I got to meet Peter North – Part 2

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I got to meet Peter North – Part 2After what felt like a few seconds I had rolled over to put my arm around Stacey, only to find that she was no longer in bed. I could feel some movement on the bed, so I had thought maybe she moved towards the headboard and was having issues sleeping. I roll over and look, and there they were. Peter North was grabbing my wife’s hips, while her head was buried into a pillow. They must have been at it for some time as Pete was in full swing and really pounding her.“My, my, my,” I uttered, “Looks like someone needed round two.”Pete smiled and kept plowing my wife. I got out of bed and stood up and watched them for a while. Pete was just grabbing her waist and pulling her into his massive cock. He would gaze longing at her back and the back of her head, and then turn his focus onto my wife’s hot ass. At times he would pull his cock out for a bit to give it a breather from my wife’s hot pussy and slap it on her ass. I grabbed a video camera and started to film the two. Pete looked up and smiled.“Want to have some good memories huh?” Pete said looking into the camera. “I got some memories for you two,” as he pushed his cock back into my wife. He began to really start pushing his cock deep into Stacey. She whipped her head back flinging her hair up. Peter latched onto the base of her hair and began to pull. My wife moaned. He continued to plow into my wife. I got the camera close up to my wife’s face, but still had it panned so I could see Peter’s face in the shoot.Stacey looked into the camera and cooed, “Yeah baby, I can’t wait to watch this later. I wish you would have gotten up earlier, so you could have gotten the blowjob.”“No sense you can’t do it now,” I replied.Peter looked into the camera, “You fucking two are nuts,” he laughed. He pulled his stiff cock out of her pussy and began to stroke it. My wife moved out of the way. I leaned in closer to get a great view of Peter jacking himself off. The camera was basically at his ball sack and pointed upwards to a view of what it was like. Peter continued to jack himself off.“You like it when I jerk myself off? Yeah? You like that big, huge, Peter North cock don’t you? Oh yeah. You ready Stacey? You ready for the Peter North Cock in your mouth? Oh yeah”My wife leaned in and put his massive rod in her mouth. Peter held the top of her head and began to thrust his cock upwards into my wife’s mouth. I moved from my position and got a wider angle on the experience. My wife then situated herself down in front of Peter and began to suck on his balls while jacking the tip of his dick and rubbing the head. Peter put his head back and moaned. My wife continued to jack his cock off for a bit and then inserted his cock into her mouth. She began to stroke the bottom part of his shaft while sucking on the rest. Peter grabbed her head and began to move her head for her, guiding his huge cock back and forth ever so slightly. He moved at a nice slow pace, stopping once and awhile to pull his dick out of her mouth for a bit too only ease it back into her craving mouth. Pete continued to moan and cue while he used my wife’s face as a fuck toy. He held her head in place now and began to move his own hips into her face. His thrusts canlı bahis began to get deeper and faster. I could hear my wife’s muffled moans while Peter’s cock was placed nicely into her mouth. Peter began to fuck her face with much more intensity. I could see drool seep from her mouth and drip downwards onto the bed. Peter pulled his cock out one last time before thrusting it all the way into her mouth. She started to gag and cough on that massive rod of his. Her eyes were closed when Pete commanded, “Open your eyes baby.” I moved to position to get the view of her beautiful eyes with his massive cock in her mouth. As she opened her eyes, I could see they were watering. Oh man, he was so big, it must have been hard for her. “Oh yeah, baby. Fuck that looks good,” Pete responded. Pete pulled his cock from her mouth and began to stroke it to give my wife a breather. “Lay on the bed, time to fuck your pussy,” Pete ordered. She turned around and Pete flipped her on her back, pulling her closer to his throbbing dick. He aimed his cock downward at my wife’s pussy. He thrust deep into her, my wife moaned loudly. “Fuck yeah Peter, fuck my pussy.” He latched onto her waist as he plunged into her wet hole. His body was slapping against hers. She screamed, “Yes Peter, just like that. Make me your little fuck doll. Fuck yes.” Peter smiled and continued his pounding. His muscles flexed and sweat dripping from them. His massive hands still latched onto her hips as he used his arms to pull her into his cock after each powerful thrust from his hips. Pete leaned down and started to suck on my wife’s tits. He swiftly pulled his cock out of her pussy and straddled her chest. She quickly pushed her tits together to make a nice inviting place for his cock to visit. The delicious valley between her massive tits was quite erotic. Pete shoved his dick in between my wife’s massive melons. My wife knew that I loved titty fucking. I loved to do it and I loved watching Pete do it. She looked into the camera and stated, “I’m getting titty fucked by Peter North now.” She gazed back at Pete and said, “Fuck those titties Peter, fuck my tits good.” I moved to where my wife’s head was to get a first eye point of view from where my wife was.My wife’s tits are quite large, they always hid my dick. Peter’s on the other hand, Peter’s dick was so large it didn’t just peek out of her cleavage, it had an inch or so from the head of his dick to where my wife’s tits began. I panned the camera up to get a look at Pete’s face. He looked into the camera and said, “You like the view don’t ya? You like looking at this Peter North Cock? Watch this bud.” I panned out to get the full view of Pete with his dick in between my wife’s tits.He began to move thrust his hips forward and fuck my wife’s tits. His dick slid in and out of those massive melons of hers. His forward thrusts made the head of his dick push against my wife’s chin. He would pull back and it would vanish between the lovely flesh colored mounds of hers. He continued to thrust his dick in and out between her tits. My wife opened her mouth while he did so, so his huge cock had a place to go when it reached her chin. She would slurp on the head of his cock and as he güvenilir bahis would pull out she would cause so much suction that it created a popping noise. Pete at times would take his dick out and thwap it on her titties a couple times and go back to fucking her gorgeous breasts. Other times he was smack her on her face, as he knew she loved that. She would stick her tongue out to get it nice and sloppy wet to provide more lube for his titty fucking pleasure. After I had gotten footage from every angle that I wanted Pete pulled his dick out one last time and placed it on my wife’s face and just rested it there. “Hard to see with that massive meat over your face, isn’t it Stacey?” Pete said to her. We all started to laugh. Pete stood up and looked into the camera and said, “You ready for me to fuck your wife in the ass?”