How my friend got his cum into my wife without her

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How my friend got his cum into my wife without herI have a good mate at work and over the years I think we have discussed everything there is to discus about our wives, and he is so envious that my wife lets me take videos of us fucking and poses for explicit photographs.It’s a real shame because his wife is stunning, but she is such a prude. We have all been out together many times but a sexual relationship would never happen like you read on the internet. The closest it has gotten; is with the two of us exchanging details of what color and type of panties our wives are wearing under their outfits that night. I teased Andrew quite a bit regarding my photo sessions with Rachael, and I exaggerate some of that too. However he always asks me to let him have a copy of a video or some pics to jerk-off too, but until recently I have never given him any. I eventually did take my camera into work and let him finger through the images on the memory card. All I could say is he loved it, even though I deleted all the hard core stuff leaving only the lingerie type poses on it.Once the ice was broken I got braver; and swapped the memory card for the one containing some real sexy poses of Rachael going through a strip routine. As he progressed through the photos; I got a bit worried and pleaded with him never to let on, or even hint that I had shown them to him (Rachael would kill me)!He was blown away when the last dozen or so photos showed Rachael on our bed, on her back, legs wide open revealing a gapping wet neatly trimmed pussy!She is so fuckable, is güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri that before you fucked her or after he said laughing?From then on, with nothing to hide, I often took my camera into work after a photo session with Rachael and he witnessed Rachael using vibrators on herself and rubbing her clit among other things.He kept on about me bringing in my camcorder, but I was really reluctant to do that because I did not want him to see me naked. He also asked me to copy the pics on CD so he could gaze at them in private at his home. Obviously alarm bells rang at that one, thinking he would plaster them all over the internet!!I told him I couldn’t do either of those things; but maybe one day he could stop over my place, and look at them on my laptop which is connected to my television.A few weeks later Rachael said she would be going out on a Saturday night with her friends, so I invited Andrew to come over and view my wife’s sexy photos on the big screen, maybe even see the videos.Andrew came over and I let him scroll through all of her photos on the laptop (or should I say the 65 inch TV it’s connected too). There are a lot of them, not all hard core, most are of her wearing very sexy lingerie or panties, in all sorts of poses and state of undress. He seemed to find them just as erotic, as the ones of her stuffing a vibrator into herself.Whilst he was happily clicking away on the laptop, I set up the camcorder to playback through the television. I planned to fast forwarded every now and again through perabet güvenilir mi the bits where I was on camera. When I had it all set up we started to view, but the pausing and fast forwarding that I was doing was spoiling it quit a bit and Andrew pleaded to just let it run. I commented that I was not going to let him see me with a hard on but then he said “well if we both get our cocks out now and wank to it, it won’t make any difference with what is on the video?”I was dying for a wank anyway and didn’t have to be asked again. Without another word we were both sitting back on the sofa trousers around our ankles rubbing our cocks at my wife in action. As we watched the movie he kept saying things like “oh she is fucking lovely, what does her cunt taste like, I bet it’s great? I wish I could slide my dick in her and fuck her! Oh you lucky bastard look at her!I told him I wouldn’t mind him and Rachael fucking but I knew deep down she would never do it.Then an idea came to me and I went into our bedroom and got one of her vibrators. I said to Richard, “when you cum, let it shoot onto this” and handed him her vibrator. He had a big smile on his face and said “you dirty bastard, what you going to do with it after”“I am going to fuck her with it tonight” “what with my cum on it?” “Yep”I could not wait for him spunk on her toy and was watching every movement he made. He was transfixed on the TV looking at Rachael and me fucking.But soon he tensed and held the rabbit near to his cock and shot his load onto it.I went tipobet and grabbed some cling film from the kitchen and wrapped it up.This brought the subject up about Rachael’s toys and I took him to the bedroom to showed him her small collection. He also mauled through her panty drawer saying she had some really sexy panties and began rubbing his dick on all of them. When recognized a few of the panties she had worn in the pictures and videos he put them to his face and sniffed them. “It’s a shame they clean now” he said, but then I stated that “I will get some worn ones for you next time”!I still had not cum and we had more video to watch, so I suggested we go back into the TV room and jerk-off again with some of her panties. Richard was fucking ecstatic, and took his favorite pair of Rachael’s satin bikini panties with him and said he would leave her a special present in the crotch too.It was such a fantastic afternoon. I soon shot my load and he managed to put a few reasonable doses of his seed into the gusset of her dark purple satin bikini panties.I said we should do it again.Later that night in bed I got Rachael warmed up with plenty of oral and reached for her vibrator and managed to remove the cling film without her noticing. I had hidden just beside the bed. I then slipped the slick cum covered toy into her cunt and gave it gentle twisting movements knowing it would transfer his seed into my wife’s pussy.After a while I withdrew it and put it to her face and she sank her mouth down onto it and sucked it clean.When I told him Richard he couldn’t believe his ears and almost came in his pants.When he came over again we worked out a plan for him to deposit his seed into a condom for me to keep and later empty into my wife. It was a bit complex but worked just fine.The date is set, next month my seed gets to swim in his wife!!