I heard her say my name …while she was masturbat

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I heard her say my name …while she was masturbatIt Was Not On Purpose!!I swear, I was not trying to hear anything on the night I heard “HER”! Say my name-repeatedly! As she was diddling her pussy!I’m glad I did because it gave me the courage to, finally, FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF HER!!The “her”, I’m talking about was a young-lady, whom I will refer to as, Peaches!Peaches, was the bright-eyed, young-looking, twenty-something year old. Sandy-Blonde haired. Slightly chubby, but in all the right places! Daughter of a friend of mine whom I knew from a previous security job. She was only a teenager when i met her at her Dad’s house for a BBQ for the first time! And, even then, you could tell she was going to be a traffic-stopper!Then, rather a few years later. I happened to bump into her dad and the two of us started reminiscing. Which led to drinking, smoking, and finally, staggering out of a taxi! In front of my friend’s house!His wife was at the door and looked pissed-off! Until she saw me and then her faced lit up!!I was always cool with her(wink-wink!!)But, standing behind her, wearing some very sexy night-time garments! Was Peaches! Now, as I said, Peaches was in her twenties and had filled-out nicely! She was wearing very short, soft-blue with gold trimmed, sleeping shorts! Or, panties!!Her curvaceous, thighs and bubble-butt, were looming in front of me! As, her father and I stumbled in and he fell into his wife’s arms!!He grumbled something about the best, “…best tits I ever sucked on!!” And, grabbed a handful of his wife’s big-tit under her t-shirt!She gasped, because her pinched her nipple! Not from any sense of ödemiş escort embarrassment! She was a dirty bitch!But, I digress, she gave me an awkward hug! While trying to keep my friend’s hands from grabbing her pussy and hold him up, at the same time!She told me I could crash on the couch and she’d leave out pillows and blankets for me. After she got her man to bed!!Peaches, was closing the front door and that gave me a full view of her ass and legs! She was only 5″5, but very curvy and still maintained looked really young! Even for her a young woman in her twenties! She still had the plump, softness, of a teenager!Her sandy-blonde hair, was pulled back into a loose ponytail. And, her plump, natural, boobs! Pressed against her halter-top, pajamas! I could see the outline of her nipples as she turned around and smiled at me with those big, bright, brown/green, eyes!Peaches, walked over to me and gave me a full body press hug! She got up on her tip-toes and wrapped her arms about my neck! I could feel the softness of her flesh press against me! I wrapped my own arms around her waist and(I can’t deny it!!)let my hand, accidentally, caress her ass as I did!The yielding flesh giggled as my hand half-grabbed, half-brushed, her meaty ass! Peaches, seemed not to notice, or, didn’t care, that I had touched her!She gave me a soft kiss on the cheek and said how happy she was to see again! After so many years! She pulled away and stared hard into my eyes with a very, enticing smile, on her pretty face!Now, this was not the drink and smoke talking!! But, I swear, she gave me a few dry-humps! Pressing her thigh upwards, gently, escort ödemiş into my crotch! Then barely noticeable to anyone but us! She moved her wide-hips side-to-side!This only lasted a few seconds before she pulled away from me! As her mother came thumping down the hall leading from the bedroom!She was dressed almost the same as her daughter! Except her that her’s was golden-colored and barely covered anything! Her big tits and thick-mature ass, wobbled with every step she took! She dropped the pillows and blankets on the sofa. And, I got a good gander at her tits, as they flopped out onto the pillows and blankets!She shrugged and gave me a smile similar to the one her daughter gave! And, then she stuffed them back into her top!She then strode around the sofa and gave me another full body hug!No dry-humping!And, a kiss good-night! She then hurried her Peaches out of the room! Giving her grief about showing her body off like that to me! As her big ass jiggled out from under her bottoms!I laughed, wasted and stoned, and went about trying to get right on the sofa! Honestly, I was too off my head, to even remember that Peaches had just dry-humped me a few minutes ago!I don’t remember when I fell asleep, but I woke with a start! In my underwear, socks, and t-shirt! The pillows and blankets were semi-covering me and semi-on the floor! I got up and got re-familiarized with my surroundings!It was still the wee hours of the night! And, I didn’t hear anything coming from down the hall! So, I guessed, everyone was asleep!I staggered down the hall and into the bathroom that was next to where Peaches’ old bedroom was. ödemiş escort bayan I started doing my business when i heard a soft, moan from the wall next to the toilet!It came from the direction of Peaches’ room! At first I thought she was having a nightmare, or, something. Because her moans were sounding like she was being chased, or, beaten in her nightmares! I heard an occasional “UNH”! Followed by more moans!I tried not to listen as I finished my business. Then i heard something that stopped me cold as I was drying my hands!”Oh Yeah, (blank)!! I Love Riding Your Face!!””What…The..Fuck..?!”, I thought as i heard Peaches say my name and…Wow! I leaned a little closer to the wall and I could hear even better into Peaches’ room! She was panting softly and whispering things I couldn’t always make out! Then there were the things that I could clearly make out! “Oh yeah, ” I heard her say, “..gimme that big, black, dick all the way in my way pussy!!” “Grind that thing inside me and make me come all over that thing!!”, Peaches was saying in a husky, voice that I had never heard come from her before!Then, I felt guilty, because i thought, “OMG! This is Peaches!! The Peaches I knew as a teenager! My friend’s daughter!But, the voice I heard and the things it was saying! Were not from a teenager, but, a grown woman!I hurried to get out of the bathroom and went back down the hall to the sofa! I couldn’t hear Peaches’ voice anymore! But, I did hear a steady, rhythmic squeaking from the direction of the bedrooms!I was laying there thinking that the sound of the bed springs squeaking was from Peaches’ room. Imagining her thighs spread-eagle on the bed! her hand stroking her pussy,!Or, plunging a black dildo in and out of her yielding pussy!I saw those nice, plump-tits, jiggle as she humped herself with…whatever, she was using!(…to be continued…)