How to seduce a scientist

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How to seduce a scientistThis was written as a sequel to “When she was bad she was so much better” at the request of Gator 1224***************************************PROLOGUEEmilia was on the phone to Anthony who was is Glasgow setting up a deal dressed in her usual fashion nowadays of high boots, a leather mini skirt and nothing else. Emilia nowadays lived with her boss and his wife Clare. At the beginning of the summer their office burnt down not a disaster as all documents were backed up off site and everything else was insured. It did however mean that they had to work from his home.At first this had been uncomfortable as Clare clearly disliked Emilia as it turned out fearful that the elegant and sexy p.a. would easily steal her husband. That Emilia and Anthony were fond of each other was undeniable and obvious so the concern seemed real but they also had a respect for his marriage vows.Once Clare realised that she was being unfair and apologised and Emilia went out of her way to be gracious and kind and they became friends. This progressed to Emilia started helping Clare and Anthony with advice as how to improved their unsatisfying and very conservative sex life. Then matters got interesting. The advice became practical demonstration which did the trick for the young couple but the end result that they had a ménage a trois. They had genuinely fallen in love with each other combined with a totally happy and equal sex life. Also, the two girls became very daring in their dress egging each other on to more daring styles.THE PLAN“Clare” called out Emilia and her lover wandered in, also topless wearing leather hot pants and purple suede thigh boots. All three partners had a thing for the girls wearing leather and very tall boots. Clare came over and d****d herself across Emilia’s lap placing her boobs closes to her friend’s face. Emilia gave the soft juicy tit a quick suck.“God, I love your boobs. I can’t wait until we have our enlargement operation. Anthony is going to be in heaven with two sets of double D titties.”“Don’t distract me darling. That was our other half, he wants us to put up a scientist who he is negotiating on behalf of. Apparently, the other side of the negotiations reckon they will get a better outcome if they can deal with our client direct. Anthony agrees with them that brilliant though our chap is at bio-chemistry, business is not his forte. If the client is hidden away here, they can’t get at him and screw him over.”“Though we might” commented Clare with a lascivious grin. During this conversation she was fondling Emilia’s breasts“Tart. I have to pick this Bobby up from Heathrow this afternoon. Can you get a room ready?”“Of course, I can Leave running the home to me and concentrate your pretty little brain on business.”It was a family joke that Clare ran the home with vigorous efficiency, gardening, cooking though not much cleaning they had someone in for that. Emilia was a whizz at organising the business supporting Anthony’s negotiations effortlessly. All three had different skill sets which they respected in each other. One of Claire’s was the libidinous use of her tongue.“For goodness sake leave my tits alone I need to get this done before I leave but we should have a chance to play for a while first.”Over coffee the skirt and hot pants went a.w.o.l .and the two girls sat on the sofa playing with vibrators. The coffee finished they got into a sixty-nine and ate each other out. The two girls had explored each other’s bodies many times and new exactly which button to press so the result was exquisite bliss for the pair of them as they orgasmed.“To think that a few months ago all you would do is lie back and let Anthony have his not very evil way with you.”“I know I was a clueless cow wasn’t I. If you had said that I would not just love a woman but happily share her with my husband I would have been disgusted. Come on I need to get things ready for our guests and you need to fight the M25”A slightly demurer Emilia having swapped the mini skirt for smart dark blue jeans and acquiring a blouse and jacket arrived at Heathrow in time to meet the flight. Holding up a card saying Bobby Simmonds she was somewhat surprised when a tall redhead walked over and said.“Hello are you Emilia? I’m Bobbi Simmonds.” Said the redhead with a soft Scottish accent. Not a Glaswegian probably a highlander and very clearly enunciated. Emilia loved the sound of it like water babbling in a clear mountain burn “Ah, dear Anthony did not mention that you were female.” Emilia looked at the girl really quite tall about five nine or ten.“Oh, dear I thought he was supposed to be the organised one.” Bobbi only had a cabin bag so clearly was not planning on staying long.“No, I am the organised one he is just very persuasive.” Nice hair done up in a bun at the present, probably quite long when let down Emilia noted.