Husband adds some spice to their sex life

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Husband adds some spice to their sex life‘I need more,’ thought Adam Williams, ‘my wife needs to be more kinky. I need more than the vanilla sex we have.’ Adam had become bored with his sex life, his wife Beth is a beautiful woman, 32, a figure to make heads turn and he loved her unconditionally. Her only problem was her sexual libido, she had none. They had been married for over three years and sex has always been the same.Adam has three close friends that he frequently got together with on Friday nights for poker, small pot penny ante. This was the night that he was at Randy’s house for their game. All the guys noticed that Adam didn’t seem to be into the game. They had to coax him several times if he wanted any cards, if he was going to fold or raise, etc. After an hour, Phil asked, “Adam, what’s the matter? Something must be bothering you, you’re just not in the game. You are losing even when you have a great hand. I like taking your money, but not without a challenge.” Randy and Joseph chimed in with their agreement.Adam took a swig of his beer and then said, “It’s Beth, our sex life is dull. It’s the same all the time, she won’t try anything different.” Joseph asked, “You mean that sexy, beautiful woman you married? She reeks sex, how can you say she is dull in the sex department?” Randy then said, “Yeah, man, if she wasn’t married to you, and I was single, I would be out to ‘tap’ that ass. A hot looking momma.” Phil said, “You’re black, you want to ‘tap’ any white woman’s ass. But he’s right Adam, Beth is a sexy looking woman, I don’t get it.”Adam took another swig and then said, “It’s rare if she even puts my cock in her mouth, and then only a couple of inches. God help me if I cum. She spits my cum out and that‘s the end of our intimacy for the night.” “My, God,” said Phil, “a woman that looks like Beth, you would think she would ‘deep throat’ cock. You would think she would want the cum flowing to her stomach.”Joseph said, “Maybe that’s just a hang up with her, maybe you need to talk with her about oral sex. Give her time to get used to the taste of cum.” Adam said, “No, there’s no talking about it, she keeps saying it’s nasty. I’ve shown her porn where woman ‘deep throat’ and swallow cum, but she just turns away and say’s those women are just nasty sluts getting paid to be nasty. She won’t believe it’s a normal part of sex.” Randy asked, “Do you eat her pussy?” Adam said, “Sure, but only when she has had a lot of wine to drink, but then only for a few minutes and pushes me away. I don’t have enough time to get her to have a small orgasm.”“Does she jack you off?” asked Joseph. “The only time my cock touches her is when I get to fuck her.” said Adam. Randy asked, “Does she then have an orgasm when you fuck her?” Adam said, “I don’t think she has ever had an orgasm. Once I cum in her, she then pushes me away and that’s it for the night. She goes to the bathroom and takes a shower right after we have sex.” Joseph asked, “How much porn does she look at?” “A few glimpses,” said Adam. “Only when she passes by the computer when I watch. She doesn’t look unless I make her look at something that I think would turn her on. After looking, she just turns away, says ‘How can a woman let anyone video tape her having sex’.” Randy said, “But she dresses sexy, looks like a sex Goddess for all men to ogle her. She seems to want men to look, but then not touch?” “You got that right.” said Adam.On Wednesday, Randy called Adam at work. Randy told Adam to meet him after work, he said that he might have what he needed to spice up his sex life. Adam was curious the rest of the day and hurried to Randy’s house after work. Randy was all smiles when opening the door to Adam. Randy took Adam’s hand and placed a small packet in his hand. “What’s this?” asked Adam. “Shush,” whispered Randy, “I don’t want my wife to know.” Adam looked at the packet and saw what appeared to be a dozen pink pills. Randy them pushed Adam out and closed the door behind them. Randy said, “These are ‘Molly’s, they might help your problem with Beth.” Adam looked at the packet and had a quizzical look on his face. Randy said, “I found a brother in the hood on the other side of town, I bought these for you. They’re also known as Ecstasy, the ‘date ****’ d**g. He said, to start, use only a small dose to turn on your wife. He told me that it would take about a half hour before there would have any effect.”Adam thanked Randy and headed for home. On his drive, Adam threw the packet on the passenger seat and debated whether he should use them, or just throw them away. Adam pulled into the garage and looked at the pulls before he got out. He then took the pills and put them in his pocket and would later flush them down the toilet. As Adam and Beth were watching a movie after dinner, Adam put his hand on Beth’s thigh and began to inch up toward her crotch. Beth pushed his hand away several times until Adam got up in frustration. He went to the kitchen to get a beer and then thought