going to have a dinner for the needy this Sunday.”Before I could say a word Trista lifted her head off of my shoulder. She swung around, placing her legs over my thigh’s and wrapping her arms around me.”Why don’t you come to the church tonight to meet my mom and dad?” Trista asked as she looked into my eyes.”Please,” Trista said as she kissed me softly on my cheek.”Well with a kiss like that who am I to refuse,” I said as I reached around Trista and hugged her snugly.”Oh thank you so much Justin, you don’t know how much this means to me,” Trista said as she leaned her head down on my shoulder again.We sat there in that same position for a few minutes before she looked at her watch.”We better get going, I have to make sure my car is in the church parking lot before my dad gets back,” Trista said as she slid her legs off of my lap.We got up and our hands seemed to just slip together. We walked toward the exit and again paused in front of Frederick’s.”One day I’ll have the guts to go shopping in there,” Trista said as she pulled me toward the exit.We walked out to her car and I opened the driver side door for her. She sat down and smiled as she looked up into my eyes before I went and got in the passenger door. Trista started the car and pulled out of the parking lot.”Where do you live,” she said as we sped down the road.”Turn up ahead,” I said as I pointed toward the next street.”So your dad is pretty controlling, I said.”Hell yeah, he is a control freak,” Trista said as she turned the stereo up a little louder.”I think my mom actually fears him,” she said.”Turn here,” I said as I pointed for her to turn left.”He escort sincan is always preaching that we are sinners and that we are all going to burn in hell,” Trista said.I watched as her smile as it turned into a somber look.”I just don’t get him,” Trista said.”If I’m going to burn in hell then I want to have some fun before I go,” she said.”Turn here, this is my street,” I said.”Go down to the big white house with black trim.””This one,” Trista said as she pulled up in front of my house.”You got it,” I said as I was a little disappointed that I had to get out of her car.Trista put her car in park. I wanted to lean over and kiss her but I was afraid that I might be pushing it too fast.”I’ll see you tonight?” Trista asked.”What time?” I asked as I reached for the door handle.”Seven will be fine,” she said as she looked at me.I could tell that Trista didn’t want our afternoon together to end either. Just then Trista leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.”I’ll see you later,” she said as she changed the station on the radio.I opened the passenger door and got out. I watched as Trista backed out of my driveway and sped down the street.I was curious about my package being delivered so I went up to my room and checked my e mail. Sure enough I got a reply from my teacher. I clicked on her message and began to read.”Oh my God, I can’t believe you want me to sneak out of the house tonight. I have a lot of people coming over and I won’t be able to make it. Actually, the way I sound is ridiculous because I will never be able to make it. I don’t know what you have in this package but I want you to come pick it up tomorrow or send the courier to come and get it. We need to stop this game before something happens that we both will regret.””That fucking little bitch” I said to myself.I clicked on the reply icon and started typing.”You have been a wonderful student so far. Now you just screwed everything up. I sent you that package because you deserve it! You earned it! Now I am not going to tell you again Mrs. Graph, you will meet me tonight or else I will be forced to spill your little secret to your husband and the school board. You don’t want that now do you? See ya tonight!!!!!”I clicked the send button and sent the message to my teacher. I heard my mom and dad both pull into the garage so I went down to meet them.”Hi guys,” I said as I met my parents in the kitchen.My mom was feeling ill so she went right to her room. My dad followed closely to make sure that she was all right. I went and laid down on the couch as I waited for dinner. I began thinking about Trista and how I had to go meet her and her parents tonight. I also had to go meet my teacher afterwards.My dad emerged from their bedroom and told me to heat up some left overs. I went to the refrigerator and pulled out the left over pork chops. I heated them along with the mashed potatoes. I set a spot at the table for me and my dad. I got us both a soda and we sat down to eat. “Your mother is pretty sick,” my dad said as he cut into his pork chop.”She looked pretty bad,” I said as I started chewing.We continued eating our dinner when the phone rang.I got up and answered the phone.”Justin,” the soft soothing voice on the phone said.”That’s me,” I said with an unsure voice as I didn’t know who it was on the other end.”Are you still coming tonight?” I asked softly.I finally realized that it was Trista as I said “I’ll be there in a little bit.””Oh I’m glad she said with excitement in her voice.”OK, see ya in a little bit,” she said excitedly.”Bye,” I said as we hung up the phone.”Who was that?” my dad asked as he ate his dinner.”Oh this girl I met,” I said as I began to clear the table.I washed the dishes as my dad continued to pry.”What’s her name?”I tried to ignore him as I hated being put on the spot but I figured that if I answered his questions than maybe he won’t bug me any more.”Her name is Trista,” I said.”She is eighteen and works part time at the coffee shop across from the Sea Side Diner.””She graduated from The Valley Christian Academy where her father is a minister.””Oh I see you got a nice girl then,” my dad said as he got up and brought the rest of the dishes to the sink.”She wants me to come to the church tonight to meet her parents.” I said as I took my dad’s dishes and placed them in the sink.”She works there part time too helping with the food bank,” I said as I finished up the dishes.”Sounds like a nice girl,” my dad said.”I can’t wait to meet her,” he said as he turned and walked out of the kitchen and sat down in his recliner in the living room.”Justin,” my dad called out.I went to the living room and sat down.”Since you found yourself a nice girl to go see, why don’t you take my car tonight,” he said.”My keys are on the counter,” my dad said as he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.”Thanks dad,” I said as I got up.I went into the kitchen and grabbed his keys. It sure was going to be nice to not have to ride a bike tonight.I went up to my room and went into the bath room to take a shower. I took my time as I shaved so I wouldn’t have any nicks. I went to my room and began to dress casual. I pulled out another pair of Khaki’s and another polo shirt. I was pretty bummed out as I had very few nice clothes to wear. I was almost out of the money I got from Brad’s mother and I knew I had to get some soon if I was ever going to take Trista out anywhere nice.I checked myself out in the mirror before going down stairs. Looking into the living room I saw my dad was already asleep. I hadn’t heard a peep out of my mom as she was still sick in bed. I quietly went out into the garage and opened the door.I jumped into my dad’s van and started the engine. I put the van in reverse and backed out of the garage and down the driveway. I pushed the button on the remote control to close the door and I was reminded of the remote control that I gave Mrs. Graph.I sped down the street and made my way to the Christian Academy. I saw a couple cars parked around