“Oh, that I already knew but he does it so quietly and calmly not pushy at all.” They started to walk back to the carpark. “That our Anthony. All the high-pressure salesman get peoples backs up but he persuades you that is what you wanted in the first place.” Those glasses really didn’t do a lot for her, nice jeans though and the figure to make them look really good. Bobbi had a good figure and was really rather pretty but wore no make-up and didn’t go out of her way to look attractive.They got back home and Clare had clearly been keeping an eye out as the door opened as they drew up. Clare too had put on jeans and had acquired a tee-short though like Emilia clearly not a bra.“Hello Bobbi. I am glad you two found each other OK. My idiot husband rang again to tell me you were a girl and that he had forgot to tell Emmie. Also, the other side are playing hard ball so he is going to be up in Glasgow for a while.“Oh, I only thought it would be a couple of days.” Bobbi pointed at the small case.“Don’t worry we can sort it out. Having a girl to stay is far more fun. Look its really warm and probably one of the last hot days we are going to get. Do you fancy relaxing by the pool and having a barbie.”“Yes, very much its rarely warm enough for lying around in a canlı bahis şirketleri bikini in the Hebrides where I come from. I don’t have a swimsuit though. ““I have spares so does Emilia we sunbathe a lot.” Clare didn’t mention that the sunbathing was usually minus the bikinis but they kept them handy in case they had callers. They had a look through the selection available. “Which one are you going to wear.” Asked Bobbi and when Clare pulled out her briefest black thong bikini.“Do you have another like that one.” the Scottish woman asked with a twinkle in her eyes. Clare pulled out a dark green one that complemented the dark red hair of their guest. It was also very brief particularly as Bobbi had more up top than her. “Here you are it should look good on you.”“Ooh its tiny I would never normally dare but with just the three of us why not?”Because both the other two would like to get it off you and do all sort of dirty things thought Clare. Let’s us see how relaxed this lady is about nudity.“Do you want to change in your room or are you not bothered. Emmie and I are pretty used to seeing each other starkers.”“Well I shared with other girls at uni and its polite when in Rome to do as the Romans.” Oh good this had possibilities Clare thought pulling off her tee-shirt and started to remove her boots and jeans. Clare quietly smiling to herself that Bobbi was doing the same without shyness. Before she put on the bikini Clare was able to see that her bush whilst trimmed a bit was largely as nature intended it was the same dark red as her head. Also, Bobbi had nice boobs probably on the big side of ‘C’THE SEDUCTIONThey went downstairs and met Emilia with an ice bucket with a couple of bottles of a nice Sauvignon blanc.“Oh, I like the look of that, I could get used to lying in the sun sipping cold wine. Pity it’s so near the end of summer.”“Well we do have a villa in Sicily where summer lasts far longer.” Clare thought if this goes well, we will happily take you there it has a very private terrace just right for naughtiness.The three of them were lying down with very little of their body covered. Bobbi had changed her unflattering glasses for shades and let her hair out of its bun. It was luxuriant lying half way down her back. Whilst Clare was trying to decide what to next Emilia made a move first.“Would you have a problem if I got rid of my top.”“Not in the least.” Emilia quickly removed hers quickly followed by Clare, then to their pleasure Bobbi gave a little shrug and removed her top as well.One bottle became two with Bobbi clearly enjoying it drinking more of it than the other two. Clare and Emilia exchanged glances a tipsy Bobbi was to their advantage as it soon proved.“Clare can I ask you a somewhat personal question.”“As long as you don’t take offence if I refuse to answer I assure you I won’t at the question.”“I noticed that you don’t have a tan line does that mean you sunbathe nude.”“Oh yes we both do, why want to try it.”“I think I do wine and sun is making me feel a little decadent.” Clare and Emilia got up and each pulled at one of the bows doing up the thong. With a quick pull it was off. Bobbi giggled and grabbed the one of each bow of the two girls. One wasn’t enough to keep them on and their bottom fell away.”“You are nice an evenly tanned all over, also I like your shaved fannies.”“Well we can’t manage the tan but the shaved fanny is possible.”“Why not and incidentally despite being a red-head I do tan a bit as long as I am careful. If you do lure me to Sicily though I better get some colour in England.” Interesting thought Clare I suspect our brilliant scientist is a little more streetwise than she is letting on and she seems to be encouraging us. Emilia nipped in doors for scissors and a razor. In the meantime, Clare offered to put some sunscreen on Bobbi but was disappointed when she said no as it wasn’t necessary in late summer sun. The shaving kit arrived Clare had to look on whilst Emilia trimmed all the hair down before shaving of the remnants of the hair.