about the pills. He took one pill and looked at it, then put it in a spoon and crushed it into a fine powder. He went into the living room, picked up Beth’s glass and asked her if she wanted a refill of her wine. She nodded a yes and he went back into the kitchen. He pondered if he should, then took about a fourth of the powder and poured it into the glass and refilled her glass with wine.Beth thanked him for the wine and continued to watch their movie. When Adam thought enough time had elapsed, he again ran his hand up Beth’s thigh toward her crotch. This time there was no resistance and his fingers began caressing her jeans covered pussy. He noticed that Beth’s eyes were glassy and she was smiling. Adam turned off the TV and pulled Beth to her feet and guided her to the bedroom. He had no trouble getting Beth to spread her naked legs when in bed and he began to lick and suck her labia and clit. He noticed that Beth did not push him away. Her body began to shake and then she said, “Come on, get ‘it’ in me.” Adam rose up and entered her pussy with his cock and began to push hard. Beth arched her back and said, “Oh, yeah, fuck me.” This was the first time he ever heard his wife use the work ‘fuck’.When Adam filled his wife with sperm, the affects of the pill were wearing off and she returned to her habit and pushed Adam away and going to the bathroom for a shower. Adam was amazed that he finally was able to get his wife to have even a mild orgasm. He would have to study these pills on the computer and learn more. As his wife was in the shower, Adam went to the kitchen and put the remaining powder in a bag for later ‘doses’.Adam woke before his wife and as he was in the kitchen brewing the coffee, Beth appeared holding her head. Beth said, “I must have had too much wine. I have a bit of a headache.” Adam asked her if she needed an aspirin, and she told him that it wasn’t bad enough and would be fine after her coffee. They finished their breakfast, Adam gave Beth a long loving kiss and left for work.Adam sat down at his computer at work and began his research. He learned the chemical acronym for his pills was MDMA, known on the street as ‘Molly’, ‘Ecstasy”, ‘X’, ‘E’, ‘M and M’s’, ‘Sweeties’ and others. These pills had become a ‘social’ d**g in England for the younger generation. The effect would take between 30 and 45 minutes and depending on the dose, last from two to three hours, sometimes longer. Some people would pass out or sleep, and then have trouble remembering their current past behavior when waking. Adam thought, ‘I’ll try another small amount tonight and see what happens.’Adam got a call later that day from Randy asking if he had tried the pills on Beth. Adam said, “I made a powder and gave her about a quarter in her wine. I was able to eat her out and she did have a mild orgasm. It was great. Tonight, I’ll try to get her to give me a blow job.” Randy laughed and said, “I thought they might work.” There was a pause and then Randy said, “You should be happy you don’t have my problem in the sex department.” Adam asked, “What’s worse than having a sexy wife that needs to be trained to enjoy sex?” Randy said, “It’s my ancestry, the longest I’ve been able to keep a girl friend is about a year. I was lucky to find a great woman to marry me, she takes me and loves it.”Adam was curious and said, “I don’t mean to pry Randy, but I don’t understand. You’re big, healthy and good looking, you could attract any woman. Why couldn’t you keep a woman longer?” Randy said, “It’s the curse. My ancestors are from West Africa, the Mandingo tribe. You said I’m ‘big’, yeah in a certain area, I’m too big. Women are attracted to my cock, but after time, they complain I’m too big. They’re stretched too much or their pussies are sore from my stamina and endurance fucking them for more than an hour. There have been a few that clung to me for sex, I finally got them interested in some of my friends.”Adam thought, ‘He has to be bragging, no man can be too big.’ Adam said, “Come on, don’t try to give me that story. I’ve never heard of a man having too big of a cock.” Randy said, “Well, my cock is eleven inches long and two inches in diameter.” There was a pause as Adam was making a mental note of the size and then said, “Man, I’ve never seen a cock that big, even in the porn I’ve watched.” Both laughed and Randy was happy that his idea of the “Ecstasy” d**g helped his friend. Randy said, “I’m lucky to have found Missy, she can stretch and doesn’t complain about my size.”After dinner, Adam poured his wife another glass of wine with the same small amount of the powder. After the evening news, Adam had been fingering his wife under her dress and directed her to the bedroom where he placed her on her knees and had her begin to suck his cock. He was having a good blow job from Beth, but when he felt his balls ready to explode, he pulled away to have her say, “fuck me, please fuck me.” Adam began licking his wife’s pussy until her legs began to spasm. She then began yelling, “FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD.” ‘Two nights in a row’, thought Adam, ‘she’s begging to be fucked.’Adam kept d**gging casino oyna Beth’s glass of wine for a month and was getting the same results where he was able to fuck her longer. He noticed that she was having better orgasms as he would lick and suck her pussy and clit longer. She was beginning to use the words of pussy, cock and fuck, her new language when they were intimate. He also noticed that she would pause and look longer when he was surfing porn on the internet.As they had finished cleaning the dinner dishes one evening, Beth said, “Adam, I’ve been researching some things on the internet.” Adam was curious, ‘was she checking out his porn sites?’ He asked what she was researching and Beth said, “You know I used to say that sucking a cock was nasty. Well, I thought it was nasty because that’s where you pee. I learned yes, and no. When the cock was erect, it’s like a faucet shifting from pee to ejaculate. The bladder is shut off and the testicles were turned on. I learned that shucking cock was normal and a regular part of sexual behavior.” Adam was shocked thinking, ‘Wow, maybe, with the small doses she was remembering some things that happened. She’s checking on sexual behavior, so now she knows sucking cock is not nasty, but normal sexual activity.’Adam smiled and said, “Honey, it’s great that you are researching sexual attitudes and behavior. It’s good, you’re teaching me too. Maybe when I get home from work tomorrow, you can teach me more. I think a couple should know these things to help their sexual activities.” “Oh, Adam,” Beth said, “I was worried that you would be upset, me checking out sex. I learned that sucking cock was not harmful and was normal. I love you so much for your support.” Adam thought, ‘OK, maybe she will go further and find that eating pussy to orgasm was good too. Maybe anal sex was not harmful, and maybe swallowing semen was good. I think giving her “Ecstasy” seemed to change her thoughts about sex.’Adam didn’t ‘spike’ Beth’s wine that night and she didn’t balk at sucking his cock. He did pull away before he ejaculated, not sure if she would still object to the cum filling her mouth. She was still anxious for his cock in her pussy, and this time after he filled her womb, she stroked his cock after he pulled out, a new activity for his wife. With a little training, he might get her to lick and clean his cock after he fucked her.Adam had a hard time concentrating at work, he wondered what she was now learning on the computer today. He was almost knocked over when Beth jumped into his arms as he entered the house. She was bubbly and pulled him to the couch saying, “It’s good, I learned more today.” Beth knelt in front of Adam and began to open his pants and pull his zipper down. Adam began to smile, he knew that her focus was on his cock. Beth pulled his cock out and immediately sucked it into her mouth. It was unusual now because she didn’t suck just a few inches, but she was trying to swallow his cock. Adam felt the build up in his balls and tried to force Beth back. Beth resisted and kept his cock in her mouth by reaching and pulling his hips toward her. Adam exploded and was amazed that Beth kept sucking and to his surprise, she was swallowing his cum.Beth looked up at Adam and saw his eyes closed and a huge smile. She said, “I’m glad you liked that.” Adam opened his eyes and said, “You’ve always spit out my cum, you’ve never liked me to cum in your mouth.” His wife said, “I learned something new, that a man’s cum was good for you. I found that it was healthy, having mostly water, salt, carbohydrates, vitamins, hormones and proteins, among others. Nothing harmful and it’s normal for a woman to swallow cum. The taste can change with the man’s diet some times, but I sure liked what you gave me, yum.” Adam said, “Baby, that’s the best blow job I’ve ever had. I swear, you must have practiced before we were married.” Beth smiled and licking her lips saying, “No practice, your cock is my first. Now come to dinner.”A small dose in Beth’s wine and Adam got another blow job from his wife that night, but he noted that she was quick to have him stop his oral cunnilingus, wanting his cock inside her canal. She had been on the verge of a good orgasm before she insisted that he fuck her. Adam wanted his wife to have an orgasm, one thing that could increase her sexual libido. He wanted to see his wife shake and spasm from orgasms, to see her enjoyment, to see her sexual desire engulf her mind to want more and longer coupling. He wanted Beth to crave being fucked more than once, to want the feeling of cock pumping into her body. He wanted to get her interested in anal sex too.Adam made a note to have Randy pick up more “Ecstasy” as his supply was running low. He planned to increase the dose to one half the crushed pill. This time Randy got him a bag of 24 pills, not a gift this time and Adam had to pay. He felt it was worth every dollar. The d**g was paying off to bring Beth’s hidden sexual desires to the surface. Things were getting better in their bedroom.For the next week, Adam noted that Beth did