back and recognized Trista’s blue Camero with the tinted windows. I slowly drove toward the parked cars and parked along side Trista’s. I got out of my dad’s van and stood up. I stretched and scanned the area for any sign of Trista. Just then a door on the back side of the building swung open.Trista spotted me and began waving as she ran toward me. I held out my arms and she fell into them and hugged me like I was her long lost love.”Come inside, my mom and dad are both here,” she said as she pulled me in the direction of the building.I figured that this would be easy and I could get both parents out of the way. We walked up to the door and Trista pulled it open. I walked through and before my eyes could even adjust to the light her father spoke.”What’s your name, how old are you and what church do you belong to?””Don’t scare him away Charles,” Trista’s mother said as she came to me and shook my hand.”Don’t pay him no attention as he always acts like this,” Trista’s mother said.”I’m serious Lois, I want to know,” her father insisted.I could see Trista becoming nervous as she started getting red in the face. I now know what she meant when she told me he was a hard ass.”I’m Justin and I am eighteen.””I belong to St. Mary’s Catholic Church.””Sinner,” her father said under his breath.”Oh Charles hush,” her mother said again.The slight touch of gray hair on her father gave him just a plain old mean look. Her mother looked very young for having an eighteen year old daughter. Here I was in a church getting grilled by the minister who is the father of the girl I am now dating and I can’t take my eyes off of his wife.I thought back to when Trista told me her mother feared her father and I could see how. He seemed to be a mean old bastard as he continued to make snide remarks to me. I knew one thing for sure though. Under all of those baggy clothes I bet Trista’s mother had one hell of a body.Trista, her mother, and I continued to make small talk while her father went back to work. Looking at the clock on the wall I saw that it was already after eight. I had to leave soon as I had to get to Club Cuffs to sign up for a stage show with Mrs. Graph.”Well it has been a pleasure meting you,” I said as I extended my hand to her mother.She took my hand and said the pleasure was all hers as she squeezed my hand.”God bless you Justin,” she said as she gave my hand one final squeeze before letting it go.I looked to say good bye to her father but he was nowhere in sight.”I’ll walk you out to your car,” Trista said as she pushed the door open.We walked out and began walking toward my dad’s van. Looking back over her shoulder she reached down and placed her hand in mine. Her hand felt cold as I gently squeezed her fingers.”I’m glad that’s over,” I said.”Tell me about it,” Trista said as we approached my van.”I told you my dad was a bastard” she said with a grin on her face.I inserted the key into the lock and unlocked my door. Trista let my hand go as I sat down. I closed the door and rolled the window down.”Thank you Justin for coming over tonight, it really meant a lot to me.””Your welcome,” I said.Before I knew what hit me Trista leaned in the car window and kissed me on the lips. Her soft lips felt wonderful as they lightly pressed against mine. I could feel her warm breath from her nose on my face as our kiss lingered. We broke our kiss after a few seconds which seemed to take an eternity.Trista and I continued to stare into each other’s eyes as she ever so slowly lowered her lips to mine. This time I parted my lips enough and kissed her top lip, pulling it in between mine. I slid my tongue lightly along her top lip, feeling every crevice of her lip. She slid her velvet like tongue along my bottom lip until we finally broke our kiss. There was a long pause as we continued to stare into each other’s soul.”Wow,” Trista said softly as she looked intently into my eyes.”I bet you never thought we would kiss like that,” she said as she stepped back.I smiled as she stood up signaling the end of our first official kiss.”I’ll let you go,” Trista said as she stepped back from the car.I started the van and put it in drive.”I’ll stop by the coffee shop tomorrow morning,” I said as I began to ease off of the brake.”I’ll be waiting,” Trista said as she bit her bottom lip while she waved.I pulled away and watched her in the mirror until I turned out of the church parking lot and turned down the streetIt was still quite early but I had to get to the club to put my name on the stage show list. I drove toward the club and pulled into the alley and parked along the fence. I got out of my dad’s car and walked toward the door. I pulled out my key card and buzzed myself inside. I went to the next door where Ted already had it opened and waiting for me.”Thanks Ted,” I said as I walked past him. I walked down the corridor towards the spiral staircase that led to the basement. As I began to descend down the stairs I heard the sounds of a woman moaning. I knew it wasn’t from the club as it sounded like it was a lot closer. As I continued down the stairs I saw where the sound was coming from.Kate was standing with one heel hooked over the railing while the other bouncer was fucking her from behind. Kate’s eyes met mine as I watched her breasts bounce from the pounding she was receiving.”Justin…meet…ahhhhh…yeah…Mark,” Kate said as her eyes now closed completely.Mark looked at me and nodded as I eased my way past them and continued down to the basement. I reached the lower level and pushed the door open and entered the club.I walked over to the bar and went to the stage show list. There were already several people on the list so I signed my name at the bottom. I knew I wouldn’t be able to resist all of the temptations inside here so I opted to leave for a while. I made my way out the door and up the spiral staircase where Mark was still drilling Kate. Again I eased by them and proceeded up to the top. I walked down the corridor and walked over by Ted who was checking another couple’s ID cards. I walked past them and out the door and made my way back to my dad’s van.I decided to drive past my teacher’s house so I could see if she had a lot of company. I turned on the stereo and cranked up the tunes as I drove. I turned down her street and slowly cruised down past her house. There were four cars in the driveway and two more in the street. I knew it would be a while before she would be getting out so I drove down the next street to see if Brad’s mother was over her lover’s house. As I turned the corner I immediately saw her car parked in the drive.I pulled over and parked for a bit as I needed to kill some time. I needed to get my hands on more money and the only way I knew how to do that would be to get it from Stephani. I needed to come up with another way to blackmail her in order to get my hands on more cash. As I sat there pondering my next move, Stephani emerged out of the front door of her lover’s house.I slumped down in the drivers seat and watched as she fell into her stud’s arms. They kissed there on the front porch like they were two young lovers. I just couldn’t believe that Brad’s mother was having an affair. I knew she was hot but I always thought she was happily married. She was forty one but looked ten years younger. They finally broke their embrace and Stephani walked to her car. She got in, started her car, and drove away.I waited for a few minutes before starting my car. I drove around the corner and past Mrs. Graph’s house. There was only three cars left in the driveway and both cars in the street were gone. The