Husband trying to make sex exciting

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Big Ass

Husband trying to make sex excitingHey there like most of us after you married for a few year sex is there first thing to get boring unless you make that extra effort to ensure not just you buy your partner stays waiting more Now look Im a normal guy watch porn so a know a thing or two but we not pro’s . So I tried to do thing I think she would not just like but be comfortable doing So this is part one of my attempts to excite my sex life .Let me give you a bit of a background . Me and my wife started dating at 12 . Started having sex at 15 so I can assure you I have experimented before but after so many year you learn about your partner . Like I know she’s not into anal or she doesn’t like any fingers in her vigana and with this knowledge I Guide to sexual experience.One day to surprise her I made a nice dinner after work so when she got home everything was cooked . I cleaned there house and did everything to ensure when she comes home she will be as relaxed as possible.We had dinner the food could have been better but that’s fine the night was always just about sex.I laid her on the bed gentle making sure to pay attention to all her reaction as a rub my hands all over her body . slowly kissing down her neck as my one hand just slowly rubs her back leading too casino siteleri her bum. I slowly slide my hand in the pants she had on making sure to unbutton the pans while still continuesly kissing her . I firmly grab her ass when I got the pans all the way down making sure I get a little moan out of her mouth . I start removing all the clothes one by one slowing getting her naked while still maintaining my mouth on skin contact always making sure I cover all the areas she’s most sensitive . I get myself naked as fast as possible after she was done then just slowly lowered my body onto her. She work my way down her body kissing from the neck down to the boobs. While doing that I have my one hand slide my penis over her Virgina.getting it nice and wet.As I moved down I started doing long strokes thru her Virgina lips with my penis getting little moans with every stroke .I spread her legs wide as I moved my face closer to her virgina never stoping my hand fondling her boobs .When I got down there I took my time slowly kissing over her Virgina before slowing sliding my Tongue in between her now wet slips . I try and be as gentel as I can making sure to do everything more then once that she reacts on . My tongue sliding into her Virgina every now and canlı casino then will licking and sucking her Virgina . I continued this till I got her moaning nice and loud before picking up some pace . Stick my tongue into her more frequently as I felt her body reacting more I speed up more . As the moans got loader her body started little shaking from all the stimulation. I took my fingers and just gently rub over her Virgina and lifted my body to start kissing up her body . As I was reaching her neck she looked at me. I leaned forward going in for a kiss . She closed her eyes waiting for the k**s at that moment I pushed my rock hard dick deep in her soaking wet Virgina . She opened her eyes in shock I then gave her I passionate kiss while maintaining my hard dick deep in her. I moved it out halfway slowly after a few seconds when very slowly pushed it in as deep as I could making sure she felt me go in Inch by inch . She let out I long slow loan and I continued my passionate kiss. I again repeated the movement of slow as possible out halfway and all the way in as deep as possible. I continued this till I felt her body get use to the sensation. After a few minutes I slowly pulled if out all the way this time making sure only the tip was in . I started kaçak casino going in halfway and then out in halfway and then out for a few seconds then push my full dick as hard a possible all the way in . I repeated this specific move slow in and out half way in and out then full Rock hard dick all the way in As the night was all about her and I knew it was going to only be the start off my new plan to spice up the bed room I didn’t want to do to much I kept repeating till I felt her body tighten up . And started going faster and deeper . She come so loud it pushed my over I could feel dick just started to build up . I need she was still coming by the way she was grabbing my bodysp I held it in as long as I could. She kept moaning louder and louder until her body just pulled together . I stopped moving making sure she enjoys me deep in her for as long as she wanted .As she got done she just let herself relax and I knew she was done . I pulled out and just come all over the bed shooting out a big load . I rolled over to her still wet with coming still running out . I pulled. Her to me. Resting her head on my chest having one leg lay ontop of me . She was so out of breath and I was not in much better shape . I kissed her on the forehead and wishpered in her head that today was just the beginning . She kissed me back and we fell asleepHope you guys like that . I will keep you up to date as it happens if you have any ideas on how to help excite my sex life feel free to shape and I might try in out .