not have the usual morning headaches and was more in a loving and happy mood during breakfast. In a few days, he would increase the dose to half pill. Beth’s hidden sexuality was beginning to surface. Adam was going to try different sexual positions and possibly try anal sex. He saw his wife loosen up quite a bit with their sexual encounters. Adam wanted his wife to be like a nymphomaniac, wanting his cock all the time.Finally, Adam increased the dose in his wife’s wine. Sex that night was still good, but after he finished pumping cum into her womb, he noticed that Beth was beginning to tear up. He asked her what was wrong and Beth said, “I wanted to cum. I read that a woman could ejaculate like a man, but nothing happened.” Adam was dumb founded and said, “I’ve wanted you to have strong orgasms, it could help if you let me eat your pussy longer.” Beth said, “Yeah, maybe. Can we go to that sex store tomorrow when you get home. I want to buy a vibrator that would stimulate my ‘G’ spot. On the internet, most women say the ‘G’ spot needs to be stimulated for female ejaculation, or as they call it, ‘squirting’.” Adam was all smiles and told her to be ready for their shopping trip when he got home.Beth and Adam had a quick meal and then headed to the adult book store. Once inside, Beth was awed with the toys, books, videos and sexy clothing. When Beth began to search for her vibrator designed to stimulate the ‘G’ spot, Adam browsed the clothing section and picked out two pairs of crotchless panties, one black and one red. Beth was going through her options when she saw Adam’s items. Beth asked, “Why are you getting those?” Adam said, “For you, sweet heart. You will look good in these, real sexy.” Beth gave a scowl and asked, “Why would I ever wear those? I hope you don’t expect me to wear those outside of the house.” Adam said, “You can wear them when we are going to bed, I wouldn’t have to take them off you. You would look so sexy.”Beth gave Adam a ‘whatever’ look and returned to her comparison of the numerous ‘G’ spot dildos. Adam picked up a large black dildo and as he was examining it, Beth asked, “What are you doing with that?” Adam said, “It’s for you, you can play with it when I’m at work. It would go with your vibrator, you know switch from one to the other.” Beth asked, “But why black?” Adam said, “They don’t have one like this in white, I want to see you enjoy getting filled.” Beth shook her head in disbelief and picked the vibrator she wanted.Once at home, Adam told Beth to model one of the crotchless panties. Just to appease her husband, she stripped and put on the red pair. Adam gave a low whistle and asked her to turn around. Beth then slowly turned and then noticed that Adam had his cock out and pumping it to full erection. Beth said, “I hope you don’t expect me to wear these things all the time.” “Oh, Baby,” Alan said, “you look so hot, when you’re legs are spread, I can see your pussy and ass. I’d like to see you wearing them, even if we go out to dinner. One thing, it would be really hot if you shaved, then your smooth pussy would show better. ” Beth stuck her tongue out and said, “You can just wish upon that star.”Beth pondered her husband’s desire for her to shave her pubic hair. She then checked on the computer and the porn she saw, she noticed that most of the women had a smooth vaginal area. She had to admit that it did look more sexy than the few women she saw with hair around their pussies. Should she shave or not. After checking the computer about women that shave their groin area, she learned that their lovers liked the smooth area and they did not get the occasional loose hairs in their mouths. She saw that many doctors recommended shaving for sanitary reasons; clean area from pee and vaginal fluids. She put the shaving debate aside to think about later. When Friday night came for Adam to host their card games, Beth normally planed to visit friends and leave the men to their smoking, cussing and rude language. As she was getting ready, Adam said, “Beth, I would like to have you here. You could help by getting fresh beers and snacks. Every time I get up and go to the kitchen, I think they cheat me and look at my cards. I also think you would be my good luck charm, I’ve been losing too much lately, please stay and bring me luck. Beth finally gave in and agreed to help host his card party, after all she knew all three of his friends and she liked the casual flirting with them.Beth was a good hostess serving drinks and making sure the bowls of chips and peanuts were full. After an hour, Beth was walking back to the poker table when Adam grabbed her arm and pulled her to his lap. Adam said, “I need your luck right now.” Beth felt her husbands cock getting hard and she u*********sly rocked her ass on his lap. “Wow,” Adam yelled, “you gave me luck, look at these cards.” Beth got up and noticed that Phil needed another beer. She returned and as she set down the bottle, Phil pulled her to his lap saying, “It’s my turn, I need a lot of slot oyna luck with this hand.” Again, Beth felt an erection pushing against