front door opened and Mrs. Graph stepped out onto the porch with her company. I knew the party must have been breaking up so I drove back to the club. I parked in the alley and walked back to the dimly lit entrance. I used my ID card and buzzed myself in and again was greeted by Ted.”Hi Ted,” I said as I stood before him..”Hi Justin,” he responded as he glanced at my ID card.”I need a favor,” I said as I now stood next to him.”Sure, what do you need?” he asked as he sat down on his stool.”There is going to be a lady coming here in a little bit with one of my guest passes,” I said as a lady walked past us and out into the alley.”Can you escort her down to an open table in front of the stage and order her a drink?””Sure, I can do that” Ted said.”You said she has one of your guest passes?” Ted asked.”Yeah,” I replied as the anticipation of seeing my teacher in her began to grow.”Consider it done, Ted said.”Thanks,” I said as I reached into my pocket and pulled out a twenty dollar bill.I shook his hand, slipping the money into his palm.”You got it” Ted said as I walked past him and into the corridor.I made my way down into the club. I couldn’t believe how crowded it was. As I walked through the tables it was an entirely different crowd. There were still a few tables left in front of the stage so I went to the bar and got a reserved sign and placed it on a table in front of the stage. I walked back to the bar and sat down between a couple of guys who were well on their way to being drunk.As I sat down the guy on my left told the beautiful topless bartender that he had enough to drink and that he was going home.”Why don’t you take him with you,” she said as she pointed to the other intoxicated guy on the other side of me.”Come on,” the one guy mumbled as he stood up. Both men stunk of alcohol as they stood up and left together.”What can I get you young man?” the beautiful bartender asked.”Bacardi and Coke,” I said as I watched her bend over to get a glass.Her breasts looked so beautiful as they hung down while she reached for a glass. Her nipples were stiff as she mixed me a drink.”What’s your name?” she asked me as she looked up and into my eyes.”Justin,” I said as I sipped my drink.”I’m Paula,” she said as she reached out to shake my hand.As we shook hands, my eyes were transfixed on her breasts as they jiggled. I couldn’t believe how she could be that skinny with tits the size of g**** fruits.We made small talk for a while as the bar was slow. I spun around on my stool and watched the show on the stage from a distance. There were two women on stage in a heated sixty nine and a third woman slapping their asses with a whip. I couldn’t help but to get an erection as I watched these vixens fulfilling their fantasy.It was getting late and I watched show after show. I was so horny I couldn’t stand it any more. I was beginning to think that Mrs. Graph wasn’t going to show up. I got up and waked over to the list and saw that there was still four more names before mine. I went back to my seat and Paula handed me another drink.”Come on,” I said to myself as I glanced back at the clock. I sat and waited for Mrs. Graph.Just then I saw the door entering the club open. Ted walked through the door and he had a hold of Mrs. Graph’s arm as he was escorting her through the tables toward the table I had reserved. My heart skipped a beat as she looked incredible in the short black dress that I bought for her. As she walked I could just barely see her creamy thighs just above her stockings and below the hem of her dress. The heels she wore made her look totally incredible as I noticed that my cock was now rock hard. As she walked she looked like she had confidence but I knew that the collar she was wearing signified that she was totally mine.I watched as Ted pulled a stool out for her to sit down. As she lowered her cute little ass she looked up at the chains and shackles as they hung from the ceiling. She looked all around at the countless people already fucking before she turned her attention toward the stage. The waitress handed her a drink and before the glass even hit the table Mrs. Graph downed half of it.I got up from where I was sitting and carefully walked to another vantage point. My teacher was obviously aroused from her surroundings. She continued to stare at the couple on stage as I watched her lift her one leg up and cross it over the other. She began bouncing her foot up and down as she continued to sip her drink and watch the show on stage. From where I was now watching I saw how her pink lips parted as she gasped when she saw the man pull out of his partner and cum on her face.The couple on stage picked up their belongings and walked down the three steps and then past Mrs. Graph. She stared in disbelief as they walked past her totally naked. Suddenly another couple walked past my teacher and climbed up onto the stage.Mrs. Graph watched intently as the man placed a blindfold over his partners eyes. Next he pulled her thong down to her feet before picking it up and tossing it out into the crowd. I couldn’t believe it when the thong landed on Mrs. Graph’s lap as she sat there bouncing her sexy foot up and down. Quickly she reached down and picked up the dainty white thong and set it on the table next to her drink.My teacher was startled as she looked to her left as two guys shackled some willing woman to the chains hanging from the ceiling. Mrs. Graph continued to watch both shows as she was becoming obviously aroused. She began to squirm her hot little ass on the small soft stool as she watched the couple on stage begin to portray a **** scene. Mrs. Graph continued to squirm as she watched these live shows right in front of her. She knew I was here but she didn’t know who I was. She focused on the threesome next to her as the woman shackled to the overhead chains was now being fucked from the front and behind. She began to grunt and moan as my teacher began to squeeze her breast through her dress.Mrs. Graph looked back at the couple on stage as the guy now had his partner tied up and bent over a park bench. She was screaming as her partner used his belt to whip her ass. Her cries were not of pain rather filled with anticipation as she screamed for him to fuck her. Mrs. Graph began to loose her composure as I watched her reach under her dress to squeeze her pussy. I could see the look of lust in her eyes as she looked back at the couple right next to her. The guys fucking the helplessly shackled woman next to her reached out and motioned for Mrs. Graph to join them. Mrs. Graph quickly shook her head no and focused her attention on the stage.The music continued to pound away as the lights swirled around the club. Mrs. Graph nearly jumped off of her stool as the guy who was fucking the lady from behind right next to her now stood in front of her. He reached down and lifted my teacher’s hand up. Her eyes were transfixed on his eyes as he continued to lift her hand up until his cock was resting in the palm of her hand. The guy stood there looking down at my teacher as he slowly curled her fingers around his slippery twitching erection.Slowly he began to pump her hand as he reached out with his other hand and placed it on the back of her head. Mrs. Graph tried to resist but she fell victim to his size and strength as he slowly pulled her face down to his cock. I could see tears running down her face as he pressed his member against her lips. Suddenly the guy slid his hand from the back of her head down to her neck and squeezed. Mrs. Graph instinctively opened her mouth and before she could