“I recommend baby oil to keep things move said Clare before proceedings to rub some in without asking further permission.“If I didn’t know you were a married woman, I would think you were trying to seduce me.”“We are both bi.” “Oh well don’t stop I think I like this. What will Anthony say?”“I am near certain he would approve but we can ask him permission if you are worried about upsetting him.”“That is a loaded question because if I agree I am inviting my first Lesbian experience if I say no the same.”“Damn I though you were a bio-chemist not a mathematician specialising in logic.”“I’m just not an idiot. Make the call and we see if he agrees in you corrupting me because I really quite like what you are doing.” Throughout this conversation Clare had kept up her massaging of Bobbi’s privates with baby oil far over and above what was required.Emilia placed a ringing phone in Clare’s hands before taking the baby oil and proceeding to massage her breasts. “I am not sure that is totally necessary but it feels wonderful.”“So, you are not fussed having two girls with designs on your virtue.”“Surprisingly no, I am thoroughly enjoying it and because you two are so open about what you are doing, I don’t feel worried. Ooh that’s nice.” The latter was because Emilia was nuzzling her neck whilst maintaining the attention she was paying to Bobbi’s breasts.“What is the relationship between the three of you. Clearly you and Clare are lovers but she seems to be happily married and she admits you are bi not exclusively lesbian.”“That is simple, Bobbi. I have the fun of screwing both of them and watching them screw each other. Our household is an unashamed threesome.” This came from the mobile that was on speaker with Anthony the other end. “How do you feel about me joining in as I don’t think that anything will stop them unless you object. I am certainly not this feels far too nice”“In that case I wouldn’t want to be a party pooper the only down side of our arrangement is if I upset both girls at once they gang up on me. Look I have got to go as I have an alternative party interested which canlı kaçak iddaa really strengthens our hand.”“Did you mean that about enjoying this.”“Yes, I have always wondered what it would feel like to be with a girl and now I get to try two. Sex, wine and sun, sounds like an Ibiza holiday.”Clare smiled and then gently pushed the Scottish girls’ legs open before moving between them. Emilia distracted Bobbi from what was happening by kissing her, the response was confident and unconcerned. Clare proceeded to lick nibble and suck her new friends’ muff to the best of her considerable ability. Emilia was enjoying an enthusiastic snog then felt a hand fondling her breast . Clare was too busy it was Bobbi giving herself over to the pleasure of too capable Lesbians doing there best to pleasure her. Bobbi’s first orgasm ripped through her body Clare kept up her attentions but Emilia left off as Bobbi was panting with exertion. “Oh God, that is so much better than a vibrator.” She said when she had more breath. “Consider me totally corrupted. Can I try eating your fanny as I want to see if I can give you that sort of pleasure.”“Do it to Emilia I suggest a sixty-nine so you can replicate her efforts. I am going to get the barbecue going and get food out. Do you like red wine as well?”“I like most booze though I am really fond of a wee dram of fine single malt. Oban is my particular favourite.”As Clare was pottering about with the food Emilia and Bobbi took up her attention with Bobbi on top, they enjoyed carpet munching with the newbie learning very quickly how to give exquisite pleasure. Both girls came one after the other and then again.“Emmi watch the steaks I want some of that. “said Clare before grabbing her new lover and pulling her into a sixty-nine lying on their sides.“Och I am a very naughty girl but I am also hungry and those steaks smell divine.”The three of them lay on the day bed eating barbecued steak, salad and a mass of fries they all had a very healthy appetites. All this was washed down with copious quantities of Pay d’Oc red, a rich and full-bodied Syrah redolent of much warmer climes.Having eaten they started to play and kiss again. Touching and caressing for maximum mutual enjoyment. It was getting cold as the sun went down so they cleared everything away including the discarded bikinis.“I suspect this is a silly question but do you want to sleep with us tonight.”“Will we actually sleep.”“Oh yes at least I will I always find sex a superb soporific. You two can fuck all night of you want.”