“Oh,” she cooed. “I’m going to fuck that ass so good for you honey. I’m going fuck it till I cum. You want that? Want me to ride your ass so good till I cum?” Pete said smiling.“Oh yeah Peter, I want that huge cock in my ass. And then I want your cum all over me baby. Make me your dirty little porn star,” she urged. Pete flipped her over with his massive arms and pulled her to the edge of the bed. He forced her body into a downward position. My wife arched her back to get that delicious looking bubble butt look going. Pete aimed for her asshole and eased it in, exhaling with ecstasy as he inched his massive rod into her ass. My wife moaned loudly into a pillow as he was getting deeper and deeper into her ass. As soon as Pete had each inch of his cock deep into her ass, my wife flipped her head back and screamed, “God YES.” Pete looked into the camera and smiled, “All the way in man. All the way in.” His massive hands palmed each ass check of Stacey’s. His hands dwarfed her ass checks, as he spread her cheeks apart to reveal his gigantic dick deep inside my wife’s ass. I was shocked that it was able to fit into her tiny ass. Peter North began to pump away. Fucking my wife’s ass deep and hard, Pete would stare at her ass as his massive cock would go in and out of that tight butt of hers. My wife looked back as Pete was pumping her full of his cock, Pete looked down at her and smiled, “Yeah, you like that baby? You like me fucking your ass?”“Oh yeah baby, fuck my ass. I want you to fucking fuck my ass till you cum all over me. I want to taste it. I want to feel that hot load all over my face, my body, everywhere. Fuck that ass Peter North. Fuck my ass with your huge Peter North cock of yours, till you pop all over honey.”Pete immediately went back to staring at my wife’s and began to pump more feverishly. “Oooohhhhh,” Pete cooed. Stacey and I both knew that he was getting close. His thrusts began to get less deep, but he picked his pace up more and more.“Yeah, that’s it honey, third gear. Get to that fifth gear sweetie,” my wife commanded.Pete’s balls were slapping against my wife’s pussy. I had set up a couple of cameras that we had to get as many angles as possible. Peter went faster and faster. He hit fourth gear.“Ahhhhhhh,” Peter groaned. “Fuck yeah.”He was so aggressive at this point. “Fuck yes, Peter. Fuck my ass. Fifth fucking gear…owww oww oww, ahhhh hoooo oohhh güvenilir bahis siteleri fuck yeah,” Stacey screamed. “Oh, yeah, it’s getting closer. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Ohhh ahhhh. Yeaahhhhh. Gonna cum,” Pete moaned.He pulled his throbbing rod out of Stacey’s ass and began to stroke himself off. My wife had turned around and dropped to her knees in front of our idol. There he stood above her, stroking his dick off. It was glistening with the juices from my wife’s ass. She began to suck on his balls while he was jacking himself off. Pete took his hand and guided her back against the bed. “Gonna cum, right….now,” Pete exclaimed. My wife’s eyes and mouth were wide open, her tongue sticking out. She didn’t want to miss out on any of this. His first shot streamed out hitting her in the forehead and splashing upwards into her hair. The second went right into my wife’s eye. As her reflexes made her shutter for a bit, a third hit her right on her giant tits. The fourth went right back into her face splashing across her cheek, up into her eye and dripped down her nose. Another shot jetted out into her mouth. Peter began to laugh. Two more shots streamed into her awaiting mouth. I could see a pool of cum forming in her mouth. A wild shot missed its target and splashed across my wife’s forehead once again, I could see a large drop of cum dripping down into her eyes. Another shot landed into her mouth. He began to shake, the cum shower was coming to an end. He held onto her shoulder as he began to shake. A couple more jets streamed out hitting my wife in the chin and her chest. From the two blasts that had landed on her titties they were coated already. Her eyes were a glazy mess. Her forehead was smeared with cum. Her mouth was a bird bath of cum. Pete continued to shudder and wriggle, all while laughing. I must have been smiling ear to ear. Pete looked into the camera and said, “What a ride man, what a ride. Your wife’s ass is so wonderful, shit she is so wonderful. Fuck that was fun.” He glanced back at her and said, “God that is without a doubt one of the hottest sites I have ever seen. Now swallow that cum baby.”My wife peered through her cum covered eyes and tried to smile with her mouth open and full of cum. She closed her mouth and swallowed it with one gulp. She proceeded to sc**** the jizz into her mouth and swallowed the rest. I panned down to her titties and she looked at me and commanded, “Lick it up honey.” Pete grabbed the camera and began to film me sucking and licking the nectar of cum king off my wife’s giant jugs. I lapped up every last drop of those sweet juices, while making my wife’s nipples hard in the process. He turned the camera around to film himself, “Fucking hot,” he expressed.We turned off all the cameras. We all got into bed and lay with each other. Pete was stroking my wife’s arms and hands with his powerful hands.Pete said, “Okay, that was enough fun for tonight. I’m going to go to sleep now and we’ll have breakfast tomorrow and have another fun filled day ahead of ourselves. We all need some rest after that long session.” My wife and I went to take a shower to clean ourselves up a bit. As we showered together my wife and I held each other and began kissing. We both knew what each other was thinking and we didn’t want to say a word, as we just had one of the best evenings in our lives. We finished up and made our way back to the bed. Peter was already asleep and we snuck in and went to sleep as well.