protest he shoved his cock all the way down her throat.I was horrified as I had not planned on this happening although I knew there was a distinct possibility that it could happen because of the atmosphere. I wanted to stop this but I couldn’t because my teacher would know that it was me who was controlling her and I didn’t feel she was ready for that yet.Suddenly the guy began thrusting his hips back and forth as he fucked her mouth like there was no tomorrow. Mrs. Graph began to flail her arms out of desperation but the guy over powered her and just shoved his cock all the way down her throat. I could see the look on his face and I knew he was cumming as his hips continued to twitch and Mrs. Graph began to choke. Suddenly the man opened his eyes and he pulled his rapidly deflating member out of her mouth.Mrs. Graph sat there coughing as she drank the rest of her drink. As the waitress passed her table I could tell that she was asking her where the rest room was. The waitress pointed and I watched my teacher get up and walk to the ladies room. She looked so sexy in those platform heels as she walked through the swirling lights and into the ladies room. I looked back to the stage and watched as the guy was fucking his partner in the ass. The action on stage was pretty intense as it caused several people to stand at the edge of the stage to watch.Out of the corner of my eye I saw the rest room door open and Mrs. Graph walked back out to her table. She seemed a little more at ease as the three people at the next table were now gone.Mrs. Graph sat down and again crossed her legs as she watched the show on stage. Between the music and the sight of several people fucking Mrs. Graph was growing restless and hornier by the minute. As I watched the show on stage the man pulled his cock out and came all over his partner’s ass. That was my que as I knew that Mrs. Graph and I were next on the list to go on to the stage.I reached into my pocket and pulled out the black scarf that I brought from home. I walked around the perimeter of the club until I was directly behind Mrs. Graph. Carefully and slowly I made my way between the tables toward my teacher. I began to tremble as I now stood directly behind her. I took one final deep breath before slowly slipping the scarf over my teachers head and covering her eyes.Over the sound of the music I heard Mrs. Graph gasp as her entire body tensed up. As I tied the scarf behind her head I could feel her body heat radiating from her neck. Looking over her shoulder her skirt had rode up even farther, exposing even more of her creamy thigh above her stocking. The black garter accented her soft supple skin as it connected to her stocking top and disappeared up under her dress. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her foot as it dangled over her other leg. The strap that wound around her calf made her legs look like a million bucks. The gold anklet around her ankle made her look even more special. The most erotic part of her attire though was the gold studded black leather collar.Mrs. Graph remained seated with her legs crossed as the couple on stage had not yet vacated.I placed my hands on my teacher’s shoulders and lowered my face to her ear and whispered “Your going to now show the whole world who you belong to.”Mrs. Graph moaned softly as she slowly nodded her head. I kissed her cheek and ear as I slowly slid my hand down from her shoulder to her chest. I could feel every hair follicle on her chest as I slowly slid my hand closer to her breasts. I continued to watch the couple on stage as they were now gathering their belongings. I felt the top of my teacher’s dress with my fingertips as my fingers slowly descended into her dress.”Oh God,” Mrs. Graph moaned as I continued to slide my hand down farther, feeling the top edge of her sexy bra.I kissed her ear and moaned softly as I nearly shot my wad in my pants as my hand slipped into her bra. I felt her stiff nipples slide under my fingers as I now cupped and squeezed her warm soft breast.”Ohhhhhh,” Mrs. Graph sighed.As I slowly removed my hand from her bra I reached down into my other pocket. I pulled out the leash that I bought and placed the end with the clasp in my hand. I pushed her golden blonde hair to the side as I opened the clasp and raised it up to the waiting loop. I placed the loop inside the clasp and let the clasp go causing it to make a snapping sound. Mrs. Graph now looked paralyzed as she placed both feet on the ground in front of her.”Oh Goddddd,” my teacher cried out as I pulled up on the leash bringing her to her feet.The couple that was on the stage previously were now gone. I took a step and pulled on the leash until Mrs. Graph began to follow me.”Oh God Nooooo,” Mrs. Graph cried out as she began to resist me.I took a couple of steps and then yanked firmly on the leash causing her to stagger toward me.”Oh God Noooooo,” my teacher cried out as she lost her balance and fell into me.I stood her up before climbing the three steps that led to the stage. I pulled up on the leash and immediately I was met with resistance.”Please stop,” my teacher cried out as she placed her sexy foot on the first step.”Oh God why are you doing this to me?” Mrs. Graph cried out as she stumbled her way up the other two steps before planting both her feet on the stage.Looking out toward the crowd I could see a large group of people now standing at the edge of the stage just watching. I took a couple of steps and again tugged on the leash and again I was met with resistance. I pulled hard, nearly knocking her blindfold off as she stumbled forward.I began walking toward the small padded chair which was up by the front of the stage. Mrs. Graph continued to resist as I dragged her to her impending fate until she was standing directly in front of the tiny chair.The music was pumping and the spot lights continued to whirl as I gazed out into the many onlookers. Before I sat my teacher down in the chair I slowly guided her to the very edge of the stage.”Oh God Stop,!!!!!” she cried out as I placed my hands on her hips and slowly turned her around to face me.Looking out into the crowd of naked onlookers I reached up and cupped my teacher’s face and tilted her head back. Her soft supple cheeks were warm on my fingers as I lowered my lips to her waiting mouth. Instantly I was met with resistance as Mrs. Graph turned her head to the side.Feeling a little embarrassed I looked out into the crowd and reached down and slowly began to lift her dress, exposing more and more of her creamy thigh’s above the tops of her stockings. The crowd began to cheer as I slowly exposed more and more of her naked ass. One guy in the front of the crowd jumped up and sat on the edge of the stage no more than six feet away and began to jack off. I dropped her dress back down, covering her sexy ass as the crowd began to boo.I knelt down in front of my teacher as I placed my hands on the tops of her sexy feet. Looking out into the crowd I watched as people began to cheer when I slowly began to slide my hands up her stocking clad legs. Her calf’s were incredibly soft as I slowly slid my fingers over the back side of her knees.”Oh God No,!!!” Mrs. graph screamed as I continued to slide my hands up the back of her legs until my hands disappeared under her short dress.Her skin was so warm and soft as my hands moved from her stockings to her warm soft thigh’s.”Please,” Mrs. Graph screamed out as I felt my thumbs touch the bottom edge of her naked ass.Mrs. Graph began to sob as the crowd went wild when they saw my hands slide up under her