“I think I might fall asleep in mid shag.” said Bobbi. “But before we go do you want to try a wee dram. I have a bottle of Oban 18-year-old in my case.”The dram was only wee by the standards of a true Scot. It would be nice to relate that they made mad passionate love all night but in reality, all three fell in a drunken slumber with their limbs intertwined.MORNINGS REVENGEThey woke up the next morning with a hangover well Clare and Emilia did. They discover that their Scottish friend was made of sterner stuff.Right girly girls lets get some liquid inside your dehydration is a big part of a hangover. A lot of week tea and porridge did improve their condition. “Did you enjoy yesterday.”“More than you can imagine and before you ask no I don’t regret it in the cold light of day and will happily do more.”“In that case lets introduce you to daisy chaining.”“Sound like a plan darling” said Emilia “lets see if Bobbi will go for one of our kinks. How do you feel about leather and boots?”“Well I have some nice warm boots but I don’t think that is what your talking about considering what’s littered around the bedroom. I will give it a go I seem to enjoy naughty.”With this encouragement they tried it out having discovered that Bobbi was a size six the same as the other two who habitually shared there wardrobe nowadays. They dressed Bobbi up in Clare’s tallest, stiletto heeled white boots. On Clare they came up to the top of her legs but on Bobbi came only half way up her thighs but the six-inch stilettos put was above six foot in height. Matched with this were equally long soft white leather gloves.“These are so soft and sexy.” Said Bobbi caressing herself and the boots. “I feel utterly awesome. Oh God you two are so kinky and sexy.”Clare and Emilia had put on the same design boots and gloves but this time in black. The three girls lay back on the bed kissing passionately. The question as to whether Bobbi like their kinks in this case was an emphatic yes. They kissed and caressed whilst fondling each other. At regular intervals excited cries could be hear as another climax struck one of them. Whether Emilia should have been working she didn’t except at chewing on her lovers sensitive flesh.The warm weather persisted for the rest of that week and Bobbi’s assertion that she did tan was proved for whilst lighter than the other two she was light brown not white. The girl sex lessons continued and spending all night and most of the day entwined had become a habit.A trip to a certain shop in London had purchased Bobbi kinky boots and gloves and she acquired the leather and boot kink along with it. Bobbi had previously dressed for practicality and had not been particularly sensuous before was now very much attuned to the pleasures of touch.Then one morning as they were introducing Bobbi to the idea of the daisy chain the mobile that Emilia kept with her in working hours rang.“Bugger unless its spam only one person has that number. “Hello Anthony how are things going. Yes, I know I sound a bit distracted that is because Bobbi’s is munching my cunt, she is getting really good at it. Yes, we have thoroughly corrupted her she is currently wearing sky high boots and gloves and looks so sexy.”Emilia listened for a while before passing the phone over to Bobbi.“Yes, I sound distracted as well because your wife eating me out and she has a lot more practice. Its feels so good. I can just about think but can you email me the deal I want to be a little less distracted when I make a decision. Oh fuck I’m cumming again.”Anthony rang off and they desisted because making an important canlı kaçak bahis business decision whilst in the midst of steamy sex is not a brilliant idea. The deal on offer was that Bobbi’s discovery would be commercially developed by a new firm where the multi-national would have 51% and Bobbi 49%. It was a good deal as Bobbi would be managing director and receive a million pounds up front.“Anthony I generally like it but don’t really want them having control. Is their room for manoeuvre on this. I see I can understand they don’t want me to have control either. Would they let you have the deciding shares instead so neither side has control? Ok I will await your call.”Half an hour later they got a call back. Bobbi listened carefully snuggled up to her friends on the sofa still dressed (or undressed) the same.“Clare darling, how do you feel about being a company director of my new firm. Your clever husband has negotiated him taking 5% and a seat on the board as his fee, only he doesn’t want to occupy it himself. It’s a non-executive post so very much part time.” Clare’s immediate thought was that this would mean that she would continue to see Bobbi on an ongoing basis. Maybe not the best reason for accepting a directorship but hey. Bobbi phoned back again and confirmed the deal. Anthony said he was getting a flight back early evening. The girls felt like celebrating by which they meant diving into each other’s muffs again. It became obvious that Bobbi’s learnt very quickly as she was nearly as skilled as her friends.A SURPRISESitting round the table over lunch Clare had an idea. “Look we should go out to celebrate this evening the four of us. If Anthony’s tired, we just pump him full of coffee. Anyway, he will soon wake up when he gets a chance to fuck Bobbi. After we dress the way I plan he will be so horny that sleep will be the last thing on his mind.”