her ass, and again she squirmed in his lap.For a couple more hours, Beth was pulled to each players laps as their lucky charm. Beth was giggling and enjoyed the light flirting as she ground her ass on their hard cocks. Beth needed to use the bath room and she discovered that her panties were wet, real wet, and realized that the action of sitting and squirming on the four hard cocks was erotic. Beth thought, ‘This is fun teasing my husband and our friends. I think I’ll be the hostess at their games from now on. It was getting a bit boring spending time with my friends when Adam had his poker parties.’A few days passed and after Beth finished her shower, she reached into her drawer and by accident pulled out a pair of the crotchless panties. She thought and then pulled them up her legs and looked into the full length mirror. Beth turned different ways, bent over and then thought, ‘Adam was right, maybe I should shave my pubic hair. It would only be for him, but I know he would like it.’ The decision was made and she then returned to the bathroom and with one leg up on the tub, she lathered her vaginal area and began to shave. Once done, she felt her groin, and was impressed at how smooth her skin felt. She then thought, ‘It’ll itch in a few days, but it’s already shaved and shouldn’t be too hard to keep smooth and free from itching. She then accepted the idea that crotchless panties did look sexy.Beth made it her goal to ‘squirt’ with a daily regimen of fucking her pussy with her vibrator. She would work the curved end up into her ‘G’ spot and fuck it in and out. She was never able to get more than a moderate orgasm, but nothing close to ‘squirting’. She thought, ‘I’ve seen porn and videos of women squirting. Reading the articles where women describe the ultimate orgasm from the ‘G’ spot being stimulated. Why can’t I have that feeling? There were a couple of women that said that they squirted when a long cock was slamming into their cervix as the cocks throbbed pumping cum deep into them.’ Beth was getting frustrated, she wanted that ultimate orgasm.Friday night was their time for their card party and Beth was starting the tingling sensation in her pussy. She remembered the stimulation she got from grinding her pussy on hard cocks as she sat on their laps. Even though there was her dress and panties rubbing against clothed cocks, the feeling of the approximate closeness of their cocks to her pussy had caused her vaginal fluids to flow. She was looking forward to another poker party with Adam and his friends. She liked being their good luck charm.Adam and Beth had a quick dinner and as Adam was setting up the table and chairs for their guests. Beth filled bowls with beer nuts and pretzels while her husband set out the cards and chips. When Beth was satisfied that things were ready, she took a quick shower to get ready. This was going to be her second time to host the party and her pussy was tingling with the thoughts of being ‘dry humped’. As the water was cascading over her body, she ran her fingers into her pussy.She stepped out of the shower and dried her body. She ran her hand along the folds of her pussy and felt smooth skin knowing she didn’t have to shave for a few days. She walked into the bedroom and grabbed a pair of panties from the dresser. She saw, by mistake, she grabbed the black crotchless panties. With a pause, she thought, ‘I’ll see what they look like.’ Beth pulled the panties up her legs and then stepped in front of the full length mirror. As she looked, she knew her husband would be sexually excited if he saw her right now. She reached into the drawer and pulled another pair of panties out to switch and laid them on the dresser. She began to push the crotchless panties down when the door bell ring. She needed to hurry and finish getting ready.Beth quickly reached for her light cotton mini dress and pulled it over her head and smoothed in down her body, forgetting she was still wearing the crotchless panties. Adam yelled from the kitchen asking her to get the door. Beth ran to the door and greeted the three friends with a quick hug and cheek kiss. Randy stood back, looking at Beth and said, “Dam, that dress looks good on you.” Beth then realized that she hadn’t had time to put on her bra. She was now turning red realizing that her nipples were poking against the fabric and a black man was staring at her breasts.Beth quickly covered her breasts with her hands as they all went to the game table. She noticed that Randy was wearing cut off jeans, but they were longer than she was used to seeing. They were cut off just below the knees and she was confused when she noticed that the left leg seemed to be thicker than the right. Beth went to the kitchen and got bottles of beer for each of them and returned to get the bowls of nuts and pretzels. As she was placing the bowls on the table, she noticed that all four men were staring at her nipples straining against her dress. Beth was beginning to get that tingling sensation in her vagina and a churning deep in the pit of her stomach.Beth retreated to the kitchen as