dress. I felt my teacher begin to tremble as I ever so slowly slid my fingers and hands over her warm soft ass.”Oh God Nooooooo,” Mrs. Graph sobbed as I squeezed her soft globes. I gently squeezed her ass cheeks and began to push them together and pull them apart under her dress.”Oh Goddddd,” Mrs. Graph screamed out as the crowd was now cheering me on.I continued to slide my fingers up over her trembling ass while she continued to sob. I felt the tiny waist band of her thong with my now trembling fingers as I again looked out into the crowd. This time in the crowd I spotted Kate as she stood in the back and watched the show. I hooked my fingers around the delicate elastic strap and began to slowly pull my hands sincan escort bayan down.”Oh My God Stop,” Mrs. Graph screamed out as I continued to inch the waist band of her thong down over her round ass.As I continued to pull her dainty thong down I felt the resistance of the strap between her ass cheeks. I gently tugged a couple of times as I inched the strap out of her ass crack.”Oh God No,!” my teacher cried out as the crowd began to cheer when they saw my hands begin to slide down her legs and appear from under her dress.I gazed at Kate as I continued to pull Mrs. Graph’s thong down her shapely stocking clad legs until it fell to her feet. I slipped my hand around my teacher’s ankle and lifted her foot to remove her extremely damp panty from around her spiked heel. I placed my hand around her other sexy ankle as I gazed at the gold anklet while I lifted her foot. I removed the damp thong and then thought about tossing it to the crowd but I decided against it as it was a present for my teacher and I did pay a lot of money for it.Again I slid my hands up my teacher’s legs until I reached the hem of her dress and again I slowly began to raise her hem, exposing her now completely naked ass. The crowd went wild but as fast as I lifted it I lowered it.I was met with a round of boo’s as I stood up in front of my blindfolded teacher. I placed my hands on her shoulders and turned her around to face the cheering crowd. I moved behind her and pressed up against her back side. I pushed her blonde curly hair to the side as I lowered my lips to her ear. Gently I flicked my tongue across her ear and ear lobe before sinking my tongue in as far as it would go.”Oh God Stop,” cried Mrs. Graph as I admired her gold studded collar as it snugly wrapped around her sexy slender neck.I bit her ear causing her to scream out in a pleasurable pain before I kissed her neck. I sucked hard on her skin before sinking my teeth into her warm flesh causing her to scream out in fear. While I continued to bite her neck I slowly inched both spaghetti straps off of her shoulders.Mrs. Graph turned her head to the side and when she opened her mouth to scream I instantly slid my tongue across her soft supple lips and into the corner of her mouth. Immediately my tongue was met with her warm wet tongue as it probed back into my mouth. Just then I let both straps slide off of her shoulders and fall to her sides. I stepped back enough and suddenly her sexy black dress fell completely to the floor.I’m not even sure if my teacher even realized that her dress fell completely off as she continued to tongue my mouth. I slid my hands from her waist and across her stomach causing her abdomen to quiver as I inched my fingers closer and closer to her navel. While we continued to kiss passionately I slowly slid my hands up her warm soft quivering stomach until I felt my thumbs graze the bottoms of her breasts.”Ughhhhhh,” Mrs. Graph moaned into my mouth as I slowly slipped my hands up and over both of her soft bra encased breasts.I felt her nipples stiffen in the palms of my hands through the soft sexy material as I began to slide my hands up and down, eliciting yet another moan from my teacher. The crowd continued to cheer as I ever so slowly inched my fingers closer and closer to the clasp that held her bra together.I pulled inward on the hook between her beautiful breasts until I felt them begin to pull apart on their own, realizing that I finally freed her soft round breasts. I gazed out at Kate and stared into her eyes as she had moved even closer to the stage. Kate’s eyes were glued to my teacher’s breasts as I slowly and seductively began to pull the black sexy material away. The crowd went absolutely wild and Kate even squeezed her own breast when I finally exposed my teachers golden globes for everyone to see.I removed Mrs. Graph’s bra and tossed it next to her thong as I quickly undressed. The women began to cheer when I pulled my underwear down, exposing my rock hard cock. I placed my hands on my teacher’s hips and gently walked her back to the chair that was now waiting for her.I pushed down on Mrs. Graph’s soft shoulders until her knees began to bend and she sat down. I slowly walked around my teacher until I was directly behind her. I gazed out into the crowd until I located Kate who was now sitting at her reserved table. Kate already had her top removed and was caressing her breasts as our eyes made contact.With our eyes still glued together I slid my hand down Mrs. Graph’s arm until I felt her hand. Ever so slowly I lifted her arm up placing her hand behind her head. I reached down and picked up a set of cuffs and placed the opened shackle around her wrist.Mrs. Graph gasped as I slid my hand down her other arm, moving ever so slowly downward until I felt her hand. I could see the goose bumps on my teacher’s arm as I lifted her hand up and placed it behind her head next to her other wrist. I placed her delicate wrist in the open cuff and firmly closed it. I brushed her hair aside and found the loop on her collar where the leash was still connected. I opened the clasp on the leash and hooked it through the cuffs and back through the loop on the collar.Mrs. Graph began to panic as she screamed for me to stop it.”Why are you doing this to me?” she begged.I walked around to her front, gazing into Kate’s eyes as I knelt down before my beautiful teacher. I turned my attention back to Mrs. Graph as I reached down and took her ankle into my hand. She sat there like a church girl with her legs tightly closed and her feet together. I pulled on her ankle causing her legs to part open. As I pulled her leg to the side I couldn’t help but to stare at her soaking wet cunt.Mrs. Graph’s cunt was gaping and glistening as her juices were running out and onto the soft black leather cushion under her ass. I unclasped the cuff that was attached to the leg of the chair and wrapped it around her thin ankle. I reached down for her other ankle and placed my hand around it, feeling her gold anklet under my fingers as I guided her other leg outward. I opened the clasp that was attached to the chair leg and placed it around her ankle. I firmly secured the shackle and stood up.I stepped back from my teacher for a moment and admired her beauty as she sat before me and the entire club in a completely vulnerable state. She looked so beautiful as her arms were forced up and tied behind her head. The sight of her legs forced open and secured caused my member to throb.I looked off to the side of the stage and gazed into Kate’s eyes. She motioned for me to come to her so I slowly began to walk toward her table. I stepped down the three steps and walked to her table as I left my teacher on stage, exposed for the entire club to see.Kate stood up and pressed her naked breasts into my chest as she placed her lips on mine and kissed me. Her tongue slipped into the back of my mouth, nearly causing me to choke. She