“How do you mean get dressed. I am happy to dress like a tart here but I am not sure about it in public.”“Who knows you here other than us three. By the time they do we will have so corrupted you that you won’t care and they won’t know any different. “If the logic was somewhat dodgy Bobbi wanted to be persuaded.That evening a very happy Anthony took three gorgeous women out to dinner at the finest local restaurant and in this wealthy area that meant a Michelin star. All three girls had their hair down they were wearing knee length leather skirts and over the knee boots that complemented the hair colour, a reddish tan for Bobbi, dark brown for Clare and mid brown for Emilia. A diversion on the way to Heathrow had acquired an under-bust corset for Emilia to match her friends so that their silk blouses showed an impressive amount of cleavage whilst leaving just a bit to the imagination. The meal was superb and unlike some Michelin starred establishments not pretentious but cooked and presented superbly. They all chose the signature dish for their main which was duck breast served with a complex fruity sauce that was out of this world accompanied by delicately braised vegetables that were wonderfully al dente. Clare had a citrus souffle for desert, Emilia and Bobbi crepes and Anthony a cheese board.When they returned home Bobbi wasn’t sure what was going to happen as since the first night she had shared a bed with the girls. This was quickly answered as Emilia and Clare turned to her and removed her blouses and skirt as well as each other’s. Now dressed in just the corset Anthony confirmed what he suspected that this was the only underwear the girls had on. “It’s only fair that you two fuck first since you are the only ones amongst the four of us who hasn’t” said Emilia.“I presume you want to screw my husband.” Bobbi breathlessly confirmed this and Anthony’s answer was to come up behind her and caress her breasts.“Next question does you want to be alone I can easily fuck Emilia in her bed or do we have a foursome.”“Up to you Bobbi, but I can guarantee that my two sluts will make it even more fun.”“I know just how much fun they can be and now I can enjoy it with your big cock inside me. Yes, I want all four of us to be together.”Bobbi climbed on to Anthony immediately hard cock without any hint of foreplay. Her eyes were gleaming and her pussy was so wet that it supplied all the lubrication necessary. In cowgirl position she squirmed about a bit before starting to bob up and down. All the time Clare and Emilia were sucking on her breasts. The Scottish girl was getting so excited and the more turned she got the less comprehensible her accent.“Oooh, fook me, fook me.” Was one of the clearer phrases. Then she went rigid taking Anthony over the edge with her as they climaxed together. This performance sent both the other girls in ecstatic spasms of their own as they came. If any of them was still awake after this they didn’t remember it in the morning. The bed was big enough for the four of them because at the head end were Bobbi and Anthony and at the foot Emilia and Clare. Bobbi was woken by the pointed toe of Clare’s boot diddling her fanny. They had been in such a rush the previous night that the girls hadn’t removed their boots or so Bobbi thought. If she has asked Clare or Emilia, she would have discovered that they liked nothing better than wearing boots and gloves when screwing. They weren’t foot fetishists and didn’t lick them or things like that they just felt awesomely sexy all the more because Anthony like them like that. The family threesome worked so well as they had a consensus on sexy.Bobbi was however getting the idea and used the toe of hr own boot to reciprocate. The other two came around and they all cuddled up together.“Thank you so much for last night it was fantastic.”“Your welcome. We had fun as well.”“I never dreamed that losing my virginity would be so special.” Bobbi having dropped this bombshell silence rained as the others were gobsmacked at this revelation.“Bobbi my dear, are you saying that as a confident and beautiful young lady you have got to twenty-eight without having sex.”“Yes, I have been kissed, had my boobs fondled even my pussy felt but not full penetrative sex. I have always been to busy with my studies and research to be bothered by the men available until now. I certainly hadn’t thought of girls until you two showed interest. Believe me it was worth waiting for. That was an utterly awesome way to pop my cherry”