she was feeling her legs becoming weak. Finally her nerves settled and her breathing became regular. Adam was issuing chips to his friends as they discussed the upcoming football game. Some light bets were made on the game as the men sat and began the ante. Again, Beth was pulled to the laps of the men as they demanded she bring them luck. Each time she got fresh beers for the guys, she was playfully pulled to their laps, and like before, she would rock her ass back and forth on their covered erections.Around the third hour, Beth was pulled to Randy’s lap where she felt her crotch surrounding thick flesh. She remembered that she was still wearing the crotchless panties, she squirmed and then rose up. She slightly changed position and began to sit again. Her eyes enlarged, her mouth opened and she let out a squeal. She froze in place as she stared straight ahead at her husband across the table. Beth then began smiling and slowly lowered her ass down into Randy’s lap. Adam noticed Randy’s eyes close as Beth sat fully on his lap. “Yes, Yes, Oh, God yes.” He heard Beth mumbling. He watched his wife then begin to lift up and then ram down again. Her eyes were glassy and her hands were now out front with her palms flat pushing on the top of the table.Adam watched his wife bouncing on Randy’s lap as Randy was now saying, “Oh, God, I’m so sorry, forgive me, please I’m sorry.” Beth was now yelling, “YES, YES, SO BIG, YES, YES, YESSSSSSS.” Adam saw Randy’s hands now on his wife’s hips as she was pouncing up and down. Randy’s head flew back as he was saying, “Oh, fuck, Oh, fuck, I can’t stop.” Adam saw his wife’s eyes roll back, her mouth open and her body shook violently as she was grinding her groin into Randy’s groin. Beth’s body continued to shake, her legs spasmed and rose high from the floor. She kept saying, “Fuck, fuck yes, yes, so good.”Adam moved to the back of Randy’s chair as Randy was beginning to rise. As he rose, he was also pulling Beth’s ass up still impaled on his cock. It was then that Adam saw Randy’s large black cock slowly pulling from his wife’s pussy. Beth was still spasming as she passed out and flopped forward on the table s**ttering bowls, chips, cards and beer bottles from the table. Adam was mesmerized as he watched what looked like a mile of fat black cock pull from his wife’s pussy. He then saw her expanded vagina, looking like a tunnel oozing female juices and a black man’s cum. Beth was u*********s but her legs were still u*********sly spasming.Randy was then standing, pushing his huge black chock into his cut off shorts. Adam noticed that Randy’s shorts were totally soaked. Phil and Joseph were now on both sides of Randy, pulling him toward the front door. Adam kept hearing Randy saying, “Oh, God, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry.” Joseph and Phil now pulled Randy through the door wanting to avoid a violent confrontation.Adam looked down at his wife again, watching a black man’s cum still oozing from his wife’s pussy. Her vagina was stretched wide as she was u*********s sprawled face down on the game table. Adam was in shock as he walked to the couch and sat with his head in his hands. Almost an hour passed when he heard Beth groan, lift her head and then ran to the bedroom. Adam went to the bedroom, but found the door locked as he then heard the shower turn on. Adam sat against the wall across from the bedroom door waiting for Beth to finish her shower and open the door. Two hours passed after Beth had showered. He knocked on the door, but nothing, only silence. He asked her to unlock the door, but again silence.Adam returned to the living room, then observed the scene of the ‘crime’. The carpet was now soaked in cum and female juices. He gathered the beer bottles, and bowls from the floor. The chips and cards were picked up and put in their cases. He got a trash bag from the kitchen, and with several paper towels and rags, he scrubbed the carpet wanting to eliminate the reminder that his wife was fucked by a black man.When he was finished, he went out on the patio and placed the garbage bag and contents in the trash can. As he was returning to the house, he realized that his cock was hard and his underwear was wet from pre-cum. He didn’t understand why he had become aroused, but his cock was the hardest it had ever been. Adam again knocked on the bedroom door, but silence was deafening. There was no response from Beth. He returned to the living room couch.He was still erect and began to recall the events of the evening when without touch, his erect cock erupted filling his shorts with semen. His mind kept replaying the image of seeing his wife’s stretched pussy oozing a black mans cum. Just the image of his wife’s pussy outlined with black crotchless panties caused his cock to engorge with blood stretching his pants and he again spewed his cum. Adam removed his wet pants and shorts, freeing his canlı casino siteleri erect cock. His hand fell around his cock as he once again remembered watching his wife being fucked in front of him by his black ‘friend’.Adam didn’t know what he was going to do. He loved Beth. He was sure it was an honest mistake, but how, how did it happen? He thought, ‘it was ****, no, Randy was just sitting there. If it was ****, my wife was r****g him.’ Adam relieved his pent up cock once again and then fell asleep on the couch. Adam woke hearing Beth in the kitchen making coffee. He went into the kitchen seeing his wife wearing her short robe. He walked up behind her and tried to give her a hug. Beth pushed him away and curtly said, “go away, don’t touch me.” Saturday was beginning to be a quiet day at the Williams house. Nothing was said between them.Saturday evening, the phone rang and it was Randy. Randy said, “Hey, Adam, I’m sorry what happened. We’re friends and I want to keep it that way, this shouldn’t have happened. Please meet me at ‘Mel’s Bar’ so we can talk. Believe me, I didn’t plan what happened, it just happened and I’m sorry.” Adam agreed to meet him in an hour. He needed to understand just what happened. He told Beth that he was going out and wouldn’t be gone long. Beth never answered as she thought, ‘Oh, God, he’s mad at me. He’s walking out and I’ll probably never see him again. I should have talked to him. I’ve been such a fool, I should have explained that it was an accident.’Adam met with Randy and they sat with a beer. Randy said, “I don’t know what to say, I don’t know if I can explain how it happened. All I know, my cock was hurting and I had to unzip my shorts and free it, my shorts were getting so tight. When Beth jumped on my lap, it was a fluke that her legs landed around my hard cock. Her pussy was rubbing on the base of my cock and for some reason, she tried to reposition herself, but when she sat back down, my cock slipped into her pussy. I’m sure she didn’t intend to get me in her, and I swear I didn’t plan to fuck her. We’ve been friends too long, you have to believe me. I love my wife and I don’t need this ‘thing’ to get to her. Believe me, I don’t know any other way to explain what happened.”Adam said, “She seemed to have some of your cock in her and she stopped. What gets me, she could have pulled off and leave you.” “I know,” said Randy, “I guess it was the feeling of being stuffed. I’ve had that happen with other women. Once they get a few inches in them they go wild. Don’t hold it against Beth.” Adam took another swallow of his beer and said, “Her face, I can’t get over it. It was sudden, she plunged down on your cock and began to fuck you.” Randy said, “That’s just it, usually they have to take time to get used to my size, but she just slammed down taking my entire cock. God, her pussy was so tight. It took my wife about a month before she could take my cock deep like that.”Randy asked Adam what Beth said about it and Adam said, “She pushed me away. She hasn’t said anything, nothing. She locked herself in the bedroom last night after taking a shower, if she cried, I didn’t hear her. It’s been silent all day.” Randy looked at Adam and said, “Man, you’ve got to believe me, I didn’t plan to fuck your wife. Sure, I’ve fantasized about it, but I didn’t want to jeopardize our friendship. Joseph and Phil have also fantasized about fucking Beth, probably a lot of other men too. Man, you’ve got a hot wife.” Adam said, “Yeah, you’re right. I just wish Beth would talk to me. I have to confess, I came in my pants twice afterward, and then once after taking my pants off. I have a hard time to erase the scene, seeing her gaping pussy with your juices leaking out.” Randy said, “God, she squirted all over me, she squirts harder than any other women I’ve been with. My shorts were soaked.”Adam returned home to a quiet house. Beth went about her business, but nothing said. Their dinner was a quiet one and once Beth had the kitchen clean, she went to the bedroom and locked the door. Adam knocked and asked if he could get a shower, Beth let him in, but once he was dry and wearing a robe, she pushed him out and locked the door. Beth was glad he returned, but she still didn’t know what to do or say. She felt that she might lose her husband, she had cheated on him.Adam woke on the couch Sunday morning to the smell of coffee. Beth was in her robe as she handed him a cup of coffee. Beth said, “I phoned Randy and he is going to come for lunch. We have to talk this out.” Adam said, “I talked to him last night over beers. I want to know what happened.” Beth said, “Not now…after lunch.” It was a quiet morning before the door bell rang. Adam met Randy and offered him a beer as they sat in the living room. Beth was still wearing her robe when she called Adam and Randy to the kitchen to help them selves to make sandwiches with the cold cuts she had laid out.They retired to the living room where Beth sat next to Randy on the couch. She told Adam to sit in the recliner across from them. Adam started to talk when Beth ‘shushed’ him. She said, “Adam I love you. You are my strength and I want us to live the rest of our lives together. ‘OK’, she thought, ‘this is it.’ “Friday night, I had the most exceptional fucking of my life. I never got to see what Randy filled my pussy with, so now I’m going to see what gave me those mind shattering orgasms causing me to squirt.” Beth turned toward Randy and slipped off the couch, positioning between his legs. Adam began to get up and Beth told him, “Sit down, you need to stay there, don’t talk.” Beth undid Randy’s belt, pulled his zipper down and reached inside his shorts and began to free the largest cock she had ever seen. Once free, she ran her hands over his huge black cock and smiled. Beth said, “Your wife is so lucky. Adam, look at this cock, what a beautiful cock, it’s so big.”Randy’s cock grew in her hands and twitched when she licked the pre-cum from his pee hole. She ran a hand down his cock and began to massage his balls as her other hand lifted his monster to her lips. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and sucked his black phallus as far in her mouth as she could. Her tongue swabbed around the bulbous head of his cock as Randy began to groan. Adam couldn’t believe that he was watching his wife voluntarily taking another mans cock into her mouth as his own cock was growing. He watched his wife pull away, look up at Randy and say, “Oh, such a beautiful cock. I know now why it felt so good ramming into my cervix.” She sucked his cock back into her mouth as she was pumping the remaining eight inches with her free hand. Beth said, “What was an accident Friday night, turned into a happy surprise, a very happy surprise. Believe me Adam, it was an accident.”Randy began to groan and suddenly his cock was abandoned. He opened his eyes to see Beth stand and let her robe drop to the floor. Beth was now naked and straddled his legs lowering herself to his black cock. Beth looked back at her husband and said, “Watch what I enjoyed Friday night baby, this cock is going to fuck me again, but on purpose this time.”Beth, with one hand held Randy‘s cock as she opened her labia with the other. She looked down and was excited to watch a large fat black cock begin to stretch her pussy open once again. Adam watched his wife sink her weight down onto the largest cock he had ever seen. Beth easily sank down to take the entire eleven inches of cock into her. She felt the bulb tip pushing against her cervix. She began to rock her hips back and forth on his cock as she began to scream, “YES, YES FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG BLACK COCK. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, SO BIG, SO GOOD.”Adam was awed at what he was watching. His wife, one that once was a milk toast lover to a screaming nympho on a black cock. He wanted his wife to enjoy sex and here she was screaming to be fucked, but by another man. Every time Beth would rise, Adam could see the gleaming black cock coated with his wife’s pussy juices. Then it happened, the flood gates opened and Beth was squirting. She covered Randy’s pants again with her juices soaking the couch. His wife was screaming as her body shook, her legs spasmed and her head flew into Randy’s chest. Beth’s hands were pulling at his ass trying to get more cock into her.Adam watched his wife fuck his friend for over fifteen minutes when he heard Randy announce, “I’m going to cum.” Beth began to thrust harder into him as she yelled, “YES, FUCK ME, GIVE ME YOUR CUM. I WANT THAT BLACK SEED DEEP IN MY WOMB. FUCK ME HARD, FUCK ME.” In the last two days, Adam had never seen his wife have such shattering orgasms. For some reason, it caused his cock to ejaculate in his pants again, to see his wife in the throws of her violent orgasms. He saw the joy in her face as Randy was throbbing and pumping his cum deep into her. Beth smiled at Adam and said, “Oh, baby, his cock is so big, it feels so good deep in me, his juice is so hot, wow, so much. I want it.”Randy and Beth stayed coupled for some time before Beth slowly rose up from the cock that had just given her the pleasure she wanted. Again, Adam watched her gaping vagina leaking Randy’s cum when she pulled away and laid on the floor with her legs spread. Randy laid back, his head back and eyes closed. Adam watched the black cock that had ravaged his wife’s pussy begin to soften. He then diverted his eyes to his wife, she was looking at him smiling. He saw a lustful look in her eyes as she ran her hands down to her pussy to feel the cum running out of her.Adam saw the unspoken questions in his wife’s eyes. Adam said, “Yes, I know, you want his cock.” She said, “Anytime, anywhere. Thank you sweetheart, when he’s not with his wife, I want his cock in me.” Beth said, “I love you more than you know.” Beth then sat up and took Randy’s cock into her mouth, cleaning it and causing his cock to grow. Beth got to her feet and pulled Randy up and guided him to their bedroom.Adam now understood what had happened in the last few days. He also knew in a way, he did spice up his wife’s sex life. With his cock growing in his hand, he knew he had also spiced up his own sex life, watching his wife fucked by black cock. Adam rose and followed his wife and Randy to the bedroom, he was going to watch his wife’s enjoyment again.Their lives had changed forever.