broke the kiss and stepped back before reaching onto the table for a tiny package.”Here, she’ll love them.” Kate said as she reached down and gave my cock a couple of quick tugs. I looked down at the package and saw that she had given me a pair of nipple rings.”Just squeeze the end to open the loop and slip it over her nipple,” Kate said as she pulled on her nipple as she sat back down. I went to thank her and before I could say anything Kate pulled my hand down to her breast.”Day after tomorrow, me and you, the main event,” Kate said as she pushed me away and back toward the stage.I climbed the steps and walked back to Mrs. Graph. I stood in front of her and admired how high her breasts were as her arms were forcing them up even higher. I ripped open the plastic package and took one nipple ring into my hand. I squeezed the loop and saw how it opened before closing it again.I dropped to my knees and leaned forward. I began kissing her stomach causing her to squirm and pant. I kissed my way up towards her heaving breasts as my nose hit the bottom of her golden globe. I kissed her breast bone between her tits before kissing my way across her breast toward her nipple. In the flash of the spotlights I could see the tiny bumps of her areola as I inched my way closer to her stiffening bud. I felt heat radiating from her body as I lightly grazed her nipple with my lips.”Uggghhhhh,” Mrs. Graph moaned as I lightly flicked my tongue around her areola.I slid my lips back until I felt her nipple between them and pursed my lips together, causing her to scream as I put excess pressure on her nipple. I took her now taught nipple between my teeth and slowly pulled my head back, causing my teeth to sc**** her sensitive skin. Looking at her nipple I saw how hard and long it was. I took the nipple ring and squeezed the clamp, causing the loop to open. I reached out and with skillful hands slipped the loop over her nipple. I slowly released the clasp and the loop closed snugly around her nipple.”Ohhh Fuckinggggggg Goddddddddddd,” Mrs. Graph screamed out.Immediately I lowered my mouth to her other nipple and began to suck hard on her taught bud. I held on to her warm soft hips as I sucked harder and harder on her nipple, feeling it lengthen on my tongue. I pulled my lips off of her breast and grabbed the other nipple ring. I squeezed the clasp and opened the loop. I placed the loop over her nipple and quickly let go.”Oh Godddddd,” my teacher panted as she was now on the verge of cumming.I stood up and stepped back to admire my teacher’s breasts. The small rings that hung down from her nipples sparkled in the light of the spotlights as they continued to whirl around. Mrs. Graph sat there totally restrained, her lips parted as her breathing was running rampant. The crowd began to egg me on so I slowly stepped forward between my teachers spread open legs.I stood there with my cock pointing at my teacher, twitching and dripping pre cum. I took another step until the tip of my member touched my teacher’s breast bone.”Oh please no,” my teacher begged as I continued to adjust myself. I placed my cock between my teacher’s soft heaving breasts. Reaching down, I placed my hands on the outsides of her soft globes and gently pushed them together. Her breasts felt magnificent as they enveloped my dripping cock. “Oh My Godddddddd,” my teacher cried out in a dry husky voice as I slowly began to thrust my hips.My cock began to easily slide up and down between her tits as my pre cum lubricated her breasts. Mrs. Graph tried to move but couldn’t as she was totally restrained. I continued to watch her nipple jewelry jiggle as my cock continued to slide up and down. With each upward thrust, the tip of my cock touched her chin, eliciting even louder moans from deep within my teacher.Looking out into the crowd I couldn’t believe how many couples were engaged in some sort of sexual activity. Looking over at Kate’s table I was mesmerized as I watched her tugging on one nipple while she sucked firmly on a finger. The hazed over look in her eye told me she liked what she saw as I continued to titty fuck my high school teacher.I began to slow my thrusting down as I neared climax. I gently let Mrs. Graph’s breast sway away from my cock, releasing me from between her magnificent breasts. I continued standing between her spread open legs as I reached down and placed my hands on the sides of her head.”Oh Dear God NOOOOOOOO,” Mrs. Graph screamed out as I slowly guided her face toward my trembling cock.Mrs. Graph began to shiver as if she was freezing. I pulled her head down just a bit more until my cock touched her beautiful lips.Mrs. Graph turned her head sharply and my pre cum streaked across her cheek. forcefully I turned her head back and again placed my cock on the outer edge of her lips.”I’m begging you,” Mrs. Graph cried out.Just then I pulled her head down, nudging my cock past her lips and teeth and into her mouth. My high school teacher made a gurgling sound as I gently pushed and pulled on her head. I forced her head to slide up and down the entire length of my cock.Looking over at Kate I couldn’t believe she was finger fucking herself while she watched me. I felt my balls begin to tingle as I continued to force my teacher to suck my cock. My toes tingled and jolts of electricity began to race up and down my spine. Just then I began to cum as I felt my cock slide farther down her throat until I felt her face touch my groin.My hips began to involuntarily thrust as I continued to hold onto her face firmly. I felt my nuts begin to contract as the first wave of cum began to race up my shaft. I pulled my cock from my teacher’s mouth and placed the head of my cock on her lips as my hips continued to thrust. Suddenly my cum shot across face and up her nose.”Oh God,” we both moaned as my twitching thrusting cock continued to squirt my hot boiling jizz.I held her head still as her mouth now opened, allowing the rest of my cum to shoot into her throat. The sight of her just sitting there allowing me to cum in her mouth even when she has no choice was amazing.I glanced out into the crowd and saw what looked like one massive orgy. Looking the other way I saw Kate with her legs spread and her fingers quickly darting in and out of her lovely cunt. I walked behind my teacher and freed her wrists from her collar before uncuffing them. As I guided her hands to her sides I could feel them shaking and trembling from being near climax.I walked back around to her front and dropped to my knees as I unlocked the cuffs around her delicate ankles. I took my teacher by her hand and helped her to her feet before guiding her a few feet to the left. I gently pushed on her shoulders, forcing her to sit on a tiny padded stool.Two sets of chains hung down from the ceiling, one set for her wrists and one set for her ankles. I lifted her wrist out from her side and over her head as I slipped the cuff around her thin wrist. I did the same to her other wrist as well, causing her to moan loudly.I moved down to her sexy legs and wrapped my fingers around her ankle, raising her foot up to my face. Inhaling sharply I smelled the scent of her sexy foot and the leather of her incredibly sexy shoe. I kissed her toes softly as I traced my tongue across the top of her stocking clad toes before raising her leg up even higher.I watched my teacher as she fell back until the cuffs around her wrists supported her. I continued to raise her leg until her ankle was the same height as my head. I clamped the cuff around her ankle and let it go as she was now nearly secured.I bent down and lifted her other foot up to my face and again slithered my tongue along the top of her sexy stocking clad toes. I raised her leg higher until both of her legs were the same height.”Oh Dear God In Heaven,” Mrs. Graph cried out as she hung from the ceiling except for the tiny black padded stool under her ass.Looking back over my shoulder at the crowd, I couldn’t help but to feel special for having an opportunity like this to fulfill my wildest fantasy. I turned back toward my high school teacher and dropped to my knees between her spread open raised legs. Her cunt was now before me and it was gaping and glistening. I saw Mrs. Graph struggle briefly as I lowered my face to her waiting cunt.I placed my tongue on her puckered ass hole as I slowly slid my tongue up until I felt her lips part and my tongue sink in even further.”Oh Fuck,” Mrs. Graph moaned as I flicked my tongue up and down deep inside her pussy.”Oh Dear God,” Mrs. Graph cried out as I placed my hands on her soft naked hips as I continued to tongue her hole.She tasted so sweet, so wonderful as I continued to lap at her nectar. Looking over my shoulder I locked eyes with Kate as my tongue continued to probe my hot high school teachers cunt. I made sure Kate could see my tongue as it slid out and then sank back in. Kate continued to finger fuck her pussy as she gazed at us on stage.I slid my hand over to Mrs. Graph’s pussy and slowly spread the top of her cunt open, revealing her extremely wet and stiff clit. I paused for a moment to enjoy the sight before placing my tongue directly on her protruding clit. I placed my lips oh her pussy and began to swirl my tongue around in circles around her clit, nearly causing my teacher to fall off of the stool.”Oh Godddddddddddd,” Mrs. Graph cried out as she began to sway as the stool beneath her ass began to move.Ever so slowly I inched my tongue closer and closer to her clit until I felt her hard nub on my tongue. I rapidly flicked my tongue back and forth and from side to side until I felt her juices begin to flow. Looking up at her as she hung helplessly from the ceiling I saw she was on the verge of cumming.I slowly removed my mouth from my teacher’s hot sticky cunt as I now stood up. Again I gazed out into the crowd and saw the mass of entangled bodies. Looking over at Kate I saw she was now working a dildo in and out of herself frantically as she sat with her feet propped up on the table.I turned back to Mrs. Graph and moved into position between her legs as my cock hung down directly over her wet pussy. I watched as my pre cum dripped from my cock, landing on her soft parted lips. Reaching down I wrapped my hand around my member and slowly began to rub my cock up and down her gaping slit.”Holy Fuck,” Mrs. Graph cried as she gasped for air.My teacher trembled and shook more violently every time I rubbed her slit with my cock. The music was pumping and the lights continued to whirl as I continued to torture my teacher.”Do not cum yet,” I said just loud enough to be heard over the music but not loud enough for her to know who I am.”Oh God Pleaseeeee,” Mrs. Graph screamed as her hips began to thrust involuntarily, engulfing more and more of my cock.”No,” I shouted as I reached down and grasped her hips as I thrust my member into her to the hilt with one quick thrust.”Ugggggghhhhhhh,” was all my high school teacher could manage to scream as I slowly began to thrust in and out of her wet hole.”Oh Dear God Please Let Me CUMMMM,” Mrs. Graph screamed as she trembled and shook violently as she hung from the ceiling by her wrists and ankles.”Please Master may I cum?” she begged as I began to increase my tempo.”Not yet,” I said as I reached out and cupped her breasts as they were now bouncing up and down from our fucking motion.I cupped her breasts and used my thumbs to sc**** my nails over her taught nipples. The rings hanging from her buds were gorgeous as her nipples continued to swell even more. I pinched both nipples and tugged on them over and over causing her to cum accidentally.Instantly I pulled out of her quivering spasming cunt as my teacher came without my permission. I watched her for a moment as her entire body continued to shake even without any stimulation from me. I remembered what Kate had said about the frequency that was hidden in the bass of the music. Mrs. Graph’s head continued to thrash from side to side until her spasming body began to slow down.I watched until Mrs. Graph hung nearly limp. I kicked the stool out from under her ass causing her to scream out in pain as the cuffs around her ankles and her wrists dug into her flesh I was furious that she disobeyed my order and climaxed. I knelt down and unclasped the shackles around her ankles before getting up and releasing her wrists. I grabbed a handful of her golden blonde hair and pulled her toward the center of the stage. I pulled her head down causing her to fall stomach first onto a small padded bench.The bench was about a foot wide and two feet long. On the end where her legs hung off were two bars with shackles on them. They stuck out at a forty five degree angle and were perfect for my punishment I was about to deliver.I grabbed my teacher’s ankle and bent her knee until it bent all the way back until her heel nearly touched her naked ass. I reached to her side and took her arm, pulling it back until her wrist was next to her ankle. I took the cuffs off of the bench and quickly cuffed her wrist to her ankle. I turned to her other leg and pulled her foot up until her heel was nearly touching her ass.”Oh God Please Stop,” my teacher begged as I pulled her other arm back to her ankle.Again I cuffed her wrist to her ankle. Looking down at Mrs. Graph it looked like she was hog tied as she was completely immobile.I took her legs and pulled them apart, far enough to hook the chains of the cuffs over the bars. Mrs. Graph was now completely in my control as she lay face down with her wrists cuffed to her ankles and her legs forced open. Her cunt was gaping and the shape of a tunnel was evident as she lay sobbing on the small black padded bench.”Pleaseeeeeeeeee,” Mrs. Graph begged as she began to sob.”Please, I’m Sorry Master,” she screamed as I now stood at her side. I walked over to the chair where she first sat some time ago and picked up the leather leash. I walked back to my high school teacher and grabbed a handful of hair.I pulled her head up and screamed “I told you not to cum!””I’m sorry Master,” Mrs. Graph screamed as she struggled to free herself as she remained face down on the small bench.I pulled her head back and lowered my face to her ear.”You need to be punished,” I said as I pulled my arm back with the leash.I swung my arm causing the leather leash to crash down upon her naked ass.”SMACK.””Oh God Stop,!!!” Mrs. Graph screamed out.Again I swung the leather strap onto her ass.”SMACK.””Please, I’m sorry for cumming,” Mrs. Graph cried out as she wiggled about on the bench..”You are going to learn what discipline is,” I hollered as I swung the strap onto her ass yet a third time. My teacher’s ass was beginning to turn red as three welts were now evident across her smooth sexy ass.”Who am I?” I shouted as I pulled her head back by her hair even farther.”My Master,” Mrs. Graph shouted!Again I swung the strap onto her ass.”Oh God please Master stop,” Mrs. Graph screamed.”Who am I?. I repeated?”Your my Master,” Mrs. Graph cried out as she now sobbed heavily.Again I swung the leather strap only this time it was across the very bottom of her ass where her cheeks meet her legs.”Arrrrggggghhhhhhhh,” Mrs. Graph screamed out as she began to struggle.”Who Do You Belong To?” I shouted as I noticed the crowd again watching us.”I belong to you Master,” Mrs. Graph screamed out as I let her head go.Her head fell and hung from the edge of the table.”Who do you belong to?” I asked.”I belong to you Master, and only you,” my teacher said as she slowly lifted her head up.I looked down at my teacher as her ass was now a bright shade of pink..She learned from her mistake and I knew that she was going to become a better person because of it. I walked back around and positioned myself between her spread open legs. I reached down and hooked the leash through the ring on the back of her collar. I let the leash rest on her back as I held onto her hips and slowly guided my cock toward her gaping hole.Looking over at Kate I noticed that she was now being fucked by some big guy. He was between her spread open legs while he was fucking her but she was still watching the show.I pressed the head of my cock against Mrs. Graph’s wet slit and pushed myself in. My teacher was so incredibly hot and tight. I began to slowly stroke my member in and out of her sopping wet cunt as I reached down and picked up her leash. I pulled on the leash until her head raised up. I could see she was panting as I quickened my pace.”Who do you belong to?” I shouted.”You Master,” Mrs. Graph screamed out as I continued to thrust my cock in and out of her slippery cunt.I slid my hands up and down her arms as they remained shackled to her ankles. I quickened my pace. I pulled harder on the leash, pulling her head back even farther.”Who do you belong to?” I asked again.”Oh God I belong to you Master,” Mrs. Graph panted between breaths.I released the tension of the leash but my teacher still held her head up high. Looking down I saw her puckered pink ass hole just above my thrusting cock. Reaching down I pressed my finger on her sphincter.”Who do you belong to?” I shouted.”Uggghhhh… Oh God to you Master,” my high school teacher shouted.I continued to fuck her while I began to trace circles around her sphincter with my finger.”Oh God may I cum, Mrs. Graph screamed.”Not yet,” I said as I pushed my finger harder on her ass hole.I watched as her tight anus slowly began to open, allowing my finger to slide inside.”Oh God Master let me cum,” Mrs. Graph screamed as she panted like she was going to pass out.”Who do you belong to forever?” I shouted as I began to thrust my cock even faster in and out of her hot pussy.”Oh God Master I will belong to you for the rest of my life,” Mrs. Graph screamed as she panted.The music was pumping and the lights continued to whirl. I began to thrust my finger in and out of her ass in unison with my impaling cock. I felt my nuts begin to tighten.”Please Master, may I cum,” Mrs. Graph screamed as I continued to work both of her holes.”You may cum,” I said softly as I began to fuck her ass with my finger much harder.”Oh thank you Master,” Mrs. Graph said as she lost all self control.Her body began to shake and tremble like I had never seen before. Her head hung off the edge of the small black padded table while her hands and feet shook out of control. I saw how her toes curled in her platforms and her fingers clenched into fists.”Oh Godddddddddddd,” my teacher screamed out as her cunt griped at my cock while her ass hole continued to squeeze my finger tightly.”Fuck me Master,” Mrs. Graph screamed with a trembling voice.I couldn’t hold out any longer. My toes began to tingle and the hair on my neck stood up as I continued to fuck both of my teacher’s holes. I looked over to my side to see Kate sitting there alone, watching us. My eyes were glued to hers as I fucked my teacher harder and harder.”Oh God Master I’m cumminggggggggg,” Mrs. Graph cried out in a dry voice.Just then I felt my release as I thrust my member as far into her cunt as I could while my eyes remained glued to Kate’s. I felt my balls begin to pump my cum deep into my teacher’s cunt. She continued to tremble and cum as I pumped my entire load deep into her womb. Finally I felt my final spasm as my cock began to soften inside of my teacher. Mrs. Graph now lay motionless before me as her wrists were still shackled to her ankles.My eyes remained glued to Kate’s as I slowly pulled my spent member from my high school teacher’s soggy cunt. I quickly unshackled Mrs. Graph as we both caught our breath. I carefully guided my teacher to her feet as she was quite stiff from the position she was in. I walked her over to our clothes and handed her the sexy thong that I bought her. She stepped through the openings for her legs and I pulled the dainty material up her long slender legs as my cum began to drip from her pussy.Next I picked up her matching bra and slowly I guided her arms through the straps. I set her breasts, nipple rings and all into the cups of her bra and fastened the material between her heaving cleavage.I picked up her dress and lifted it over her head, again guiding her arms through the spaghetti straps. She looked wonderful as she now stood before me still blindfolded but totally clothed.I quickly dressed and again I hooked the leash to her collar. With her blindfold still over her eyes I began to walk her to the edge of the stage. I guided her down the stairs and across the club, making my way to the exit. I pushed the door open and walked Mrs. Graph to the spiral stairway and then up. We walked down the corridor toward Ted. We walked past him and out the final door. I released the leash from her collar and quickly ducked back into the club as the door closed.I made my way back down to the club in order to give Mrs. Graph time to leave and not be spotted. I went back down toward the stage and noticed that the big black curtain was drawn completely around the stage. I spotted Kate sitting at her table and saw her motioning for me to come to her.I walked over to her table and sat down cross from her. She puffed on her cigarette and set it back down in the ash tray. She held her breath for a moment before blowing her smoke out of one corner of her mouth.”Very impressive Justin,” she said as she sat there bouncing her leg.”Who is she?” Kate asked as she peered into my eyes.Looking into her beautiful eyes I couldn’t help but to spill the beans.”She was my teacher last year,” I said proudly.A smile came across Kate’s face as she again lit a cigarette.”That’s hot,” she said as she took another puff.”I see you are her Master and she is your Slave,” Kate said with a gleam in her eyes.I nodded my head as our eyes remained glued together.”Is she married?” Kate asked as her nipples became visible.”Yes,” I answered as I longed to reach out to touch her breasts.”Are you willing to go through an official ownership ceremony?” Kate asked.”What’s that?” I asked.It’s like a wedding only your Slave commits to serving your every need for the rest of her life,” Kate said with a smile on her face.”I believe she is ready,” I said as I smiled back.”Yes she is,” Kate said as she stood up and placed her stool under the table. I took her lead and stood up as well.”Remember, night after tomorrow night, ‘main event’,” Kate said as she turned and walked toward the spiral staircase leading to her office.I winked at her and then walked toward the exit. I looked at the clock above the door and knew I had to get my dad’s van home. I was tired and had to get some sleep as I had to get up to go see Trista in the morning. I was worried what she might think if she ever finds out about this place. Only time will tell I said to myself as I walked out into the chilly night air.